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Pussyman's Teen Land 6

Pussyman's Teen Land 6

Studio: Legend
Category:  Barely Legal , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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655321's ratings for Pussyman's Teen Land 6:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Pussyman's Teen Land 6 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Pussyman's Teen Land 6 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Pussyman's Teen Land 6 Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Pussyman's Teen Land 6 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Pussyman's Teen Land 6 Plot/Acting rating 1/2 star
Extras Pussyman's Teen Land 6 DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Pussyman's Teen Land 6 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by 655321  on  4/25/2004
Teenland VI - Age of Innocence

Legend Video / Feline Films

Director: David Christopher

Women: Kitty, Nautica, Felix Vicious, Anna Mills, Flick Shagwell, Loni

Men: Whatever. Who cares?

Plot: It would appear that "Pussyman" is looking for women for his next movie and the effort to find them is itself filmed. Some scenes are interrupted by appearances by Pussyman looking for or setting up the tryouts. If I got the plot synopsis wrong, it is because I wasn't really paying attention. But, I think that's the gist.

Scene 1: Loni - Loni is a Latina looking women. Largish breasts, big butt, big belly. OK looking, but nothing to write home about. She is dressed in a skimpy purple top and shorts. Too small for her, given her heft. Bad acting on the couch as she and the man await "Pussyman." They need to pass the time, so they have sex. Seems reasonable to me. Starts off with a little foreplay; neck kissing, nipple sucking. Loni is nice and nipply, but one's eyes are drawn to the belly. With her on her hands and knees, he begins a nasty little bit of anus licking. Throughout, Loni's acting sucks and one wishes she would just shut the fuck up. The guy licks her pussy from behind whilst finger fucking her. He switches to licking her from the front. She has a landing strip pubic hair shave (which is nice). The scene changes to an excellent blowjob while he lies back on the couch. This is, of course, man's natural position. She does a great job, spitting on it to keep the old courting tackle nice and slick for jacking the old fellah and throats him well. Things progress and Loni rides him good and hard as a cowgirl. Here is where I was impressed. The guy stands up and fucks her, holding Loni up on his dick. This is no mean feat given her weight. He then lays her on the couch and has at her missionary, followed by some reverse cowgirl. To finish things off, he cums in her mouth. She drools the product down her chin rather than swallowing. All in all, not too bad a scene.

Plus: Nicely filmed and they worked well together with a reasonable level of heat. The fact that he could stand up with her attached and continue to fuck her tells me I won't be picking a fight with him anytime soon.

Minus: Her fat belly, fat ass, and bad acting.

Scene 2: Kitty - Kitty starts things off in a little pink top, short blue jean shorts and tennis shoes. For my money, Kitty is the hottest, sexiest, most erotic female sex performer today. From her flat belly to her tiny mosquito bite tits, to her perfect one-handed ass, she supplants any and all of my previous favorites. (Sorry, Ms. Carrera, I have proven myself most fickle). I would give up my fiance, my job, my fortune (if I had one), and my future to have at Kitty's tight, tiny body. A pity about the pierced clitoris as that doesn't do much for me, but I would gladly accept this one, small flaw.

In this scene, Kitty is with two guys. These are two of the luckiest men on the planet. Not only do they get to be with a naked Kitty, they get to fuck a naked Kitty. AND, THEY GET PAID TO DO IT!! There is no god.

After undressing her, one fellow licks her perfect little shaven pussy while she sucks off the other. The scene then switches to Kitty trading back and forth sucking one then blowing the other. This scene affords a fantastic view of Kitty's body. Kitty sucks cock like a true champion. Very nasty with her drool running down her flat chest and stomach.

The scene progresses to a reverse cowgirl on one guy while she continues to suck on the other. Her nipples are as hard as two little erasers and her moaning is very convincing. The scene next changes to Kitty being banged doggie style by one guy while still sucking the other. This little bit of heaven multi-tasks like no one I've ever seen. In this section, Kitty is really hammered and her face does the coveted "passion scrunch" most beautifully.

Next, she rides one fellow cowboy whilst continuing to blow the other fellow. At no time in this entire scene is either guy ever left to his own devices. Kitty services both continuously. The cowgirl scene affords the viewer an extended look at Kitty's perfect - AND I MEAN PERFECT - one-handed ass. The scene ends with both guys ejaculating on her pretty little face.

Plus: Too many to recount. Let's just say I was able to review the rest of the film with a combination of clinical detachment and serenity.

Minus: Here is a really picky complaint, but I could have done with fewer ultra-closeups. I would have preferred more of the longer views to have a better look at Kitty's body.

Scene 3: Nautica - Pretty asian with a very nice body, pretty face and smile. She's in a tight little white blouse tied under her breasts and a little plaid skirt. Unfortunately, the pairing was so repulsive that I couldn't stand it. What a waste of a beautiful girl!!! Fast forward at x32. Strictly a blowjob scene with a pop to the face.

Plus: Nautica is very attractive.

Minus: Very bad pairing. Grotesque. Ruined the scene.

Scene 4: Felix Vicious - She's a white redhead. Good body with a pierced belly button and tongue. Pity about the tattoos. Little Hitler moustache pubic hair shave. She's a little bit heavy and obviously no teen. The sex starts with the guy licking her pussy and asshole. Nice bit of moaning on Felix' part. Switches to a well done blowjob, then to a bow-wow style fuck. Felix is nicely vocal here without going over the top. Very sexy. The couple modifies to a cowgirl, then a reverse cowgirl. Good camera work throughout, sometimes up through the glass table, sometimes past a floral arrangement on the table. Things end things with a rather sparse cumshot to the chin (which missed and drooled onto her chest).

Plus: Technically good sex. Felix is reasonably attractive.

Minus: Felix could lose a little weight and work on the stomach. Pity about the tattoos and piercings.

Scene 5: Flick Shagwell and Anna Mills - Flick is cute little Brit with a sexy accent and a nice little body. She's putting on a little weight, but it isn't at crisis stage. Sexy accent to say the least. She's wearing a light summer patterned top and shorts, and she's sporting a cute ponytail.

To start things off she lies on the bed and absently masturbates. This was fun to watch. Then Anna and some guy show up, interrupting her. Anna is a cute little blonde wearing a light pink top and shorts. She has wonderful little tits with pink nipples, but she is showing a bit of a babyfat tummy which requires a few crunches. She does a striptease for the guy and Flick, showing her hand-and-a-half ass. She has a pretty little shaven pussy.

Soon, the guy starts licking Anna who has some strange pussy lips. Not unattractive, just odd. There's a little bit of pussy slapping which Anna seems to get into. Anna's nipples are hardening nicely throughout the scene and she starts fingering Flick while she's being licked. To complete the circle, Flick begins sucking the guy's dick. A very nice overhead shot of this abbreviated daisy chain and Flick is giving a good blowjob.

Things move on and soon both women are sucking the guy's cock while he continues to lick Anna. Anna steps things up by riding his face while Flick continues to blow him. Switcheroo time and Flick rides his face while Anna gets banged reverse cowgirl. Anna slides off of his old fella, and sucks him for a while. Then, the guy and Flick evolve into a competent 69.

From there, both women get on all fours next to each other. The guy doggies Flick, then doggies Anna. Then Flick again, then Anna once more. While gettting the old in-out in-out, the girls tongue tango. Finally, the scene changes to Flick doing the world famous reverse cowgirl anal. Remember out there: these people are professionals. Do not try this at home. Well, actually, we all should try this at home. Anna plays with Flick's pussy during this scene. The scene ends with the girls cheek to cheek awaiting the dual facial cumshot. He misses!!! How do you miss from an inch away?

Plus: Hot, varied sex with an anal scene and pretty girls.

Minus: The guy is sort of a Neanderthal looking fellow.

End credits. Strangely, the end credits identify the movie as "International Butt Babes 6." Personally, I don't get it.

Overall, four stars. Kitty brought the movie up to seven stars, but the repulsive pairing with Nautica caused a deduction of three.

Main menu:
Play movie - obvious
Chapters - start of each scene
Sub Chapters - lets you jump to major position changes in the individual scenes
Back stage - stupid artsy, fartsy shit
Bios - useless and probably inaccurate information about the women
Still gallery - a short slide show of scenes in the movie
More Hot Action - 900 phone number ads
Internet - internet addresses for Legend products

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