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Pussyman's Face Sitting Fanatics 4

Pussyman's Face Sitting Fanatics 4

Studio: Legend
Category:  Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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Crucifixio Jones's ratings for Pussyman's Face Sitting Fanatics 4:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Pussyman's Face Sitting Fanatics 4 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Pussyman's Face Sitting Fanatics 4 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Pussyman's Face Sitting Fanatics 4 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Pussyman's Face Sitting Fanatics 4 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Pussyman's Face Sitting Fanatics 4 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Pussyman's Face Sitting Fanatics 4 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Pussyman's Face Sitting Fanatics 4 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Crucifixio Jones  on  3/22/2004
Pussyman‘s Face-Sitting Fanatics IV
A Feline Films Production in association with Legend
2003, 1 hour and 40 minutes minutes
Directed by David “Pussyman“ Christopher
Starring Olivia Saint, Olivia O‘Lovely, Venus, Bella-Marie Wolfe, Felix Vicious, Ice La Fox, Lee Stone, Sledgehammer, Billy Glide, Tyler Woods, Kyle Stone and David Christopher


A man that’s been performing in porn since before I was born is bound to know a thing or two about a thing or two, right? After years of hard work, David Christopher (nee Bernie Cohen) finally came into his own in 1993 after releasing “Pussyman #01” as an alternative/answer of sorts to John Stagliano’s highly popular “Buttman” movies. Sometimes overdoing the camp and upping the silliness factor too much in some people’s opinions (not to mention his insistence on including himself as a performer), Christopher’s movies, both feature and gonzo, have been mainly hit or miss with consumers. However, with Pussyman you know what you’re going to get: lighthearted romps with sexy bitches that border on hard-edged but never quite manage to go all the way over the top. It’s been over ten years since Pussyman was at the height of his popularity. Can he win back the acclaim he lost? He certainly takes a step in the right direction with Face Sitting Fanatics IV.

The Action:

The movie begins unconventionally with the former Sierra, Olivia Saint welcoming us to the proceedings and then we suddenly get the Legend and Feline Films graphics. When we return, Saint is teasing us on a couch, lifting her skirt and bending over. Her tits aren’t incredibly large but somehow they still manage to poke noticeably and far through the holes in the mesh top she’s wearing. The same goes for her meaty labia. Christopher himself arrives on the scene, with a shirt and sunglasses that would lead me to believe he was a tourist and starts chewing at her pussy and then eating her ass as she bends over and cops a squat on his face. She wriggles out of her skirt, spreads her pussy even farther and bounces her ass right on Christopher’s schnozz cowgirl. His face is BURIED in there as she jiggles her ass back and forth, making me fear she might give Pussyman whiplash or some other strange stripper-related injury you hear about in the news. She turns around and beats his face down with her pussy reverse cowgirl and he’s loving it so much his eyes are starting to cross. Just as the action begins heating up, we get a title card and the opening credits…

Olivia O‘Lovely

Lee Stone sits alone looking at a Pussyman DVD cover until Olivia O’Lovely (Azzfest) shows up wearing what can only be described as a horny latina maid outfit. There’s only half of a black pinstriped top in which the white collared neckline plunges and the matching skirt is virtually non-existent. When the article of clothing that covers your body the most are your thigh-high fishnet stockings and garters, you’re wearing one slutty get-up. Christopher arrives to meet Olivia. Lee: “This is the girl I was telling you about with the great ass.” Olivia shows off a little before grinding her ass over Pussyman’s face to drive her point home about being perfect for his face-sitting movies. Pussyman leaves and Stone starts to put the moves on O’Lovely in his absence. She loses the restrictive clothing revealing an even hotter lacy black lingerie ensemble underneath. Lee puts his face deep in her crack and smacks her ass while she tosses her Frederick’s of Hollywood gear. If you thought her cans were impressive in that bra, wait til you see them out of it. There’s something about the tattoo over her crotch that just makes you want to see her with her legs spread wide open; the design really invites that fantasy. She sits on Lee’s face reverse cowgirl and we get a good look at his tongue running up and down O’Lovely’s slit, bringing a huge smile to her face as he makes wet sucking and smacking sounds. These two are looking so comfortable together, they almost look like a real couple. But that begs the question: would their child be a great female performer like Olivia or a great male performer like…Erik Everhard? I kid, Stone, I swear. We cut to Stone, grunting and groaning with his dick sunk to the hilt in O’Lovely’s thick bouncing rump cowgirl. He stands with O’Lovely on his lap and Pussyman gets under the action, capturing Olivia’s cheeks just pounding the crap out of Stone’s thighs. From this angle it looks like an impossible task to just hold up her ass, much less her entire body. When she climbs off, Olivia gives Lee a proper blowjob. When he fucks her tits, she drools on his shaft and sexily eyes the camera as he rams it between the length of her cleavage. The buxom latina’s reverse cowgirl makes Lee Stone curse and grunt as he clutches her hips and probably thinks about everything EXCEPT fucking her right now. Hold on, Lee, we’ve got a lot of scene to finish yet. Kids, the word for today is “reciprocity”: watch it in action as Lee lies the busty brunette back on a nearby ottoman, spreads her legs far apart, tongues her bung and licks her clit making her eyes glaze over and ask to be fucked. Lee sloppily shovels his meat inside her and plugs away while Olivia plays with her pussy. This position seems to get the most reaction out of her thus far; she’s more vocal here than in any other portion of the scene. Lee’s noises, however, signal the end and he pulls out and frosts the latina’s lips with a fairly decent load. The looks she was giving him towards the finale would’ve likely put me over the edge, too. Passable, but I‘ve seen Olivia do so much better. ***

Venus and Bella-Marie Wolfe

Venus (Double Dip’Er 2, Envy) is poolside promising to showing us “a little of what I’ve got.” Her tits immediately get pulled out of the black mesh catsuit she’s wearing and then Pussyman’s camera takes us for a trip underneath her, where she bends over and rubs at her well-worn porn pussy. Inside, Venus takes a look around Christopher’s pad: “Where’s the movie Pussyman promised me?” she asks herself, wandering his living room. Soon he arrives and Venus gives him a hard time about not getting her a copy of the movie and not casting her recently. She also informs us that she ran into Bella-Marie Wolfe (Azz Fest 2) who told her about Face-Sitting Fanatics and that’s why she’s here, to sit on Pussyman’s face. Poor him. Bella shows up next and chastises the pair for starting without her. Wolfe is in the wardrobe du jour, a fishnet catsuit with the ass and crotch cut out. The girls begin to kiss and the more Bella talks, the more I think someone needs to parody Salma Hayek’s “Frida” and cast Wolfe in the leading role. Christopher, lucky old bastard, has both girls bent over in front of him, taking turns having his gray head rammed in their asses. Bella makes me laugh referring to her “bum” and “clitoris.” Is she trying to be a British comedian or a doctor? I can’t tell which. The girls are in control here, dominating Christopher and having their way with him. I’m not into all that being dominated stuff but damned if it ain’t hot here. Venus jerks off Pussyman while Bella makes him “inhale the aroma” of her pussy as she rides his face. Her hips start to move faster and faster until finally she squirts and hops off. Venus and she switch places and as she literally smothers him cowgirl (she pries her lips apart with both hands and sinks his nose directly into her twat), Christopher tries to jerk off but Bella keeps slapping his hands away: “My dick! It’s mine! Don’t touch it!” She takes his cock into her own hands and then finally her mouth. Pussyman strokes himself while the two girls tease him by playing with their pussies hovering over his face. More face-sitting by both girls as they alternate drowning his face in ass and sucking his cock. At long last, Bella puts his dick in her gash and starts riding him reverse cowgirl while Venus continues to get her pussy eaten. She switches to cowgirl so that she can face Venus and then Bella gushes a river, squirting all over Christopher’s basketball shorts. Cut to Venus forcefully pushing David’s face into Wolfe’s ass until he brings his cock around for Bella to put in her mouth. Bella pushes him back onto the sofa and starts to ride him cowgirl again and you know a squirt can’t be far behind. She stands up and pushes her pussy into his face, making him lick up the cum. Venus licks his cock clean of Bella’s juices, puts it inside her and rides him like he’s going out of style (which he has been for quite some time, actually). Bella’s back for more reverse cowgirl and cums/squirts two times right away. After a brief break, she hops back on and immediately does it again. Geez, how many times is that now? Meanwhile, if Venus isn’t careful she’s really going to give this guy a heart attack, jamming her crotch hard into his face. Bella works over his prick with her mouth and mostly her hands for a very weak cumshot. The girls swap what little there is and leave Christopher a sweaty, reddened and crumpled spent mess. Watching this old fart basically get RAPED by these two wanton sex goddesses was mildly amusing and oddly satisfying as hell. It wouldn‘t have worked as well with a more aggressive male talent. ****

Felix Vicious

Felix finishes up a phone call (though, we don’t hear the conversation) with Olivia Saint. Apparently, Vicious should get some practice face-sitting in with her friend, Tyler Woods here. So of course, she does just that because what Saint says in this movie is LAW. Onto Woods’ face she goes, moaning and breathing heavily. She starts cowgirl but looks especially good when she’s spread-eagled getting her crapper licked reverse, occasionally having her clit attacked by Tyler’s flicking tongue. Vicious returns the favor with a slow and measured sucking head job while Woods continues to play with her ass. When that bit of business is done, Felix lowers herself down on Wood reverse cowgirl for a short pounding. Felix bends over the back of the leather sofa and Woods rims her asshole REALLY well, sinking his tongue repeatedly in there and spreading it wide enough for us to see. Doggie follows, where Tyler pulls Felix’s hair and she rubs circles around her clit with her fingers. Tyler pulls out and drops a load I can barely see onto Vicious bottom lip. Felix does a good job cleaning up, however, taking his whole cock into her mouth and smacking her lips like it was Kool-Aid when she’s done. I was excited to see Felix Vicious pop up out of nowhere in this movie because she isn’t credited on the box cover. But after watching this short, but inoffensive scene, I can see why. ** ½

Ice La Fox

Kyle Stone is, for some reason, just sitting alone staring at a copy of Face-Sitting Fanatics II. Ice La Fox is looking for Pussyman but he’s not around right now. Stone asks if he can help her instead. Ice, like Venus, is looking to get a copy of a movie she was in. Now, I don’t know what porn star just randomly shows up wearing nothing but a red mesh catsuit with the crotch missing looking to acquire a talent copy of their movies, but hey, I’m not in the industry so I can’t say it’s unrealistic or far-fetched. But it certainly takes some stretching of the imagination. Kyle isn’t able to help with that but he’d like Ice to be in the new Face-Sitting Fanatics movie. If he recalls correctly, she’s got a really nice ass. Duh. She standing right in front of you, you don’t have to “recall.” That doesn’t stop him from having Ice spin around and show him anyway. Stone likes what he sees, but he wants to see more…close up. “There’s my face…have a seat.” Ice nestles her buttcheeks over his chin cowgirl first, pulling her cheeks apart and grinding circles on Stone’s face in between little mini stripper-bounces. She tears at her outfit, revealing more of her ass and making her little onion booty clap as she hops up and down. She turns around to give us a better view reverse cowgirl and rips away some more of her outfit. Kyle sounds out of breath down there; he’s panting and has to periodically stop to come up for air. For a job well done, Ice buries his boner in her bazoo and continually runs her tongue piercing over the underside of his dickhead, which would’ve sent me damn near into orbit and made my cock explode into about five different easily-identifiable fragments like the Space Shuttle Challenger. Speaking of rockets, La Fox is a little red one, riding Stone reverse cowgirl, pinching at her little sharp perfect nipples. She gives Kyle more of the same cowgirl but in an ultra-weird moment (at least for me), Kyle lies Ice back and eats her pussy until he shoots the best load of the movie thus far all over her face and chest. That was…unorthodox for today. ** ½

Olivia Saint

Sledgehammer and Billy Glide kick down the door to physically fuck up Olivia Saint. Not really but imagine them as a porno tag team, Glide and Hammer. I’d be intimidated. And having seen them both in action before, Olivia should be as well. Olivia sits on Hammer’s face while blowing Glide for a bit before positioning herself between both of those massive tools and sucking them both. Just seeing them half-erect has me feeling sorry for Olivia already. If she thinks her pussy is swollen and protruding now, let’s get another good gander at it at the conclusion of this scene. She briefly teases sitting on Sledge reverse cowgirl before finally taking the Nestea plunge and doing it and dammit, *I* hurt just watching him go psycho-postal-I-don’t-give-a-shit on her fuckhole. Glide eases, as best he can, into Saint’s anus doggie but she’s still reacting like she’s about to give birth. Olivia slides back onto Sledgehammer cowgirl and slams her big ass down hard on what looks to be the trunk of an oak tree. But after seeing just how much junk Saint is packing back there, I can see why Pussyman cast Sledge; he might be one of the few men big enough to handle all that back there. Glide reinserts himself into the picture and Olivia’s ass for a double-penetration that looks more like two arms are going in her orifices than cocks. Shortly thereafter, Saint collects slippery streams of semen from both men, stroking out the last driblets with her hands. “Did you like that? Because I sure did.” I have to add half a star for pure freakshow appeal and for Saint‘s bravery in the face of danger. This is the most hardcore scene of the disc but for fans of such action, they‘ll find that the more extreme acts are way too short. *** ½


An eight-minute Behind the Scenes featurette (is Bella-Marie Wolfe constantly hopped up on a combination of crystal meth and ecstasy, or what? She‘s always full of energy but her speech is always hard to make out and not just because of her accent), Cast Bios, Still Gallery, phone sex and internet ads.


To be fair to Christopher, you can do a lot worse than picking up this movie. It’s not bad at all. One major thing it has going for it is it’s all-star cast. A movie with this many babes is bound to satisfy you, regardless of what they do. You’ll undoubtedly find something you like in this selection of honeys. The action never gets totally out-of-control and depraved but that’s not to say that the sex captured is any less hot. I’ve seen every woman here in full-on “10” mode but they all seemed to dial it down to about a “7” or less for Christopher. This movie would be perfect for fans who want to steer clear of the fare that companies like Diabolic/Anabolic and others provide yet want to see the girls they tend to use in tamer sex scenes without having to rent a feature. It toes the line perfectly in this regard. “Hard but not too hard” should be on the box cover. Will Pussyman ever be an elite name on the lips of the raincoater crowd again? Time will tell. But what he has done is what he’s always done best: carve out a unique niche for himself and his fans that not many folks can or are willing to fill better. Recommended.

Crucifixio Jones

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