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Pussyman 8: The Squirt Queens

Pussyman 8: The Squirt Queens

Studio: Digital Playground
Category:  Squirting
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Creon's ratings for Pussyman 8: The Squirt Queens:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Pussyman 8: The Squirt Queens overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Pussyman 8: The Squirt Queens Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Pussyman 8: The Squirt Queens Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Pussyman 8: The Squirt Queens Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Pussyman 8: The Squirt Queens Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Pussyman 8: The Squirt Queens DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Pussyman 8: The Squirt Queens A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Creon  on  5/19/2009


Does female ejaculation really exist? Hustler journalist Mike Albo doesn’t think so, but David Christopher, aka The Pussyman, and Will Divide make a bet with him to prove that he’s wrong. They then call Jon Dough (as Sam Snatch) to find the girls who are up to the task. He’s skeptical himself, but ready to accept the challenge and find the squirt queens.

Scene One: Summer Knight

Summer enters the office in a bikini and armed with three water pistols; one each for Mike, David and Will. She then climbs onto the desk and writhes around on it while playing with her pussy as they squirt away at her (good thing they took care to cover the computer with a plastic tarp first). I don’t know if Summer is purposefully hamming it up here, but her breathy sex talk is far more bimbo than sexy. After several minutes of water play and fake moaning she is given a decorative metal pussy clip to affix to her beaver for her fine work. Boring scene.

Scene Two: Melissa Monet, Tom Chapman

Melissa is the first squirt contestant to arrive. She encounters Tom Chapman by the fountain in the back yard and he convinces her to show him her talents. Melissa wastes no time in stripping down to her lingerie and pulling out a vibrator to get started. She gets down to work with it and before long Tom is in his boxers with his hard dick in his hand, slapping it against her nipples as she continues to focus on the dildo. When Melissa finally pulls it of her pussy we see some juice rush out and spill onto the stone wall of the fountain where she’s sitting. Was it a real squirt? Who knows, but we get to see the shot repeated in slow motion in an effort to expel any of our doubts. Now she’s ready to concentrate on Tom as she stoops down and begins to suck away on his schlong. Her full lips and dark eyes make the BJ especially sexy. Now on to doggy. It’s nice to see her natural tits flop back and forth as they build up a strong rhythm. Then, after a bit of reverse cowgirl, Melissa drops to her knees and asks to see Tom do some squirting. He obliges with several strong, watery blasts that spray her face, hair and chest. It’s a good cumshot from Tom and a good scene overall. Melissa’s dirty talk in her NY accent was a nice bonus, too.

Scene Three: Bionca, Lilli Xene, Nikki Sinn

All three girls are seated on a couch wearing vinyl S&M type gear. Bionca and Lilli wear black while Nikki wears red. I always liked Bionca and Nikki for their trashy biker chick kind of appeal, but Lilli’s augmented breasts are just way too big for my tastes. Anyway, they all begin groping and licking each other and soon the attention turns to Nikki as they rub her pussy and finger her. Lilli breaks out some lube and a dildo but it doesn’t get much use right away. They now turn their attention to Bionca’s backside. Lilli inserts a couple fingers in her snatch while Nikki licks her asshole. More clothes come off and a vibrating butt probe gets shoved into Bionca’s ass, courtesy of Nikki. Bionca then dons a strap-on and fucks Nikki’s pussy, then her ass, both in the doggy style. Lilli brings herself to a squirting finish with the dildo to round things off.

Scene Four: Rebecca Lord, Steven St. Croix, Jon Dough

Steve is sitting down in the living room reading a magazine. He’s sporting a pompadour hairdo that borders on rockabilly. Rebecca walks in, looking absolutely ravishing in her black miniskirt and tights, and announces that she came from France and wants to work for Pussyman. When Steve asks her if she came for the squirt she looks confused for a moment, but quickly responds, “Oui!” Rebecca starts out with a little striptease and he samples her wares by feeling her perfect, natural breasts. The petting becomes heavier and soon Steve is sucking her nipples and squeezing her ass. They switch places so Rebecca can lie back on the chair and let him service her orally. Steve plants his head between her thighs and gently licks the moist folds in her landing strip. Some good camera work lets you know that she is genuinely wet. “I want your cock in my mouth,” she then tells him. Rebecca flashes her lovely blue eyes during the slow and sultry blowjob, and she isn’t shy about deepthroating either. Now she’s turned around and kneeling on the chair so Steve can take her from behind. Jon suddenly appears and he’s curious to meet the Gallic beauty, so he takes a seat on the back of the chair (facing Rebecca) while Steve continues to pump away at her from behind. Jon is naked in no time and she begins vigorously stroking and sucking his rod. Steve soon lets out a loud groan to signal that he’s about to pop and Rebecca wheels around just in time to catch the streaking load on the side of her face, her forehead and her hair. She licks out the last few drops before Steve promptly exits the scene and leaves Jon to finish her off. With an affectionate slap to her butt, he flips her onto her back, lifts her legs into the air and leans over her to begin plunging his swollen member in and out of flush pink pussy. His steady pounding has Rebecca squeezing her tits and sucking her fingers in ecstasy. After a while of this Jon can take no more; he pulls out and she quickly sits up to receive his two-pronged jets of jizz that streak her face, hair and eye, with several shots going directly into her mouth. With Jon’s head still spinning from the intense orgasm she takes ahold of his cock to suck out the last remaining drops. It’s a smoking finish to what is easily the best scene of the movie.

Scene Five: Fallon, Tom Chapman

Fallon is the next to arrive and Tom presents her to Jon. She proclaims herself as “Queen of the Squirters”. Fallon always had a strange gleam in her eyes that made her seem just a little bit crazy to me. At any rate, Jon is uninterested and sends them upstairs to the bathroom to do their thing, telling them to warn him when she’s ready to squirt. They stand up and make out for a bit before Tom sits down on the edge of the shower to let Fallon blow him. The BJ sequence is short and she is then bent over the bath to let Tom plow her from behind. She gives two squirts in this position, with the second one being shown in slow motion. Now missionary position with another squirt. Next thing you know they are in the shower with the water running. Fallon sucks his cock a bit more and Tom lets loose with a sperm blast across her face and deflated-looking tits.

Scene Six: Lilli Xene, Jon Dough

Lilli and her giant rack descend a staircase decked out in an orange sequin bikini. She vows to show Sam Snatch that she’s the true squirt queen. Halfway down the stairs she stops to play with her pussy and pull out her gigantic melons. Dough arrives and Lilli is determined to convince him that she can squirt. The scene cuts and his pants are already around his ankles with Lilli sucking him to full hardness. He straddles her and starts stroking over her chest as she lies back on the steps, begging to see his “white cream” all over her “big slutty tits”, as she so eloquently states it. In a slow-mo shot Jon shoots his load across her mams, which she then rubs in for good measure. Lilli then decides to one-up him by using her trusty dildo to make herself squirt a few blasts of her own. Jon is amazed and promptly calls the Pussyman to let him know that Lilli got the part. And there was much rejoicing...


The Pussyman undoubtedly put out a quality series back in the 90s, and this particular film represents that series well. It’s also interesting because we get to see a combination of girls who were just beginning their careers at that time, like Rebecca Lord and Melissa Monet, together with some 80s veterans, like Bionca and Fallon. All in all, it’s a good flick from a great era. *No condoms were used in this film.

The DVD:

The picture quality is pretty good, although I’ve seen better transfers to DVD from videos shot during this era. Sound quality is good, too. The DVD extras are pretty run of the mill; besides the obligatory chapter selection there is a photo album of the stills, along with a slide show that is nothing more than the same photo album that advances automatically.

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