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Pushover, The

Pushover, The

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Comedy , Couples
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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BIGmike's ratings for Pushover, The:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Pushover, The overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Pushover, The Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Pushover, The Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Pushover, The Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Pushover, The Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Pushover, The DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Pushover, The A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by BIGmike  on  11/30/2001
Wicked Pictures Presents
A video by Jace Rocker

Stephanie Swift in

Also starring Chloe, Inari Vachs, Lola, Taylor St. Claire, Tony Tedeschi, Michael J. Cox, Anthony Crane, and Devin Wolf.

Written by George Kaplan
Directed by Jace Rocker

This first scene opens up right away with the very gorgeous, natural bodied blonde, Inari Vachs, lying naked, on her back, with Tony Tedeschi between her legs giving her some oral. She returns the favor on him, and he fucks her pussy with his condom-clad cock. They move onto some anal next and to end a very hot, though short scene, he cums on her stomach.

Anthony Crane comes running down a hall, and to their room, with news of the death of comedic star. Taylor St. Claire is called in soon after, and they all start thinking of a replacement, which is when Stephanie Swift bumbles her way into their room, dressed as a maid, they've found their replacement…

Stephanie comes home early and tells Chloe the news, as she gets ready to pack a suitcase. But Chloe doesn't believe the news, so she goes to have a chat with Tony, and when she gets back, she tells Stephanie that she is going with her, and that she too will be a star. They celebrate by stripping down and having some girl/girl fun… Chloe, looking very good here, starts licking the incredibly hot Stephanie's pointy nipples before going down on her, using her fingers as well. Stephanie fucks Chloe with two different dildos and to end a pretty hot, though short, girl/girl scene, they kiss.

They all soon arrive in LA where appointments and press releases are made, and Stephanie has to get a make over before she gives the press release. As Stephanie is getting made over, Michael J Cox arrives to take Chloe shopping. Once Stephanie is made over, the press is let in to hear her announcement, but before she breaks the news, she falls down the stairs.

Chloe and Michael J Cox return to his apartment from a day of shopping, and talk briefly before kissing. Michael kisses her tits and stomach, and it isn't long before she wraps her lips around his cock. After she gives him a nice bj, she gets fucked, vaginally, in a couple of positions, before she receives a facial to end a pretty hot scene.

Chloe comes back to Stephanie's, where she overhears Inari, Tony, Anthony, and Taylor, talking about the plans they have for the two of them, and how she doesn't know what she's worth. She also hears how Michael is involved, and when she tries to tell Stephanie about what she overheard, Taylor walks in and questions Chloe's friendship, since she did miss the press release. So Chloe leaves…

Stephanie tells the hot and busty brunette, Taylor, that Chloe was a special friend, and that they did "girl stuff" together. When Taylor says she isn't sure what she means, Stephanie says she has to show her, and that she does. Stephanie starts kissing Taylor, and they each kiss other all over before Taylor goes down on, and uses her fingers, on Stephanie. Stephanie returns the favor and they kiss to end a hot girl/girl scene.

Chloe knocks on Michael's door, and when she walks in, she slaps him across the face, mad that she was used, and he explains that it started out as just a job, but that he had his doubts. So now they think of a way to get back at the four. Then after a meeting, Devin Wolf talks with another woman about how he is tired of them using people, and he has a plan that would put a stop to them.

Devin climbs in through an open window, in a kitchen, at Stephanie's, and has a talk with her about how those four change everyone, and she agrees that she was changed by them as well. They move to a more comfortable location, a couch, where the two of them continue kissing. It doesn't take long for Stephanie's wonderful body to be freed from her clothing, and for Devin to go down on her and finger her, followed by her giving him a bj. He fucks her vaginally in a few different positions before he cums on her face, to end a hot scene.

At a meeting, Tony introduces Lola as Inari's new assistant, all while Anthony gets more and more nervous. Lola is a pretty hot and slender brunette, who is there to keep Anthony distracted, and that's what she does. She calms him down, then they start kissing while she unbutton his shirt, moving her way down to his cock. He gives her some oral in return, and then he fucks her vaginally, in a few various positions, ending a pretty hot scene by cumming on her face.

Tony, Anthony, and Inari are in an editing bay talking about what to do now, after viewing Stephanie's press release footage; as Chloe and Michael reenact the whole encounter that made Stephanie a star, with Devin directing. Devin takes the new footage to the editor, and he switches tapes for the network president, George Kaplan, to view. He loves it, and offers Stephanie the contract, thus putting a happy ending to a pretty funny movie.


[end credits roll]

EXTRAS : All Access: the Making of Pushover, a 14 minute behind the scenes featurette, AVN & Wicked DVD Award Winners & Nominations, two 2 minute autoplay photo galleries (one from the film and one of behind the scenes), and biographies of all stars (read by a woman). There's also an interview of Stephanie Swift, lasting about one minute and a running audio commentary by Jace Rocker and Stephanie Swift, which is pretty funny to listen to. Then there's the usual stuff… promotional material, company profile, twelve trailers, free speech coalition info, Wicked Casino, which is DVD-ROM only [I can't access it!], and Wicked Web.

OVERALL : The scenes are short and simple, one on one style, involving some very hot girls, and some hot sex, with emphasis on quality over quantity. There's also lots of dialog between scenes, which is pretty funny, and certainly entertaining to listen to it all. This DVD is loaded with all the usual extras, and then some, and the audio/video quality is top notch throughout.

FINAL THOUGHTS : Who would've guessed that I could ever like, or love, a Wicked feature, as they are known for plot fueled features, filled with acting, and storylines. Even though the sex was rather short, with the plot/acting taking up the remaining time, this was certainly a hot title, and definitely a nice change of pace. Plus, I really enjoyed the running commentary.

This is a very well done DVD/film, with equal amounts of dialogue and sex, filled with great extras and good acting, which all add up to make this a pretty excellent, and entertaining, all around DVD.

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[Edited by BIGmike, on May 2, 2003, to make some minor changes, but no ratings have been changed. For me to still have this DVD since my original date of review, November 30, 2001, it had to have been an enjoyable feature.]

--- BIGmike, over and out! ---

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