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Pure Sapphic Liaisons 3

Pure Sapphic Liaisons 3

Studio: Ninn Worx
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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scipio's ratings for Pure Sapphic Liaisons 3:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Pure Sapphic Liaisons 3 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Pure Sapphic Liaisons 3 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Pure Sapphic Liaisons 3 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Pure Sapphic Liaisons 3 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Pure Sapphic Liaisons 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Pure Sapphic Liaisons 3 DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Pure Sapphic Liaisons 3 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by scipio  on  11/7/2006
PURE Sapphic Liasons #3

Dir: Halle Vanderhyden.

Behind The Scenes: Some heavily-stylised and edited footage of the girls getting photographed for the boxcover and promo "Pretty Girl" shots. Some of it is interesting to watch such as the little interview snippets, and the post-scene extraction of.. something from Tanya James' pussy.
Photo Gallery: A series of high-quality hard and soft stills in autorun form.

A quick note on scene ratings - unlike many reviewers of different things who tend to rate "average" as 7/10. I rate average as 5/10, this makes 7/10 from me quite a bit above average, so bear this in mind when reading the overall DVD and scene ratings.

I've reviewed the first two volumes of this series in the past, and although this third installment is directed by Halle Vanderhyden rather than Michael Ninn, I'm expecting much the same again - gorgeous women made up to the nines, beautifully shot and with a touch more style than substance. From the cast though, I can immediately notice fewer Blonde Barbie dolls in this volume.
I can't however, comment much on Ninn's naming conventions for this series:
Volume 1 was simply called Sapphic Liasons
Volume 2 was called Unbridled Sapphic Liasons #2, and now
Volume 3 is called PURE Sapphic Liasons #3, or more fully: Halle Vanderhyden's PURE Sapphic Liasions 3.

Scene 1:
Kinzie Kenner, Valerie Herrera.

With a stark white background, the sacene starts with Kinzie wearing a white fishnet bodysuit walking around the small set while the camera swooshes around her in a pseudo-artistic manner. She has a pretty face, nise stud, belly ringand brown hair with blonde highlights. She has natural breasts and a fit body. After her walk, Kinzie sits down on one of the chairs and masturbates for the camera, which is in constant motion. She also talks to the camera but it comes across as murmuring rather than sexy dialogue. There's a close-up of her fingering herself as well as the usual clit-rubbing. Eventually she "comes" for the camera, the misic starts up again, and we transition to Valerie. Valerie looks to perhaps be Italian or Spanish, with a sexy face and body, long black hair and the same outfit that Kinzie just wore. Valerie then goes through the same motions that Kinzie did, right up to the "orgasm". The two of them are then on-set, wearing their fishnet outfits, and we see elements of their fucking in extreme close-up. Kinzie has a pierced tongue as well, we see. First Valeria eats and dildoes Kinzie, then Valerie recieves, than the scene ends.

Not bad, but not outstanding either. Kinzie looked amazing here at least.

Scene 2:
Amberlina, KelleMarie.

Again we have the stark white background. Amberlina is a cute medium-haired blonde wearing a cutesy see-through, flower- embroidered teddy with fluffy purple fringing. She sits and poses on a purple couch looking coy and sexy as the camera roams around. She has a tattoo of a rose stem on the small of her back, a tiny tattoo of something on her right bumcheek, and small natural breasts. She seems a little bit skinny to me as her ribs are a little too visible while she masturbates. She strips out of the teddy, masturbates through her g-string while the music plays over the top till she has her opening orgasm. KelleMarie is a long-haired bleached-blonde, pretty face. Same outfit as Amberlina had, except her fringing is yellow rather than purple. Though the music is different, the action is the same, from the moving-camera intro to the removal of the teddy to the couch masturbation. KelleMarie though takes her panties off to masturbate, and dirty-talks (badly) to the camera in her British accent. KelleMarie is also thin, but less so than Amberlina, and her breasts while stil smallish are larger. I'd describe KelleMarie more as "lithe" than skinny.

Now of course, we have the two of them together. Wearing longer-length versions of the teddies, KelleMarie has the pink one, while Amberlina has a skirt-only purple one. They fondle, Amberlina lays back on KelleMarie and rubs one out. Amberlina eats out at Kelle's (she also has a tongue stud!) and does her with a parge flouro dildo. Unusually, the same dildo is then used on Amber by Kelle. The footage changes to blued monochrome the girls make out and we're out.

Again nothing outstanding. There were good bits in this but they were brief. Overall though it wasn't especially inspiring.

Scene 3:
Charlie Laine, Penny Flame.
Dildoes. Shoes left on.

Charlie is a pretty brunette wearing a semi-mesh crop-top-thing and designer-shredded pink jeans. She sits on one of the couches we've seen before (though now the couch has a sheet/cover thrown over the top to make it seem different. The background is once again the start white of the set. Charlie strips the top off and massages her large, natural-looking breasts before doing the same to her pants, and clit. Her panties match the top she was wearing before, and make quite a nice top and bottom set. Unfortunately, the camera again moves around too much and at odd angles which makes it harder ot enjoy the visuals onscreen. We have live sound of Charlie's pornmoans until she has her fake orgasm. Penny then enters for her mini-scene. Same outfit as Charlie, though her jeans are blue. Penny has a pretty face but with a kind of sexy smirk that works well for her. Posing on the couch, off come the top and pants, and Penny now dirty-talks to the camera as she starts to masturbate for the camera, though I'm too spellbound by her breasts to care to what she was talking about. The masturbation is a bit difficult to see because of the pulled-aside panties thing, though eventually Penny also does the orgasm-for-the-camera thing and we move onto the pairing-up segment. Both of these girls have magnificent bodies by the way, the best on the disc so far for my money.

Both girls dressed again, seated on couches which are aligned back-to-back, hands in their jeans. They meet and make out over the backs of the couches and it's on. Penny eats Charlie first, then vice versa. Both girls still wear their white pumps. Penny uses a coloured glass dildo on Charlie, then they make out, then it ends.

This was better than the previous scenes, but unfortunately ended just as it was getting good. Booo!

Scene 4:
Tanya James, Bella Star.

Bella Star and Tanya James are the blonde vixens on the front cover. Tanya is the one on the left, I believe, but the two of them are ID'ed so briefly in the opening credits that I am not 100% sure. Our first blonde, the one on the left wears a sheer pink dress with a white corset over the top. She looks absolutely amazing. The set this time is two chair facing each other, with a long pink cloth draped on and between them. As expected, she peels off the corset, revealing that the dress is a two-piece, and then peels off the bottoms and top, revealing an incredible body. She also has a subtle nose stud and barbell in her tongue. She sensually masturbates for the camera which cuts to live sound after awhile. The masturbation seems cut a little short. The second blonde, the one on the right-hand- side of the cover wears a similar skirt, but has a bra on top with a choker around her neck. She is also quite hot. Her clothes are peeled off, which happen to show a bruise on her left buttcheek. Rough sex shoot recently? She also lays back and takes matters into her own hands. Unsurprisingly, for their combined scene, both are seated on the chairs opposite one another, they stand in unison, embrace for a kiss, and, well, I'm sure you can guess what happens next by now. The action is pretty much the same as all the other scenes, as the girls eat one another out then dildo-fuck each other.

More of the same, really. But then what were you expecting? I'll give it a 7, as again the action was cut a bit short just as it started to get hot.

Scene 5:
Bobbie Blair, Jordan Fleiss.

Bobbie is a very pretty girl with long dark hair and slightly exotic features. Perhaps Latin American, though I don't know anything about her so I'm not sure. She certainly is a looker, though as the camera focusses on her legs and bum to the exclusion of any other part of her body or face it takes awhile to see her face. She's wearing a short, sext one-piece outfit that has a very short skirt attached. We see the usual multi-cut editing through the extended introduction while we wait to see Bobbie do something. I guess this is the tease. Her top comes off, then the skirt, leaving her all-natural body in only her panties which are pulled to one side so that, you guessed it, she can rub her pussy. Except, just when you think it's really going to start. it ends suddenly and we cut to Jordan.

Jordan wears the same outfit, though in pink rather than grey. She is an attractive brunette though she varies the formula slightly by just going right to the finger-fucking without stripping off. Just pull the skirt up and pull the panties to the side and away she goes. As in the last scene, the two girls face off in opposite chairs, stand, close in and embrace for the kiss and grope. By now you should know what happens next, and indeed it does. There's a nice little double-dildo-sucking moment in the middle, but otherwise it's simply more of the same.

Despite the girls all being identified in the opening credits of the disc, it would have been a lot nicer to ID the performers at the start of each scene, as there's still some difficulty identifying some of the girls..

The girls did overall look very attractive here, but Halle Vanderhyden's take on the Sapphic Liasons franchise showed that they're simply not as good a director (or editor) as Ninn himself. Nearly all of the girls had severe pubic razorburn which was clearly visible throughout the disc, and I've simply never noticed that in a Ninn-directed disc before, so clearly Michael is better at covering or glossing over that then Halle is. The other problem that this volume suffers from is the constant white background (I realise it's being used to denote "Pure" but I don't care. It's boring to see for 5 scenes in a row. The furniture was spartan and repeated, but moreso the disc suffered from extreme repetition of the formula. If the setting, furniture, backgrounds had varied then it wouldn't have been as annoying, but to see five pairs of attractive girls following the exact same script in the exact same location.. well, you get the idea.

It's not all bad by any means though, it's still better than most g/g-themed porn out there, it's only disappointing when compared to Ninn's usually much-higher standard.

The other main difference between this volume and previous ones is the lack of girls who fit the enhanced-boob-hardbodied-stripper-look, in favour of more natural-bodied women. As long as the women are consistantly attractive though, I'm happy and in this case they are.

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