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Psycho Sexuals, The

Psycho Sexuals, The

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Gabriel Nine's ratings for Psycho Sexuals, The:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Psycho Sexuals, The overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Psycho Sexuals, The Female looks rating 2 stars
Male Looks Psycho Sexuals, The Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Psycho Sexuals, The Sex rating 1.5 stars
Plot/Acting Psycho Sexuals, The Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Psycho Sexuals, The DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Psycho Sexuals, The A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Gabriel Nine  on  5/6/2002

Gregory Dark's The Psycho Sexuals
Directed by Gregory Dark
Starring: Nikita, Taren Steele, Missy, Chloe, Ruby, Sid Deuce, Leanna Hart, Mickey G, Vince Voyeur, Michael J. Cox, Paul Cox

Loved and loathed in seemingly equal measure, Gregory Dark was never one to make just another fuck film. Judging by the critical acclaim he has received, it seems almost like sacrilege to go against the grain, but I can't deny it, I did not like this movie. Not much of a loss, I suppose - it's available as a cheapie - but I was looking forward to something a little bit different, and that only occasionally occurs.

The plot, such as it is, concerns a bizarre interview set up, in which leggy Nikita, she of the superb boobs and catwalk model looks, gives a virtual reality type of headset to Mickey, who subsequently becomes trapped in a world of sexual fantasy, seemingly of his own making, while totally losing his grip on what is the real world. Kind of like Total Recall but without overly muscular misogynistic Austrians. Or Mars. Or explosions. Okay, nothing like Total Recall then.

Setting aside the (intentionally?) robotic delivery of surreal dialogue, I did like the way the tension builds, with quick cutaways of Nikita's nervous smile flashing and Mickey's nostrils flaring as he fantasises about her body - understandably so, because with her smart and sexy looks she is easily the most beautiful woman in the film. Once he has donned the headgear, he envisages her in a scene where she is laid, in both senses of the word, on a table by three guys. The sex is fast and furious as Nikita lustily slurps their cocks and the chaps take turns at fucking her, including anal and DP. Note that condoms are used for vaginal and anal sex. The come shots are of the novelty variety - one facial, but two are fired into the rubbers and Nikita gleefully tips out the semen on her face.

Confused as to whether he is in the dream world or reality, Mickey stumbles into the room where the preceding action took place. At the door, another woman appears. It's Sid Deuce, doing her best to look "sid-ductive" (Sid Deuce, get it? Oh, never mind!), but failing miserably. She's dressed in stockings and a suit, but frankly with her big fake tits she's the epitome of the stereotypical American porn girl, and therefore she does nothing for me. Neither does the ensuing sex scene, with Michael and Vince fucking her and having their dicks sucked for what seems like hours. It's totally by the book.

Mickey then finds himself faced with Chloe, Ruby and Missy, who announce that they are his girls. He responds by having them lick each other's asses clean. "Dirty assholes are for perverts," he proclaims. I only really liked Ruby from this otherwise hard-faced trio - the shots of her big ass riding back on Mickey are the only inspiring moments (to me anyway) of a scene that features some decidedly rough-edged sex, lots of girl-girl fingering and plenty of anal (for Missy and Chloe). At one point Missy is having her hair pulled one way, her nipples another and Mickey hammering away at her pussy - one of several occasions which made me think "are they really into this, or are they doing it just because that's what is expected?" Let's face it - there's not even a hint of a smile to be seen, and it certainly seems that limits are exceeded on more than one occasion.

What really put me off was the mean-spirited attitude and the ludicrously overwrought moans and groans, as if they are all trying to out do each other to see who can be nastier and wilder than the others. It's not only Chloe who does her usual eye-rolling orgasmic seizures, it's Ruby too whose ridiculous screams when anyone so much as brushes her pussy left my ears bleeding. I must admit I got a modicum of sadistic pleasure out of seeing Mickey spunk over Chloe's head while Missy fucks her anally with a strap-on, but really, it was just horrible.

Things get wackier still - I must admit some of the dialogue is pretty funny - when a frilly-costumed nurse (Taren Steele), and a suited-up chap (Sean Rider, or so I gather) arrive in the interview room and start getting it on in front of Mickey - unsighted by the headset he is still wearing. An FBI agent, Jeremy Steele, enters, investigating a plot about Madagascar and whatever else Mickey was babbling about earlier - you don't want to know. Anyway, they sensibly just give the quite cute Taren a good seeing to, including oral, vaginal and anal sex and a pair of respectable facials before she sucks off Mickey (who could somehow see what was going on all of a sudden).

Mickey's next vision is of a scenario where three goofy guys in suits, baseball caps and thick specs encounter a cute brunette (Leanna Hart) dressed up in a dainty vestal virgin outfit. What all this is supposed to mean, I don't know, or care, frankly. But I was enjoying the one really inspiring moment of the movie so far - a great view of Leanna' peeling off her panties to reveal her perfect ass, then showing off that butt and her great legs - right until she turned around and I spotted her simply hideous fake tits. Why? Leanna has a lovely face, big brown eyes and a great body. Why do this to yourself, girl? Anyway, hopping off my soapbox, the rest of the scene is some overlong if energetic sex that failed to hold my interest, capped off with three big loads on her face, but marred by a few too many shots of bored, masturbating men. She finishes by relating one of those disgusting apocryphal tales about what happens behind the scenes in restaurants.

The finale is easily the best scene in the movie. Evidently Mickey's pornographic imaginings have short-circuited the headset and he is now trapped inside the fantasy world. So what better way to fantasise than about Nikita? She and Mickey enjoy a lustful, passionate fuck all around this large, bare room. I can imagine that more effort was made on the staging of this encounter that the many of the other scenes put together. The camera work, and styling are really good here, but it's the sex - especially from the wonderful Nikita - that really makes it, from the abandoned way they discard their clothes to the driving anal via a number of great positions that really show off Nikita's fabulous form. It's not the "nasty" dimension of it that makes it hot either, more the convincing portrayal of uninhibited, ardent sex. Sadly, they go for another novelty come shot - Mickey dumps about 1cc of spunk (which looks more like saliva) from a condom onto Nikita's eye, then in close-ups that provide quite an unusual perspective, Mickey licks her face clean himself, before appearing to endure a heart-attack. Which I can quite believe, after seeing him tangle with the seemingly insatiable Nikita!

With too many unappealing women and too many surprisingly routine sex scenes that no amount of flash editing or surreal scripting can disguise, I found the Psycho Sexuals to be a big disappointment. The sex is frequently energetic but rarely inspired, though Nikita is always worth a look.

It's only fair to give credit for the inventive aspects of the movie in terms of editing and some of the styling, especially the use of contrasting grainy colour, black and white close-ups and so forth. However, and again I was a little surprised about this, the camerawork is often not of the standard needed to take the movie to the level to which it aspires. Which all tends to mean that, in my book, despite the received wisdom about Gregory Dark, Psycho Sexuals is in many ways little more than another fuck flick, albeit one that has been handled with a little touch of style, humour and imagination. It seems that in a porn world so often bereft of genuine creativity, a little goes a long way!

DVD Comments
In an odd situation, Evil Angel released Gregory Dark's VHS movies, but the DVD editions are issued by Nu-Tech. They have done a good job here as far as picture and sound quality are concerned - aside from a modest lack of vibrancy in colour, the picture is excellent. However, Nu-Tech don't compare at all to Evil Angel with regard to the DVD package. There are no extras, just one chapter menu. There are alternate angles available on sex scenes - but was it just me, or were these simply the first angle flipped around? It didn't enhance the viewing experience whatsoever, but then I am not a fan of the multi-angle thing anyway.

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