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Pros 3

Pros 3

Studio: DVSX
Category:  Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Pros 3:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Pros 3 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Pros 3 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Pros 3 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Pros 3 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Pros 3 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Pros 3 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Pros 3 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  7/17/2005
Well here we have a highclassed dvd celebrating the lady of the night!! Guy Capo likes to add a bit of story to a lot of his dvds and this is one of those where we get to watch sex as it's had in the world of the high classed callgirl. The appeal for me here is seeing another scene with Bailey who has some amazingly big tits that I could just suck on all day long!! You also have Taylor Rain and Roxanne Hall to feast your eyes on so let's hit the scenes and see these ladies of the evening do their thing.

Taylor Rain:

As the scene opens you have a thick voice over by Guy leading to Taylor talking and then the unseen guy yaps a bit hidden of course from us seeing him. Watch and listen to this if you want I'm just here for the sex!! Now we get some nice tease from Taylor as this whole prescene deal plays out and it leads into her sucking cock. Good side view and Taylor does nice gaggin on the way down. Now for sex you see Miss Rain done in mish with P2M, doggie-- good ass shots here Guy, then it's on to her pooper in spoon with some A2M and soon a good facial end the scene. Taylor did good and she wore the red dress she began the scene with for the whole scene and of course the guy doesn't want to be seen so we only see him from the chest down but some of you cock slueths can probably figure out who it was, but not I.


This scene begins with this lovely girl telling us how and where she grew up and this nicely leads to Cherokee pleasuring her pussy as we get another silouette of a guy telling us his story. Now for the scene we get going with some closeups as Cherokee unleashes the cock and a nice sensual blowjob is lensed and we get a good look at those tits too as she engulfs this cock. Our man then stands up and you get a more proper blowjob shot from the side and again good close shots are given of Cherokee's face. As for sex you see this busty beauty boned in reverse cowgirl-- nice floor shots for this position and it leads to a little P2M by Cherokee who then turns around to cowgirl where again good floor shots show off her body. Guy gets the camera in close once more for the mish action, then on to spoon and our man pulls out and splooges all over her pussy area. You see the guy is Mickey G so guess he doesn't care about us knowing it was him!


Up next we have the buxom Bailey and as the guy and Bailey talk to us we see her body shown off and those huge juggs are just begging to be let loose! You have some nice dialogue delivered by both performers but I'm being honest when I say it doesn't interest me to much. What does interest me is watching her fine body becoming naked and you also have this fine young lady on her knees giving a nice blowjob with very good eye contact. It's a short bj, though, as the sex gets underway in mish and just look at those perfect tits bouncing all over, just beautiful. Wow I could look at those tits all day long, they are just the right size for squeezing and sucking, sadly we don't see much of that here. After a little cleaning off of the cock we watch Bailey go for a ride in cowgirl and her meaty ass gets some screen time and it fills the screen in all the right ways. There is also some doggie love bestowed on Bailey and I think some pussy farts too if I'm not mistaken! Up next we have what I would say is her signature position and that's reverse cowgirl and it also happens to be in her ass too so we have butt fucking and bouncing titties-- quite the good combo. They close with some mish anal and the guy leaves his load inside which we get to watch her cumfart some out. This was a nice scene but a small gripe if you please. The action was nice, Bailey looked good but with those tits of hers how could we not have more tit play. I know the guy isn't supposed to be "seen" but you could have had Bailey doing more squeezing to her tits and especially licking her nipples. Everything else was nice especially the reverse cowgirl anal and you also had Bailey licking up some of the cum from the floor but Guy missed a golden opportunity to show off Bailey's best assets more, but that's just my opinion.

Jordan Fleiss:

First off I hope the close name resemblance hasn't been lost on everyone. How ironic that this girl using a name so similar to the famous Hollywood madam would then appear in a porn dvd based on "pros!!" Well we get some good tease along with the voice overs by Jordan and the guy. Scene wise you have the guy start off behind helping Jordan get topless then she gets down for some good cock sucking and this time the bj lasts a bit longer. Sexwise they start nicely in reverse cowgirl where a good floor shot is used. Jordan then gets fucked hard in mish, doggie with Guy alternating close and pulled back views of the festivities. Jordan then assumes the piledriver position and after a good pounding he pulls out and pops down her belly. Jordan rubs her tits a little and some of the jizz into her belly also licking her fingers clean. A pretty standard scene for me overall.

Roxanne Hall:

Well our next babe just happens to be a supermega goddess!! The sexy accent is at least interesting to listen and I can tell by the guy speaking it's Kyle Stone who's boning this British babe. There is some fine tease as Roxanne shows us her hot bod, the tits are out and the pussy is fingered very hard by Miss Hall. She lets us know that when it comes to satisfying a man she's the best and having watched her work I'm not going to argue with her, she's hot. This scene starts building momentum with a sexy strip down by Roxanne and we watch just over Kyle's shoulders as her clothes slowly drop from her body until it's only her pants left and they too slip away leaving us oogling her pussy and ass! You watch as Kyle buries his face in those ass cheeks and the picture gets a little funny here, think Guy was trying an effect but thankfully it doesn't last long as the regular picture returns. Watch as Roxanne rides her pussy hard over his face, I know many a man who'd want this very thing done to them and stayin in this 69 you get some hard knob polishing done as well. Now for sex you watch as Roxanne is fucked in reverse cowgirl both vag and anal, cowgirl, and they end with a good romp in spoon leading to a facial and cleanup for Roxanne. This was the best scene so far I think, Roxanne has that look about her that is just so appealing.

Kelli Tyler:

We have one more Pro to listen to as well as her client and after both have had their say we watch as Kelli gets a nice pair of shoes on her feet as well as a sexy black dress. One shoe is taken off so she can rub over her man's crotch and soon both feet are massaging over his manhood which in short order is free and ready for inspection. Kelli then leans in close and begins a fine blowjob using her tongue expertly and I like how she grabs around his thighs during the bj. You have a fine overhead shot used looking down as Kelli engulfs the cock and her slow style really makes the oral that much better I think rather than a hard messy gagging bj. Now for sex you see a good reverse cowgirl with P2M, cowgirl where that fine ass gets some pub along with more P2M. Next you have Kelli on her side for some spoon action and then it's on to doggie before they finish up in mish and our guy pops his nut on her feet which you don't see that often. Kelli had just been sucking her toes so it was easy for her to lift those feet back up for a little jizz tasting.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

For a Guy Capo flick this was about what I expected. You had some storyline which I confess to not really following but when the sex got going my interest peaked up pretty good especially for Bailey and Roxanne Hall's scenes. Taylor Rain was also nice to see again. As for extras this has the good DVSX bag of goodies namely a photo gallery, the cum shots repeated, the solo scenes for the girls and finally some behind the scenes which usually feature a lot of laughs on a Guy Capo set so give it a look. I'd recommend this as a rental and this storyline/ gonzo combo just might appeal more to you than it did to me.

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