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Prize, The

Prize, The

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Comedy , Couples , Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Prize, The:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Prize, The overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Prize, The Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Prize, The Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Prize, The Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Prize, The Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Prize, The DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Prize, The A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  11/28/2011
Welcome fans to a new show from award winning director Brad Armstrong which focuses big time on Wicked contract star Kaylani Lei. This movie features her doing something that up till now she'd only done briefly that I know of at the end of a movie, with Brad as I recall, and that's anal sex. Well this movie treats Kaylani giving up her backdoor to Xander Corvus as a Prize and I think we all can agree that slipping your cock inside that nice little ass would be quite the prize and to see it presented longer and better than we got the other time I remember Kaylani doing anal is something to look forward to. The cast here also features Asa Akira, Jewels Jade and Chanel Preston so the hottie quotient is more than met. Now let's see just what Kaylani will make Xander do in order to get the privelege of nailing her booty!!Over the last few years Kaylani has proven on multiple occasions how good she is doing regular sex and delivering lines and now we get the added treat of watching her engage in anal sex, let's go!

Kaylani Lei:

We don't have to wait long to see Kaylani in action as she along with her hubby of one year are already engaging in the carnal arts as the opening frames of this show unfold. Good solid couples fucking here which is something Wicked Pictures is very good at presenting. However the mood is killed when Xander tries to slip inside Kaylani's backdoor uninvited. After a quick chat they get back to it with Xander making amends moving down to lick her pussy, he'd just thwarted an orgasm so she's making him help her achieve one before they resume fucking-- well done Kaylani. They do resume fucking soon enough in mish ending with a pop up her lower belly but the backdoor issue has been introduced so we'll see how it is resolved in subsequent scenes. Xander can't resist one last dig at the anal question prompting a pillow thrown in his face followed by an inner dialogue from Kaylani about this issue. She wants to take the plunge but how to go about getting there?

Jewels Jade:

Moving right along we have Xander leaving the next day, for a job perhaps leaving Kaylani behind to let the plumber in who is played by Brad Armstrong. The story then takes a nice turn with Brad engaging in some dirty talk over the cell phone with his lady but Kaylani comes back into the kitchen and overhears the end of this conversation which plays right into her anal situation so she asks a total stranger to sit down, enjoy a cup of Java and give her some pointers, lol. So we leave the kitchen and head over to Brad's place where we find Jewels already riding Mr. Armstrong anally in reverse. Jewels is quite agressive too telling her man to fuck that ass-- all things Kaylani needs to hear, lol. They hit one more position in doggie before he pulls out and nuts on her face with nice clean up from Jewels after. See Kaylani that's not so bad!

So after her visual chat with Brad she decides to go online and search the interwebs for more anal sex tips, only 27 million results to sift through, lol. Her research is interrupted by Chanel dropping by to borrow a cup of sugar and of course she sees the laptop opened up to the anal sex results Kaylani was looking at. Kaylani fills her in and naturally Chanel is kind enough to offer her own advice on the subject. The first bit of advice she gives is to seek out one title and product placement time it's jessica drake's Wicked Guide to Anal Sex!!!!!! Haha. She also lets Kaylani in on how she dishes out the anal love to her man, making him earn it, like a prize and this idea has some appeal to Kaylani.

Chanel Preston:

It's not enough to tell Kaylani about being her mans back door whore we need the visual evidence!! So que up another hot anal scene and this one has Chanel hooking up with her man Rocco Reed. A little kissing moves nicely to Mr. Reed's tongue deeply buried in Chanel's ass, hell yeah! Totally in favor of the licking all over that ass. After a little oral sex lying on her back we have Chanel moving up/ over his cock to engulf it and the sound quality was very good here as the bj gets going. Unlike the previous scene there is a little bit of pussy fucking first in mish and doggie before it was time to tap that ass. Reverse anal was wide open here and shows off Chanel beautifully. A little side saddle anal yields the pop on one of her buns and Chanel dips a finger in for a taste leading to the two dropping back on the bed breathless-- more good signs for Kaylani.


So after that very good account of anal action from Chanel our girl was inspired to go out shopping and now not for garden tools but a very different kind of tool, anal toys! Kaylani gets back home and goes right to the bed room to try these babies out. So she lays them out before her and we also hear the familiar voice of jessica drake filling the air so Kaylani also bought that little title. So the lube is put on and Kaylani eases the first toy in and hey it fits! A few fingers help loosen her ass up before that first toy goes in and this gives us some very nice solo footage of Miss Lei. Great doggie footage of Kaylani nailing her own ass and the vocal work here was strong too letting us feel and hear that orgasm. Kaylani then fills Xander in on her progress and the two talk about how this whole anal arrangement will come to pass and Kaylani has taken Chanel's advice on the whole chore system and rewarding her man.

Kaylani & Asa:

Next she goes to another friends house and she needs a little more personal touch and interaction. Asa asks about whether Kaylani has tried it on herself first and she has obviously and so now Kaylani is ready to try the next step but not yet with her hubby and Asa is the biggest 'ho' she knows so how about a little g/g action! Ok it's not really cheating, lol, it's research! Some kissing, boob sucking and some very nice pussy licking- wide open here as Asa licks those pretty lips. This whole bit of research is about anal so it was very good to see Asa's tongue move down to lick Kaylani's bunghole. Kaylani does some fingering to her friend before they move to the toys and Asa is first demonstrating her toys with Kaylani dropping down behind for a birds eye view. Good to see a little pussy licking too as Kaylani goes underneath the toy to taste her friend. Kaylani gets to thrust the toy in a few times herself before it is removed, a joint lick off by the girls and it was Kaylani's turn to get ass fucked by Asa. A brief return to ass licking then Asa uses the first toy, they change back to Asa being ass fucked. The ladies then step it up a notch with Asa sporting a strap on and really giving Kaylani a feel for what it will be like when Xander slips his dick in. All in all a very successful research trip!

Going back home she finds that Xander hasn't taken her up on the chore part of the bargain so no anal nookie for you tonight Mister! So the two have a tense but productive discussion where Kaylani once again restates the chore position and this time Xander finally seems to get the message. The next day comes and Xander starts about fulfilling that list and singing about back door love- ok don't quit your day job! So Xander does all the chores, the two have a nice dinner and then he zonks out- guess I worked him to hard, lol. A couple days later it's a new list but a much shorter one and once again the prize, Xander, the prize!!


So Xander finishes the list, Kaylani arrives home to find rose petals strewn up the steps leading to the bed room and on the bed lies her man Xander with a big red bow over, well you get the idea! Kaylani gets into the mood and the two are soon hot and heavy with Xander moving back behind to lick that behind and this leads to nice purring from Kaylani. Our girl then gets his cock more than in the mood with some hot dick sucking leading nicely to our girl hopping on for the ride in vag cowgirl. After some good doggie pounding they move to spoon where Xander is nice and easy sliding his cock inside her backdoor. They hit a little anal in mish too before he pulls out for a big load up her chest with Kaylani dipping a finger in to taste. Not bad but would have liked a couple positions besides the two we got, cowgirl would have really rocked here I think- I guess that and reverse might be the product of another list!!!!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was a good feature from Brad Armstrong and it certainly helped that Kaylani was such a good lead plus the whole anal subject matter as the central theme was good too. Having the outside sources and their tips for Kaylani, pieces of advice both verbally and then visually more than helped move the story along. Kaylani having so much of the sex is a real treat for her fans but we also get good scenes from Chanel and in the bonus section the Jewels Jade scene with Brad Armstrong is shown in a longer format. You also have a bonus scene from the Wicked movie Sexy with Kaylani, jessica and Wolf Hudson. Missed out on some BTS which would have been nice hearing from Kaylani talking about doing anal on camera for the first time or doing it longer on camera than I'd seen her do before. All told this is a solid feature with an easy to follow story and a strong lead with Kaylani anchoring the story. Well worth it for her fans who have wanted to see Miss Lei engage in the anal arts and she does that here with some nice solo play as well as g/g luving with Asa Akira before finally giving it up to Xander in the finale.

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