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Private X-Treme 5: Anal Agency

Private X-Treme 5: Anal Agency

Studio: Private
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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aybesea's ratings for Private X-Treme 5: Anal Agency:
Overall Rating 2 stars
Private X-Treme 5: Anal Agency overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks Private X-Treme 5: Anal Agency Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks Private X-Treme 5: Anal Agency Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Private X-Treme 5: Anal Agency Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting Private X-Treme 5: Anal Agency Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Private X-Treme 5: Anal Agency DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Private X-Treme 5: Anal Agency A/V Quality rating 3 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by aybesea  on  3/12/2003


My expectations of this DVD are that it will be very average porn. My past experience with LeCastel flics have been that they range from poor to average. This based on past experience with volumes from the Assman (poor) and Matador (average) lines. So why am I bothering with this review you ask? Because I recently reviewed Private Reality 11 and the LeCastel scene in that one was very strong. Aside from some technical issues I was very impressed with the content of the scene. So I am hoping that this is indicative of a new phase of LeCastel movie making.

Capsule Review

Looks like it was false hope after all. While this is not as bad as a typical Assman title (BEAM), and is probably on par or a little better than the Matador stuff, it is still not even close to the heat generated by his scene in Reality, or to other current offerings from Private.


The technicals are definitely on the rough side. Don't expect lavish well-lit sets and wardrobe here. And don't expect smooth, fluid editing either. While this is not bad video, it is not good video either. And the audio dubbing is positively horrendous.


Jean Yves LeCastel


Photo gallery, notes, trailers

Target Audience

Anal fans, Gonzo fans

Scene Review

Scene 1 - Rita Faltoyano

Rita is a positively beautful girl. And she has no problem with hard sex. So to say that I am disappointed by her lackluster performance here is an understatement. She sits in an office (or rather a bad facsimile of an office) and talks to the boss. He decides to have his way with her. She gives a bland blowjob followed by some heat-free anal sex. Hell, this scene is edited before the end, so I'm not even sure if he was able to get off. I sure wasn't! Oh wait... let's skip ahead to after scene 2. Here's the end of the scene. I should have guessed. Yeesh. Whack Factor: 4

Scene 2 - Daria

I positively hate it when the props get in the way of the sex. Daria sits in a chair and eats an ice cream cone. She decides to slurp some cock at the same time. A lick of ice cream and then one of cock. It's erotic at first, but gets old really fast. As he (and she) end up bathed in melted ice cream. Sorry, not my fetish. She jumps straght to anal as well, and after a brief (and I do mean brief) bit of sodomy the scene ends as he comes on her face. Yawn. Whack Factor: 4

Scene 3 - Jane Darling

Jane blows the big guy as he suns by the pool. The blowjob here is really hot, but instead of letting us enjoy it, we cut away almost immediately to some lackluster fucking. Also, what happened to the hot bikini she was wearing? Ever heard of makeup? At least it looks like she gets off on the anal here. Because of that, I'll give this scene a Whack Factor: 5

Scene 4 - Laura & Stacy

Laura and Stacy are two tarts washing the car in tight shorts and tops. There's a little tease here, some wet t-shirts, and some lesbian caressing. All good things in my book. Eventually a guy shows up and the girls start to blow him. Stacy's BJ work is probably the hottest thing in the movie, but that being said, it lasts less than a minute! Both girls are fucked vag while the odd girl out does PTM. The cum shot is on Stacy's face. Definitely the strongest scene in the movie. Whack Factor: 7

Scene 5 - Krystal De Boor

I've seen Krystal before and she looked a lot better than she does here. She has put on a few pounds and she wears almost no makeup. She plays a bimbo who is offered up by her pimp boyfriend to assuage an angry boss. She drops to her knees to blow the big guy. Then she gets fucked vag, anal & DP. At least she leaves some clothes on during the scene. Whack Factor: 5

Scene 6 - Krystal & Stacy

Stacy and Krystal both show up at the pool wearing hot bikinis. They drop to their knees to fuck the two boss guys that have around for the bulk of this flic. This is a typical Woodman style stereo scene where both girls do the same thing throughout. Oh how boring. It takes away all of the spontanaety and heat and leaves you with a sense of bad choreography instead. There is some vag, anal, and ATM before the cum shots. Thankfully, this is the last scene. Even Stacy's looks couldn't save this one. Whack Factor: 5

In Conclusion

This is not a good DVD. This is not a good movie. It's not awful, but that's not the yardstick I choose to measure by. With so much good Private fare out there, I can't think of any reason to waste your time on this one. I've read that Private will be using a new director for this line going forward, and I can certainly understand why. Let's hope the next volume sees a change for the better.

Overall Whack Factor: 4

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