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Private X-Treme 2: Sticky

Private X-Treme 2: Sticky

Studio: Private
Category:  Anal , Foreign
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Gabriel Nine's ratings for Private X-Treme 2: Sticky:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Private X-Treme 2: Sticky overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Private X-Treme 2: Sticky Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Private X-Treme 2: Sticky Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Private X-Treme 2: Sticky Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Private X-Treme 2: Sticky Plot/Acting rating 1 star
Extras Private X-Treme 2: Sticky DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Private X-Treme 2: Sticky A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Gabriel Nine  on  9/18/2002

Private X-treme
Directed by Jean-Yves Le Castel
Starring: Bea, Betty Love, Kelly White, Kyra, Lisa, Patricia Diamond, Smarty, Vanda, Alberto Rey, Choky Ice, David Perry, Franco Roccaforte, Roly Reeves
Running time: 1hr 31mins

The second edition of Private's new(ish) outlet for the directorial talents of Jean-Yves Le Castel is a decidedly inconsistent yarn, where the story, such as it is, involves one Mr John Barry (no, not the Bond movie composer - this character is a serial shagger played with evident disinterest by an inexplicably moustachioed David Perry) and his quest for the magic sex lotion that seems to drive his wife and her girlfriend crazy as he peeps on them in the bedroom…

Patricia and Betty
Oblivious to him, Patricia and Betty are nude and looking extremely good. Brunette Patricia (AKA Diana Kellerman) has a great slim, sexy body with a nice bum. Her legs are spread so her pretty blonde friend can lap her twat, but in all honesty the sex is utterly unconvincing - lots of overstated moaning, with Patricia taking the lead while Betty's contribution is a beautiful blank. They lick each other, Patricia pours oil on an unseen part of Betty's anatomy (the camera is at the other end) and then they indulge in some tribadism that couldn't make it clearer that this is all for show.

In search of something to spice up his love life, Perry visits a sex shop, blatantly laden with Private goods, and enquires about aphrodisiacs. The blonde shop girl, Smarty (her given name, I'm sure), offers him a Private energy drink, which she samples herself. The effects are immediate - she kneels upon a stool, eases down her tight trousers to reveal a very presentable butt. After watching her do it herself, David assists in some rather messy anal interference. Fingers are crammed into Smarty's anus, while a typical sex shop punter loiters in the background, watching and wanking, as she tastes her ass from David's fingers. I can't imagine that's hygienic. David proceeds to load a dildo into her ass, and then twists the double dong toy around to fill her pussy as well as her bunghole. He introduces a large butt plug, and finally the loitering customer (Roly Reeves, I presume) jerks off over her face. An action replay illustrates just how he manages to miss her cute smile from a range of approximately one inch.

David's missus, Patricia, calls him up asking to get her some cream from a beauty parlour, but the busy husband has to have his weekly massage first. Franco Roccaforte gives him a strictly non-sexual rub down, but David is more interested in a special oil the masseur has which supposedly drives women wild. To demonstrate, Franco's buxom brunette assistant Bea strips off and Franco spends quite some time slowly massaging the oil all over her body. The mood is one of soft focus eroticism, oddly contrasting the extremely rude scene that precedes it, with Bea responding to Franco's touch accompanied by jazz-lite music so bland it makes Kenny G sound like John Coltrane. After an excessive spell of massage, the lads decide to give her what for, with David taking her doggy style and Franco letting her ride in his lap, anal penetration of course, before they rush through a double penetration. It's only at the come shot stage that Le Castel clearly shows what she actually looks like - Perry pops on her face first before Franco lays down a substantial wad, white ropes criss-crossing her face.

Lisa and Kyra
David finally makes it to the boutique to pick up the cream his wife is after, but he's still after some of that elusive oil. Lisa and Kyra have a product he may be interested in. It's expensive so a demonstration is in order. Upstairs, he watches Lisa, the tall busty brunette (AKA Kinga, looking very good here - she's not classically beautiful but I like her style - and so do directors, judging by the stack of credits she's amassing - and she has bags of character, not that Le Castel gives her much chance to show it here), and pretty, curvy Kyra (her bleach-blonde mane in braids), without a shred of conviction, do something approximating girl-girl sex.

Perry takes charge and covers Lisa in the oil, rubbing it all over. The girls pile together and he applies oil to both their asses, with Kyra showing hers off as she takes a cowgirl ride, just as soon as they've orally aroused David. Lisa takes over for some anal action, Kyra doing ass to mouth oral, more oil is poured in here and there, and finally Monsieur Perry blows his load on Kyra's face. I like the girls but as far as the sex goes, well, it's rude but try arranging these words in order: motions, through, going, the.

David's next port of call is a gym where he hooks up with Alberto Rey. He also has an expensive sex oil - you guessed it, this calls for another demonstration. Cute little blonde Vanda helps them out, with Alberto applying the oil to her sexy physique. The chaps, with Choky Ice assisting David and Alberto, launch a three-pronged raid on her orifices: first, she takes it anally right away, then she takes David in her pussy as the other two take turns at her ass, and thirdly the fellows alternate filling that sweet little bottom. Earlier, I'd forgotten I was watching a Le Castel movie, such is the dearth of trademark gaping anus shots. This scene makes up for it in spades. Several come shots splatter her face to finish, though Alberto's second and third attempts are barely worthy of the name, but at least they make Vanda smile, a rare human response in this hardcore but oddly uninvolving scene.

Patricia and Kelly
**Warning - reading further may spoil the story!**
On his return home, David shows Patricia and her friend Kelly the selection of expensive oils that he bought. His wife raises an eyebrow and tells him that it was cooking oil from the kitchen that Betty and she used to get so "excited". Oh dear, he feels like a fool, so they suck his cock for him and Kelly hops aboard in short order. Oddly enough, no oil is actually used as Patricia then assumes the main role of fuckee as David fills her ass, and Kelly sporadically sucks his cock as it emerges from Patricia's bottom, until David dumps his come on her face. She sucks it in a rather lewd close up. Patricia again looks very good indeed in this scene, but this talented lass is given little chance to cut loose here, and as with Kelly's Matador 13 colleague Betty earlier, cute Kelly (now with red-brown dyed hair instead of blonde) is reduced to a cipher by her subordinate role. I just don't see the point of hiring these good-looking women and then failing to show them off.

Sticky is not a total fiasco. There are too many attractive women for that; then again one could argue it was a waste of talent, as they are rarely shown to best effect. At least if it induces viewers to seek out more of Patricia Diamond, then it has served a purpose. It is, however, a lacklustre and unmemorable movie that feels rushed (it has the regimented feel of something intended for the German market), lacks strong direction and settles for letting the camera wander passively through some largely emotionless encounters. It goes without saying that the story is piffle, but it doesn't help that Perry's performance is one of a man who clearly finds all these sex sessions with beautiful women a bit of a chore.

Flaws in what passes for acting and script aside (not to mention that moustache!), taken at face value, Sticky appears to be a reasonably competent production. However, as I suggested above, at times it's hard to figure that I am watching a Jean-Yves Le Castel movie - not only does it lack the visceral impact of his most hardcore work, which really gets up close and personal, it also suffers from the prime fault of his poorer movies, namely reducing the performers to a collection of thrusting genitals, via an deficiency of shots illustrating facial reactions and editing that cuts from position to position rather than letting the action flow. The relatively static camerawork lends a removed, observational perspective, in sharp contrast to the fluid handheld style of Le Castel's earlier material. Some of the camera angles are mystifying - either this was shot back-to-back with a soft-core version, or Le Castel really doesn't want you to see what's going on. I wouldn't say Sticky is totally tame, but X-treme? I don't think so. It's just another very average porno movie.

DVD Comments
The picture and sound quality are good as far as the DVD goes, but there are slight faults at times with both, presumably from the source recordings, and the dialogue is particularly hard to pick out, if you really care, during the massage scene. Extras are thin on the ground - trailers, as I often think, don't really count. I miss the reports, which were sometimes the best part of a Matador DVD. Photos, cast and movie information, and that's your lot. Lots of audio and subtitle options, and some tidy menus round it off - there's apparently a DVD-Rom section with DVD Catalogue but this part didn't play on my PC for some reason (they usually do OK).

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