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Private Tropical 8: Ocean Dream

Private Tropical 8: Ocean Dream

Studio: Private
Category:  Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Linus's ratings for Private Tropical 8: Ocean Dream:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Private Tropical 8: Ocean Dream overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Private Tropical 8: Ocean Dream Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Private Tropical 8: Ocean Dream Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Private Tropical 8: Ocean Dream Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Private Tropical 8: Ocean Dream Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Private Tropical 8: Ocean Dream DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Private Tropical 8: Ocean Dream A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Linus  on  11/29/2004
Private Tropical #8: Ocean Dream

Box Cover and Expectations: A tropical themed feature? Sounds a bit interesting I guess. I have been hit and miss with Private in the past, I have really liked some of thier features, and been dissapointed with others, it has been a while since I have watched one, but thier usually hot girls keep me giving them another try. I'm hoping for a decent story and some good sex.

Initial Thoughts A pretty good feature porn movie. The story is atleast somewhat interesting, there is a pretty good balance of story to sex, and for a porn movie the acting is reasonably good. The sex is not bland, but some will find it not the most exciting either, but I think it is done with some nice eroticism which I like in a feature. It is about average length for feature porn at around 90 mins, and there is a decent amount of extras to add to the value. I found a lot more to like than dislike here.

Technical Overview This feature is presented in 16:9 anamorphic widescreen. Picture quality is nice and sharp, clean and no real issues. Sound quality is for the most part clean and distortion free, and generally acceptable. Camera work is simple but stable and issue free and does a decent job of being voyeuristic to set up the feature style. Lighting is generally acceptable with only a few shadow issues. A solid technical film.

Scene Breakdown

Scene 1: Veronica Sinclair

We start off with a bit of the cheating wife or in this case, soon to be wife setup. Veronica, is talking with her sort of lover about her wedding tomorrow, and they decide the cheating will not stop after the wedding, and they also decide to have a little romp now too. Her stud caresses her before going down to lick her pussy for a while. Pretty soon Veronica gets a hankering of her own and starts to fish his dick out of his pants before starting to give some nice, slow, erotic head. Both they kiss as she strokes his cock, and both performers do a nice job of not looking like they are just there for a paycheck. Still wearing her black lingerie she hops on his dick for a little cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, they keep the slow and sensual mood going, before picking up the energy nicely for some pussy pounding in the doggy position. She soon drops down and jerks his dick until he blasts her face with a nice facial. A hot opening scene but the story takes a twist when the husband walks in as they finish. I don't like to ruin much of the story in a feature review, so I will keep it minimal. No condoms Scene Duration: 9:13 mins.

Scene 2: Julie Silver

Now onto a boat with some beautiful scenery all around, we see the beautiful scenery on the boat in the form of Julie Silver as she appears in a blue bikini and in the mood for some screwin. Before long she has freed the lad she is with's dick from his pants, and starts to give a great energetic and sensual blowjob, she soon hops aboard and rides him cowgirl for a while and they get a nice rhythm going with Julie looking outstanding all through this scene. They move to Reverse Cowgirl, and the energy level remains high, we get some side saddle anal before he gives in to her commands to cum on her pussy. A short scene but good energy. No condoms Scene Duration: 7:20 mins

Scene 3: Claudia Rossi

We rejoin our husband from scene one, a now former policeman, as he entertains the lovely Claudia Rossi onboard another boat. He magically calls some dolphins to near the boat so they can watch them swim. Soon his toungue is swimming in her pretty pink box though and he gets her setting sale to the island of orgasmia. This is an all male on female oral scene, which I find a nice pace. They both seem into the scene, and while it is short, it's hot to see Claudia getting all hot and bothered. Scene Duration: 3:14 mins. Scene Duration 10:15 mins

Scene 4: Julie Silver and Luisa De Marco

With virtually no lead in we go to the very hot pairing of Julie and Luisa lying in lingerie and getting each other a bit more comfortable in a bed. Luisa tells the tale of sucking off a dick, and we quickly cut to her kissing a guy on some rocks while she strokes his dick, she soon drops to her knees and gives him a fast energetic BJ, she looks hot sucking rod, but within just a short while he shoots a load on her pretty face, both still have thier clothes on. about 2 mins for the BJ portion here.

After Luisa strokes the last few drops of cum off her stud, we cut right back to Julie and Luisa in the bed, and they start passionately making out while they start to undress and play with each other's fun bits. Julie starts masturbating Luisa and sucking Luisa's tits, soon they both do some erotic fondling and breast licking and sucking, and before long Luisa is licking Julie in both holes down below. Julie goes down on Luisa for a while and both girls are fairly into it, most veggie scenes seem pretty lackluster and the performers are rarely believably into it, but these two atleast seem to have a little interest in getting each other off, and that makes it for a fairly enjoyable girl on girl scene. No toys are used, which suites me fine, just fingers and tounges. The girls switch positions a little too quickly in my oppinion, as just about the time they get going the camera cuts to a different position, on the plus side we get to see thier partially clothed and naked bodies going through a range of positions. Scene Duration 7:55 mins

Scene 5: Sara Blue, Jennifer Dark and 2 guys

After a piece of story fills us in on some plot that is starting to gain some twists, we go out to a very scenic middle of nowhere, and find the lovely Jennifer Dark and her pal Sara each playing with a guy of her own. Jennifer has her pink sun dress half off as things start, but Sara has a white top and tan mini skirt on. Both girls get fondled and licked as the sun bakes thier pretty bodies agains the rocks on the cliff. Soon both girls start jerking thier guys dicks and can't resist the desire to suck them, and both girls start some enthusiastic cock sucking, Jennifer especially shines here as she gives the impression she needs the guy's dick, she uses her hand and tongue to maximum efficiency and never lets up. Sara is eager but we don't see much of her oral skills. With both girls still holding on to some clothing pushed down to just around thier midruff, both get fucked on the rocks, JD sidesaddle and Sara standing doggy to start. Sara does some hot and energetic RC while JD goes for some more sucking and soon is jerking her man's cock for a small load to her face, she gave an outstanding performance here though. Sara also finishing a great effort jerks her dick to a decent facial of her own, finishing a hot, enthusiastic fuck with good chemistry. Again quite short though. No condoms Scene duration: 9:32 mins

Scene 6: Luisa De Marco

We get our last look at the hot little slut named Luisa here as our odd cop brings her ashore in a dingy to let her play with his dingy. They get at it pretty quick as they start kissing and groping soon after they hit the beach. They move inland enough to get away from the waves, and find a fallen tree to use as a fuck station. She shows us her hot little body as she pulls up her top and skirt enough to let us see her fantastic breasts as our sort of hero goes down on her. He seems to like licking labia quite a bit, and Luisa just like Claudia is more than happy with his performance as she really gets into it, and she trys to thank him with a quick but incredibly hot looking and energetic blowjob, before he starts to nail her pussy as she gives him a standing doggy angle of attack. This girl really looks good, and gives a hot performance. Both performers have good chemistry and they do a decent job of making you almost believe they are a couple fucking in paradise with no one around. We move on to some anal RC, and the energy stays up. He pounds her ass in cowgirl before she jerks and sucks his load onto her pretty mug. Nice scene. No condoms. Scene Duration: 13:34 mins.

Scene 7 and 8: Lucy lee, Elen and 2 guys

There are 2 completely different 1 on 1 scenes here for scenes 7 and 8, however private decided to have several cuts that go back and forth between the two of them, so rather than jump around, for the sake of the review, I just am combining them together. Lucy lee starts us out by walking down a island path before making her move on her man, she kisses him but soon moves to start jerking his dick as he fondles her before she fully commits and starts greedily sucking his dick. She looks super cute and does a nice job here, but just abou the time we get going the first cut happens and we see Elen in a completely different location jerking and then dropping down to suck our main dude's shaft for a while, she is softer and more sensual in her sucking but also does a fine job of warming the nether regions. We get a little more length to Elen's oral section, but too soon we are cut back to Lucy riding a dick in a clearing in the woods. this is a little ho hum, but soo we cut to her riding him reverse, and she really cranks up the energy slamming herself up and down feriously on his dick, again we get ripped away to find Elen doing the same energetically slamming down in cowgirl while kissing lover boy as they do it on the front lawn of a resort type setting. she too switches to RC and drops the hammer on the intensity, but alas we get jerked back to Lucy who looks outstanding as she gets ripped up the ass in side saddle. About 45 seconds later we find Elen in the same position but it's still in her pussy. After some more nice energy we go back to Lucy stroking off her man into her mouth as he lays on the ground. Same bat station same bat time we go back to Elen doing exactly the same thing as her man lays on the ground but there isn't much cum in this one. She softly sucks him clean as the sex ends in this film. A few minutes of plot twists and story rap up remain, and we have an end to a pretty hot flick.

Extra Stuff

Trailers: There is the trailer for this production "Ocean dream" as well as trailers for the following 5 Private releases. "Snowsluts", "Private Platinum", "Private Life of Laura Angel", "Castings X 26", "Private Reality 21".

Behind the Scenes: 8:35 mins "Making of" reel that takes an interesting look at the making of the film. There is a good mix of interview and lots of extra sex in here.

Photo Gallery: Around 40 production and action stills, nice pictures.

Cast Biography and Liner Notes: There is a biography with info and private film and mag info for each girl in the film, and a few pages of liner notes which is basically a background on the film and what it is about.

In The End

This was a pretty damn good movie. The girls were all fantastic looking, and really put in some good performances all around. The story was interesting enough, but there were a few too many times where you almost felt like saying "what the hell is going on" my biggest problem with the story was that it really was thin as far as tying together some of the sex, and adding this to my other gripe, that the sex scenes where too short, I would prefer to see the sex better tied into the story and have lost the scenes that had no real meaning and were incredibly short, and add some meaningful length to the plot line sex. I guess that is a judgement call, but it's my oppinion. I would say this movie is ideal for couples it provides a some good erotic sex without going too far for those looking for a bit less cirus acts. Raincoaters might not like the jerky and short nature of some of the scenes, but there is a lot of eye candy. Considering the feature is only 86 minutes and while it has decent extra's they won't take long to go through, I don't know if I can whole heartedly recommend a purchase, but it is definately a must rent, and make a purchase choice based on that. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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