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Private Tropical 16: Sun, Beach & Sex

Private Tropical 16: Sun, Beach & Sex

Studio: Private
Category:  Foreign
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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RLD Fiend's ratings for Private Tropical 16: Sun, Beach & Sex:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Private Tropical 16: Sun, Beach & Sex overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Private Tropical 16: Sun, Beach & Sex Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Private Tropical 16: Sun, Beach & Sex Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Private Tropical 16: Sun, Beach & Sex Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Private Tropical 16: Sun, Beach & Sex Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Private Tropical 16: Sun, Beach & Sex DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Private Tropical 16: Sun, Beach & Sex A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by RLD Fiend  on  9/5/2005

Private Tropical 16
(Sun, Beach & Sex)

Studio: Private
Director: Alessandro del Mar
Year: 2005

Feature Time: 1:31:39

Extras: Trailers (0:12:21)

Jennifer Stone
Veronika De Souza
Kathy Anderson
Vanessa Hill
Alexa May
Lora Kroft
Tera Bond

Themes: Feature, European

Private's latest tropical excursion "Sun, Beach & Sex" melds some lovely women and anal sex with luscious sun-drenched locales. I reviewed the previous installment "Fashion in Paradise" and was very impressed with the production values of the movie, but was left rather limp by the story line and the forced acting of the performers.

All of the lines in "Sun, Beach & Sex" are spoken in very heavily accented English which makes it difficult for this viewer to understand what's going on. The plots of these movies are relatively simple, though, so it doesn't take too much to decipher the moments of acting and dialogue that barely establish the multiple (usually anal) sex scenes.

The main protagonist, a Germanic looking blonde guy (Horst Baron), plays a doctor, Tony Baron. The first scene is in a travel agency where he is looking for a special vacation. His wife is to be gone for a while, so our temporarily single Tony is looking for a little "special" action. The travel agent knows exactly what he is talking about!

"How much I must pay for this holiday?" Horst wonders. Only 2,500 Euro, we are told. The deal is done and the agent welcomes the doctor upstairs to "sign some papers" with the secretary. Of course she is a smoking brunette and her and the blonde doctor get down to some anal lovin', Private style. The scene is o.k. even if the sex is a little mechanic. He jerks himself off onto her foot, encased in some strappy open-toed sandals.

Tony Baron is soon in some tropical island locale in a taxi on his "special holiday." He meets a lovely tall blonde (Jennifer Stone) who shows him around the resort. I wish I could find a lush tropical resort where the name of the game was to fuck all the girls in sight.

In an unrelated scene a couple, obviously from the same resort, has a passionate tryst on the beach. Meanwhile, Tony is sneaking around the grounds seeing what he can get in to. There's people getting it on everywhere in a veritable orgiastic paradise. Tony checks out the two on the beach, another blonde guy and a ponytailed brunette. The guy licks her pussy lips and fucks her on the sand in reverse cowgirl. She does anal and strokes him off onto her face.

Oh no! There is intrigue afoot in this seeming paradise. The guide (Jennifer) who showed Tony around has taken his credit cards and given them in some kind of racket to the taxi driver! Tony, unawares, meets another guy Mark (George Uhl), whose wife is "one week in Greece." They talk about all the sun and sex they're about to get.

There's two girls conveniently waiting in Tony's villa when he gets back and they have a decent three-way. After the oral, one girl gets it straight in the ass and gapes impressively. The other girl, a blonde, helps out and swaps the eventual cumshot with her co-star.

Mark and his new buddy "Steve" (Kevin Long) lounge around by the pool. They want to go downtown and demand their credit cards back from Jennifer, but she makes them forget about them and instead focus on her incredible body. This scene was the highlight of the movie sexually as she takes on both hard cocks in pussy and ass and gets absolutely splattered with cum.

Tony wants nothing more than to screw Jennifer but she keep brushing him off and pushing new girls at him. The two he gets it on with are a sultry dark-haired girl and a disinterested blonde. The brunette (Veronika De Souza?) never takes it anally but steals the show with her performance.

We find out Jennifer's name in the movie is Denise, and she's scheming some more with the taxi driver and some guy named Bruno. Meanwhile, "Mark" and some other guy fuck a couple girls outside for the final sex scene of the movie. Kathy Anderson is the blonde who gets anally penetrated and DP'ed on a lawn while another brunette assists and fingers herself to orgasm.

It turns out Bruno (played by the director Alessandro del Mar) is the travel agent, who is in on the scam. He gets the credit cards from Denise and runs up a bunch of charges while the unsuspecting guys are away at the tropical resort. It also turns out in a double twist that Tony is a detective who has been investigating and taping the con artists the whole time, while also enjoying some female side benefits.

Don't expect the guys and girls in a Private Tropical movie to win any acting awards any time soon. It's almost laughable the way everyone stumbles through their lines in broken English. However, the plot was a good one and held my interest much more than the patchy modeling story of the previously-reviewed "Fashion in Paradise." "Sun, Beach & Sex" is superior in the plot department but didn't deliver the goods in terms of sex. Nearly every performance was average, except for Jennifer's scene which was by far the best. She looked simply fantastic throughout the film, which is targeted at couples and feature film fans.

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