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baskkk2003 Private Sports 6: Soccer Girls 4 starsPrivate Sports 6: Soccer Girls 4 starsPrivate Sports 6: Soccer Girls 4 stars
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Private Sports 6: Soccer Girls

Private Sports 6: Soccer Girls

Studio: Private
Category:  Anal , Foreign
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Linus's ratings for Private Sports 6: Soccer Girls:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Private Sports 6: Soccer Girls overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Private Sports 6: Soccer Girls Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Private Sports 6: Soccer Girls Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Private Sports 6: Soccer Girls Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Private Sports 6: Soccer Girls Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Private Sports 6: Soccer Girls DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Private Sports 6: Soccer Girls A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Linus  on  2/22/2005
Private Sports 006: Soccer Girls

Initial Thoughts This is my first venture into the world of Private Sports, but I've been watching Private's other various series for a long time. I like this one though, I am a pretty big fan of Lisa Sparkle, and that is what initially got me interested, but there is a neat kind of theme here that works well. Basically it's a tale about a female soccer team that fucks anything that walks on thier way to kicking some ass out on the field. It's a typically well done Private story with enough to piece the sex together and atleast keep some interested in it, and it has 6 pretty hot sex scenes with some fine eurobabes. The sex isn't always smoldering, but for the most part it has that usual passion and eroticism that works well in many Private titles. Extras are decent and fairly standard Private issue, and if you like Soccer this one especially has kind of a fun feel to it that does keep the sport in view.

Technical thoughts Right in line with the typical Private style and quality, Picture is nice and clean, sound is decent, camera work is at times awkwardly shot, but generally ok, lighting is about average. Menus are nicely done, good looking and simple to negotiate.

Condom Usage: none

Scene Breakdown

Scene 1: Cristina Bella and Zensa Raggi

Cristina is one hot babe, and the black haired vixen does a sexy dance in the showers for the camera, and before long, Zensa comes calling and starts to suck her tits and caress her ass, before he goes in for a good taste of her ass and pussy as he licks them over a bit. He fingers her ass a little before he has her get down on her knees and free his cock for some sucking. Cristina gives a hot BJ and nut licking effort as she packs his dick deep in her mouth and goes no hands for much of her effort. He sits on the tub and she hops up on his cock for some sitting cowgirl before they quickly move to some standing cowgirl as they kiss and she looks back at him, some very quick reverse cowgirl before some standing doggy anal, shortly followed by an ATM suckoff to a facial. pretty good chemistry and energy but a bit too quickly moved through the positions. Duration: 18:07 mins

Scene 2: Swallow and Nick Lang

Swallow has a conversation with Nick in the locker room while a camera person spies on them, she soon begins to strip although we never get much of a view of it, before long she has his cock in her mouth, and gives him a hot passionate BJ before he gets her up on the training table, has a quick lick of her pussy and slides his cock in for some missionary screwing. doggy and reverse cowgirl come quickly afterwards, and Swallow really shines with a lot of energy and we get a good shot of her sweet tits bouncing up and down as she rides him in reverse cowgirl anal next. The fun ends soon though and he pops a wimpy load on her pretty face, she looks at the camera and sucks him clean. Duration: 11:10 mins

Scene 3: Lisa Sparkle, Cindi Lords and Bruno Assix, guy

During or after depending on how you look at things, the four of them end up upstairs together, and after a little grab and strip show, they girls bend down and suck thier men's cocks for a while, a little too much play again to the camera for a feature, but the girls look fantastic and both keep some sweet eroticism to thier sucking. The guys take a quick lick of thier girls and do some brief fingering, but the girl's clothes aren't even off yet before thier each riding a woody in reverse cowgirl. Cindi does a little oral work as she sits on the bed while Lisa gets her pussy plowed in doggy on the couch with her wonderful tits swaying out of her bra. Cindi soon needs a little more lovin too and Bruno lays her on the bed and fucks her love box in missionary before Lisa kicks the anal sex off in RC with her guy. Some ATM from Lisa as we get a shot over Cindi's body just before she gets her own ass pumped in missionary while Lisa remounts her cock for some more anal carnage. Next up each girl gets a turn on the double penetration machine, and Lisa is up first in reverse cowgirl before Cindi does some dick milking with both holes in cowgirl. Both of the girls are plenty sexy and energetic in this scene, and they take the DPs very nicely before a little more anal for Cindi takes us to some flying cum, Cindi is up first with a shot mostly to the neck but she does some cleanup, and sweet little lisa gets some help from Cindi for a big slimy double facial from the second guy followed by some cleanup sucking from both girls. Scene Duration: 13:07 mins

Scene 4: Coreena, Cristina Bella, Victoria Swinger and guy

Well some guy was upstairs trying to spy on our fucking foursome from the last scene, and wouldn't you know it teammates stick together, so these lovely ladies decide the best way to take care of this guy is to drain all cum from his body. They start this feat by giving him a hot threeway blowjob with Cristina doing much of the work. but each girl gets a wirl. Coreena rides him in reverse cowgirl with some PTOGM from Cristina on a couple of occasions. Victoria is next up with her pussy getting hammered in missionary with Coreena doing the PTOGM this time. Cristina gets hotly plowed as she rides him cowgirl with Coreena again doing some PTOGM, the girls are plenty energetic and very sexy, but frankly there are too many of them in this scene. The girls don't really play together at all, and one is always left out of the loop for a while. Still hot but poorly manaaged. Victoria takes an RC ride with both girls doing some pussy tasting off his cock, and before long he fires a good sized wad of sperm all over all three girls faces and chests. They team up again for some threeway cleanup work. Duration: 14:05 mins

Scene 5: Swallow and Franco Roccoforte

Swallow is up to no good again, and she meets Franco in the locker room where she sets up a video camera and takes a minute to setup her web of seduction, he doesn't need much to be seduced, and soon grabs her titties and sucks on her nipples before she drops to her knees and takes his big ebony rod down her throat. She does a nice job of working his bone slow and sensual, and he soon guides her up and they kiss against the lockers before he goes down and burries his face in her ass and pussy for some good tongue lovin. He sticks his cock down her throat again for some restiffening, and then goes in for some added fun and fucks her pussy in missionary on the bench. There is a brief but hot foot fucking before he slides back in to her pussy and then they soon move to some energetic cowgirl riding with Swallow holding her cheeks apart. Franco picks her up and the fuck as they stare at each other in standing cowgirl. Doggystyle is up next but only for a short time before she takes the anal plunge in reverse cowgirl and gets gaped slightly. A little ass pumping in missionary and Franco is ready to shoot his goo onto her pretty face as she looks up at him. She sucks on his cock with cum hanging off her face, and so ends a good scene. Duration: 17:18 mins

Scene 6: Lisa Sparkle, Zensa Raggi

Lisa gets caught with video evidence of her earlier screwing session, and feels she has to make amends by getting nailed by Zensa in the locker room. They kiss and have a serious discussion, before she drops to her knees and sucks his cock with some passion and again they play the voyeur game with Lisa making full well sure that the camera and her hook up for a eye to eye. Zensa slides his cock into her pussy for some spooning, and she looks fantastic as her near naked body is exposed for us to watch. Lisa gets up for some reverse cowgirl riding and her wonderous tits get bouncing nicely. Anal doggy is up next before Lisa takes over and sucks and jerks his cock off all over her pretty face with a smile. She cleans him up and heads off for the game, which they actually show in pretty decent detail to finish the movie off. Duration: 13:44 Mins

Extra Stuff

Making of: Some shower footage, a little interview, some makeup and a little hardcore setup work. 7:17 mins.

Cast: A privateography of the girls in the feature.

Trailers: Trailer for "Soccer Girls", "Castings X 30", "Maid to be Laid", "Private Life of Mercedes", "Reality 24", "Dream Girls of St Martin".

Photo Gallery: A backstage and a movie photobook with BTS and sex pics in them respectively.

Other Extras: Production notes and Private info.

In The End

This really was a very enjoyable feature, the story was simple but interesting and had enough meat to it to offer more than just a reason to get into more sex, the ladies where exceptionally hot Private girls, the sex erotic and hot, you can't ask for too much more most of the time, I would have liked a little less of the acknowledgement of the camera during the sex, and maybe a little more story would have been good even though it was pretty decent anyway. The extras are pretty lackluster but the feature does nearly hit the 2 hr mark, so all in all I think this one is a great couples disc, and I would say it is well worth a purchase but worth a rental if your iffy. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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