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Private: Solid Gold

Private: Solid Gold

Studio: Private
Category:  Compilation , Foreign , Straight
Directed by: , , ,
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Saki's ratings for Private: Solid Gold:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Private: Solid Gold overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Private: Solid Gold Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Private: Solid Gold Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Private: Solid Gold Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Private: Solid Gold Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Private: Solid Gold DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Private: Solid Gold A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Saki  on  7/6/2001
Private: Solid Gold (2000)

Various (compilation)

Katja Kean, Barbara Rose, Jeanette, Bettina, Sharon Ash, Dina Jewel, Anita Blond, Eva Roberts, Nikki Andersson, Vanda, Silvia, Holly, Sofianne, Viviann, Reka Majonee, Andrea, Katalin, Rita, and others

Running Time

DVD Format
Single Sided, Dual Layer (RSDL)

Special Features
Animated menus with full motion video; full-motion video chapter selection menu; English, German, Spanish, French and Italian language audio tracks; Dutch, Danish, Swedish, and Portuguese subtitles; 47-picture photo gallery; and trailers for Double Penetrations, Erica, Hell's Belles, Madness, Dangerous Things 2, and Solid Gold

Eurobabes, facials, gangbangs, anal, underwater sex, outdoor sex, sex on the beach, DPs, shaved pussies,  lesbian, fetish, anal gapes, cum swapping

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Video Captures
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The First Word: It seems like Private is coming out with a new compilation just about every month now, and with a title like Solid Gold, it sounds like this one might be special.  Certainly, the ass-tastic cover points that direction.  But while it has some good things going for it, it's no Private: Millennium.

What's It About?: Originally two volumes on VHS, this DVD contains both Solid Gold Volume 1 and Solid Gold Volume 2.  The format is very simple: the female Private narrator gives a short, unimpressive bio of each girl ("...and of course, she like sex.") while a medley of behind the scenes and clips from other movies featuring that girl play in a small video window.  After the introduction, the (more or less) complete scene is played.  Solid Gold features 12 scenes in a little under 3 hours:

Katja Kean and Yves LeCastel from That's Life 2 -- This is probably my favorite scene on the disc.  It's the famous underwater reef sex scene with the gorgeous Katja Kean in Bora Bora.  Although this scene is included on the Private: Millennium disc, this is a longer, complete version of what was included there.  Katja may look silly in her snorkeling mask, but the sex is seriously hot.

Barbara Rose, Rich Handson, and Nick Lang from Sex Club -- Clad in thigh- high boots and PVC, Barbara dominates two guys in this scene.  It's pretty tame fetish scene for Private's standards and the domination doesn't last for long before it turns into a standard 2 on 1.  Barbara doesn't do anything for me -- I think her face is too pale.

Jeannette, Philippe Dean, Richard Langin, and H.P.G. from Triple X Files 4 -- Petite girl Jeannette takes on two, then three guys in this vignette.  It features a rather unusual missionary DP, with both guys facing her.  It's fascinating to watch and serves to add a new twist to the now-tired (and always-present) DPs in Private's scenes.

Bettina, Sharon Ash, Philippe Solne, and Harvey Young from Fatal Orchid 2 -- Although the interracial sex starring the dark beauty Bettina is exciting (I love contrasts in skin color), this scene suffers from horrible dubbed moaning and synthesized drums pounding out a cheesy porno beat.  

Dina Jewel, Micha, Elvis Lox, Susan, Zoltan Hess, Nick Lang, and Elone from Sex Voyage -- I must be getting really jaded because this scene does absolutely nothing for me.  What could have been a promising orgy was instead a threesome and two couples having sex in the same area.  Nothing is outstanding in the scene, and the talents of the lovely Dina Jewel are wasted since the camera only spends a few seconds on her.

Anita Blond and an unnamed guy from Triple X Files 8  -- The most exciting element of this scene is Anita's outfit:  she's dressed in fishnet stockings and heels, with a black PVC top that exposes her breasts...very erotic.  I can't say that much about her partner, who's unshaved, sweaty, and is probably twice her age.  The two fuck on a bed in a location that doesn't match her outfit.  Only in an adult video can things so far out of place be seen together!   Another yawner scene, except for the lovely combination of Anita Blond and her black PVC outfit.

Eva Roberts and Mephisto from Fatal Orchid -- The second part of Solid Gold starts with pretty & petite Eva walking along the beach, nude except for a sarong around her waist.  She encounters Mephisto, who is supposed to be some kickboxer-type according to his dress, but he's no Jean Claude Van Damm.  She asks him if his cock is as strong as his arms and of course has to find out.  If sex in the surf is your thing, you'll like this scene filled with oral, vaginal, and anal sex.  Unfortunately, the dubbed moaning (in French) keeps this from being a great scene -- I ended up turning the volume off to escape it.

Nikki Andersson, Vanda, Christophe Clark, and Jean-Yves Le Prince from Profession: Porn Actress -- This vignette reveals that Nikki and Vanda are photo models and Jean-Yves and Christophe are photographers.  Naturally, the photographers do more than take pictures as Nikki and J-Y and Vanda and Christophe pair off.  As a note, it's the exact same location that the Anita Blond scene was filmed in.  Eventually, both couples end up in the same bed for some DPs and Le Prince's annoying trademark "Ole!" anal gapes.  The facials end with both blondes kissing each other's cummy faces.

Silvia, Holly, David Perry, and Frank Gun from Rich Bitch  -- The tempting pair of girls clad in pink PVC outfits take on geeky looking David Perry overlooking the coast of the island of St. Maarten.   But it wouldn't be a Private scene with only one guy, so as the sun begins to set, Frank Gun joins in the action.  And also true to the Private formula, it's not long before DPs and serious anal make their way into the scene (but only on red-headed Silvia, not on gorgeous blonde Holly).

Viviann, Sophianne, Reka, John Walton, and Robert Rosenberg from Fetish Hotel -- When the narrator reveals that Viviann and Sophianne are twins (and identical too), a lot of pretty nasty things come to mind.  But the two aren't even in the same room -- one is dressed as a PVC-clad maid, the other is part of a trio of girls in one of the hotel rooms.  The maid is happened upon by a butler who fucks her in the hallway, while the three women are each penetrated in the ass by a guest.  The scene has an especially nasty ending with the guest cumming in one of the twins' mouth, and then she dribbles the cum into the second girl, who in turn does the same thing with the third.

Katalin, Andrea, Melina, Elone, and Nick Lang from Friends in Sex -- This begins like a vacation video, with the group of performers visiting the cliffs on the coast of Portugal, walking along the beach, and visiting the local sights.  The scene ends, however, in a five- person orgy in the hills as the sun is setting.  While the location is very pretty (and so are the girls, for the most part), it's hard to film orgies, and as experienced as Private is with filming lots of action at the same time, this scene comes up short in capturing the heat of the wanton sex.

Rita, Nobili, Eros Cristaldi, John Walton, and Lazslo from Triple X Files 3 -- Rita, a cute, short-haired brunette is something of a gangbang specialist for Private, often appearing with three or more men at once.  This gangbang is set in a restaurant, where she eyes the two men in the next booth.  She encourages her date to go and ask the two fellows to join them.  They oblige, and soon find themselves in line to screw her, along with her guy and the waiter.  It's a sight to behold to see her enthusiastically take four facials in a row and not miss a beat.

What I liked: Good value: While I can't say that I liked all of the scenes on this disc, with about 3 hours of video, there's a lot more good content than most discs similarly priced.  So even if you only like half of the scenes, you're still getting your money's worth.

A Little Bit of Everything: There was a good mixture of scenes: indoor, outdoor, heavy anal, DPs, a gangbang, lesbian, fetish, and few really cute girls thrown in.  It's more like an all-you-can eat salad bar than a full-course French meal.  You trade off the variety for the quality, but in the end, you're full.  So in other words if you're looking for the very best of Private here, you won't find it.  But you'll find a lot of decent fucking in all varieties without any awful scenes.

What I didn't like: Run of the mill sex: Well, at least for Private.  Don't get me wrong, I like Private's films and videos a lot.  But I think that once you've seen a lot of Private's work, you begin to realize that it's very formula- driven and, dare I say it, boring at times.  For example, just about every one of their sex scenes involves more than two people, has anal sex, a DP, and a facial cumshot.  While the sex is nasty for sure, is it erotic, a turn-on?  Methinks not.

Let's pass a compilation off as if it's not: As a consumer, I really expect to know whether there's any original content in the DVD.  In the case of Solid Gold, all of the scenes are recycled (even though some of the source movies are not on DVD yet).  For some, the fact that it's a comp and doesn't even have a token "bonus" scene filmed exclusively for the compilation won't bother them at all.  But I think you'd be hard pressed by looking at the package or the store descriptions to know that Solid Gold is a compilation.

DVD Extras: Aside from the large photo gallery and standard trailer package, there's not much else worth talking about on the DVD.  It would have been nice to throw in a bonus scene or something.  The only other thing that caught my eye was the film notes, which listed the performers in each scene (thank you, Private!) and the name of the movie each scene was taken from (thank you again!).  While not as helpful as it could be since their cast lists and performer names aren't always accurate, it's better than nothing.

A/V Quality: Nothing significant to complain about.  As you might imagine, the quality of a compilation depends on the quality and age of each source video, so it's not going to look consistent from scene to scene, especially since there are several years difference between some of the scenes.  Audio is somewhat disappointing due to the dubbing (most of Private's videos feature dubbed moaning and sex sounds in addition to the dubbed dialogue).  The dubbing makes it hard to give an accurate review of the audio, since the dubbing itself is the biggest audio problem.

The Last Word: I wasn't particularly impressed with this DVD, since a lot of the scenes were pretty mechanical and formulaic.  While there were a few good scenes (such as the first and last scenes), I disliked more scenes than I liked.  If you're looking for a good compilation, I'd skip this one and pick up Private: Millennium instead.  If you're a Private fan, I'd shy away from this one too since you'd probably be happier just collecting the individual DVDs rather than this rather average compilation.  In rental terms, the box cover might get you to take Solid Gold home, but it'll be the first one you eject early in favor of something more exciting.

- Saki (

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