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Private Penthouse 3: Dangerous Things

Private Penthouse 3: Dangerous Things

Studio: Private
Category:  Feature film , Foreign , Straight
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Speelie's ratings for Private Penthouse 3: Dangerous Things:
Overall Rating 2 stars
Private Penthouse 3: Dangerous Things overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks Private Penthouse 3: Dangerous Things Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Private Penthouse 3: Dangerous Things Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Private Penthouse 3: Dangerous Things Sex rating 1.5 stars
Plot/Acting Private Penthouse 3: Dangerous Things Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras Private Penthouse 3: Dangerous Things DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Private Penthouse 3: Dangerous Things A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Speelie  on  7/6/2001
Directed by Antonio Adamo Released 7/00
Cast: Sylvia Saint, Katja Love, Lea DeMae, Sandra, Alexa (aka Krisztina Bella), Andrea, Isabel, David Perry, Leslie Taylor, Franco Roccaforte, Nacho Vidal, Nick Lang

I wasn't sure what to expect before viewing this. I had high hopes because of the beautiful cast, but I also remembered watching an Adamo video some months ago, and hating it due to the lack of heat in the sex scenes. As I watched Dangerous Things 1, I noticed again and again that Adamo put in touches that screamed out, "This is ART, dammit!" Subtlety gives way to ostentation.

The movie begins with Sylvia Saint (gorgeous blonde Czech with a perfect body, as if you didn't know) describing the recent lack of success in her writing career. Actually, it is another actress with less of an accent, and her voice isn't nearly as sexy as Sylvia's. I wondered if this was a bad sign. As the voice over describes her love for her boyfriend, he appears in the person of David Perry. He has sex with Sylvia to take her mind off her troubles, and this isn't really a sex scene. Rather, it is a dance step, a piece of choreography set to annoying pulsating music. The pace is far too hurried.

Sylvia holds a book signing to revive her career, and one of her "fans" proves to be The Devil, played by director Adamo. Sylvia considers him merely a handsome man who wants to help her. She takes his card, and later calls it. There is no answer, but soon The Devil calls back, to tell her that the reason her boyfriend isn't home ("he always calls...") is that he's fooling around with another woman.

We get to see the action, as Perry is seduced by Lea DeMae (another blonde Czech beauty, in this movie she has a nasal piercing to match Perry's). Oh boy, we get multiple angles to see a scene that any good director would edit into one stream, cutting back and forth between the viewpoints. Lea stares at the camera, hardly paying Perry any attention, and there isn't any anal (a rarity in her scenes).

As poor lonely Sylvia waits at home, she plays with herself a bit, and looks great. To recharge her creative batteries, she decides to Brazil in search of romance. In Bahia, she picks up a hitchhiking "Frenchman" played by Nacho Vidal. He's a Spaniard in real life, why not make him Spanish here? Oh yeah, French guys are more "artistic." She again takes a business card from a stranger, at least this is an architect, and not The Devil.

We get some fun footage of Sylvia and Nacho walking around Bahia during Carnival, and dancing in the crowds. Sylvia is to meet Nacho later at a club, and as she waits, The Devil turns up with his daughter, Lea DeMae, in tow. Sylvia didn't witness scene 2, so she has no suspicions about Lea, and she thinks it all a wonderful coincidence that an obsessive fan winds up in the same club in the same north Brazilian town in which she is staying.

Next Sylvia gets together with Nacho, his pal Franco Roccaforte, and a local couple (the woman is played by Carmen Santana, according to the cast notes, she might be the "Andrea" in the credits). I wish Adamo would have turned down the lowd music and the stupid editing tricks, as a group grope ensues. And please, Sylvia, quit watching the camera! You have a large black penis being inserted repeatedly into your anus, so try to look like you are feeling something.

The Devil has filled Sylvia's mind with weird ideas, so she has strange dreams at night. She imagines long tunnels that lead to an underground chamber, where Alexa ("Christina Bella" in the cast notes, she usually works as Krisztina Bella) is chained to a slab for sexual sacrifice. Roccaforte, wearing a mask, then takes her in various positions. TURN DOWN THE F-ING MUSIC! And Alexa, quit watching the camera! By now it is clear that all the actresses are staring at the camera on Adamo's express orders. Alexa is another wasted beauty, she has black hair and a tight body. She loves sex, see her as Krisztina Bella in The Voyeur 18 and Fresh Meat 11 (both much better movies, directed by John Leslie, reviews coming soon). She's one of my current favorite performers, you can see the lust in her eyes, we can tell she wants to start kissing and groping Roccaforte, but Adamo forces her to lie there, a passive piece of meat. Maybe somebody considers this romantic?

Awake again, Sylvia gets together with Lea, Nacho, and Roccaforte on boat for a very fast sex scene. More camera staring, little heat, again great talent wasted.

The two couples then stroll around Bahia for the next night of Carnival, and Franco and Lea head to a club to dance for the crowd. This of course causes everyone to have sex, and dark petite Isabel joins in. So does pale Sandra (the one with long red hair from Debauchery 7, not the dark maned and skinned Hungarian woman of that name from Debauchery 9). There is plenty of anal, but also fast edits and camera staring. Everyone looks good, and Sandra gets DPed.

Sylvia still has weird dreams. This time, she sees Katja Love (slender, pretty, quite busty) get double teamed by Perry and Leslie Taylor. Adamo/The Devil is in the background, playing the piano(!?), and the scene features loud alternating epic classical and pulsating techno dance music (what the hell?). How about no music? That would have been a major improvement, though the scene itself is routine. Katja takes a DP, but demonstrates that she isn't the smooth, seasoned performer that Sylvia and Lae are. Maybe in a few years.

That's it, the end, we are left supposedly breathlessly awaiting Dangerous Things 2. To tide us over, we get a preview of part 2, an ok trailer for part 1, production notes and a slideshow. There are also extremely short trailers for five other Private DVDs.

This was just a waste of beautiful locations and a stellar cast. Rent if you want, but turn down the sound and expect repeated frustration as what should be hot sex is turned into a music video. I'm taking a pass on Dangerous Things 2.

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