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Private Movies 14: Sex & Revenge 2

Private Movies 14: Sex & Revenge 2

Studio: Private
Category:  Feature film , Foreign
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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MD James's ratings for Private Movies 14: Sex & Revenge 2:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Private Movies 14: Sex & Revenge 2 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Private Movies 14: Sex & Revenge 2 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Private Movies 14: Sex & Revenge 2 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Private Movies 14: Sex & Revenge 2 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Private Movies 14: Sex & Revenge 2 Plot/Acting rating 1 star
Extras Private Movies 14: Sex & Revenge 2 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Private Movies 14: Sex & Revenge 2 A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by MD James  on  5/28/2005

Title: Sex & Revenge 2
Released by: Private
Reviewed by
MD James

"Sex & Revenge 2" is supposedly part 2 of an erotic thriller. Having never seen part 1, this reviewer sort of found himself a bit lost as to what this was all about.

We start with a black-and-white scene. A stranger in workboots walking while a baby’s musical chime plays. A door opens, the stranger appears in black, wearing a hood that barely covers his face and brandishing a flashlight and a gun. He talks to someone about them owing money and being given two choices. Apparently option one involves the gun as it fires twice. He takes his mask off and curses at the baby as he pulls the gun out again. Does he shoot the baby? Well we don’t know because we cut to the titles.

We see a girl getting blitzed out of her brains at a bar. The bartender makes a play for her right there in the bar, and chases everyone out so he could get some action. As soon as everyone leaves, he leaps over the bar and pounces on her in earnest. There’s not much kissing and certainly no kind of tenderness… he just starts exposing vital parts of her body and dives between her legs. After doing a little oral and finger satisfaction on her, she returns the favor on him. Then he bends her over a barstool and takes her doggie-style. He even gets to show off his cocksmanship by jabbing her pussy with his cock a few times. (Okay Sir Fucks-a-Lot, we know your cock works, stop showing off your jousting skills and start FUCKING her with it!) Then she sits down on the stool and he fucks her in missionary style for a while before sticking his cock up her ass. Then they’re both on top of the bar, and he fucks her in anal-doggie position. Of course we can’t go without some more cock-jousting, especially from the close-up view of her ass and his cock! (Yo barkeep, we know how tab A fits nicely into slot B, so stop trying to demonstrate it!) After a while, we go back to missionary on top of the bar for some really intense fucking before he blows his load all over her chest and face (and possibly on the camera). We finish with her downing one last shot and him just walking away as she lays there on top of the bar.

There were several things that made this scene a turn-off… specifically the repeated cock-jousting, the jerkiness of the camera, the over-emphasis of close-ups, and the "artistic" use of slow-and-fast motion photography. Put them together, and you end up with a sex scene that you probably should skip if you have problems with motion sickness.

Next we come to really nice mansion. Our drunk shows up and tells the "lord of the manor" that she just got fucked really good.

Meanwhile, there’s a knock on the door… a cute brunette answers it. A homicide detective wants to talk to the brunette’s father about something. About what, we don’t know yet… and it’s probably a bit boring, so let’s just cut away to a sex scene.

We have a little brothel action going on, as a guy is introduced by the "madam" to a statuesque blonde with long hair. The three of them get it on with some playing around, followed by some oral sharing. They get the blonde naked first, and rightly so because she looks GREAT, and then she gets to work on him. They move to the couch and both girls get their turns riding him. The blonde first fucks him in reverse-cowgirl for a while, then takes a break so the two girls can take turns sucking his cock. Then the blonde gets on all fours so she can get fucked in the ass, but it’s not long before he changes up and fucks the brunette in the ass. He goes back and forth between asses and does a little cock-jousting of his own. Then he fucks the blonde in missionary position until he blows his load all over the blonde’s belly, and then the brunette cleans it up with her tongue. It ends with the two girls kissing and sharing what’s left of his sperm.

It was a MUCH better sex scene than the first one, especially with the choice of women and the absence of any "artistic" camera work, but the camera was still somewhat jerky.

Okay, let’s get back to the story… the cop is talking to "James" about a murder that happened eighteen years ago that involved a missing baby. "James" is somehow involved, but the cop can’t prove anything. So we have some chipped conversation followed by the cop pretending to shoot the guy with his fingers. All that trouble just for a few seconds of conversation??? WTF guys?

Cut to night, a couple of drunks are blabbing away in Spanish when our brothel customer shows up. He pulls out a gun and shoots both of them in the head. There’s a witness, but she runs away before he can shoot her.

Back at what I guess is the police station, the detective spots the pictures and recognizes them as the two who tried to rape the James’ daughter. (Apparently that was covered in the first movie.)

Later that night, the blonde cop makes a play for our hero, and he doesn’t put up much resistance. She quickly goes down on him for a while before she puts on a little striptease. Once naked, she sucks his cock for a little while longer before bending over and letting him fuck her doggie-style. Then he sits down and she sits down on him for a little reverse-cowgirl action. After that, it’s time to lean her over the desk for some ass-fucking, and he really fucks her hard and fast. Then she flips over for some anal missionary… then she gets on her knees for a facial.

A pretty enjoyable scene. Once he got warmed up to her, he really fucked her good, and the little striptease was a nice touch.

Well James’ daughter has an old friend over, and the two of them start lounging around the pool topless and talks about the brave detective. She calls him up and asks him out but he says no. Somewhat dejected, her friend tells her she has a surprise. It’s…. a boy-toy in bicycle shorts! (Well that certainly beats the American version, which would be a vibrating dildo and a girl-girl scene.) The two of them get his shorts off and start sucking his cock. Both girls get fucked doggie-style, then they get fucked in the ass doggie-style. Finally we get to some anal reverse-cowgirl, and then some changing between pussy and ass with both girls before he blows his load on both of their faces.

Not a good scene from this reviewer’s perspective. Okay, he was a boy-toy, but why didn’t the girls get naked? This wasn’t a quickie, but they sure treated it as such.

Well our killer meets with his boss… James, of course… and they talk about our detective hero. They decide that they have to get rid of him.

Meanwhile, our detective is meeting with the girl’s mother, who happens to be the brothel madam… of course. She’s eager to introduce him to her new girl, who’s already busy sucking some guy’s cock. He decides to jump into the game, and of course nobody objects. (Why should they? It’s not a real brothel!) She sucks one and fucks another. We play on this variation for a while before going into the inevitable double-penetration scene, and they really fuck her GOOD here. It ends with both of them jerking off into her mouth.

Not too bad for a 2-on-1 scene, if you get around the fact that you had some guy jump in on another guy’s time. I hope he at least got a discount!

Back at the mansion, James, the "lord of the manor", is having a fight with his slut of a wife. Then he tells his assassin to take care of the detective. On the way out, he comes across the daughter swimming naked in the pool. She coaxes him over to the pool house and makes a play for him on the bed. She sucks him off, goes into a 69, then rides him for a while. Little bit of cowgirl, little bit of missionary, little bit of anal doggie and anal reverse-cowgirl, then some bouncing between pussy and ass, then she sucks and jerks him off until he blows his load all over her chest and neck. Wow, won’t "daddy" be upset?

Meanwhile, our detective has a plan to bust James, but he needs to be invited to his place first. He calls up a friend for help.

Next thing we know, we have a blonde in a very unusual position… namely face down with her lower half up in the air and some naked guy licking her pussy. Interesting position. After a while, they have a more "normal" sexual position. Or at least one that doesn’t involve her being twisted like a pretzel. Little bit of doggie, anal doggie, and then back to that twisted pretzel position for some anal action there. Then he twists her around so her ankles are around her ears, and fucks her like that until he blows his load all across her pussy. Definitely different!

Well the detective is back in James’ face, and he doesn’t like it. The detective has the evidence, but James has a hitman and a gun in his face…

Well, I won’t spoil the ending to this. Let’s just say that a few loose ends get tied up but you will probably still smack your head and say "WTF".

Xavi Domingez provided most of the work for the movie, including the music, the story, and he was the director as well. Well at least the music was better than the story.

In terms of bonus features, we have an extra scene called "The Kidnapping", which is somehow connected to the story, but strangely doesn’t have a thing to do WITH a kidnapping. The credits are run just the same, although not everyone in the cast shows up in this bonus scene. It’s just an extra sex scene involving a girl with a black corset who gets fucked really good in a bathroom. This leads right into the alleyway shooting, and from there the scene with the detective starting to get it on with the blonde. You have to again say WTF to this, especially since they should have cut this at the alleyway shooting.

Well, getting past that, there’s a 15-minute behind-the-scene documentary that covers both parts 1 and 2. There’s also the trailer for the movie, and six trailers for other Private videos, including "Millionaire", which shows up when you put the DVD in. (Not good, Private!) There’s also a scrapbook and a cast list that you have to manually click through, and a one-screen list of the production notes.

All in all, this is an okay movie if you’re just interested in the sex. If you’re looking for a story, you’re just going to give yourself a headache, and then you won’t be in the mood for the sex! There are a few downsides to this video, including the jerkiness of the camera, the cock-jousting, and in the first sex scene, the "artistic" use of camera speed. Normally I’d say pick up part 1 first, but if this is how the story gets wrapped up, then there really isn’t a need for part 1 except to see a different bunch of people have sex. If you can get this under $15, then do so; otherwise wait to see if there’s a combo deal with part 1.

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