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Private Movies 12: Voodoo Sex Dolls

Private Movies 12: Voodoo Sex Dolls

Studio: Private
Category:  Foreign
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Linus's ratings for Private Movies 12: Voodoo Sex Dolls:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Private Movies 12: Voodoo Sex Dolls overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Private Movies 12: Voodoo Sex Dolls Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Private Movies 12: Voodoo Sex Dolls Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Private Movies 12: Voodoo Sex Dolls Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Private Movies 12: Voodoo Sex Dolls Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Private Movies 12: Voodoo Sex Dolls DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Private Movies 12: Voodoo Sex Dolls A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Linus  on  12/29/2004
Private Films: Voodoo Sex Dolls

Box Cover and Expectations: I like Luisa De Marco so that's much of my initial reason to check this title out, the rest of the cast looks good too, and Private usually puts a decent storty to piece together the sex, so I'm just hopefull of a decent erotic story with sex a plenty.

Initial Thoughts The story basically is a sort of dark look at this guy who plays with barbie dolls, well really he is into rituals and using voodoo to model after real woman he wants to fuck, and uses the dolls to get his way. The story is pretty weak, but it works well with the theme, and it's well done to set up the scenes. There are only 4 scenes here, but they are all quite long for a feature, and each one is a pretty hot scene with some anal action and the like. The extras are quite minimal, but the feature is a nice piece of smut.

Technical Overview Technical aspects are quite good, picture is a little grainy but mostly good and clear, the camera work is a bit odd at times, but OK, the sound and lighting had a few short periods of questionablity, but where generally good. Menus where easy to navigate and nice looking.

Condom Usage: None

Scene Breakdown

Scene 1: Luisa de Marco and Franco Trentalance

Luisa is first up, and she finds her way into this voodoo guy's lair, and goes through her box of wonders looking for a chain, but the guy soon interupts her and they go at it. Luisa gives him some very energetic head before she gives us a little sexy tease for a breif moment, and soon she hops on his cock for some RC riding we get a good look at her facial expressions and her tits as she gives a good slamming down to his dick. Luisa raises herself just long enough for him to reaim his cock at her other hole, and she lowers herself down for some ass fucking with the same good energy. The guy has latex gloves on which sucks in my opinion, but he grabs her and picks her up and she moves into cowgirl for some vaginal sex , and really gives him a ride, again she pauses just long enough to stick his dick into her ass and she goes right back to hard riding. She pulls his glove off and they fuck in sidesaddle anal, before moving to missionary for more pussy and anal sand strokes him off and he rewards her with a big glob of gonad gravy to her pretty face. Good chemistry and Luisa was her great energetic self. Scene Duration: 23:41 mins.

Scene 1: Julia Crow and Franco Trentalance

Julia is planning for a treasure quest or something when Franco gives her a big kiss and they have a brief negative reaction to each other before they decide it isn't too much of an issue to keep them from fucking, and Julia magically looses her bottom and has on just her top and lingerie bottoms as he rubs her pussy as they stand holding each other. She plays with her pussy a litte while he watches, but soon has to come in and fuck her missionary style, but soon switches to her ass in the same position. He fucks her butt in side saddle before she hops on for some very energetic cowgirl riding and she works hard in both pussy and ass riding sessions. She seems to prefer a big fat cock in her ass, and she gets her lovely butt screwed in reverse cowgirl and doggy for a while with some decent energy but there is not a lot of chemistry going on here, but she does do some ATM to get his small load onto her face and gives some nice post cum head to finish. Scene Duration: 20:07 mins

Scene 3: Monica Baldini and Franco Trentalance

The two of them have an argument in the car, and Monica gets out and starts walking before Franco talks her into getting back in, and they drive to a hotel where she gives him a tease with her gloves, jacket and lingerie on. Monica helps him out of his clothes, and works her way down to his cock where she spends a good amount of time with her lips wrapped around it. She plays with her tits and gives a nice blowjob before he stands her up and and goes to work on her pussy with his fingers and tongue before he sticks his dick in for a little lube and then slides into her ass, both in missionary position. Still with her propped up on the dresser he fucks her ass sideways, and then lays her on the bed to have her ass again in missionary. Still in her ass he fucks her side saddle and she rides him reverse cowgirl and gapes her ass a few times. They keep a nice erotic energy through the scene and have some OK chemistry. He has a short run at both holes in both the standing and normal doggy positions before she gets on her knees and puts her hands and mouth to use to help get out a good load of cum to apply to her face. She gives some great post cum head and they fade out. Scene Duration 24:12 mins

Scene 4: Sandy Style and Franco Trentalance

A sexily clad but both bottomless and topless Sandy strolls up the stairs and enters a room where Franco is, and they begin to passionately kiss before she pulls out his cock and energetically sucks it. She gives nice long strokes and has great eye contact, but soon she jumps on him and rides his cock cowgirl and then gives up her tight ass in doggy. They move to missionary for some vaginal and anal sex, but they move very quickly from position to position and never get a real flow going. She rides him in RC and takes it in both holes again, and has nice energy, but too soon she dismounts and sucks his cock until he shoots some sperm onto her face but mostly on her own crotch. This scene just felt rushed and the total sex time was shorter than the rest of the scenes. Scene duration: 17:51 mins.

Extra Stuff

Trailers: There is the trailer for this production "Voodoo Sex Dolls" as well as trailers for the following 6 Private releases. "The Private Story of Mia Stone", "Cum Suckers", "Sex Secrets of Baroness Kinky", "A Woman's Ass is a Beautiful Thing", "Castings X 33", "The Millionaire".

Photo Gallery: Around 35 action pictures from the movie's scenes. And a second Behind the scenes photobook with around 30 pics.

Cast Biography and Liner Notes: There is a biography with info and private film and mag info for each girl in the film, and a few pages of liner notes which is basically a background on the film and what it is about.

In The End

It had a few weak points, but mostly this was another pretty good Private title. The 4 sex scenes where pretty good, but one problem I had with them was that they followed the exact same format, and the guy who was the same in all scenes did things the exact same way. I found that to get a little boring by the latter scenes, but it was still a solid effort. Extras were very weak, and considering that it is only a 97 minute feature with only 4 scenes, this is a bit lackluster. I think it works fairly well for couples, but the less focused story, and pretty high anal sex content may turn some couples off. I think the raincoaters will find something to like here too, the scenes are quite long and the anal and is maybe more of a bonus here. I would suggest a rental first and make a decision based on that. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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