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Netguy Private Man 2: Gambler's Delight 4.5 starsPrivate Man 2: Gambler's Delight 4.5 starsPrivate Man 2: Gambler's Delight 4.5 stars
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Private Man 2: Gambler's Delight

Private Man 2: Gambler's Delight

Studio: Private Man
Category:  Gay
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Private Man 2: Gambler's Delight:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Private Man 2: Gambler's Delight overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Private Man 2: Gambler's Delight Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Private Man 2: Gambler's Delight Male looks rating 5 stars
Sex Private Man 2: Gambler's Delight Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Private Man 2: Gambler's Delight Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Private Man 2: Gambler's Delight DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Private Man 2: Gambler's Delight A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  1/30/2003
After being given the option of choosing every language from Italian to Swedish in which to view this DVD, I perversely chose English. That done I was greeted with a montage of playing cards and the bouncy strains of Scott Joplin’s “Maple Leaf Rag”. Guess they still remember The Sting in Eastern Europe. The plot doesn’t follow this other Redford-Newman “buddy” pic. (Butch and Sundance were pretty close, too. Hollywood producers are so clueless) in fact the plot here is nothing to worry your pretty little head about. The bodies, on the other hand, are certain to worry another part of your anatomy.

It begins with four guys playing five-card draw. One of the guys—a young one and my favorite—is winning big time. One of the guys is a big loser (for now at least). A fifth guy enters just as the game is breaking up. The big winner—my future boyfriend—doesn’t want to play anymore. (Cards, that is.) He has another game in mind with the newcomer and the dark blond who was the dealer. This game begins with everyone sucking tongues. Now I don’t mean that little tongue fight that gay-for-pay guys use, these guys suck on each other’s tongues as if they are sucking mini-cocks. They like nipples, too. And, yes, they like cocks; and they’re all uncut and up for action. The newcomer (Laczko) is an attractive brunet, the dark blond (Adam) has a very big boner with lots of foreskin, and my fiancé who goes by the dreadful name of Norbert here and uses Babral for other companies has the smoothest complexion I have ever seen on man or woman. He has a nice thin dick, too. He buggers the brunet while the brunet tries to swallow the blond’s big one. After a time, Norbert/Babral sits his pretty little butt down on the blond’s awesome stiffy and rides a cockhorse to shoot his load. The brunet then gets on his back to be the converted by the big blond’s missionary work. Me, too. Hallelujah!

The loser (Fantazi) persuades the remaining player at the table for one more hand, which he loses and leaves. He finds consolation in the arms and kisses of the very attractive Ferenc. Fantazi, our poker player has a big dick shrouded in foreskin, which the attractive man consoles also. (Nobody loses all the time!) Fantazi pays him back by doing some tremendous tongue-work on his consoler’s upturned bum hole. He’s like an alcoholic finding a drop of booze on the kitchen table when the liquor store’s closed. I assumed this was a preliminary to Fantazi replacing his glossa minoris with his penis maximus so I am really surprised then to find him to be the one on his back getting shtupped.

By now He-Whom-I-Desire is ready to play poker again, but as they need some fresh money his two remaining players suggest calling Dick. (His name in the cast credits is “Peter” which I don’t think is accidental, and once you see what he has between his legs seems wholly appropriate.) “I can’t stand him!” Norbert, the cause-of-my-ardor, relates. They try to call Dick.

Now although we see Dick’s cell phone in his trousers and hear it ringing away, Dick has no intention of answering it because he is busy checking out a mechanic who has just checked out his car. Now I don’t see what Norbert has against him, as Dick is another great looker--close-cropped hair and a hairless body with the muscles of a Roman statue. I like Dick. As noted above, I also like Dick’s dick. Dick likes dick, too, so he soon has Lulu’s, the mechanic’s, where he wants it. As Dick is washing down the mechanic’s dipstick, Anthony, another young hunk, is washing down the car. He works himself closer and closer to the action. When Lulu starts sticking his tongue in Dick’s exhaust, Anthony begins stroking his own cock. When the mechanic starts to dick Dick, our voyeur moves over to fill Dick’s other vacancy. Later, he too dicks Dick. Then the mechanic dicks the Dick-dicker and thus all three are then joined together like Pullman cars. The scene ends with Dick kneeling between the two bringing them off.

There are two more scintillating scenes. Adam gets a brief blowjob in one, and in order to drum up more players Sandor drops in on John and Gabor. Since he brings a bottle of champagne and immediately starts making out with these guys I don’t see any poker in their immediate future unless it’s one another’s. John is a dark-haired twink that makes me forget Norbert (Okay, so I’m fickle). Gabor has a simian look about him and some nice chest hair. Sandor has hardly any body hair including around his cock. Adorable John kneels between the two to suck both their dicks and, of course, both fuck him. Sure beats playing cards!

I must now introduce my one dislike in this film. And that is the excessive “ohs” and “ahs” and moans and groans that have been post-dubbed over the action. By this time they were driving me bonkers and I had to turn off the sound. They were just too fucking ridiculous (pun intended). Someone having both legs amputated without an anesthetic could not have been noisier and more distracting.

In addition to English you can also watch this film dubbed in French, German, Spanish, or Italian. (I found it sexiest in Italian.) You can also choose subtitles in Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, and Polish.

This is the second gay production from Private that up until now has only done straight films. (The first was SWORD MASTER with Janos Volt, a.k.a. Rolf Kristen; Jose Ganatti, a.k.a. Attila J., Craig Williams Albert Jarat, Attila Juraz; and the unsurpassable George Vidanov, a.k.a. Mihaly H., Thor Brunov, Mishi Korvi, Michael Nyilas, Mihaly Hurok) Most of the hunks here have also appeared in either the films of Bjorn, Handsome, Higgins, Borbely, or other of the foreign masters. You may know them by other names since as you can see from above they change their names as often as I have to change my underwear, but this is your opportunity to get these beauties unbelievably cheap. (The guys, of course, not my underwear.) Take if from me, if you like Euro hunks and great sex; Gambler’s Delight will be your delight.

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