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Private Man 10: Flatmate From Heaven

Private Man 10: Flatmate From Heaven

Studio: Private Man
Category:  Gay
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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wizzerbud's ratings for Private Man 10: Flatmate From Heaven:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Private Man 10: Flatmate From Heaven overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Private Man 10: Flatmate From Heaven Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Private Man 10: Flatmate From Heaven Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Private Man 10: Flatmate From Heaven Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Private Man 10: Flatmate From Heaven Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Private Man 10: Flatmate From Heaven DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Private Man 10: Flatmate From Heaven A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by wizzerbud  on  12/29/2006
Private Man’s Flatmate from Heaven is a product from director Tom Bradford. While maybe not one of Tom’s best works, it is definitely hot enough to get one off for the evening. With 5 scenes totaling almost 2 hours we see some of the regulars from Hungary mix it up with a few newcomers.

The story behind this video involves Antonio Moreno, who rents a room from a home shared by Marko Hansom, Lucas Rodriguez, and Lucio Maverick. The guys learn that Antonio is a prostitute using the room to work his trade.

After the rental agreement is made, the first scene opens with Marko and his boyfriend Lucas up in bed. Feeling rather restless and unable to sleep, Marko awakens his nearly naked bed partner and they begin kissing. Marko works his way down Lucas’s heavily tattooed muscled body pulling his cock from the tighty whities he is wearing. Marko is slimmer yet still possesses a muscular frame. The pair goes through mutual cock sucking activities, but their enthusiasm is missing. Lucas seems to prefer to lick around Marko’s dick and body rather than suck his cock. It becomes obvious he would almost rather do anything besides suck dick. They move to fucking and as expected it is Lucas who is the top as he fucks Marko spoon style, reverse cowboy and missionary. Lucas was not enthusiastic when it came to sucking, but he pounds hard when he fucks, causing Marko to shoot while being drilled. Lucas finishes the task with a decent load.

Shortly after Antonio has moved in, his first trick arrives and they move to the bedroom. Lucio has appeared and seems puzzled by their quick move to the bedroom upon arrival. The trick is Junior Brasil, a good-looking muscular Latin dude. Payment is made and they get to business of kissing and undressing. They hit the bed and Lucio notices the sound. Throughout the scene Lucio becomes more aware of the noise the two are making such that he can figure out they are having sex. Antonio has a smooth muscled body that looks nice with Junior; however, these two do not seem to have much chemistry. They go through all the motions and seem to make an effort, but it isn’t working. They kiss, do lots of mutual pec and upper body oral worship and swap blowjobs. The guys hardly use any hands for their sex making it seem so mechanical and cold. Along with some rimming Junior does with Antonio’s hole, the two do a flip-flop fucking missionary style. Junior is fucking Antonio as Antonio shoots out a cumshot. Junior follows with a few droplets of cum for his shot.

Lucio wants to capture things next time, so he positions a camera in Antonio’s room to film the action. Antonio comes home with two guys, Glenn Santoro and Fredy Costa. These two hot muscle studs are no strangers to sex in front of the camera and they show it. We don’t see them undress. They are already down to their Calvin Klein’s’ kissing when the camera catches them starting things off. This scene is when the film really starts to heat up. These three are definitely into each other. They swap out kissing, sucking cock, ass rimming and all the parts of a great three way. Glenn fucks Antonio missionary style while Fredy feeds Antonio his dick. Fredy fucks Antonio doggy style with his huge thick dick. He definitely wins the big dick award for this cast of studs. Fredy gives it to Glenn spoon style, and Glenn has no problem taking it, even as Fredy drills him hard with his monster meat stick. The three kick back on the couch after a round of hard pounding fucking to shoot their juice. Antonio blows first, followed by Fredy and then Glenn comes in for the finale shot. Cum is laying all over their chests.

The trio leaves and Lucio races to retrieve his camera. He connects the camera to the television to watch them. He is getting turned on and after looking around to insure he is alone, he whips out his dick and starts stroking. He is very turned on and gets naked. Lucio is the least muscled of the cast, but is still such a smoking hottie. I like him better with his long locks cut off. He gives his stroking the two handed approach shooting a load that splatters against his lower pecs and stomach.

Marko and Lucas return home and see that Lucio failed to disconnect the camera and television. They see the three filmed earlier and in no time they are going at it—kissing and stripping there on the couch. They are naked and the cock sucking begins. Even though they both such each other’s cock, it is the same as earlier with Lucas not offering much more than some licking action. Antonio arrives with hot shaved headed muscle man Rod Stevens and is embarrassed at what he is seeing on film. His embarrassment quickly erases as he and Rod strip and the join the couple. Marko pairs up with Antonio while Rod gets chummy with Lucas. After more kissing, cock stroking, and body licking, the four all come together kissing and rubbing on one another. They do a round robin of cock sucking and in walks Lucio. Antonio pulls away from the group and he and Lucio do their own thing on another nearby couch. They do some kissing and hugging and then Lucio lays back while Antonio sucks his cock. Meanwhile the other three are still sucking one another. Marko leaves the threesome and joins Lucio and Antonio rimming Antonio’s ass while Antonio continues sucking studly Lucio. Lucas and Rod carry on for a short bit. In something that I thought I would never see, Lucio is on his knees sucking on each one of the guys’ dicks. Lucio is not generally one to do much servicing, especially to a group of four guys, but he does an admirable job. The guys do a lot of kissing and pec rubbing while Lucio sucks their stiff dicks. After he takes care of them, they each line up to suck his dick. Lucas is last, of course, and gives it his halfhearted effort he has given all of the others. Its time for fucking and Antonio climbs on Lucio’s cock cowboy style. Lucas fucks Rod doggy style. They switch it around and Lucio fucks Marko doggy style while Antonio and Lucas swap out fucking Rod doggy style. Lucio is like the Energizer buddy the way he drills Marko. The guys move around making for a hot five-way orgy. Marko is the first one to bust a load while Rod is drilling him. Lucio is next as he shoots all over Marko’s ass. Next is Rod as he delivers a big load on Antonio’s stomach. The guys retire to the couches where Marko and Lucas blast out a couple of nice loads.

Extras for the DVD include previews of five other Private Man titles.

The video started out kind of stale and slow, but in the third scene, it got hot and kept getting hotter and hotter all the way to the end. Tom Bradford generally puts out a really good product, and while this one may not be one of his best, it certainly warrants a viewing more than one time. It’s worth spending the money on a rental for sure and possibly worth adding to the permanent library.

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