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Private Life Of Monique Covet, The

Private Life Of Monique Covet, The

Studio: Private
Category:  Compilation , Foreign
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Overall Rating 4 stars
Private Life Of Monique Covet, The overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Private Life Of Monique Covet, The Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Private Life Of Monique Covet, The Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Private Life Of Monique Covet, The Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Private Life Of Monique Covet, The Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras Private Life Of Monique Covet, The DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Private Life Of Monique Covet, The A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by ExperimentalGuy  on  6/11/2004

The Private Life of Monique Covet

Directed by – Various
Running time: 237mins approx
Label – Private

A compilation of the career of one of Private’s hottest stars, who has found fame more recently in director Tanya Hyde’s fetish based series such as Xtreme Desires. Monique is very attractive, and has a great face, always looking good in the wealth of scenes that show off the many aspects of her performing style, from sexy out-door sex to kinky S&M, this girl has done it all!

As can be expected from Private, their DVD is very well presented with moving menus, decent chapter access and lots of style. Probably the most effective-looking DVD in my collection so far, which makes me want to hunt down more of Private’s output.

Scene breakdown (DVD 1)

Scene One

First Experiences

Two vignettes, taken from Private Castings X #20 (1994) and Private Video Magazine #21 (1995)

Monique is interviewed whilst we inter-cut some playful sex, behind the scenes on a bed with two guys. It’s just set up stuff really, with a photographer taking shots in various positions. Monique in her early days looks really fresh faced and pretty, but still we get some anal and gaping vaginal shots during the shoot as well as a couple of cum shots. We also get to know Monique a little, although I did find her accent a little difficult at times.

The first actual scene is on a boat, and Monique has an energetic and very vocal encounter with a guy. I liked this scene because of Monique’s loud screams of passion, and it looked very real and passionate. Also I liked that both performers were only half undressed (at least for most of the sex), which gave the scene it’s own character. Concludes with a decent cum shot that spurts a nice distance from his cock (just above her belly) to her face, then concludes with some more in her mouth.

Scene Two

Loosing Virginity

Taken from Triple X Video 3 (1995)

More interview footage, which seems to be the theme of this DVD, with a bit of nude sunbathing and a few clips from fetish videos who’s identities are left to the imagination.

The sex scene starts with Monique arriving with a guy and a very attractive brunette (Melissa Hill, who I recognise from Apocalypse Climax 2) in a big bus. This looks like some Spanish camp site or Villa, and we soon get down to the sex as a guy reclines on a table and Monique and friend suck him off. Once again, it’s another natural looking scene, far and away from the more studio based output she seems to do nowadays. The sex is once again passionate and for me personally, a reminder of classic porn I had seen in my youth. We also see Monique do some anal again as she’s eating out the other girl, and it was nice to see a nice hairy (not bushy) pussy for once – why are so many porn stars shaven these days??? The girls share the guy’s load as scene concludes.

Scene Three


Taken from Amanda’s Diary #4 (1999)

Interview footage and some public exhibitionism (taken from Tanya Hyde’s Xtreme Desires) – Monique looks very sexy and naughty displaying her lovely bits and pieces in London. A fun sequence.

We soon jump to a fireside in-door sequence with Monique kissing and caressing an equally hot blonde (Cassandra Wild). This darkly lit scene is slow but sensual and very atmospheric, more like a steamy scene from a late night movie than explicit porn – that is until they are joined by a man, and he has his cock sucked very well by both girls. He returns the favour with some gentle pussy eating, and along with the music, I found this scene an incredible turn on. Nicely Monique is in black stockings, which are a personal favourite for me. It was also good to see that the scene, despite it’s moody and stylish feel did not shy away from some hardcore, with nice close ups, anal and a cum shot that is shared by both girls.

Scene Four

Best Scene

Taken from Tanya Hyde’s Xtreme Desires (1998)

Now this seems to be more like the stuff she is best known for. She is asked in interview what her favourite scene has been. She picks the following, which I am not entirely in agreement with.

Tanya Hyde’s directorial style is almost surreal, with different filter effects, slow motion and a tough, techno-based soundtrack. Some may find it a little disturbing. I enjoy it a great deal. Monique and another girl (Mina), both dressed up in eye-catching dominatrix outfits, dominate an unfortunate (or very lucky?) guy, sucking his cock feverishly and making him eat out their pussies, until eventually they fuck each other with strap on dildo’s as the guy watches and occasionally joins in. Then the twist of this scene, and the main reason its Monique’s favourite, is that they turn the dildo on the guy, and Monique fucks him in the ass. A weird scene if you are not used to Tanya Hyde’s style, and it’s not really very sexy – more disturbing, but still, well worth watching for sheer shock value.

Scene Five


Taken from Tanya Hyde’s Twisted Dreams (1999)

Apart from some interview footage and a bit with Monique shaving her pussy, the rest of the scene seems to be missing from my version.

Scene Six

Nasty Monique

Taken from Tanya Hyde’s Xtreme Desires (1998)

We get some nice brief shots of her S&M movies and they all look pretty good as she is asked about her tastes.

This scene is a mini gang bang with Monique in fierce looking S&M gear in a smoke-filled room, and we first see her playing with a dildo before taking on each guy orally. One guy has a mask on with a dildo on it, and she is soon being fucked by all the guys. This is a very hot and extreme scene and lives up to the title of ‘Nasty Monique’. Tanya Hyde’s sinister and surreal direction adds so much to this scene that I found it extremely erotic, and spurting my load was not a problem. One of the best scenes on the DVD.

Scene Seven

Blonde or Black

Taken from Tanya Hyde’s Rubber Fuckers Rule (2000)

Behind the scenes we see Monique trying on various wigs, and we also see she has some make up over her eyes that looks like a mask.

The actual scene is once again one of Tanya Hyde’s and this is obvious by the style and the disturbing feel. A guy is in what looks like an electric hair, with a ball-gag in his mouth, as Monique parades herself around him in a dominatrix fashion. Soon Monique (in a hat and black wig) is sucking his long cock, which is beautifully shot and really turned me on – she seemed to be really enjoying what she was doing, and the way the guy turns his head back and forth, he must have been too. Then for some reason Monique takes off her large under pants and puts them on the guys head, adding to the domination atmosphere. The scene then starts to take on a similar feel to scene four, as she produces a strap on dildo. Then as you can probably guess, it’s not long before he’s being fucked. This is hot to watch, but I understand if some guys may find it off putting.

We then cut to a prison cell, where I think the same guy or a similar looking one (it’s hard to tell now the under pants have gone) slowly awakens. He is then treated to a view of a delicious looking blonde (Chrystal) who performs a sexy strip tease. She looks mouth watering in red stockings. She sucks the guy’s cock through the bars, which is once again perfectly shot and really enjoyable to see. Then he fucks her through the bars. Monique then returns and gives Chrystal some anal with her strap on, which is really hot. Then like a girl done wrong, she is tossed into another cell with two restless masked guys, which for me at first, looked a little scary! We get a better look at Chrystal now as she sucks cock and gets fingered. Then she’s fucked doggy as she sucks the other guy off, then she switches to reverse cowgirl, a nice shot, and sucks the other guy as she bounces on his friend’s cock. Monique intervenes, taking both guys aside for a double blowjob – she’s then fucked in the ass, and eventually double penetrated – one in ass, the other in pussy. One guy cums on her ass (and partially in her ass) and the other delivers a rather poor pop to her mouth, concluding the scene. Another really good scene, and a great conclusion to the first DVD.

Scene breakdown (DVD 2)

The second DVD’s scenes cut with all the interview stuff and get straight to it, which although the interview footage was welcome, and taught me a lot about Monique, I’m ready for the no bullshit version now.

Scene One

Taken from The Gigolo (1995)

Monique and Olivia Del Rio (a lovely looking, dark-skinned brunette) arrive at a secluded woodland by night, to meet three guys, who in the opening commentary, one is referred to as the girl’s pimp. Some shit seems to be going down between the three guys, and the girls are soon begging for mercy. But I didn’t really care about the plot, and the sex began swiftly. Ass caressing and light fingering is followed by some good cock sucking. The pimp watches his girls work, and it’s an effective situation. Soon they are using the car bonnet to fuck against and on top of, in some interesting positions. As with most of the scenes, the soundtrack is dubbed, but this only added to the erotic feel for me and gave the scene a naughtier, foreign atmosphere. Olivia is really rather hot, and her pussy is presented to us in nice close ups. I was a little put off by the one guy’s beard, but didn’t let it distract me for too long. Olivia is double penetrated at one stage whilst Monique receives some tasty anal fucking. One of the guys on Olivia climbs off and cums, sadly missing most of Monique’s eager mouth. Luckily for me, the other guy delivers a much better load to Olivia’s mouth, and she cleans him up nicely. Then it’s up to the last guy (the one with the beard) to squirt over Monique’s mouth as she’s finishing off the first guy, and his release really splatters her mouth and chin quite effectively – Ok! I take it all back!!

I found this scene quite enjoyable, as it was energetic, had an interesting location and both girls were lovely. Although it did nothing that special – what it did do, it did very well indeed.

Scene Two

Taken from Private Video Magazine #26 (1995)

Scene opens on a riverside where Monique is pretending to drown – she’s soon rescued by two guys, and as a reward, she lets them fuck her (result!). This is an excellent scene with Monique looking natural and very attractive, and displays good cock sucking skills and anal ability even this early in her career. I liked the location and that she was so willing to fuck these two supposed strangers. The bright daylight of this out-door location makes the sex very easy to watch, and there’s some nice positions – I especially liked when she was on all fours, and raised one leg to give us a better look at the guy pounding her pussy! Although the double penetration was poorly done – the guy in her ass never moved!! After a decent anal and blowjob, the first guys cums on her ass very thickly, and the other one lets his cock explode as she rubs him, and both let out a nice amount – something I generally prefer to see!

Scene Three

Taken from Tanya Hyde’s London Calling (1999)

Back with Tanya Hyde, we open on a lovely black girl (Bettina) with a big afro, sucking off a guy in the back of a London cab. This is intercut with a scene of Monique in a hotel room, using various toys on herself. She looks great in leather and a hat with biker-like goggles on top. Soon Bettina joins her after being lead by the guy from the taxi, who seems to be the dominant this time around. This is a hot scene with well-lit sex and Tanya Hyde’s trade mark style is really effective here. Dildo play and pussy eating take up the action at first, then the guy gets his cock sucked as Monique continues to dildo Bettina. Before long it’s a full blown three some. Monique is anally fucked, both from behind and underneath, and Bettina eats pussy and sucks cock in between. I liked this scene a lot, and although it is very similar to other Tanya Hyde offerings, I’m glad to say it wasn’t as dark or sinister – which improved things all round. Scene concludes with guy rubbing himself off then cumming from above Monique’s head, and she struggles to catch his load as it falls down.

Scene Four

Taken from Erica (2000)

Now a change of pace, with a lovely lesbian scene. With so much fucking in this DVD it was great to see two gorgeous girls just getting it on. The brunette in this scene (Dorothy) is really cute looking, and in black stockings she is ravishing. Soon they are on a sofa together, kissing and stripping each other, then taking it in turns to eat each other’s pussy. I found this scene a massive turn on, and masturbating to it was incredible – so much lesbian stuff these days seems to be about shoving various implements into one another, and although this one does feature a very big double-ended dildo, it never distracted from the obvious enjoyment they were having. The scene looks real and passionate, and is sexy enough to not resort to the nasty stuff (well, at least not for the most part) – I think Lesbian scenes should be gentler and more sensual, like this is.

Scene Five

Taken from Hell, Whores and High Heels (2000)

Tanya Hyde again, and this time with a medical vibe!

Monique is in a wickedly devilish red cape & sunglasses with long black stockings and high heels. She wheels a guy into a room, who is dressed entirely in rubber, then proceeds to fuck herself on a pink dildo for his viewing pleasure. He then proceeds to fuck her in a wheel chair. I loved her stockings (something I’m sure readers of my reviews have caught on to by now) as they are torn or cut open at the back very effectively. Before long they are joined by a blonde (Natalie Dune) wearing a surgical mask over her face, but we can still see her eyes, and she is wearing lovely pink fishnet tights, which Monique swiftly tares open to eat her pussy. Then she uses a weird glow-in-the-dark dildo on Natalie, which is huge and rather unusual to watch. The guy in black rubber then joins in, and fucks Natalie for a short while, until a guy in a white jumpsuit arrives, and joins Natalie with a cock to her mouth. Monique meanwhile takes it in turns to suck each guy off. Eventually the guy in black fucks Monique, at first in missionary, then anal doggy. This soon switches to the two girls again, this time on a table in a 69 position. Monique has changed into beautiful white stockings for this, and it’s really sexy – especially when both guys join them, keeping each girl in 69, fucking them energetically. The guy in black sprays his juice all over Monique’s pussy, and Natalie underneath cleans him up, then licks Monique clean – wow! Then we switch to Monique and a different girl (Georgette), and they receive a load from a guy not entirely visible to us (bar his cock) and catch his spray as he jerks off. A first class scene all round, despite the strange change of girl at the end. Apologies if I got the girls names mixed up, as the DVD does not state which is which in the scene.

Scene Six

Taken from The Splendour of Hell (2000)

Director Kovi has a similar style to Tanya Hyde, and this scene, set unusually in a meat packing plant, was at first distasteful to me, until I saw the three girls. Monique’s hair looks like it has been dyed platinum blonde and she has fierce stern eyebrows. She’s in a fantastic black and white rubber dress, and is soon joined by two girls in blue rubber corsets. A guy packing meat is their victim, and a very attractive brunette (Michelle Wild) with lovely eye shadow, sucks his cock. I was immediately impressed also by the tasty blonde’s (Anita Paris) cock sucking style, using her tongue very effectively. Despite the unusual set up, this is definitely one of my favourite scenes, and makes me want to check out more of Kovi’s work in the future. A well-endowed black stud then joins the meat packer, with Monique parading around, observing the duel blowjobs. Anita is such a great cock sucker, I was amazed the black guy could last even a few seconds under her skilled hand and mouth. I also liked how Monique assisted Michelle by jerking the meat packer’s cock as she sucked it – very hot! Now we see that Monique is in black stockings, as are the other two, and the sex is cranked up a gear as Monique is fucked as Anita manages some pussy-to-mouth. I could not get enough of the latex (or rubber) outfits these girls were wearing, and it made it such an erotic scene for me. Then as if to put the icing on the cake, we have Michelle dangling upside down, her feet fixed to the ceiling in the most unusual blowjob I have ever seen! She also gets her pussy licked in this position, which looks incredible. The concluding cum shots are also good, even if the meat packer doesn’t shoot much (always a disappointment) – but the black guy makes up for this in a healthy blast to Anita, and she sucks and slurps superbly on his ebony rod. Then as if to make up for the naff first cum shot, the meat packer goes again, this time spraying into Michelle’s mouth.

Scene Seven

Taken from Amanda’s Diary #5 (1999)

Bettina from scene one returns, but I didn’t find her as attractive this time around. She looked darker also, so I thought it was a different girl. This is set in what looks like a stable, complete with bales of hay, and Monique is at first dressed in a kind of Edwardian outfit that isn’t very appealing. Thankfully it soon comes off, and her and Bettina indulge themselves in a gentle lesbian romp. At times this scene was too dark, but things soon hot up when a guy arrives, in similar period costume, and they suck his cock. It’s a little too gentle and relaxed for my liking, and the fucking is pretty tame but for some close ups and a bit of anal and anal-fingering occasionally. The dubbed moans and groans let it down also, as they were so obviously fake, and not implemented as well as I had heard before. The concluding cum shot, whilst nice and messy, is a little too watery for my liking, and only goes to show that this scene is probably the poorest on the DVD.

Scene Eight

Taken from Private XXX #12 (2000)

Thankfully, the final scene on this well made compilation is a very good four-way romp, set in what looks like some camp-site holiday inn. Monique, a blonde (Anita Paris) and two guys (including the meat packer from scene six) sit around a table like good friends. Yet these friends like to fuck – and the sex here is pretty darn good! Directed again by Kovi, although completely unlike scene six, this is a fun scene where Monique and Anita are showered with gifts – including a red vibrator! Anita returns from the meat packing plant to show off her cock sucking again, and she doesn’t disappoint. Monique is in a black leather dress, and looks lovely, whilst Anita is wearing a Basque and stockings, and she has lovely natural breast that she plays with as she sucks cock!! This scene is well lit and every detail can be seen. The music is a little irritating, but seems to suit the light hearted feel. Both girls are soon fucked, with Monique in missionary and Anita in doggy. Monique suggestively licks her new vibe as she is fucked, which is very sexy. Anita groans loudly all the time, adding to the heat, and soon gets it in the ass as Monique switches to doggy. I would have liked to see the girls touch or kiss each other at this time – but sadly it wasn’t to be. Monique eventually gets double penetrated, leaving Anita to masturbate as she watches – always a let down for me! But she’s using Monique’s vibe – so it’s not all bad. Then both girls suck the guys off, and let them pop their wads into wine glasses – but don’t have the guts to gulp it all down – a disappointing end to an otherwise excellent scene.

DVD extras
A well put together package, with the interview footage bringing a great deal to the first DVD’s scenes, then on the second DVD we get a wealth of magazine photo stills and movie trailers roughly covering all of Monique Covet’s private career. The trailers were all great, and the photos are excellent quality and mostly hard core. Add to this a hidden scene – I wont spoil it for you by saying where it is, and you have a great buy for any fan of Private, Monique or well made sex scenes.

I was a little unhappy with the fact that the scenes are not split into a few chapters on their own, but menu navigation is excellent and the scene selection is animated. The menu’s themselves seem a little cheap but serve their purpose. Audio quality, whilst only stereo was functional, and sounded best in the Tanya Hyde scenes. Picture quality varied considerably, with the more recent stuff being, understandably better presented.

Final Thoughts
If you like Tanya Hyde or Monique Covet – this is essential. I thought it was very good, but not as hard as I prefer, apart from a few moments.

Verdict: 4 /5

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