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Private Life Of Monique Covet, The

Private Life Of Monique Covet, The

Studio: Private
Category:  Compilation , Foreign
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Private Life Of Monique Covet, The:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Private Life Of Monique Covet, The overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Private Life Of Monique Covet, The Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Private Life Of Monique Covet, The Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Private Life Of Monique Covet, The Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Private Life Of Monique Covet, The Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Private Life Of Monique Covet, The DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Private Life Of Monique Covet, The A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  11/18/2001

Running Time: 118 min. (cover states 120 min.)

Production Date: 07 / 2001

Director: John Drop and including scenes by others such as Kovi, Pierre Woodman, and Tanya Hyde

Cast: Monique Covet, Frank Versace, Mephisto, Melissa Hill, Damien Michaels, Cassandra Wild, Nick Lang, Mina, Tony de Sergio, Sophie Evans, Robert Rosenberg, Mike Foster, John Walton, Frank Major, Chrystal, Csoky, Olivia del Rio, J. Yves LeCastel, R. Langin, A. Deloin, Jon Dough, Frank Towers, Bettina, Dorothy, Nataly Dune, Georgette, Kevin Long, Anita Paris, Michelle Wild, Franco Roccoforte, and Steve Holmes

Initial Expectations: Private normally makes a great DVD, so I have pretty high expectations.

Initial Reaction: It’s an amazing DVD and a shame that AVN didn’t nominate it for more than just Best DVD Extras.

Who Should Watch It : Fans of Monique Covet, Private, fetish sex, and Euro sex

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who doesn’t like Euro sex or who thinks Vivid is “da bomb”

Audio /Video Quality: With Private, the consumer rarely has to worry about audio and video problems, and this is no exception. Although the audio and video aren’t always crystal clear, it’s often because the director has decided to change things around a bit, which is normally easily seen. The closest there is to a recurring problem is when the music is a little loud or a few shadows in some scenes. There are also a couple small relics, but that’s kind of to be expected with the apparent age of some of the scenes.

Music: As usual with compilation DVDs, the music is kind of all over the place depending on where the scene came from. Despite this, the music is normally very well balanced with the rest of the audio.

Menus: The menus are pretty simple, but do have some style and work. The chapter menu lets you choose a scene based on the scene number, but does offer a section where you can find out where the scene is from and who’s in it.

The Feature: The Private Life of Monique Covet is one of Private’s latest compilations. It mixes interviews with Monique with a little video to demonstrate some of what she’s talking about and scenes from her movies. Each section of the interview focuses on a specific aspect of Monique’s life or personality, and often fits in very well with the scene which follows it.

Monique starts things out with Frank Versace and Mephisto in a scene from First Experiences. It’s a very different scene, and not really what many people expect from a porno. The scene is actually almost a behind the scenes scene that takes place during one of Monique’s early photo shoots. From there, it follows Monique to Australia where she gets busy with Frank Versace on a boat and gets both of her holes plugged while squirming around before taking a long pop to the face. It’s obviously a very early scene for Monique. She isn’t implanted or pierced yet and has a very fresh feel to her. You can tell she’s into it, but she doesn’t play it to the camera like most Private girls do. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was one of her first five or six features.

The next scene, which comes from Private Video Magazine 21, has Monique working with Melissa Hill and Damien Michaels as they take a lunch break during a trip. Nobody’s too hungry, so instead they eat each other, starting with the girls working on Damien’s cock. The foreplay doesn’t last too long before Damien pokes Melissa while Monique rides her face. The girls move around so both of them get the best of both worlds, and Monique even takes Damien in both her holes before the girls share his pronto penis pop between their faces. It’s an okay scene, but I felt it was missing a little something.

Monique joins up with Cassandra Wild and Nick Lang for a scene from Amanda’s Diary 4 next. The girls start off playing with each other in front of a romantic fireplace as Nick draws them. After some light kissing, Nick comes over to join in and gets some immediate head from Monique. Nick warms up Cassandra with his tongue as she lies on a rug before fucking her as Monique hovers around, helping a little as well as getting a little tongue action. Monique takes her place on the rug next, lying down for the foreplay and then getting on all fours to have each of her holes stuffed while Cassandra works her over from underneath. Cassandra gets her ass in the act as well, first having Nick stuff it and then having Monique finger fuck it while Nick fucks her pussy. The girls finish it off by sharing an average pop in their mouths along with some nice kissing to end it. Although it’s a hardcore scene, there’s a very loving feel to the entire thing that makes it work very well.

Monique’s fetish side comes out in the next scene, which also involves Mina and Tony deSergio and comes from Xtreme Desires. Tony is apprehended by a Monique and Mina, who appear to be the fetish police. A pair of panties is wrapped around his head and he’s given a little discipline before eating a little pussy. As he gets head from Mina, Monique puts on a strap on and starts fucking Mina. Still wearing her fake cock, Monique gets boned by Tony, and then returns the favor to him. They fuck his ass in a few positions before they let him have his way with them again. Neither girl appears to take it in the ass, which surprised me, and they also take a pretty average pop on their faces. It’s a hot scene, and very tame for what Tanya Hyde normally does in a scene. It starts off very hard, but seemed kind of anticlimactic.

Monique’s fetish side continues to come out one next in of her scenes from Tanya Hyde’s Twisted Dreams with Sophie Evans and Robert Rosenberg. Monique starts things out by getting suited up in her leather, shaving her pussy so its completely bald, and strapping on a rubber cock. Sophie, meanwhile, entertains herself with a large dildo, not knowing that Monique is watching her fuck herself. Monique punishes Sophie after giving her a little direction, and then takes her inside to spank her, grind her pussy on Sophie’s face, and ride her a little like a horse. Robert watches a little of this before Monique gives him a quick warmup before letting him fuck both of Sophie’s holes. In addition to Robert working Sophie’s holes, Monique gets a chance with her black strap on, as well as having Robert stretch both of her holes. Unfortunately Sophie disappears when it’s time for the pop shot, but Monique’s tongue handles the load just fine without help. It’s good enough that it’s repeated several times. As usual, it’s a very hot scene.

Monique’s sixth scene returns to Xtreme Desires, this time with Mike Foster, John Walton, and Frank Major. Monique starts things off fucking herself before working her way over to the guys, all of whom are masked and one of whom has on a dildo mask. She works the guys over, some of the time while the one guy rubbernecks his dildo into her pussy, before the guys start working over her pussy and ass with their fingers, and of course, fuck her both her pussy and ass including a double penetration. Monique finishes it all of with a nice facial and two other decent pops on her ass, which one of the guys pops into and then continues to fuck. Although it’s a hot scene, it’s held back a little for me by having way too many closeups.

Finally, Monique works with Chrystal, Tony deSergio, and Csoky in a scene from Rubberfuckers Rule. Once again Monique gets into the fetishwear, but this time she also dons a black wig. She plays a guard in a jail where Tony deSergio is being restrained. She tortures him with a bit of teasing pleasure as well as spanking his cock before dropping down to suck it. Monique also punishes Tony, spanking his ass and later fucking it with her strap on. The scene cuts to another section area where janitor Chrystal teases prisoner Csoky before letting him lick her pussy through the bars. She gives him a little head in return, but gets caught by Monique as she fucks him through the bars. Monique rips her away to punish her with a spanking and an ass fucking before throwing Chrystal into a cell with two masked men. She lets them work on Chrystal before coming in and working on them herself. She finishes off the guys and takes a nice pop in her mouth and on her gaping ass. It’s another hot scene with Tanya Hyde’s very distinct touch.

Anybody who’s either a fan of Monique Covet or just wondering who Monique is should pick up The Private Life of Monique Covet. There’s a wide variety of her scenes, including everything from soft lesbian to couples to heavy fetish sex, and the interviews give a nice little look at her as a person. Although I hadn’t really paid much attention to her before this, I’m in awe of her as an adult actress after watching it. The variety of scenes she does, and does very well, is amazing, and she has the ability to vary her looks enough that sometimes is seems like a completely different person. The feature shows why Monique Covet deserves a compilation like this, and is sure to please her fans, as well as make quite a few new ones.

Extras: Although the first DVD is mostly devoted to the movie, there are also a couple extras. First, there’s a trailer for the movie. Second, there’s production notes on the feature which tell about each scene and where it comes from. You can find out such things as the director, where and when it was shot, and who’s in the scene. It’s a very nice touch, especially in compilation features.

The second DVD is devoted completely to extras. It starts out with 133 minutes of extra scenes. Yes, in addition to the movie, you get an hour and a quarter of extra scenes. None of the scenes are identified in the menu, but you can find a listing along with a little information about the scene in another portion of the DVD.

The first scene comes form The Gigolo and puts Monique with Olivia del Rio, J. Yves LeCastel, R. Langin, and A. Deloin. Although it’s easy to tell the girls apart here, I’m not sure of who’s who with the guys. As usual with Pierre Woodman’s scenes, there’s quite a bit of dialogue in the setup, but none of it gets translated. It’s the main reason I’m not impressed with Pierre Woodman even if he can make a hot sex scene. While Olivia shows off her oral skills on one guy, Monique gets a little finger warmup from her stud before going down on him. When the third guy joins in with Olivia, her guy moves around to warm up her holes with his tongue and fingers. In a very nice touch, as the girls get fucked from behind next, they also team up to suck the third guy’s cock. They guys move around nicely between the women so that each woman gets a little from each of the guys. Throughout the scene, Monique only takes on one guy at a time while Olivia takes on the remaining two, including working in a DP near the end of the scene. The only time Monique takes two guys is when it’s time for the cumshot, which she takes nicely on the face while continuing to bounce up and down on her current cock. She seems a little apprehensive about the second pop, but still takes it nicely on her face. Olivia also takes a great and aggressive facial from one guy before coming over to help Monique in cleanup duties. It’s a hot scene despite Woodman’s normal failings.

Next up, Monique takes on Jon Dough and Frank Towers in a scene from Private Video Magazine 26. The guys save her from drowning in four feet of water (since you can drown in a quarter inch if somebody whacks you on the back of your head with a pool cue just right). She easily admits that she was faking her drowning to get them, and eagerly strips the guys down to make like a miner and work on their shafts. As soon as she’s done sucking his cock, Jon gets ready and plows into Monique’s pussy as she sucks on Frank’s tower. She works both of the guys in and out of her pussy and ass, fucking one while sucking the other, before having them fill both her holes. She goes back to suck on Frank while Jon continues fucking her ass. He pops into her gaping asshole and then goes back in for a little more until Frank lets his love fly across some of Monique’s tongue and onto his own stomach. It’s a fun scene that starts working from the start thanks to the goofy setup.

The third scene, which comes from Tanya Hyde’s London Calling, places Monique with Bettina and Tony deSergio. As usual with Tanya Hyde’s features, it’s very unique from the first second and cuts around quite a bit with a kind of MTV with ADD on speed and acid at the same time feel. The colors aren’t always what you expect, and helps to give the scene some of its feel. As Bettina sucks Tony’s cock in a taxi, Monique, decked out in some great leather, works herself over with her fingers and toys, taking care of both her holes. Upon arriving, Bettina comes up and continues her oral work, this time on Monique who hovers above the chair seat to allow Bettina’s tongue a full run on her bald pussy. Bettina’s repaid with a little dildo action, and even goes back to sucking Tony’s cock a little more before letting Monique in on the cocksucking. After a nice buildup, Tony finally stretches Monique’s lower lips apart with his cock before disappearing so the ladies can work over each other a little more in a warmup for Monique’s sphincter getting stretched while Bettina continues to munch away. They finish off the scene with Tony dribbling his load down onto Monique in front of Bettina playing with herself. As usual from Tanya Hyde, it’s an extremely hot scene!

The fourth scene, taken from Erica pairs Monique with Dorothy as Monique stops by to see about renting an apartment. Both girls start off looking very realistic, which means Monique isn’t looking quite so much like a supermodel, instead looking more like a sluttier babe on the street. The girls feel a connection, which of course brings their tongues together and then over each others’ bodies. Monique goes down on Dorothy first, showing why she really deserves the apartment by caressing Dorothy’s pussy with her tongue before submitting her own twat for some tongue testing. Dorothy also gets first stab with the double dildo, which Monique sucks while playing with her own pussy, before the girls share it as it’s meant to be shared. It’s one of the few Private scenes that doesn’t have any anal sex, but it has much better chemistry than most Private scenes which makes this another winner.

The fifth scene comes from Hell, Whores, and High Heels and places Monique with Nataly Dune, Georgette, Kevin Long, and Tony deSergio and is the second part of a larger scene. Monique Covet, dressed in latex, wheels in a patient dressed in latex who’s wearing a gas mask. She makes him watch as she works over a pink dildo and then comes over to suck him off. They switch around so she can brace herself against the wheelchair as he fucks both her holes. The scene shifts, this time with Monique and another blonde using a large toy as a doctor, who used to be in latex fucking Monique, walks around behind them. The girls go back and forth, and the first nurse joins in as well as another doctor and nurse, making it hard to keep track of who’s who in the scene. They finish it off with a pop on a pussy dripping down into another girl’s mouth as well her going up to lick it off and Monique and another girl sharing a pop, sucking a little out at the end. It’s an extremely hot scene that might put some people in the hospital just watching it.

Monique stays in the fetish mode for the next scene, which was taken from The Splendor of Hell where she works with Anita Paris, Michelle Wild, Franco Roccoforte, and Steve Holmes in a scene that starts in the always sexy meat packing plant. Monique has slaves Anita and Michelle suck off the workers, who are so dedicated that they don’t even let the meat they’re packing fall to the ground as the girls suck them. They break apart so Monique and Michelle can get fucked, and Anita nicely stays around to help both couples. In addition to working over Monique’s pierced pussy, Steve also works over her knees high laced up boots. Michelle leaves Robert so he can fuck Anita, who’s tits bounce so much I thought she might end up with a pair of black eyes, and then heads over to sit on Steve’s face as he continues to fuck Monique. In a nice twist, Michelle’s feet are hooked to the rails the meat slabs hang from, and starts an inverted 69 with Steve. Monique occupies herself very well between the couples, but soon finds her way to Robert, who’s more than happy to stretch out her ass. Anita and Monique finish off the guys with a couple of very nice facials, and Steve even manages to squeeze out an extra pop for Michelle’s face with the other girls lick up very nicely. It’s another extremely hot scene, which I’ve come to expect from Private’s Pirate line.

The next scene comes from Amanda’s Diary 5, and once again pairs Bettina with Monique, but also adds Robert Rosenberg to the mix. Monique and Bettina take a break together in a barn, where Monique’s feet find their way around Bettina’s mouth. Bettina soon finds her way up to Monique’s pussy, but doesn’t get much of a chance to lick it before Robert shows up with a hard cock and a blanket. Bettina keeps up her oral work on Robert before becoming the meat in a Robert - Monique sandwich. Monique also gets stuffed full of Robert’s goodness, but rather than join in right away, Bettina sits off to the side and plays with herself a little. Bettina goes back for a little more pussy pumping, this time with the addition of Robert or Monique’s finger in her ass. Monique follows it up with a real ass fucking before the girls share Robert’s nut butter. It’s another very hot scene with some very good chemistry. The only thing that holds back the scene a little is some of the lighting is a little low in a few parts.

In the final bonus scene, taken from XXX 12, Monique teams up with Anita Paris, Nick Lang, and Steve Holmes for a little birthday celebration where the candles aren’t the things that get blown. Monique and her boyfriend Nick start things off, with Anita and Steve getting busy with each other as soon as they see Nick and Monique getting frisky. Surprisingly, there isn’t much interplay between the two couples. The girls each get both their holes worked by the guy they appear to have arrived with, and don’t interact at all. The first time there’s any interaction between the couples is when Monique gets a DP for another birthday present while Anita watches and fucks herself with the dildo Monique received as part of her earlier birthday present. The girls make their way back to their original partners for the pop shot, which they give into wine glasses that the girls drink down and gargle immediately. It’s a very hot scene, and keeping the couples together throughout almost the entire scene made it nicely different.

There’s also a listing of all of Monique’s movies. The listing includes information about each movie, such as the cast, director, when it was shot, and where it was shot. You also get the trailer and photo gallery for a large portion of the movies. It’s a great resource for fans of Monique, but you have to go through it one at a time rather than looking at a list and picking the movie you want information about manually.

Monique’s magazine photo shoots are also available. You get the magazine as well as the month and year it came out. As one would expect, the photos all look great. They nicely show Monique in a wide variety of settings which nicely shows how different she can look in different settings very well. The only thing you can’t really see well is the magazine covers, which you only see when selecting the photo gallery.

The interview with Monique is very nice, but is given in a magazine form. I assume this makes it easier for translation into all the different languages Private features find their way into. She talks about many of the common porn things, such as how she got into the business, sexual likes and dislikes, and her sexual fantasies. It’s a nice little interview, but is missing some of the personality a video interview catches, even if the dialogue is dubbed or subtitled.

Themes: Straight, group, rimming (male > female), anal, DP, spanking, masturbation, inter-racial, lesbian, foot and shoe worship, toe-ing, tit-fucking, male anal stimulation, and mini-gangbang

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Overall: Currently, The Private Life of Monique Covet can be found online for between $17 (on sale) and $29 with most stores offering it for about $23. For what you get, it’s a bargain! Either DVD would be worth this price and is better than most other DVDs put out today. The sex is hot, the transfer is great, and the extras are just as good as the main feature. If this title interests you, don’t bother renting this one, just buy it.

Note to Private: It’s great to see you supporting the widescreen format in many of your features, but please take your support all the way to anamorphic. The matted format can cause problems for people with widescreen TVs. Also, a couple more menus would be very nice, such as in the filmography on the second DVD. Despite these minor problems, this is a winner of a DVD and I look forward to seeing more in the series.

If you have any questions or comments, please e- mail me .

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