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Private Life Of Alexis, The

Private Life Of Alexis, The

Studio: Private
Category:  Compilation , Foreign
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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scipio's ratings for Private Life Of Alexis, The:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Private Life Of Alexis, The overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Private Life Of Alexis, The Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Private Life Of Alexis, The Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Private Life Of Alexis, The Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Private Life Of Alexis, The Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Private Life Of Alexis, The DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Private Life Of Alexis, The A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by scipio  on  2/3/2008
The Private Life of Alexis

Dir: Various/Compilation

Girls Profiles: A nice little thing to ID the girls with. Also features all of their "Private Works" to date.
Scene Details: Cast, director and location lists for each scene.
Other Titles: Individually-selectable trailers for: Dreams in White 3, Mafia Girlz, Private Sports Instructor, Madagascar Sex Resort, Private Sex Auditions 5 and Jason Colt: The Mystery of the Sexy Diamonds.

Alexis, obviously is the hot blonde on the boxcover. This being Private, none of the scenes feature condoms. Anything else notable will be mentioned by scene. This being a Private Life of... release, we have 2 DVDs with a various number of scenes on each. This disc features 5 on each DVD, which is a little low for this series as they used to often feature up to 10 scenes (or more) per disc. The scenes each have a little snippet of interview between them. The questions are presented as inter-titles, and Alexis' answers by a voice-over translator.


Scene 1: Private Football Club 2006
Alexis, Lisa Rose, Tiffany Rousso, Ram, Zenza Raggi.
Foot fucking, Anal, DP, Facials, Cumswapping.

Zenza Raggi has a swim, then a trio of hot blondes turn up to massage him, which turns to sex, just as another guy (Ram) turns up. The five of them fuck in several configurations, but as all the girls look quite similar it's confusing when trying to work out who and what is going on. I'm pretty sure it's not Alexis who gets analled and DPed. Just average.

Scene 2: Freestyle Sex
Alexis, Alex.
Cumshot on buttcheek.

In this scene, Alexis has a nice red waist cincher corset on. There's a very nice looking blowjob, the usual few porn positions, until finally Alex comes on Alexis' buttcheecks and she cleans him off. Solid but not outstanding.

Scene 3: Sextreme Surf Bodies
Alexis, Toni Ribas.
Beach Sex, Anal, Facial.

Well, with Toni Ribas directing, who could blame him from putting himself in a scene with the lovely Alexis. After all, it saves him money on male talent ...amongst the other fringe benefits. She starts off walking on a deserted beach with a pink bikini on, then does a little strip for us. Surfer guy Ribas walks on, plants his board, and the scene begins. Again we have the usual porn positions, though Toni's surfboard prop is put into service for the RC so they both get a little less sand up their asses, at least for awhile. By the end they're pretty much coated in sand and there's more RC, doggy and spoon directly on the sand with no board in sight. To finish, Alexis jerks Toni off in her face.

Visually the scene looks like it was shot late in the day, and as the sun is behind the two of them for the entire shoot, there is a lot of lens flare and the background is washed out. Pretty decent overall, though.

Scene 4: Wild Wet Beaches (1)
Alexis, Toni Ribas.

Uhm, like I said already about Toni and Alexis. I guess Toni doesn't mind working with her at all, which I can find quite understandable. This time the setting seems to be a beachfront house rather then down on the sand. Alexis wears a pale green dress for a few seconds before it's peeled off. But then her outfit resets as she is met by Toni in a large covered outdoor lounge area. Toni even takes one of her large earrings off during the blowjob so it doesn't obscure her face. Once again we get the same few porn positions (missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, blowjob, spoon, doggie) with a couple of variations on some. This scene also features some piledriver, and it's from the piledriver that Toni pulls out and deposits his seed on Alexis' chin before going back down on her.

Again, pretty good. Not brilliant, but solid. Toni's video tech doesn't seem to be as good as some others out there, as the colour is consistently quite dull and washed out.

Scene 5: Exclusive Scene
Alexis, Toni Ribas.
Titfuck cumshot.

There seems to be a pattern emerging here... this time it's a POV scene. Alexis dances around in a bathroom stripping off as she goes. She then goes outside and leans against the wall until Toni's POV Penis appears. She blows him outside for a bit before moving inside, and then to a bedroom. Pretty standard POV stuff really, of course it's hard to get it perfect, especially when the performer is operating the camera himself without another guy hanging over his shoulder with the camera (which then creates its own problems). Finally, Alexis titfucks Toni till he comes all over her breasts.

It's okay. Better than a fair few POV scenes I have seen but as with everything else on this release so far, nothing outstanding.


Scene 6: Wild Wet Beaches (2)
Alexis, Sabrina Sweet, Choky Ice, David Perry.
Anal, Cumshot on breasts, Cumshot on pussy.

With 2 scenes taken from the (probably) 5 in Wild Wet Beaches, there's probably little point in considering buying that disc. Sabrina Sweet is a hot natural-breasted brunette, and the two of them start out in an artsy intro getting into each other poolside, though it's shot in a heavily-edited music video manner, so mot much use for whacking, which is a shame since both girls are hot and the sapphic action is visually quite good. After a few minutes, the guys arrive and it's time to stop the distracting and annoying style of footage so nothing distracts from the cocksucking. Apparently.

It's the usual 2-on-2 stuff really, they pair off into two couples who have side-by side sex in the various standard positions. Sabrina does some RAC. After quite an unusually long while the guys swap girls and Sabrina again does RAC. They swap again and Alexis blows Choky till he eventually jerks off on her breasts while David buttfucks Sabrina doggystyle till he comes all over her ass and pussy. Then the girls embrace and kiss and lick one another.

Slightly unusual, and very by the numbers in terms of acts and positions, yet the scene lacked any form of 2-on-1 from either the guys (DP, etc) or the girls (double BJs). They just paired off and fucked, swapped a couple of times, then had their cumshots. Once again it was shot with the sun in behind the performers resulting in some lens flare and such from time to time. Only Sabrina did anal.

Scene 7: Hi-Speed Sex 3
Alexis, Toni Ribas.
Titfuck cumshot.

Yep, definitely a pattern. Alexis poses naked while lying on top of a Porsche. Then we cut to the same Porsche pulling up on a grassy lawn area outside a villa while inside Alexis gives Toni (who is wearing a Private Gladiator T-Shirt) a blowjob. They soon get out of the car and they suck and fuck one another against it, on it and around it. The picture and colour is pretty good this time, and Alexis looks at probably her best so far from this disc. The finish comes when Toni tit-fucks Alexis and blows all over her chest and neck.

Quite decent. Not awesome, but it works well.

Scene 8: Ibiza Sex Party 3
Alexis, Boroka Balls, Jessica Girl, Nicky Angel, Ian Scott, Kid Jamaica, Leny Ewil, Mike Angelo.

Here we have something new - a Toni Ribas-directed scene with Alexis without Toni himself shagging her! This is an orgy scene. According to the interview, Alexis didn't enjoy the scene and it was a mess. It starts in a harem type location with the four guys lazing around on a large pillowed and blanketed area while the four girls (all blondes) go to work on them. They then pretty much just stay paired up for quite awhile, though Kid Jamaica and his girl are missing from much of the action. It takes awhile, but eventually, the seven performers who aren't Jamaica and whoever it is he's fucking morph into the typical, well, clusterfuck of group sex. (no idea where Jamaica went to).

The problem I usually have with multiple-girl scenes in porn is that usually one girl is much more appealing to me than the other(s) and so then the other girls become a distraction. In orgies like this the problem is just exacerbated, particularly when all four of the women have a similar look, and it just becomes too hard to focus on anything, especially with the inevitable constant cuts to show all the action and participants. Basically, I don't like orgies, but as orgies go, it was quite decent. Hot girls, decent guys.

Scene 9: Powerboat Sex
Alexis, Zafira, Leny Ewil.
Cumshot on breasts.

Another music-video-style introduction with Alexis and Zafira, another hot brunette, lezing it up and posing looking sexy on the back of a speedboat. After a short while we have a bit of normally-shot g/g stuff on the foredeck of the boat as the sun starts to sink and the boat rocks..
The g/g stuff is quite decent, mostly because the women are both beautiful, though Leny turns up after several minutes to inject a penis into the proceedings. This time though, the girls interact and have sex with one another rather than just waiting for the guy. One thing's for sure, it looks bloody windy on the front of that boat. As in every other scene in this comp, Alexis looks great in reverse cowgirl. Oddly, Zafira didn't get fucked by or even touch Leny in this scene. Alexis jerks Leny off onto her breasts, then the girls kiss as the light fades into the sunset.

Scene 10: Exclusive Scene
Alexis, James Brossman.

Alexis and James make out against a cinder block wall somewhere with a sandy floor. She's dressed in the corset that she wears on the boxcover, and soon drops to her knees to delivery another quality blowjob. Soon they lay down on a sheet-covered futon mattress. The setting is quite dull and doesn't do the scene any favours. If the background were a little or a lot more lush and green it would make the performers and the sex stand out a bit more, because as good as the pair look, the setting they're fucking in detracts from their scene and the heat. Finally, James jerks his watery load onto her chin and cheek to finish up.

Not the best entry from the Private Life of Series I have viewed, but still quite a decent bit of porn. Depending on how you view these discs really defines the score for "extras". Private kind of makes out that the entire second disc is "Extras" and they also imply that the two new exclusive scenes are extras. If this were the case, though, the "feature" would be 4 scenes long, and I can hardly rate the thing based on that. For this reason, I rate it as having few extras, and 10 scenes over 2 DVDs. Technical quality on the scenes in this release is below par for Private, who are usually very good, and the sex is very tame for Private, with the star of the disc not receiving any anal sex at all, let alone the usual DP-fest that Private is so well known for. There's not even very many facials, unusually.

The main thing in this disc's favour is that Alexis is very attractive, and the disc features 10 scenes, so even taking into account the below par scenes, there should still be enough content to make it a worthwhile purchase, especially if you can pick it up for a good price.

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