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Private Gold 95: Mafia Girlz

Private Gold 95: Mafia Girlz

Studio: Private
Category:  Feature film , Foreign
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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Zorge's ratings for Private Gold 95: Mafia Girlz:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Private Gold 95: Mafia Girlz overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Private Gold 95: Mafia Girlz Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Private Gold 95: Mafia Girlz Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Private Gold 95: Mafia Girlz Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Private Gold 95: Mafia Girlz Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Private Gold 95: Mafia Girlz DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Private Gold 95: Mafia Girlz A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Zorge  on  1/3/2008
Overall Impressions:
I was quite excited going into this one and I wasn't disappointed *(Well, I was in one regard, but we'll get to that soon). While I was unaware of the up-and-coming director X-Off prior to this release (his second feature for Private) the cast looked rather stunning and the costuming and look of the box made it seem like it would be interesting. Well it is interesting, and the set-up and plot of the movie out-do most of my expectations for loose porn with a plot set-ups. It involves a loose-knit story of several European "tribes" that are involved in some sort of war, and while the movie isn't dated specifically, I get a sense that the movie mixes the early twentieth century and the current day. The acting is quite good enough and the movie doesn't take itself too seriously, though it's definitely not a comedy either. Anyhow, lead woman Honey Manka performs her role exceptionally, while Omar Galanti holds his own as her power-hungry and lusting brother. Manka also acts as a continual narrator, and she has such a great voice which also really adds a lot to the movie.

The filming and video quality are excellent, too. The only other issue I can think of is that some fans will probably take issue with some of the "not quite straightforward" angles and editing, but I feel that most of the choices in that regard work pretty well, they just aren't always the normal porn angles. I've read in an interview on Private's website that X-Off uses film crews from mainstream, as he apparently also works in mainstream Spanish media. I don't know if that means much, but I suppose it means he has resources, and he puts them to use well. The film looks excellent and there are good angles on the action, though sometimes the angles aren't always direct. None of this would matter much if the action was poor, but all the scenes are performed quite nicely, and they've gathered a rather nice cast here of both female and male talent, with all the girls looking great throughout. The soundtracking is interesting as well, it is split between some traditional Italian style music (performed by Cirque Soleil musicians, that's what the interview stated anyhow), and some electro music credited to X-Off himself. All of it works great in the film.

My only disappointment here is that I expected going in that the protagonist Manko would eventually have a sex scene in the movie. That doesn't happen, sadly. After looking her up I found that she is a model for Suicide Girls, so she's a model and not a hardcore performer. So, we do get some nice shots of her here, including her quite wonderful tits, but no full-on action which is too bad, because if she'd have done anything at all I'd likely be giving this a 5 out of 5 rating, I think she's really that stunning! Nonetheless, it was still great to watch her in the movie, and to partly make up for things there are some other stunning beauties that do enter into some hardcore action here, most notably one of my new favorite girls to look at: Regina Ice. In fact, Regina does some very nice DP action!

All in all, I think X-Off seems like a very promising director. I look forward to going back and perhaps checking out Evil Geishas Hotel at some poing (his first release for Private).

Mafia Girlz takes off from what is best in Private features and adds a slightly avant-garde touch, with high production values all the while maintaining very strong sex scenes that highlight strong performances from the talent.
It's a good balance for a porn movie, the plot and set-up hold things together enough and the arrangement and editing keep things interesting to make for compelling viewing to hold my interest between sex scenes (and provide enough eye candy throughout, which doesn't hurt).

The Sex in brief:
The first sex scene feature the very hot wavy haired Lucy Belle doing a hardcore all-vag romp with Omar.
The second sex scene also features Omar, and another bloke taking on Lady Mai. She does a bit of anal. The other guy bows out and leaves Omar to finish up with Lady Mai, and she slides on him as he lays on his back and she jerks him off with her hand.

The third sex scene features redhead Claudia Adams taking on one of the men, while Jessica Girl is there to pose and rub a wine bottle on herself. Claudia does some RCG, doggy and cowgirl before getting some cum in her mouth. Then they shoot the guy, but not for real, just in the movie.

Sex scene four features Regina Ice playing with Lady Mai and a guy. Did I mention that I think Regina is one of the hottest girls to ever do porn? Well, that's what I think. She's an remarkably sexy blonde with incredible natural looks. Anyhow, the two girls team up on blowing the guy until he cums and they continue licking him.

In the fifth sex scene, we get Regina and Lucy Belle teaming up, and they're the two hottest girls here aside from Manka, so that's quite a treat! (Oh and Lucy is supposed to play a deaf-mute, but she sure moans a lot during the sex, she just doesn't say anything.) While the girls play with each other, Omar and another guy are in the room getting ready and they soon come over to have the girls ride them. The girls both get some in RCG, doggy and spoon before the two guys team up to DP Regina in cowgirl, then RCG. From there, each guy gets on top of a girl from behind, but we don't see the penetration in that position. The cumshots consist of Lucy getting some on her chest, and Regina getting some cum on her ass as she lies on her stomach. But, there is something that may bother some people here, as Omar licks up his own cum from Lucy's chest and spits it in her mouth (a heads up to you if you feel weird about that.)

The last sex scene begins with (recently retired) Suzie Diamond who looks great here, and Lucy Belle swimming naked in an indoor pool. Omar comes in and gets some oral from both girls. Eventually he screws Suzie in mish anal next to the pool. (There is a fake gun involved here too, which may bother some, but guns have been part of the set-up of the movie throughout.) They do some nice doggy anal action, and more mish anal, Lucy occasionally providing some ATOGM and Suzie occasionally showing some nice gapes. To finish, Suzie puts on Omar's sunglasses and gets cummed on her face.

Extras and Such:
There is a nice Behind the Scenes which is guided by Manka. And there are the Girls Profiles, which shows where the girls have appeared in other Private titles and gives their stats. Also, trailers for 5 other Private movies.

Conclusions: I highly recommend this one, to fans of Private, to Alt-porn fans (the suicide girl presence plus the slightly eschew plot and arrangement, combined with the production values I think make it alt-friendly), I also think there's enough action to interest fans of hardcore gonzo as the sex scenes are solid here. And though Manka doesn't get it on in the movie, at least you could dream about it.

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