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Private Gold 79: Sex Angels 2

Private Gold 79: Sex Angels 2

Studio: Private
Category:  Feature film , Foreign
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baskkk2003's ratings for Private Gold 79: Sex Angels 2:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Private Gold 79: Sex Angels 2 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Private Gold 79: Sex Angels 2 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Private Gold 79: Sex Angels 2 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Private Gold 79: Sex Angels 2 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Private Gold 79: Sex Angels 2 Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Private Gold 79: Sex Angels 2 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Private Gold 79: Sex Angels 2 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by baskkk2003  on  8/7/2006
Private's 'Sex Angels: 2' is now with us, and for this version Mya Diamond is joined by Lilane Tiger and Tiffany Hopkins as her fellow angels - and by Sonia Baby as a "fallen angel" bad-girl. There are other girls, too, in the supporting cast, but the emphasis is firmly on these four leads.

Tiffany Hopkins is one of those Private starlets who has an impressive chameleon quality - her image is capable of radical transformation from one appearance to another, depending on theme, hair-style, make-up and costume. In this film, she appears as quite a fleshy sexpot, her body-type contrasting well with the girly, petite Lilane Tiger and the apple-bottomed, apple-breasted Mya Diamond. Tiffany is good value here - she gets well and truly fucked in her scenes, and she's especially good at giving deep throat and taking it up the ass. Newcummer Sonia Baby is a slim girl with a down-and-dirty, slutty look which suits her "fallen angel" persona. In fact, in her 'Exclusive Scene', there is more than a hint of 'heroin chic'.

The plot is even more flimsy than in the original 'Sex Angels' - to the point that it's scarcely worth commenting on - but there is still a smattering of 'Charlie's Angels'-style tomfoolery to enjoy in between the sex scenes, especially in relation to Mya's character. Mya reprises her comic turn as a cat-suited "angel" with the kick-ass attitude of a mischievous dominatrix, and it's her character who gets to play in the token action scenes - including a 'Goldeneye'-style bungee jump from the top of a cliff. There's a really amusing moment at the end of one of Mya's scenes where two beefcake bad asses have just fucked her and splashed spunk all over her face and tits. Their lust satisfied, they pull out their guns with the intention of taking out this "angel". But she looks up at them with such an appealing, pouting sulk (and with a long trail of cum still hanging from her chin!) that the bad guys waver and decide that, after all, they just can't kill her - she's far too cute! Mya has tricked them... As soon as they've lowered their weapons her expression changes from sweet and hapless to mean and murderous - she whips out two guns of her own from behind her back (one in each hand) and promptly wastes the two guys! Mya has another comic scene with an incarcerated 'Hannibal Lester', who confuses her with Jodie Foster's Clarisse and urges her not to be afraid as he munches on her pussy. The dialogue between Mya and Hannibal is never more than semi-witty, but its naff quality is hilarious in itself.

In my review of 'Sex Angels' I said that overall I enjoyed the film but I also had some criticisms. One criticism was that the movie didn't do enough to exploit the seventies stylings which went with the original 'Charlie's Angels' TV show. I was therefore delighted with some of the retro looks designed for Lilane Tiger in 'Sex Angels 2'. Her first sex scene, set in her apartment, is prefaced by a solo sequence where she happily bops away to a jazzy rock number, wearing cute pigtails in the style of a Russ Meyer 'Super Vixen', a loose top with the 'Private' logo on it, and a tight-fitting pair of Y-fronts coloured pastel blue, pink and yellow. This is a sequence of innocent, sexy fun which wouldn't have looked out of place as the warm-up in an early 'Color Climax' reel: it has a taste of the seventies about it. For the same reason I also love the pink stetson hat Lilane wears later on, while hanging out with Tiffany in the hick country-and-western bar; and the other occasional uses of seventies-sounding porn music.

Another criticism I made of the original 'Sex Angels' was that some of the dubbing was quite jarring. The lead roles in 'Sex Angels 2' are dubbed once again, but this time I find the voice work much more effective and attractive. In particular, Mya's character is given a girly voice with a posh English accent - which is really cute and exciting as a counterpoint to all her dominant scowling and the lean, nasty look in her increasingly porn-hardened face. Thus the character's name, Lucy, is no longer just a nod to Lucy Liu: it also matches this new voice as a name typical of a posh 'English rose'.

Overall, Dominguez appears to be more at ease this time round, playing down the parody and playing up the sex. The production values are more consistent in quality and the hardcore content is hot and raunchy. There is, of course, plenty of anal to enjoy, a range of DPs and some messy cumshots. The cameraman knows what we want to see and isn't shy about taking us there.

'Sex Angels 2' hasn't been released to quite the same degree of hype as the first 'Sex Angels' movie. Perhaps the main Private fanfare is still being reserved for Woodman's return in the 'Sex City' trilogy. However, I find myself hungry for more background information about 'Sex Angels 2'. The box sleeve promises more 'Extra Materials' than are actually on the disc: there is a 'Behind The Scenes' feature but I couldn't find the 'Backstage' item which is also billed, or the 'Photobook'. The 'Behind The Scenes' entry is a stylish montage of clips from the movie mixed with footage of backstage preparations, but the whole thing is set to music like a pop video so there are no commentaries or interviews this time. I wanted to find out more about that bungee jump... I swear that the stuntwoman looks like she's about to swing headlong into the cliff face!



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