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Private Gold 67: Millionaire

Private Gold 67: Millionaire

Studio: Private
Category:  Couples , Feature film , Foreign
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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ExperimentalGuy's ratings for Private Gold 67: Millionaire:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Private Gold 67: Millionaire overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Private Gold 67: Millionaire Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Private Gold 67: Millionaire Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Private Gold 67: Millionaire Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Private Gold 67: Millionaire Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Private Gold 67: Millionaire DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Private Gold 67: Millionaire A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by ExperimentalGuy  on  1/16/2005


Directed by Alessandro Del Mar
Running time (approx): 101mins (Feature) 150mins (Extras) – Total: 251mins

Once again, Private have delivered another lavish epic, this time spanning two separate DVD releases (like Cleopatra – look out for my review of part 2 in the near future) and with a wealth of exotic locations, very high production values and a stellar cast of beautiful, sexy euro-babes and more than capable studs. The story follows the discovery of a map, torn into five separate pieces and hidden in five different locations around the world. Stolen from the Nazi’s in the closing days of the Second World War, the map promises to lead whoever assembles it to the location of buried Nazi gold, worth over $100 million dollars. Pretty good concept for an adult film, don’t you think? Well let’s see if the sex, as is important in any adult title, lives up to the great premise…

Scene One
After a short introduction that sets the plot of the film up nicely, we join a long haired man (character name: Robert) on the deck of a yacht with a lovely dark haired girl in a bikini (Lucy Lee), and she sucks his cock leisurely. This is a great location, filmed in the day time with the view of the deep blue ocean all around. Although this is not unusual for Private, it was for me, and really added a lot to the scene. The acting I might add so far seems good, and for once, all the dialogue is English spoken, not dubbed!! Soon he is fucking her in the spoons position gradually swapping over to her ass for some lingering anal that progresses into reverse cowgirl. The bikini is shed soon into the scene and the girl has a perfect, natural body, as can be expected from a Private feature. Robert finally jerks off and squirts into Lucy’s mouth, although this is a little obscured and not very clear – a let down for an otherwise excellent opening scene!

Scene Two
Next we meet a guy relaxing in a swimming pool with two girls, although we switch to a recliner for the main event. Another eye-catching location, obviously in the grounds of an expensive villa. This guy (Phillip Dean) is a bit more muscular than the last and his two friends, a lovely blonde (Alicia) and a very sexy brunette (Alexa May) with short cropped hair really turned me on. The sex starts out with Alicia blowing Phillip whilst he kisses and fondles Alexa, then the two swap places, so Alexa can suck his cock as Alicia sits over his face, and he pays attention to her ass with his tongue. Both girls are in bikinis, but these are shed pretty quickly, and we get some great fucking as Alexa receives reverse cowgirl, followed by reverse cowgirl anal on Alicia, then Alexa has cowgirl anal, with some nice interaction between the girls, finishing with spoons anal (Alicia). Alexa masturbates redundantly beside them, but is rewarded for her patients by receiving the nice cum shot to her mouth, that she jerks off with one hand, but again, it’s a weak blast, with Alicia only aloud to clean him up afterwards.

Scene Three
Two wealthy brothers, a spiky haired blonde guy (character name: Hans) and a smooth haired dark guy are joined in a room by a sexy blonde (Delfinn Delage) in a cocktail dress. Soon they are kissing and caressing her, and Hans works over her ass, fingering her pussy from behind as she blows his brother. This scene is a little hotter than the last two and Delfinn, whose hair is fixed in clips and is wearing tan-fishnet stockings under her dress, is more than capable of pleasing both studs. Duel cock sucking is quickly followed by some great doggy anal, and this girl has a great ass!! She blows Hans at the same time, then receives some fast and frantic reverse cowgirl anal, that looks really great. She begs for some pussy action, and is soon getting fucked by both in an expected DP, which although I generally don’t like DPs, this one is great as the screen is not once filled with big hairy man-asses! Scene concludes with a good jerk-to-pop from Hans to the girl’s mouth / chin / breasts, and his brother blows an equally good load on her pussy.

Scene Four
The same two brothers get a second scene shortly after the last, this time with another hot blonde (Lenny Power), in a black cocktail dress but with black stockings this time – I can’t decide which I prefer, this girl or the last one. It puzzled me the choice of scene to follow the last one, but who am I to question Private? Hans again starts out on her ass, paying particular attention to it with his tongue, and then stands up to let Lenny suck his cock as she jerks off his brother. The pace, location and the quality are deja-vu, but when it’s this erotic – who cares? Out of the two scenes, I prefer this one because of my liking of black stockings – we also get vaginal reverse cowgirl, followed by anal missionary – all the time mixed with some really nice blow job shots – then of course some DP, again filmed much better than you normally see in Gonzo DVDs. The dark haired brother is jerked off by Lenny until he cums on her pussy, and Hans pops-a-nut on her neck / chest with a little on her mouth.

Scene Five
This is the first sex scene with leading lady Claudia Ferrari, joined by a cute blonde (Sarah Blue) and a guy in a Hawaiian shirt, set in some flash villa in Spain – Claudia is using her womanly charms to get closer to the map pieces – and who would refuse her? She’s dressed in fishnet stockings and a black top, and the sex is already in full flow as the scene begins. Sarah tongues and fingers Claudia’s pussy as she reclines on a sofa, with the guy next to her, caressing her legs that are also in high heeled boots. Up to now, Claudia has really grabbed me as a slutty-looking but very very sexy brunette with a great body and it turns out, some wonderful ‘I love to be fucked’ expressions. Next Claudia sucks cock whilst kneeling on the floor as Sarah and the guy kiss standing up, then Claudia is fucked missionary, as Sarah kisses her and caresses her tits. Sarah then rides the guy in reverse cowgirl, with the action now switching to a bed, and Claudia soon receives some doggy anal whilst she fingers Sarah who’s lying before her with her legs in the air – very nice! Next Sarah is fucked up the ass as she is spooned by the guy, who’s fingering Claudia as she lies behind him. Claudia eventually gets some missionary anal and the scene concludes with a nice spray of juice from the guy as Claudia jerks him off, and he splashed her face and Sarah’s beautiful ass and pussy. The best scene so far.

Scene Six
We switch to a brighter out door scene that takes place on a boat, where a muscular guy (character name: Pablo) is being entertained by two lovely girls, this time two hot blondes! (Elen Nevaril & Jessica May) Elan starts out jerking his cock as they stand up together with a view of the sky behind them, and this is another nice looking scene! I’m really warming to out door sex scenes!! Anyway, Elan sucks him for a bit, before we switch to Pablo sitting down, and the luscious-assed Jessica sucking his cock – and I might add, I think this scene features some of the most erotic cock sucking in the film!! Soon Jessica is fucking in reverse cowgirl, and then Elan is fucked in spoons as Jessica stands over them playing with herself – I was a little distracted by the mole / pimple on Elan’s thigh, I must say. Then she is fucked in the ass in doggy, and this all concludes with Pablo jerking his load onto Elan’s tits, and it has to be said, he really sprays them!!

Scene Seven
This is the shortest scene in the film, but still worked for me. Claudia Ferrari gets around a guy who has access to a Russian prostitute house, by sucking his cock to a great facial – this well endowed guy looks totally pleased with himself, and it is a well filmed scene with Claudia sucking cock like she was born to do it. Nice!

Scene Eight & Nine
The next two scenes are almost one big scene, as we switch occasionally between the two – I’ll do my best to describe each one separately. Robert, returning from scene one, joins two stunning prostitutes in a very elegant bedroom within a Russian brothel. Wow – these two girls are mouth watering, in the shape of Simony Diamond (yes, that Simony) and Stacy Silver, both wearing red lingerie and black boots – yummy!! Robert starts out tonguing Simony’s sweet pussy, as Stacy masturbates beside them, then Simony is sucking Robert’s cock as he kisses Stacy and she occasionally lends a hand. Soon Robert is fucking Simony in a standing missionary, with Stacy taking his cock out and sucking it in between. Then he fucks Stacy in doggy as she licks and fingers Simony, who soon receives some cowgirl anal. Scene switches to the next scene for a while before coming back. Robert is fucking Stacy in reverse cowgirl anal when we return, but is soon interrupted when Claudia (star of the next scene) contacts him on his phone, and he has to answer it. He eventually jerks off and squirts over Stacy’s ass, missing Simony’s completely!

At the same time, Claudia is in a three man gang bang, and this is one hot scene. She’s wearing imaginatively seamed fishnet stockings, red high heels, lacy gloves and a basque and looks good enough to eat as she takes on three well endowed studs. At first she is lying on her back, sucking two cocks as the third fucks her in missionary, then she is fucked in a DP, occasionally sucking the third cock, and again this is expertly filmed. Positions swap around a few times, but the heat is always turned up to 11, and I really liked it. Eventually a fourth man arrives, for Claudia to suck off, a job she performs perfectly to an explosive, four way cum blast, with each guy taking it in turns to spray Claudia’s pretty face. A suitably excellent conclusion to this first part of Millionaire.

DVD extras
This 2 DVD set is packed. The first has a very good feature length commentary by the director, as well as girl profiles, production notes and trailers for other titles. The second DVD boasts over 2 and a half hours of content, including three additional scenes (one hidden) and a making of as well as a pretty funny shooting diary where we follow the director around various sets of the movie (and also get a glimpse of part 2!). Add to this trailers and photo galleries, amongst other things and I doubt anyone will be left wanting.

Final thoughts
As far as locations go, I can see where Private are coming from in the claim of ‘the most ambitious adult super production ever’, but as far as the story goes, this isn’t anything that special. The sex is first rate though, and the girls are really something to blow your load about. Perhaps once I see part two, I’ll get a better understanding of this films ideas and overall impact on me. I think if you are a fan of Private – you’ll know exactly what you’re going to get anyway, as I could not really fault any of the sex, apart from a few personal taste issues. There is a lot of bang for your buck packed into the 1hr 40 minute run time, and Private have tried to go a little further with this one, and it shows – the English spoken dialogue was a refreshing change, and all of the sex was equally non-dubbed, which if you know anything about Private – is a rarity.

Verdict 4 /5

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