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Private Gold 46: Riviera 3

Private Gold 46: Riviera 3

Studio: Private
Category:  Feature film , Foreign , Straight
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AlexGogol's ratings for Private Gold 46: Riviera 3:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Private Gold 46: Riviera 3 overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Private Gold 46: Riviera 3 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Private Gold 46: Riviera 3 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Private Gold 46: Riviera 3 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Private Gold 46: Riviera 3 Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Private Gold 46: Riviera 3 DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Private Gold 46: Riviera 3 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by AlexGogol  on  8/12/2001
Title: Reviera 3
Year of Production: 2001
Running Time: 179 min.
Studio: Private/Fraserside Holdings, Ltd.
Angelina Sweet, James Brossman, Suzan Strong, Pasca St-James, Asian Shan, Ian Scott, Niki Blond, Reda, Sharon Bright, Ann Kiray, Jpx, Katy, Adrienne, David Perry, Andy, Monica, Zoltan, Mephisto, Carla,

Director: Pierre Woodman

It’s the thrid part of the Reviera saop opera series. The intro section briefs us on what happened in the first part and the second part – please refer to my review of Reviera 2.
Sylvia informs Geraldine that she and her son are a brother and a sister, so they must stop seeing each other. Geraldine demands an explanation, so Sylvia tell her story. It appears that she and Geraldine’s mother Louise shared an apartment when they were young. Geraldine’s mother was married to a war correspondent who was always away, and in order to feed herself and pay Sylvia’s rent, she had to become a prostitute. Sylvia was angry at her for bringing and f…ing all those guys in her apartment, but then decided to prove that she is not frigid and is able of something more than just talking, so one night she went out with an intention to get laid.

Scene 1: Louise and Her Client
Geraldine’s mother used to sell her body, so we are given a glimpse into the past – a beautiful young prostitute brings a guy home, demands her compensation up front, and then has sex with her client. Excellent couple, European sex set (oral, vaginal, anal), outstanding video and audio quality.

Scene 2: Sylvia’s Stupid Move
In order to prove that she is not frigid, Sylvia decides to go out and get laid. She goes to a bar and finds 4 military guys who pay for her Champaign. She then offers them to have sex with her. It’s a great scene – the beautiful young Sylvia + 4 guy who bang her in all holes – she sucks dicks and gets screwed from behind. All four cum into her mouth and all over her face at once – what a view!!!

Scene 3: By the Pool
One day, Geraldine’s mother invited Sylvia to her lover’s house – it was Jean, who was married to someone else at that time. Sylvia fell in love with him at first sight. Geraldine’s mother didn’t love him – she just had sex with him for money, and Jean used to screw her everywhere – for instance, by the pool – we see another European sex scene, great sunlit background, great looking performers.

Jean was crazy about Geraldine’s mother, filed for divorce with his current wife, so he could marry Louise, who herself was married to another guy, but Jean didn’t know that. Sylvia’s love for Jean kept growing every day, but at that time Jean just ignored her. She went thru hell… We don’t know the end of the story because Philip comes home and interrupts them. He is trying to kiss Geraldine, but she says she wants to be alone, etc.

In the evening, the whole family except Philip is gathered at the dinner table. Jean and Sylvia don’t talk to each other, which irritates Mike and Caroline, so they leave, and their parents can discuss the matter – Jean still has no idea about what’s going on, and Sylvia says she doesn’t want her son to get involved with the first whore who comes around.

Scene 4: Poker Game
On her way to her room, Caroline stops by the servant’s room to remind him that he had to visit her that night. The servant has friends over – they are playing poker. Caroline offers to play strip poker with all of them, but starts undressing before the game even begins. It so happens that all three dicks end up inside of Caroline – one in her mouth, another one in vagina, and the last one – in her ass. She moans and makes great facial expressions. All three guys cum onto her face in the end. It’s an outstanding scene!!!

Geraldine goes to Sylvia to hear the end of the story. So Sylvia continues her story – one day a letter for Louise came – it said that Louise’s husband was seriously wounded and placed into the hospital in London.
Before leaving for London to see her husband, Louise left a letter for Jean, but Sylvia destroyed it and told Jean that Louise was married.

Scene 5: Jean with 2 Prostitutes
Jean gets mad at Louise and Sylvia for fooling him all this time, so he takes his revenge by bringing home two cute hookers - they have a nice threesome. The only problem with this scene is its unnatural lighting. This scene has only oral and anal sex – no vaginal whatsoever!!!

Jean comes drunk to Sylvia’s apartment, and falls asleep. In the morning, he writes a letter to Louise that he would be away for 5 days, and asks Sylvia to give it to her. Sylvia does the same thing to this letter as to the letter from Louise to Jean.

Jean comes back in 5 days, and Louise is still away – he is furious. He goes to a strip night club, but nothing can console him, and he leaves it, even though the girls there are very hot and sexy. Jean’s friends stay and get everything out of it – they bang the strip girls in all kinds of positions (4 guys, 3 girls).

Louise called from London – she wanted to speak with Jean, but Sylvia said that he didn’t want to see her anymore. This way she kept Jean all to herself. They got married, and a couple of months later Louise called Sylvia and informed her that she had Jean’s baby – Geraldine. Two years later she made another phone call and said that her baby daughter is growing fast, etc. At that time, Sylvia was pregnant as well – she was expecting a boy.
The story is over, and the bottom line is that Geraldine must not see Sylvia’s son anymore. On the way home, Sylvia meets him and they have a serious conversation – he doesn’t believe her and leaves the house.

Scene 6: Philip and His Ex-Girlfriend
Philip is sick of all this, so he calls one of his ex-girlfriends and invites her over – they have oral, vaginal, and anal sex. The female performer in this scene is absolutely adorable – she makes great facial expressions, her moaning is incredible. The sex positions in this scene are very imaginative + great background.

Geraldine comes home and tells her mother what happened to her and how she met a guy, fell in love with him, and then it turned out that she was her brother. Louise had a slightly different story to tell – she indeed was pregnant with Jean’s baby, but she loved her husband very much and wanted to have children only by him, so she went for an abortion, and then got pregnant again – the new baby was also a girl – and so Geraldine was born. This story made Geraldine very happy, and she went back to Philip and told her everything.

Scene 7: Celebration
To celebrate the end of their troubles, they plunge into a very energetic sex. Geraldine is incredibly beautiful in this scene – she’s enjoying the sex so much, her screaming from an anal penetration will make you cum. It’s a much better scene with her than in Riviera 2.

Overall: the best performers, great sex, lush background, excellent video quality - that's all about Riviera 3.

The Report: behind the scene peek and general overview of the movie – great piece of work
Cast Bios:
The Trailer of Riviera 3
Production Notes
Photobook: HQ stills from the feature
Trailers: 5 trailers of Private features
Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian + subtitles (Dutch, Portuguese, etc.)

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