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Private Gold 19: Sex Voyage

Private Gold 19: Sex Voyage

Studio: Private
Category:  Feature film , Foreign , Straight
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Speelie's ratings for Private Gold 19: Sex Voyage:
Overall Rating 2 stars
Private Gold 19: Sex Voyage overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks Private Gold 19: Sex Voyage Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks Private Gold 19: Sex Voyage Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Private Gold 19: Sex Voyage Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting Private Gold 19: Sex Voyage Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras Private Gold 19: Sex Voyage DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Private Gold 19: Sex Voyage A/V Quality rating 1.5 stars
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Reviewed by Speelie  on  7/31/2001
Directed by Jurgen Woolf Released 1997 VHS, 2001 DVD
Cast: Dina Jewel, Susan, Petty, Danielle, Susanna, Orsolya, Roxy, Karen, Orsolya Blond, Eva Tyson, Jack Slater, Zoltan Hess, Attila Hun (aka Nick Lang), Francesco Martin, Andrew Youngman, Rudolf Antrim, Mike Foster (one of the guys is Zenza Raggi under a different name)

Sex Voyage is the red-headed step sister to Private's Operation: Sex Seige, shot at the same time with the same cast on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean. The ship, painted with the Private logo, sailed to various ports in the western part of the sea, where Nic Cramer shot intensive set- piece action sequences (and some mediocre sex) for the big budget Sex Seige. My impression is that Sex Voyage had to shoot what it could, when it could, resulting in a so-so movie, one that does not hold up to the Private standard.

It doesn't help that the video quality is abyssmal for a DVD, under-lit and with mucho grain. Still, things can't be too bad when Dina Jewel is on hand as star. She's an extremely pretty Norwegian who made several (not nearly enough!) movies in Europe and the USA between 1997-1999. For Sex Voyage and Sex Seige, she was early in her career, and had her blonde hair dyed dark. She was attractive, but looked even better later, when she grew her hair out and toned her body a bit through exercise.

Dina always spoke good English, and it is to Woolf's credit that he used her real voice for the voice-over that opens Sex Voyage. As we see her driven around a city in a carriage, she tells us that she hates her boyfriend, and is ready to leave him. When Dina arrives home, she tries to show off her new (very short) dress, but her boyfriend only wants one thing. He shuts her up, and pushes her to her knees, telling her, "Suck me!"

Dina obliges him, and soon is on her knees getting boned in doggy. The action switches to spoon, and then reverse cowgirl, allowing us to see her lovely breasts. She is supposed to be with a creep, and she has a look of pained disgust on her face the whole time. So while her body is beautiful during the energetic action, there is an intentional lack of passion here, which isn't beneficial to the mood of the viewer, at least not to this one.

Dina's had enough of her SO, and so she does leave him. As she stomps madly through the city, she spies the Private cruiser docked in port, and decides to check it out. In a lame plot device, she is caught trying to run past the ticket taker, and is brought to the captain. He threatens to call the police, but she begs for a chance at a new life. The captain is more than willing to offer her a place on board, if she can demonstrate "Private girl personality."

Dina's willing to try, and what follows is a much more erotic sex scene, as he eats and fingers her, followed by quick BJ action, and then very active pussy fucking in several positions. Dina was always better as eye candy than as a truly sexual performer, she never looked happy fucking on camera, and for this scene she changes her face from the "disgust look" of the previous coupling to the "sensuous look" that she probably guessed was appropriate here.

Dina has passed her test, and is allowed on the voyage. She becomes the captain's mistress, at least that is how it looks. She hangs around with him for most of the rest of the movie, even joining him in following two ugly girls to their cabin, to spy on them as they have a lesbo tryst. Vivienne was the maid in The Gigolo 1, but is not really of Private quality. Gloria Green is even worse facially. Both have nice, if generic, bodies, but watching the two grope each other made me long for the moments, every 30 seconds or so, when the camera panned to Dina, spying along with the captain.

An incredibly hokey, fake "casino" has been set up for the next scene, as Mike Foster deals cards for another guy and for blonde Orsolya and brunette Roxy. Both ladies are better looking than the previous set, but not by too much. They have pleasant slender bodies, which are shown well as two couples pair off.

Dina and her sugar daddy have arrived, dressed to kill (see the cover photo), with Dina actually wearing too much makeup. The captain feels her breasts as they watch the action, before she blows him. I wonder if her high enthusiasm is because for once, she doesn't have to engage in intercouse? That is left to Roxy and Orsolya, who gets analled and DPed. The scene ends with Dina's top down, so that all three guys can cum on her tits. Yawn.

Now it is time for shore leave, as Susanna and Petty (the prettiest women yet, besides Dina) are taken by the captain to a house with two other guys. We leave the dark, under-lit ship for a scene in a dark, under-lit living room. Both girls get analled, there's some DP, and the girls look quite pleased, but the action is nothing special.

Back on ship, the mechanics must be bored. Andrew Youngman and another guy get busy with Danielle, who, to my surprise, is actually very pretty and of Private quality. She has a tight, tanned body, with slightly enhanced breasts, dark hair, and a big smile the whole time. The action is the usual puss-anal-DP, but the good energy, good enthusiasm, and good looking performers make this the best scene yet. This is what we expect from Private.

Dina takes part in the next shore leave, along with Elvis Cox, Susan, and Micha. They head to a mansion overlooking the Mediterranean, and finally the lighting is decent, since the action is all outside. Several guys including Nick Lang are on hand, for a mini gangbang. We get anal all around, even for Dina, who looks like she'd rather be anywhere else at that moment. Elvis isn't too thrilled either, but Susan and Micha take right to it, with Micha getting DPed. A bit moe enthusiasm would make the orgy better, but it is ok as is.

Finally, we're back on ship for Dina to be officially welcomed to the family of Private girls. In the club, in murky darkness, she dons a Private t-shirt, and everyone claps. It actually took me a moment to recognize her, she has an awful perm and put on her makeup with a paintbrush. Then an orgy, bigger than the last scene, breaks out. Dina actually gets into it, fucking with abandon, and several of the other girls get analled. Other than Dina, the women are plain at best, and once the guys shoot their loads, the movie simply ends.

Private knew they had a clunker with this one. They waited a considerable time before putting it on DVD, and didn't even bother to include a trailer or making-of report. The cast notes show that the women in this one were hardly used for any movies besides Sex Voyage and Sex Seige, and I can understand why. The best part of this release, in fact, is the photo book, which has picture quality dramatically higher than the feature, and shows many hot shots of Dina (the still camera captures her beauty much better than the movie one). During her audition with the captain, the photo book shows doggy sex and a spoon anal that didn't make the final cut, for some reason.

As you can tell by now, Dina is the only reason to watch this. If you are a fan of her, certainly rent this to bask in her glow for an hour or so, but everyone else can safely skip this one. Bland sex with a bland cast (in dark corners of a ship) is not what Private stands for, and you shouldn't stand for it either.

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