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Private Gold 16: Summer Wind

Private Gold 16: Summer Wind

Studio: Private
Category:  All Sex , Foreign , Straight
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astroknight's ratings for Private Gold 16: Summer Wind:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Private Gold 16: Summer Wind overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Private Gold 16: Summer Wind Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Private Gold 16: Summer Wind Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Private Gold 16: Summer Wind Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Private Gold 16: Summer Wind Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Private Gold 16: Summer Wind DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Private Gold 16: Summer Wind A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  2/23/2001

Running Time: 115 min.

Production Date: 03 / 1997

Director: Francois Clousot (who also wrote the story)

Cast: Krisztina Schwartz, Tricia Devereaux, Maria, Monikat, Regina, Vana, Jonathan Morgan, Michael J. Cox, Jack Slater, Mark Jowett, Jean - Luc Montant, Alex Mantegna, and Henny

Initial Expectations: Private has a well deserved reputation for top of the line porn. Iíve only seen a couple of their titles, both by Pierre Woodman, which were badly dubbed. I hope Summer Wind isnít dubbed as poorly but has the same good storyline and hot sex.

Initial Reaction: Itís dubbed much better and has the same hot sex. The plot is a little weaker, however.

Audio /Video Quality: Summer Wind isnít quite up to Privates normal high quality transfer. As with all Private titles, the audio is dubbed. Unlike most pornos and Godzilla movies, however, most of it is done very well. Some of it is slightly off balance and hard to hear but it doesnít interfere too much. The video lacks quite a bit more than the audio. The grain varies throughout the movie. Most of it has a slight grain but a few spots are poor. The lighting doesnít help much. Thereís quite a bit of over lighting and some shadow problems. A lot of it looks like somebody was shining a spot light on the performers. The technical qualities of the outdoor scenes, however, are very good.

Music: The only music is during the plot scenes. The music fits the scenes well and does a good job of building the mood for the scenes, whether itís to build tension or a romantic feel. Itís balanced very well with the rest of the audio in the scenes.

Review: Every now and then I pick up a Private title. Not knowing many of the European actresses, itís normally kind of a crap shoot for me. Summer Wind, however, had something noticeably different. Tricia Devereaux. Iíve been wanting to pick up some of her work for a while and my experience with Private has been pretty good so far. Triciaís presence turned my attention to Summer Wind right away. Unlike many other Private releases, there are several other Americans here, such as Jonathan Morgan and Michael J. Cox. This also gave me the hope that I wouldnít have to deal with the horrible dubbing from Private that I experienced in Pierre Woodmanís movies. Thankfully, all of the dialogue was dubbed so I could tell what was going on. Thereís a fair amount of plot here, so it makes a difference.

Summer Wind starts off with Jonathan Morgan meeting his lawyer in jail. We never find out why heís in jail, but the movie serves as a flashback to let us know eventually. Jonathan plays an antiques dealer who lives with his brother (Michael J. Cox) who runs marathons, his hardworking intellectual sister (Tricia Devereaux), and their deaf grandfather Nono. Life is good and normal although Jonathan is bored. The store isnít that successful so about all he does for enjoyment in nail the bar ownerís wife (Maria). That all changes when Krisztina arrives on the bus. Heís immediately drawn to her and after they meet she gradually works her way completely into his and his families lives. He doesnít know, however, the Krisztina is harboring a secret from her past that somehow involves his family and the record player their father brought back from Italy and he promised his mother heíd never sell.

Itís a simple plot and fairly well done. There are some problems, but that mostly seems to be the fault of the dubbing. Iím sure that Krisztina is meant to come off as a little more of a joker when she and Jonathan first talk, but instead the tone of the dubbing make her seem like a real bitch. Through most of the movie Jonathan ends up coming off as very pathetic with how he chases after Krisztina. Many of the scenes also seem kind of chopped up so they donít develop as well as they might. These are both forgivable due to the quality of the sex in Private movies. Unfortunately I donít know who any of the foreign men are in the scenes, so this review isnít as complete as it might be.

Krisztina is definitely the star of the movie. Sheís in a total of three scenes. Unlike most Private scenes none of them include anal sex. Her first scene takes place in a field at night in front of a van. It seems kind of rushed and forbidden, as Krisztinaís sweater never comes off and things move from him receiving a blowjob to pounding away on her pussy. This also made it feel a little rushed. Thereís a natural feel here thatís really nice and makes it a very hot scene. Her second scene takes place at a party where she blows two men. Itís not a great scene and could have been much better. Finally, she takes on Jonathan Morgan in his barn. Itís a different scene for the movie as she actually gets to receive some oral sex. This adds to the scene and makes it fairly hot. Unlike most Private scenes, Krisztina doesnít end the scene with a facial.

Jonathan only has one other scene in the movie. Heís screwing Maria behind her husbandís back so they normally have to fuck really quick. The only thing that isnít quick about this scene is skipping Maria getting some oral loving and we donít get to see any position changes. Itís a good scene but suffers some from the editing. Maria has a very nice natural look and really gets into the scene. Itís a nice scene to start things out with.

Michael J. Cox also gets two scenes. The first is with Regina, who plays his girlfriend out in a field. Regina reminds me a lot of Anita Cannibal. They have the same facial structure and hair color. They also donít appear to be afraid of much sexually. Itís a good scene and it doesnít suffer from some of the normal problems that plague outdoor scenes. The second is a group scene with Monikat, Vana, and another guy. Surprisingly, the only double penetration in the movie is found here. Private is known for pushing the limits of sex and I would have expected more than one double penetration. The girls kiss a little, but thatís about it between them. Itís a good scene but nothing that really stand out to me.

Finally, thereís Tricia Devereaux. Yes, Iím saving the best for last. Sheís a major character in the plot and acts very well. It doesnít even compare to her sexually. Throughout her scene all I could think was ďDamn! Stagliano is one lucky bastard to have her to come home to at night!Ē. Tricia has more spirit in her scene than everybody else in the movie combined. If not for her one scene I would have dropped the sex rating of the movie an entire point. Sheís a sexual beast (and I mean that in the good way). For those of you unfamiliar with Tricia, pick up some of her stuff! Tricia looks very natural and cute. If youíd pass her on the street youíd give her a nice glance, until of course you saw her fantastic ass. Iíd better stop here or Iíll be typing all night. I canít wait to see what she does in the second half!

The sex is kind of a mixed bag. Itís not what I expected from Private. Thereís anal, but it isnít prevalent throughout the movie. The women are also kind of ignored. Theyíre there to fuck and suck. Granted, this can be more of a European feel, but I like to see the women enjoy themselves from oral pleasure also. The lighting drops the quality of the scenes back a little. In Triciaís scene the lighting appears to come from a hanging ceiling light. It swings back and forth and almost looks like thereís one guy trying to do the lighting for the scene by shining a spotlight that isnít quite big enough at them.

On the plus side, the sex seems fairly natural. Thereís good chemistry between the performers and they appear to be having fun. It also fits in well with the plot. It isnít all in bedrooms. At the party they go to a back storage room or out behind the wall. The outdoor scenes donít suffer from many of the audio problems that normally plague them. You hear some outdoor noises, but you donít hear the constant wind noise. If there was any music you probably wouldnít even hear that.

Finally, Private has included real credits at the end of the movie. Itís another nice touch that Private normally does. Unlike many of their credits, these are all in English so they can be read. The background, however, makes them almost impossible to read. The letters in the credits are small and red and the background is black and white and constantly changing. I could make out about three names in the entire cast.

Extras: As with almost any other DVD, Summer Wind includes trailers, a photo gallery, and bios. The trailers cover Cumshot Deluxe 2, XXX 02, Apocalypse Climax, Fashion, and The Bride Wore Black . The photo gallery is manual and contains about thirty four pictures. They are almost all full screen and are fairly grainy. The bios cover Krisztina Schwartz, Maria, Monikat, Regina, Tricia Devereaux, and Vana. They include some personal information as well as an excellent listing of some of the starsí other work.

Private also includes some behind the scenes extras. Production notes cover the story, the shoot, and the cast. Thereís about a screen for each item and theyíre fairly interesting. Itís a nice little extra and Iíd like to see more companies include this in their extras. Thereís also The Report, a six and a half minute behind the scenes featurette. It includes interviews with Tricia, Krisztina, and Francois as well as a little history on some of the performers. The stories behind some of the movie are a lot of fun here such as the police being called on the shoot and the female performers trying to take over the shoot with a sex strike. Itís a very nice behind the scenes although some of the subtitles can be downright hilarious.

Themes: Straight, anal, group, oral, DP, and lesbian (extremely light)

Raincoat Factor: High

Overall: As with almost all other Private titles, Summer Wind can be found online for between $25 and $30 with almost all stores offering it for under $27. This seems a little high, but fans of Private and or Tricia Devereaux will probably find it worth the price. The transfer seems weak for Private, but the extras are very good. The story is set up good, but not much happens in this part.

Note to Private: The transfer seemed a little weak here but you obviously pay attention to details. It really helped that all of the dialogue was translated here. I wouldnít have enjoyed it nearly as much if it was just the summaries as Mr. Woodman seems fond of.

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