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Private Film 27: The Gigolo

Private Film 27: The Gigolo

Studio: Private
Category:  Feature film , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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Principal Skinner's ratings for Private Film 27: The Gigolo:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Private Film 27: The Gigolo overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Private Film 27: The Gigolo Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Private Film 27: The Gigolo Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Private Film 27: The Gigolo Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Private Film 27: The Gigolo Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Private Film 27: The Gigolo DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Private Film 27: The Gigolo A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Principal Skinner  on  12/11/2001
Just how spoiled can Americans get when it comes to their porn? Well, as a film genre, the discriminating viewer probably agrees that good looks, beautiful bodies, attractive locations, a good story (hell, just any story period would be nice!) and hot, steamy sex is what makes a good adult movie. When it comes to porn production, everyone agrees that bright clear images with intelligible, dynamic sound are a must. Yet, even when Private Video delivers those goods time and time again in just about every one of their titles (there are exceptions, most notably the almost unwatchable Operation Sex Siege), American porn fans still have their complaints: the sex is too mechanical; the overdubbing sucks; the women all act alike; there are too many pretty pictures and not enough heat...and so on.

Well, in the case of The Gigolo, every element associated with a Private DVD is here: women like covergirl star Tania Russof , Monica and Laura Kat Woman (the creative spelling should prevent any confusion with comic book mythology, I suppose) are some of the most attractive babes ever to get naked for the camera. The film takes place against the lush background some snooty European country instead of some cheap Hollywood motel. As for the sex...well, you get everything imaginable: jack-hammer fucking, non-stop sucking, probing anals, unrelenting double penetration action and cum facials galore!

There are six hardcore scenes in this movie, including four straightforward boy-girl scenes, two couples performing simultaneously (but not together), an outdoor foursome, and finally, a climactic ending scene which offers an all-out orgy with bondage and submission overtones. Star Tania Rusoff participates in two of the scenes, including a one-on-one, as well as the final fetish orgy involving Gabrielle, Laura Kat Woman and a bunch of unidentifiable masked men who resemble "the Gimp" from Pulp Fiction. Though I don't particularly care for S&M fantasy- oriented sex scenes, the sex is so good that all the leather, chains and other equipment really had no effect on the very hot sex (where the movie ends with a "To Be Continued in The Gigolo 2)."

Unlike most American studios, Private livens things up with changes in scenery and different combination couples. Rarely will you see the same actress perform twice in a row, which is good if you want variety, but bad if you picked this movie to see a particular favorite. As well as being beautiful, the women are always enthusiastic, if not a little too proficient in their sexual performances. Brown-haired Gabrielle is an energetic piece of ass, bucking and flailing all over the place like a fish floundering on a deck. Olivia Del RIo and Monique Covet encounter with two guys out in the nightime air.and on top of a car is my personal favorite moment in the flick; not necessarily because I'm into auto-erotica [drumroll], but because the action is so well-shot and the wimmen look so good! Sure, one can see how the formula of girls taking it up the ass with a bright smile, or grinning and eyeing the camera as they take a cum facial might give these porn productions a sense of sameness, but that all depends on how well- directed and clearly photographed you like your sex. I personally have no valid reason to bitch and whine when it comes to most Private DVDs.

The extras include the standard Private offering: a crisp Photo Gallery, a superficial biography on the major actresses (including women who obviously pop up in the sequel), a narrative report on the making of the movie including a brief interview with the director and Olivia Del Rio, a few written production notes and a series of trailers. Again, recall that this is the very least Private gives viewers of their DVDs. Most American studios don't even come close to delivering half of these goods.

The video is never less than clean, clear and colorful, with letter boxed images (presumbaly to preserve the widescreen integrity of the original picture). Yes, the sound here is overdubbed in your choice of languages (French, German, Spanish, Italian and - woo hoo! - English), and I will admit that hearing the sounds of sex in all its natural recording would be more involving than the mismatched lip-synching. But when the sex is this beautffully shot and the action is this well-choreograped, one has to wonder just why anyone would complain about any Private Video.

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