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Private DVD Pack 67: Blockbuster Pack

Private DVD Pack 67: Blockbuster Pack

Studio: Private
Category:  Box Sets , Feature film
Directed by: , ,
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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T0MBOne's ratings for Private DVD Pack 67: Blockbuster Pack:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Private DVD Pack 67: Blockbuster Pack overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Private DVD Pack 67: Blockbuster Pack Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Private DVD Pack 67: Blockbuster Pack Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Private DVD Pack 67: Blockbuster Pack Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Private DVD Pack 67: Blockbuster Pack Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras Private DVD Pack 67: Blockbuster Pack DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Private DVD Pack 67: Blockbuster Pack A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by T0MBOne  on  11/16/2009

Private has re-released 4 Euro features as part of the PRIVATE BLOCKBUSTER PACK (2009, Pure Play Media) that also carries the moniker of PRIVATE PACK 67. The four blockbusters are an interesting quartet of XXX features with varying degrees of success as far as feature porn goes: JASON COLT: THE MYSTERY OF THE SEXY DIAMONDS aka PRIVATE BLOCKBUSTERS 1 from 2007 is an interesting visual and editing exercise parading as a modern film noir with some hard core scenes; DOWNWARD SPIRAL aka PRIVATE BLOCKBUSTERS 2 from 2007 is a sexual odyssey that follows a stewardess losing herself in a dark and shadowy world of pimps, prostitutes and street people; SEXth ELEMENT aka BLOCKBUSTERS 3 from 2007 is a goofy sci-fi epic that lifts plot devices from Luc Besson's THE FIFTH ELEMENT; BILLIONAIRE aka PRIVATE BLOCKBUSTERS 4 is a treasure hunter flick that stops and starts so that characters can suck and fuck.

Directed by Juan Villalobos

Jason Colt (Jeff Holmes) runs around and drives around in various NYCscapes before finally landing in a bit of torturous trouble for the finale. The search for these three rings takes a back seat to these visual exercises of quick edits and flashy effects that just happen to include about 6 sex scenes. Director Villalobos seems more interested in creating a visual style with effects lifted from the incredible KOYAANISQATSI (1983) than making a coherent porn/noir. So, this flick looks great, even better in its 1:2.35 aspect ratio, but the XXX scenes are sort of lost in the mix.

Look for Jeff Holmes sucking and fucking Kapri Styles bathed in a golden light in the darkness, Vixen Frye rolling around in the hay for some b/w butt fucking with Anthony Hardwood, femme fatales Cindy Crawford and Courtney Simpson sucking each other atop a car; Annie Cruz and Nick Manning fucking out in a field, Cindy returning for some blue filter b/w underwater fucking with Van Damage, Annie returning so that Nick and Van can damage that ass of hers.

DOWNWARD SPIRAL---115 minutes
Directed by Andrew Youngman and Frank Major

Over a morning cup of coffee out on the veranda, a stewardess (Sandy) argues with her boyfriend, gets dressed then drives the streets of Budapest to take off to an unknown destination. She lands in a different city, rides in a taxi tries, to call her boyfriend, who is too busy fucking a few cute gals. Her cabbie dumps her in the worst part of town, steals her money and leaves her among the shady characters that inhabit this dark city landscape.

Our stewardess roams the streets and ducks inside to play voyeur as she observes Nikki Rider and City Hope sucking dudes' hard cocks stuck through glory holes. Outside, she watches Simony Diamond descend a water tower staircase to take on a gang of thugs. She ducks inside again and finds 5 fabulous females in the showers then joins them for an extended wet-headed girl/girl suck and lick fest. Grabbing her white top and her shoes, she escapes their clutches then runs from a wheel chair bound sicko, who finds a leggy young teen (Leanna Sweet) willing to suck, fuck and butt fuck him in and out of his chair. She watches as two pimps in ridiculous hats suck and fuck the sexy Caty Cambel found hanging in a deserted warehouse. Our heroine finally finds the cops, who decide to suck and fuck instead of helping our damsel in serious distress. Or is she?

Boasting a cast of mostly sexy Hungarian performers including cast veteran, the blond and beautiful Sandy, DOWNWARD SPIRAL sticks to this dark sometimes brooding sexual odyssey with darkly lit sex scenes that look great. This sort of XXX visual story telling works well because this beautiful cast does what they do best, which is suck and fuck in front of the camera, instead of also attempting dialog, in this case, in another language other than their mother tongue. It's a wild ride with surprisingly powerful finale moments with a distraught Sandy.

SEXth ELEMENT---120 minutes
Directed by Andrew Curtis

Somewhere in Egypt during the year 1940, a couple of archaeologists take a break from reading pyramid wall writings to suck and fuck a couple of beautiful Egyptian princesses (Black Angelica and Kyra Black) in the sands, then go back to work.

Some aliens show up, a priest says they know too much then this goofy sci-fi flick shifts to a global city in the year 2230 where taxi driver Korben (Antonio Ross) flashes back to happier times with his girlfriend (sexy Lucy Belle) sucking and fucking in the green grass with futuristic building in the landscape's background. A wonderful scene.

SEXth ELEMENT gets goofy again as blonde Nesty (her dialog obviously dubbed) and Bob Terminator suck and fuck atop a reconstruction chamber that just so happens to reconstruct a lovely female, Leloo (Aletta Ocean) who can somehow save the world, from what exactly, who knows? More importantly, does anyone care?

Korben and Leloo evade the police chasing after them then fuck in the back of his hovering taxi. (With okay effects, this sex scene should have been magical but instead its played straight with a few overhead shots of the action happening inside the vehicle. Dumb dialog starts it off.)

A mutant leader (Regina Ice) sucks and fucks an arms dealer (Lauro Giotto) then Korben returns for some confusing hi-jinks at some sort of space travel check in counter where James Brossman and Aletta and Trisha Brill (with purple streaks in her hair) suck and fuck on the counter top. (Looks like the production ran out of money here. This scene looks cheap and cheesy with white counters and walls sporting a little space logo spray painted via a stencil)

This mess of a sci-fi movie has some okay sex scenes but the lame story requires this Euro cast to deliver dialog in English and that's pretty horrible. Watch at your own risk, skipping to the sex stuff is highly recommended.

BILLIONAIRE---135 minutes
Directed by Alessandro Delmar

Treasure hunter Jack Duvall (Franco Trentalance) rounds up money to finance his search for the "eye of destiny," whatever that is. Exotic Christina (a sexy, long-of-limb, East Indian gal named Sahara Knite) steals his car and that's about it. Plenty of photo shoots and other business undertakings take a back seat to numerous suck and fuck scenes in this first installment of the series.

In other words, not a whole lot happens from a narrative sense but the makers of BILLIONAIRE at least have the good sense to stage some good sex scenes: Phil Holliday and Renata Black (with "black" pussy lips) suck and fuck in a vehicle outside in the darkness, Lily Love humps Nico Blade in a darkened bedroom setting, George Uhl engages in a terrific suck, fuck and anal fuck session with two beauties, Mandy Saxo (anal) and Sonia Red, on a well-lit porch setting, cute Cate Cambel joins Nesty for a suck and fuck with Joe Monti in a bar environ, Franco receives a spirited blowjob from the lovely Sahara, who lands on her back for a mish session, Alex Forte gives Simony Diamond quite an anal pounding out on the green grounds surrounding a chateau, Caty and Joe return for more suck and fuck fun on an exterior location and are joined by Bob Terminator, thin Josette Most and Loona Luxx.

So, Private's Blockbuster Pack (2009, Pure Play Media) has one hit, a miss, an interesting misfire and a dud with good sex scenes:

The hit---DOWNWARD SPIRAL---rates !!!! outa !!!!! for its simple story revealing a sexy stewardess's descent into a hellish night filled with sex crazed characters. Story--!!!/sex---!!! 1/2

The miss---SEXth ELEMENT---rates !! outa !!!!! for a goofy sci-fi rip off that relies on Euro performers to deliver dopey dialog in English. The stupid ending on a really crappy set, also setting up a sequel, is especially irksome.
Story ! 1/2/sex---!! 1/2

The misfire---JASON COLT: THE MYSTERY OF THE SEXY DIAMONDS RATES---rates !!! outa !!!!! for its wonderful visual style that becomes more of a flashy editing exercise than an honest attempt at incorporating xxx action into its modern film noir plot elements. Story---!!!/sex---!! 1/2

The dud---BILLIONAIRE---rates !! 1/2 outa !!!!! for delivering a xxx feature with a treasure trove of terrific sex scenes that wastes our time with a do-nothing treasure hunting story that does nothing but set up future sequels. Wow, that stolen car was just too exciting for words. Story---!!/sex---!!!

The only disc that skimps on the extras is JASON COLT, which must have been a multi-disc set. The others have plenty of extras so that this entire PRIVATE BLOCKBSTER PACK rates !!! outa !!!!!

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