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Private DVD Pack 58: Sex City Trilogy

Private DVD Pack 58: Sex City Trilogy

Studio: Private
Category:  Box Sets , Feature film , Foreign
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Comet Man's ratings for Private DVD Pack 58: Sex City Trilogy:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Private DVD Pack 58: Sex City Trilogy overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Private DVD Pack 58: Sex City Trilogy Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Private DVD Pack 58: Sex City Trilogy Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Private DVD Pack 58: Sex City Trilogy Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Private DVD Pack 58: Sex City Trilogy Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Private DVD Pack 58: Sex City Trilogy DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Private DVD Pack 58: Sex City Trilogy A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Comet Man  on  8/7/2007
One thing to note is that a lot of the scenes (including most of the sex scenes) are in that weird black and white style you saw in the Sin City movie. Some people will like this and appreciate what they were trying to do, but I found it annoying that a lot of the sex scenes were nearly entirely in black and white (except for zoomed in closeups which were in color). One thing I wish I did before reviewing this movie was seeing Sin City so I could identify which characters were which, but the premise is pretty simple: some guy was framed and sent to prison and has to figure out who did it when he got out (while having sex on the way).

Since others have reviewed these movies in depth, I'll just summarize them and describe the extras disc to show what you get in this Trilogy collection. Just about all the girls have anal sex (this is a Woodman film, after all), so unless mentioned otherwise, that can be assumed; each movie also seems to include one DP scene.

Sex City 1
The movie starts off with a framed cop getting out of prison, then hitting a bar where Xenia is pole dancing. Outside the bar, he saves a girl from getting raped.
Scene 1: A blond has sex with one of the city's power brokers. In most of the scene, only her dress is red, but the rest of the image is B&W; the blond seems to have a nice body, so this is a bit annoying. Afterwards, the guy kills her (only her eyes are blue and lips are red) because her husband paid him to.
Scene 2: a cop is watching a warehouse on the docks to make sure some guy who kills women and then pours acid on them to deface them doesn't get away but threatens a very cute blond prostitute w/ a tongue ring into having sex with him in his convertible.
Scene 3: in the meantime the killer is having sex with his first victim, a blond with a great body and a bellybutton ring. Only the killer and the blond girl (Xenia is tied up by her wrists and standing) are in color; the rest of the scene is B&W. After having sex with the blond girl, the killer (who turns out to be someone important's son) goes after Xenia before a cop shows up, shoots him, then pours acid on his face (the killer survives somehow despite being shot a few times). The cop from Scene 2 shoots the good cop, then the good cop kills the bad cop. Somehow, the good cop survives and ends up in the hospital.
Scene 4: the framed guy is in a hotel having sex with the blond girl (who has a lower back tattoo) he's a really cheesy looking hotel with a shell-shaped backboard. The only part that's color in the scene is the red heart shaped pillow (and the color closeups). He wakes up to find out that the blond's throat has been slit (a red blanket is the "blood") by someone while he was sleeping.
Scene 5: the brother of the killer has sex with two girls in the pool area of a giant mansion (turns out the father is a rich politician). The girls (skinny model types, one brunette, and one blond with gap between front teeth) are in bikinis and he gets them to seductively dance in front of him first. The pool and the girls and the guy's skin are in color; the rest of the scene is in B&W.
Scene 6: three naked girls (one of the girls is one of his friends) are having dildo sex in a bedroom when framed guy hides out in the bathroom. Everything is in B&W except for the dildos which fade in and out of color. The brunette girl (with great looking breasts and shows up in color) comes into the bathroom when she hears him burp after eating a whole bottle of viagra. She has sex with him in the bedroom and the only thing in color is the building across the street which has lights that fade through different colors.
Scene 7: another guy (was the framed guy's friend) who was at the bar is having sex with a blond from the bar in thigh high boots. The entire scene is in B&W except for closeups. This was done in a hotel room and the blond keeps the boots on through the whole scene.
Scene 8: the good cop that survived the shooting (and how is now cuffed) is getting shaved by a nurse when the rich politician shows up; it turns out the politician has framed him for killing the bad cop who was trying to save the politician's son and his girlfriend. The politician teaches the cop a lesson by screwing the nurse (something that the cop won't be able to do any more in jail). Only the nurses red cross on her hat and her yellow bra/panties are in color initially, but the scene is in color once they start with the sex. The do it in the cop's bed while the cop is watching, which was pretty funny to see.
Scene 9: back to the bar where the framed guy and the guy from Scene 7 are in a flashback with Xenia (wearing only black thigh high stockings) doing a DP while a girl is watching and masturbating with a dildo. The girl masterbating is in B&W except for her pink dress. The rest of the flashback scene is in color thankfully.

The movie ends with three big guys bringing the framed guy outside to talk to someone but he manages to beat them up and finds out that a girl named Carla paid them off because she wanted to get back at him for doing something to her sister. The framed guy goes off to find Carla.

Sex City 2

This movie continues w/ the scene from the last movie (where framed guy has to beat up a bunch of guys before finding out Carla is behind it).

Scene 1: Framed guy finds Carla's apartment where two girls (blond w/ curly hair and brunette w/ lower back/stomach tattoos) are hanging out on the bed in evening dresses and heels. The two girls offer to be more "friendly" as framed guy gives them "lunch" (wiener dog) and a good stuffing in all holes. Scene is B&W except for closeups as usual except for the blond's purple dress.
The girls tell him that a drug dealer framed him for the murder of Jane (Carla's twin sister).
Scene 2: The drug dealer is playing pool with two girls (one of whom is Carla who doesn't look as good in this scene as she does in the white dress) in miniskirts who soon lose their tops and they do it on the pool table (which is the only thing in color in this B&W scene).
Scene 3: Framed guy's friend is having sex in a room w/ a the same girl as the last movie in thigh high boots. This blond has a nice body w/ an interesting V-shaped pubic haircut and I really wish this scene were in color. The girl's boyfriend comes home from a heavy night drinking w/ 2 of his friends.
Framed guy finds out from drug dealer guy that someone named Tiger framed him for killing Jane and kills off the drug dealer.
Scene 4: The boyfriend and his 2 friends have a flashback where they had sex in a living room w/ Laura Lion (pretty brunette with fabulous large breasts and bellybutton ring) in a miniskirt. This is another scene I wish were in color as Laura's breasts get bounced around and she gets DP'd.
While the boyfriend goes to the bathroom, one of his friends convince the girl to give him a blowjob. The guy the girl was having sex with gives the drunk boyfriend a good scare so they chase after him. He leads them to a prostitute area called "Area 69" where they all get killed (and they turned out to be drunk cops).
Scene 5: Framed guy's friend gets reacquainted with one of the hookers (brunette, slightly oldish looking) in that area where they do it in an alley. She does keep her miniskirt and her top on for this B&W scene (probably easier to film since it was in the dark).
Scene 6: Framed guy shows up at Tiger's farm and finds a real tiger who he punches out. Then Tiger comes out and knocks out framed guy who wakes up in a cell next to his naked brunette friend who has a flashback while describing what happened.
In the flashback, the brunette (who has great firm breasts) is wearing fishnet stockings and a red/black bra/panties. The red part of the bra/panties is in color in this B&W scene which I wish were in color. She was kidnapped by Tiger (who's apparently named that way for the cat gloves he wears) and forced to have sex with him in his back yard on a blanket.
Scene 7: Framed guy goes to see a few doctors for his infected scratches from Tiger. These doctors happen to be two hot blond girls who treat him in their bedroom wearing only their underwear. The cute skinny blond's red teddy underwear is the only thing in color in this B&W scene which I again wish were in color. They take his mind off his pain by having sex with him. I wish I knew doctors like this :-)
Scene 8: The bartended comes home to her blond lesbian friend who's wearing a green teddy which is the only thing that stays in color in this scene that I wish were in color because the bartender girl and blond are hot.
Scene 9:
Framed guy who somehow has escaped goes to the senator's house because Tiger used to take care of his problems. Carla zaps him with a stun gun and takes him to a warehouse area where 3 other (one of whom is pretty fat) girls are helping wack him. He finally tells her that he's been trying to find her killer and she goes off to get something that he asked for; while he's waiting, the 3 girls entertain him. The fat one is apparently a lesbian only (although she helps suck him off) and thank goodness for us keeps her clothes on while framed guy screws the other two. She tells him that his hooker friend will be the rival gang leaders sextoy before letting him drown in the swamp.

In the meantime, the framed guy's friend loads up the dead cops into a pickup truck and throws the dead cops into the swamp. While he's doing that, one of the hookers surprises him and takes the bodies with the help of a few guys from a rival gang led by a jamaican guy w/ a red eye that shows up in color in all B&W scenes).

Part 2 (unlike Part 1) includes extras: girls profiles, trailers (Snow Angels, Witch Bitch, Private Life of Jennifer Stone, Sex Angels 2, Sexy Business, Porn Wars), ads about Private.

Sex City 3
The movie continues with a replay of framed guy's friend trying to dump the dead bodies and getting told to walk into the swamp.
Scene 1: one of the girls (Mya Diamond?) from the last scene of the previous movie is in the back of a warehouse w/ a guy from the other gang. Only her red miniskirt is in red in this B&W scene and she has nice legs/rear (but face is only ok); she also keeps her pulled down shirt on through the scene. She kills him afterwards.
Scene 2: In the meantime, the framed guy's girlfriend from the previous movie's last scene is having sex with the leader of the other gang so she doesn't get sold off to slavery like the other girls. Only the gang leader's red eye is in color in this B&W scene unfortunately (the last part of the scene where she tries to deep throat him is also in color). She gets a really hard standing cowgirl reaming, and then gets really aggressive riding cowgirl when the guy sits down.
Scene 3: the traitor girl and 3 guys from the rival gang are waiting for framed guy's friend to sink into the swim. To celebrate and kill time, they have sex on the back of the pickup truck. Everyone's skin is in color as well as the red taillights on the truck. The girl (naked except for boots) gets DP'd by the guys wearing army fatigues. Framed guy's friend is saved by ninja girl (Betty Wong who's wearing a kimono dress and carrying two swords) who kills everyone in the truck.
Framed guy is out for vengeance on Tiger (who killed Carla's sister) and Carla manages to stun gun Tiger who is cut up into little pieces by framed guy. In the meantime, the rival gang is shot up by the girl gang.
Scene 4: Framed guys's friend thanks ninja girl on a stack of tires (not kidding) in the warehouse area. Her kimono stays in color for this B&W scene.
Scene 5: Framed guy and Carla go to Sandy (Xenia Long's apartment) where Carla and Sandy go at it in the bedroom. Scene is in B&W.
Scene 6: The senator's brother is having sex with a blond escort in his mansion (she's wearing thigh high stockings and light blue bra/panties). Entire scene is in B&W.
Scene 7: Framed guy shows up and takes out all the bodyguards in the mansion. He gets the senator's brother to confess that they needed a scapegoat for all the hookers in the city, so that's why they framed him. The senator is then killed and the cops show up.
The cop leader girl has to tell the senator his son has been killed. The senator offers to promote the cop to captain for the right reason and opens his bathrobe so she can start convincing him. She keeps her boots on and the scene is in B&W except for her blue cop uniform.
Scene 8: Framed guy is stuck in jail when Carla visits in the same slinky white dress and they have some sort of weird dream sequence (ottoman, graphic fog, and two emmy award statues...yeah, huh???). They're both naked in this dream sequence and the only thing in color is the statues (again, huh??? Carla looks hot and the statues are in color???). They wake up on the floor of the cell and Carla is naked; Carla wakes first and gets dressed, then pulls a syringe out of her purse and tries to inject framed guy. It turns out the senator tried to kill him to avoid the trial's publicity and framed guy knows too much.
Scene 9: the guy from the first movie who had acid splashed on his face (apparently it also made his ears gigantic) goes to the police station where good cop is chained up and gets the new captain girl to suck him off. He then tells the good cop that he's going to find Sandy and torture her. Three bad cops show up to beat up good cop when framed guy escapes and kills them and saves good cop.
Scene 10: a barmaid from the bar (the blond w/ the thigh high stockings) is in the bathroom having sex with a guy. Scene is in B&W unfortunately.
Scene 11: acid face guy kidnaps Sandy and has sex with her in a warehouse at the docks. She agrees to have sex with him if he doesn't her the good cop whom she thinks he has captured. Acid guy pulls out a mattress and they have sex (she keeps on the cowgirl chaps that she was pole dancing with and her high heels). Their skin is in color as are the red barrels.
Framed guy and good cop come to rescue her. Good cop is shot by acid guy and framed guy kills off acid guy w/ a barrel (knocking his ears off). Framed guy and Sandy walk off into the night.

Part 3 also includes extras: girls profiles, trailers (Madagascar, Casanova, Private Life of Liz Honey, Sextra Time, Gonzo Style, Porn Wars), ads about Private.

Extras Disc:
Includes "making of" (narrated in English), "behind the scenes" (shows filming angles, etc.), "interview w/ director Woodman" (in English), "blooper's reel" (mostly of the guys clowning around), a featurette (more video of the guys clowning around in a grass lot and in their sleeping area), music clip (with video of the girls in B&W), trailer for movie, girls' profiles, trailers for other movies (Kill Thrill, Pleasure Dome, Private Live of Simony Diamond, Addiction, Stilletto), "about Private" ads.

Other Comments:
The "hitting" stunts were horrible...looks like they missed by 3" when hitting people in some of the scenes. They should at least take a few punches for the movie :-)
As usual, all the original dialogue is in French, but the main soundtrack is dubbed english.
Wow, this review turned out a lot longer than I expected, but this means the movie had a plot at least...

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