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Private DVD Pack 51: Fetish Kinks

Private DVD Pack 51: Fetish Kinks

Studio: Private
Category:  Box Sets , Fetish
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Comet Man's ratings for Private DVD Pack 51: Fetish Kinks:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Private DVD Pack 51: Fetish Kinks overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Private DVD Pack 51: Fetish Kinks Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Private DVD Pack 51: Fetish Kinks Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Private DVD Pack 51: Fetish Kinks Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Private DVD Pack 51: Fetish Kinks Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Private DVD Pack 51: Fetish Kinks DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Private DVD Pack 51: Fetish Kinks A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Comet Man  on  4/26/2007
This is a 4 DVD collection composed of "best of" DVDs. Each DVD contains a bunch of scenes from specific movies in a category: Fetish Frenzy, Tattoo'd Ladies, Latex Sex, and Lingerie a Go Go. Each DVD is also sold separately by Private. This review will be too long if I summarize all the scenes, so I'll try to make the scene summaries shorter and summarize the discs instead. There are reviews for the latter two on this site at the time of this writing, so you can check them for more details. As it is, this review turned out twice as long as I expected.

Fetish Frenzy
Scene 1 (Alyssa and Silvi) covers the schoolgirl in thigh high boots fetish with the guy wearing a garter belt and gas mask. The girls do anal.
Scene 2 (Elen Saint) covers the 3 guys in leather with a slave girl in a corset fetish. Elen Saint ends up in a DP as expected.
Scene 3 (Stacy Silver) covers a sex in a monastary fetish with the guy and Stacy wearing capes only. Stacy ends up doing a DP w/ two guys.
Scene 4 (Silvia Lancome and Angelica) covers the girl strap on lesbian domination fetish. One girl is in a dungeon and she even gets DP'd w/ a dildo and the strap-on, and she does anal w/ the strap-on.
Scene 5 (Julie Silver) covers the dominatrix fetish w/ Julie in a cute military garter uniform who comes to get a guy in a prison cell wearing leather underwear and fishnet pantyhose. Julie does anal.
Scene 6 (Shilla and Gilly Sky) continues w/ the dominatrix fetish with a girl in leather and guys in neck/head restraints and a girl in restraints. The somewhat ugly dominatrix gets DP'd.
Scene 7 (Carry Lee and Katy) continues w/ dominatrix fetishes with one girl w/ a whip and high heels walking a guy up to the attic where a masked girl is tied up and she orders them to do various things. The slave girl gets DP'd and she shrieks too much through the entire scene.
Scene 8 (Sandra Iron and Kyra) does the melting wax fetish with two girls on a guy. The guy wears restraints while the girls wear leather corsets, stockings and high heels. It's shot in the Andomo fuzzy/glamour film style.
Comments: The disc notes in the extras tells you what film each scene was from, when it was shot, and the cast members. Only thing I wish it did was show thumbnails of the cast.
I guess I'm not into these fetishes because I thought the scenes were a little weird :-)

Tattoo'd Ladies
Scene 1: Liza is a blond street girl with a nostril piercing and stomach belt tattoo on her picks up a guy and takes him home to bed. She ends up doing anal in cowgirl and spoon.
Scene 2: BellaDonna is a somewhat ugly brunette w/ a lot of body tattoos all over her left shoulder and back. She plays a witch who has sex w/ a hypnotized guy on a table. A warlock some over to help screw belladonna in the ass and DP.
Scene 3: Wanda Curtis is a redhaired brunette with a right arm tattoo who goes home w/ a guy to his apartment. No anal surprisingly.
Scene 4: Cassandra Wild is a blond with probably one of the nicest set of legs I've seen with an left arm tattoo. This is my favorite scene of the disc. Cassandra plays a real estate broker who has sex w/ 4 guys so they'll buy a place and she does DPs and standing anal in a position that shows off her beautiful thighs that are framed by her thigh high stockings.
Scene 5: Sandra Iron is a short haired blond with tattoos above her pubic hair and on her wrist and on her lower back and on her arm. She meets a friend on the beach where they go at it. No anal which is surprising given her pierced nipple and private parts which had at least 4 rings.
Scene 6: Nicky Belluci is a brunette VR girl (from a movie virtual reality) with an arm tattoo. She does anal in multiple positions as well.
Scene 7: Chrystal is a blond w/ an armband tattoo and an ankle tattoo. She's brought to an loft w/ a four guys by one of the guy's girlfriend. The inevitable DPs follow and all the guys do it in anal piledriver until they pull out and come on her holes.
Scene 8: Vivienne is a blond with fake tattooed boobs. Looks like this was from a POV movie. She gets anal, etc. on a black background and you don't see the guy's face, but you do get to see her body and face through the whole scene.
Scene 9: Claudia Ferrari is a brunette with an arm tattoo. The scene is some sort of satanic scene w/ a demon guy being worshipped by Claudia and another brunette who also has an arm tattoo. They both get it in anal from the demon before sharing his demon juice.
Scene 10: Katyana is a brunette with a left arm tattoo and a tattoo above her pubic hair. She shows up in the guy's apartment with him laying in bed. Another guy shows up (not sure when because the video broke upp partway through and I had to skip forward until it would play again). They end up doing a DP with her natural breasts bouncing around nicely and she leaves her thigh high stockings on.
Comments: video quality on this DVD was good and it's got more scenes than I expected (although the last one is a throwaway because you can't watch all of it).

Lingerie A Go Go
Scene 1: Blond Sophie Evans dressed as a secretary starts off by getting into an elevator w/ two guys. She has a dream sequence where she strips in front of them down to her white bra and garter belt; it gets interesting as the camera zooms in to a squatting Sophie w/ her juices dripping on the carpet. For some reason, the scene then jumps to her in a leather bra/panty/mask/heels outfit where she spanks the naked guys. Then it jumps to her in a cowgirl outfit where she gets DP'd. Scene made no sense at all but I wish they finished the elevator scene.
Scene 2: Caroline Cage, Nikki Blond, Katalin are three blonds in kinky latex underwear who show up in the apartment of two guys. Not sure which is which, but one is wearing a latex dress w/ a spider web imprint (no underwear). Another is wearing a latex bra and garter belt w/ open-crotched pantyhose. And the last is wearing some weird see through top. The one w/ the pantyhose gets DP'd and the one w/ the dress gets anal.
Scene 3: Brunette Laura Angel from Italian Flair is in a miniskirt dress suit and black stockings when she seduces a guy for information. The suit comes off and she's only wearing a corset underneath w/o underwear. They do various positions including anal on a stool. This is one of the sexier scenes I've seen her in and she always looks hot.
Scene 4: Shay Sights and Wanda Curtis are both brunettes in leather gear. They both are wearing a leather corset and thigh high boots over red stockings in a pre-scene tease. Then they switch to latex dresses before tying a guy up to a pole in a factory and having sex with him. There was too much zooming in in the fuzzy Andomo style so you couldn't admire Wanda's nice body very much. Shay leaves on boots over fishnet stockings and Wanda leaves on fishnet stockings and high heels through the scene. Shay does anal.
Scene 5: Brunette Joy plays a spoiled rich wife getting it on w/ her husband's cheauffer. She's wearing a poofy red dress w/ only a garter belt, panties and thigh high stockings on when they park it on a secluded country dirt road and share champagne on their private parts. After the dress comes off, she does lots of positions including anal w/ her see through corset/garter/stockings on.
Scene 6: Monique Covet, Bettina, Kata, Gili, Cassandra Wilde, Wanda Curtis are at a dimly lit social part wearing evening dresses w/ no underwear. The girls start kissing each other, the guys join in and you end up w/ a full blown orgy (wish I got invited to those parties :-). Unfortunately, the room is a bit small, so it's hard to see what everyone is doing. A few of the girls get anal and Monique gets DP'd. All the girls are wearing stockings at least.
Scene 7: Michelle and Monica Cameron are outside on the lawn of a scenic outlook with a naked guy. The blond is wearing a see through blue minidress w/o underwear. The short haired brunette is wearing a black corset w/ chocker and black stockings/garter. They both get anal. Too many closeups for such nice scenery.
Scene 8: Michelle Wild and Maria Belluci are brides who have come to celebrate w/ their husbands at an indoor pool. They do everything on a small bridge over the pool and the camera does some nice zooming around them. They both end up leaving their veils and white stockings on with Michelle keeping her corset partially on. Maria does anal. Michelle does a nice DP and this is one of my favorite scenes with her because the camera zooms around her during the DP.
Scene 9: Myka and Lydia are dressed in elegant 50s dresses/parasols on a rowboat w/ a guy on a lake in the countryside. Underneath, the brunette is wearing a white garter belt w/ white stockings while the blond (with a butterfly tattoo on her hip) is wearing a purple corset w/ black stockings. They both keep their stockings and corset/garters on. The brunette gets a great anal while resting her stomach on a pillow on the front of the rowboat and the blond gets anal doggie as well.
Scene 10: Blond Delphine Delange plays a high priced escort in a mansion and some schmoe comes in to visit her to have sex. There's a black guy in a suit who can read minds there so I have no clue what this was supposed to be except some sort of Matrix inspired scene. The girl leaves black stockings on through the scene and she does anal on the sofa arm. I could only view parts of this scene before it locked up on PowerDVD and a standalone DVD player. I can only assume Private exceeded the data limits of standard DVDs. It's a shame because the scene looked good from what little I saw of it.
Comments: Private was too lazy to put in a menu on the DVD, so you jump directly from scene to scene. There are no extras either, so you have no idea which movie each scene came from or who the cast is. Unfortunately, most of the scenes suffer from too many closeups. The girls look great in all the scenes though, so Private did choose a good collection and the video quality is excellent.

Latex Sex
Scene 1 (Medical Madness): some guy is laying down in the operating room when Nataly Dune wearing a latex nurse outfit and white stockings/garters helps wake him up. Nataly is up first and does most of the scene, including anal, with her nurse's hat, latex pushup bra and garter/stockings on. Monique Covet in a black latex corset and black stockings w/ a rear cutout is in the next part of the scene (actually a 2nd scene). She impales herself on on a dildo on a stool in front of some guy sitting on a couch w/ a gas mask on and a leather jumpsuit. Monique is looking really old unfortunately with her fake boobs and labia piercing (I liked her a lot better when she was younger w/ natural boobs). She also does anal of course, on a wheelchair. Then we have another weird scene jump where the two girls are on an operating room table getting examined by a doctor with the help of a dildo hooked up to a vacuum hose. One is wearing a black corset and the other is wearing a black latex minidress w/ red stockings.
Scene 2 (Take Me But Don't Hurt Me): Bettina, Demia Moore and Henriette play bondage games in laxtex outfits and Demia is the only one not wearing a strapon. Demia is wearing an open crotched latext shorts with thigh high boots and she starts off sitting on a dildo before getting it from the other two girls. Bettina is wearing a white latex bra and black latex panties. Henriette is wearing a red latex crop top and latex open crotch shorts and a batgirl hood. Demia gets DP'd by the other girls before being put away in her cage. They then get a guy in a latex jumpsuit w/ open crotch out from a big piece of luggage and he does them multiple ways before going back in.
Scene 3 (Rubber Kiss): Julia Taylor is wearing latex thigh high boots, a latex orange minidress and a latex orange top. She's in an apartment with a guy in a blue latex shirt and no pants. She keeps her outfit on and does anal before eating cum off a peach.
Scene 4 (Superfuckers): Suzanna, Sylvia, Edina, and Carole are doing the bondage thing. The blond (not sure which) is tied up with nothing on except thigh high boots. There are 2 guys in the background w/ latex bondage strap outfits on and 2 girls in a cage while a brunette acts as the dominatrix. She unties the blond and tells the two guys to do multiple positions with her. The two girls in the cages (wearing only gas masks) are let out to join the festivities including anal. One of the gas mask girls does a DP and they get cum on their gas masks (no clue why).
Scene 5 (Nasty Nurses): Dora Venter, Monique Covet, and Sheila Scott are in this scene. Dora Venter plays a corpse in some kind of lab where two doctors have their way with her while she can only watch; they probe her holes with latex gloves and dildoes. She finally wakes up and gets DP with a guy and dildo and the other guy; her makeup is badly done so she looks like a panda bear even though she looks pretty most of the time. In the next scene, a brunette and blond are in an operating room. The blond (Monique Covet I think...from the same time period as the other scene) is wearing a nurse's cap and white pantyhose with white latex boots. The brunette is wearing latex stockings and a latex shoulder jacket. They share a double ended dildo. Monique also gets a blowup dildo in her ass and what looks like a radioactive dildo. Then two guys magically show up. One of the guys is wearing a weird condom w/ studded jewelry on it (looks painful) and thigh high boots. The guys give both girls anal.
Scene 6 (Fetish Therapy): Cassandra Wild, Gili Sky, Fernanda, Csilla, Fovea, and Christine are part of some weird latex orgy at a big estate. The guys are wearing normal clothes. The girls are wearing all sorts of latex tops, minis, boots, etc. Cassandra is unfortunately wearing pantyhose (soon ripped) with black shorts that high her figure but she manages to do anal and DP in it. Most of the other girls also do anal, including the redhead.
Comments: The girls are listed at the start of each scene. No video problems on the DVD, but this DVD had fewer scenes than the others.

Other comments:
Private should check their DVDs on different DVD players. While it's great to have higher quality for some of the scenes, some of them just are not compatible w/ various DVD players. I checked on PowerDVD on a fast computer and a regular Lite-On DVD player to be sure it wasn't a bug in PowerDVD.

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