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Private DVD Pack 12: Riviera Trilogy

Private DVD Pack 12: Riviera Trilogy

Studio: Private
Category:  Box Sets , Feature film , Foreign
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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oreb's ratings for Private DVD Pack 12: Riviera Trilogy:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Private DVD Pack 12: Riviera Trilogy overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Private DVD Pack 12: Riviera Trilogy Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Private DVD Pack 12: Riviera Trilogy Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Private DVD Pack 12: Riviera Trilogy Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Private DVD Pack 12: Riviera Trilogy Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Private DVD Pack 12: Riviera Trilogy DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Private DVD Pack 12: Riviera Trilogy A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by oreb  on  11/18/2003

Riviera Trilogy


Feature, Foreign


This is a limited edition DVD pack containing four DVD's, I will basicly do a review of each. Taken individually these movies aren't that special, but this DVD pack contains so much porn that it is well worth the price.

Riviera 1

Starring: Adrienne Klass, Alexa, Angelica Sweet, Asian Shan, Christiane De Nerville, Gaby Black, Judit Nemyo, Alain Deloin, Bob Terminator, Chris Lover, Ian Scott, James Brossman, and Pascal St. James.

Directed By:Pierre Woodman

Running Time:Feature: 145 minutes, Total: 162 minutes







This begins with Private's usual lengthy disclaimers and web add. The menu looks good though, simple. The audio is very low, I mean real damn low. The plot is nonexistent in this film, if you want to watch a feature, watch something else. The sex is average too, the scenes are nicely lengthed but there is very little chemistry and the camera work is also nothing special.

SCENE 1: Asian Shan

She is suposed to be a Peruvian maid. She goes directly to sucking dick. Mostly just licking it though. I've seen this guy in other Private movies, he is hung. This is a fairly long blowjob. I like writing random sentences. Next he goes down on her. This is followed by missionary sex. He is only using about half of his cock. They go at it mish for quite some time before switching to standing doggie. There are a lot of insertions but they don't break the rhythm. The camera angles seem a little amatuerish. She gets down and sucks his cock PTM. Then she gets back on his cock in cowgirl while he sits on the stool. I actually like this closeup. All of the segments are nice and long. She sucks some more PTM dick, making him cum mostly in her mouth, the end of this scene is very protracted



SCENE 2: Christiane De Nerville

This is preceded by zero plot, Christiane goes directly to blowing him on the beach chair. Her BJ skills are lacking and the handheld camera shakes when it moves. He cums after two minutes, even the cumshot sucks. This is too short to be considered a scene.

SCENE 3: Alexa

They are on a boat and the sex is almost immediate. She blows one guy while getting fingered by the other. Next she rides one guy cowgirl and sucks the other's cock. This is fairly hot. The guy getting head doesn't look very hard. He gets to hit it mish next though. Her vagina is hairy. Her Blowjob skills are also sub par, which seems normal for euro films. She busts it RC anal next, still sucking. The performance here leaves me yawning. She gets DPed next, this scene blows. One guy jacks off while she blows the other on her belly, then the masterbater fucks her ass. The guy she is sucking takes over to jack himself off, then she sucks the other ATM until he jacks off onto nothing because the wind blows it back, the wind favors the other's nut and he sprays her face.



SCENE 4: Judit Nemyo

She goes to the bathroom at a party and the guy walks in, she blows him. Judit is the hottest lady yet. The movie cuts back to the party anoyingly a few times. Judit is almost scowling while she sucks. She gets on his dick reverse cowgirl. She has a beautiful shaved pussy and big tits. Another chick peeks in on them and they are in standing doggie. Next is cowgirl, the space is too cramped for any good wide shots which is too bad because she is so hot. The chick outside plays with herself, she is Angelica Sweet, it stays with her for a while. Now Judit is getting his cock in her ass RC and there is a decent full body shot. I won't include Angelica in the score since she isn't fucking, she does have an orgasm though. Judit sucks his cock after another cut, this is a bit more intense head and she jacks him into her mouth. His giz stays in her mouth while she sucks him.



SCENE 5: Adrienne Klass

Adrienne is tag teamed by two guys here. She takes as much of each cock as she can, then one dude eats her pussy as she sucks more. She has a pierced clit. It gets fucked in spoon while she eats more cock. The camera angles are decent so far. Now she rides the other dude cowgirl, things look dry down there. These segments are all nice and long. She takes a DP here, which brings down a decent scene. The DP goes on and on. Her ass gets spelunked some more RC and she sucks the cock that was in her kooch. The capture rate of the video looks a little slow. The guy getting head unloads in her mouth while the other dude keeps boning her ass. She gets down and sucks him ATM until he nuts in her mouth too, she spits it all back on his cock. This scene started very good and ended average.



SCENE 6:Christiane De Nerville

She has a very hairy vagina, the collar doesn't match the cuff. The guy goes down on her to start things off. Then he hits it missionary, her ass is hairier than his. Angelica Sweet hears them froom her room and watches from outside for a few seconds. They bust spoon next, then he licks her ass doggie. I'm not too cool on hairy ass licking. She sucks his cock, badly. Someone needs to teach her how to fuck and suck. He puts his cock in her ass doggie now. She'll take it in the ass but she won't give a decent blowjob. This is fast forward material, no chemistry. He goes back to her muff for some cowgirl sex next, boring. He sticks it in her ass without changing position. He pulls out and kneels above her face to cum on it. She gives some after giz ATM. That was a bad scene.



SCENE 7:Gaby Black

This is an outdoor scene and she is hot. He rubs her puss, then she squats and sucks his dick. She gives mostly head and hand but at least she isn't slow about it. The scene cuts to standing doggie. The camera angles are not very good for most of this. RC is next and she holds her pussy in one hand and his chest in the other. Her titties are sweet. She leans forward and speeds up a bit then turns around for some cowgirl. After some vag action his wiener goes in her ass cowgirl. Her ass gets some more in missionary while he rubs her clit with a golf glove on. Then it cuts to a BJ, she jacks him onto her face.




The Trailer: Riviera's trailer is short but decent.

The Cast: The ladies' info.

Photo BookFull screen stills from the film.

Production Notes: This is a long description of the film.

Previews: Cyber Sex is first and it looks wicked, it is actually called Virtualia and it is by Antonio Adamo. Italian Legacy is second, it looks interesting but the preview isn't very explicit. Tanya Hyde's Rubberfuckers Rule is third and it looks good for a bondage oriented film. Fourth is XXX13, Sexual Heat, this starts well but quickly gets too hardcore. The final preview is for Pure Anal, I'll pass.

Riviera 2

Starring: Aijja, Angelica Sweet, Asian Shan, Heny, Nicolette, Nikki Blond, Patricia Major, Sunny Blue, Suzan Strong, Ian Scott, James Brossman, Pascal St. James, Reda and Sebastian Barrio.

Directed By:Pierre Woodman

Running Time:Feature: 166 minutes, Total: 182 minutes







This film starts with a summary that contains more plot than the entire first movie. Once again the overdubbing is terrible. There is a lot more plot in this movie than the last. It even has a surprise ending! This movie is better than the first, the sex is a little better, and the plot is a lot better. Everything else is about the same, terrible acting and sound with decent lighting and video.

SCENE 1: Heny

This chick is a sexy bleached blonde with big tits. He licks and squeezes them titties, then goes for her puss. He strokes it before getting down on the ground to suck her clit. She sits on the park bench and blows him while fingering herself. For a european BJ it is decent. He fucks her in spoon first, then it cuts to his mom. Heny rubs her pussy while getting fucked and his mom watches them through a telescope. They masterbate in front of each other and he goes down on her some more. She climbs onto the bench and squats on his cock in cowgirl. Then he jacks off some more before plugging her ass in doggie. Her ass gets it in RC next, but only the tip. She squeezes a fat load out of his cock to end the scene.



SCENE 2: Patricia Major

This starts with a massage but the closeup of her massaging his hairy ass is a bit much. He turns over and she gives head. The blowjob is average. She has intricate white lace lingerie, a bra, panties and thigh highs. They don't last long. She has a hot body though. After he plays with her ass she goes back to sucking. She is up on the table for some 69ing. Patricia gets fucked in missionary on the table while he stands. She laps her butt and tells him to stick it in her ass, he obliges in standing doggie. He strokes her clit and takes it slow on her ass. He pulls out and she strokes him with both hands and her mouth on his head until he unloads entirely in her mouth. That was a nice cumshot, she sucks his dick afterward.



SCENE 3: Angelica Sweet

These two finally get it on, he gets her on his bed and goes down on her. This is long for porno cunnilingus. His cock comes out and finds its way to her mouth. The light on her face is all blue. The BJ is below average. Missionary is next with another view of this guys hairy ass. He fucks her harder than the sex in most of the other scenes, then takes it back down a notch. They flip over and she rides him cowgirl style. They are actually fucking here as well. Next they bone down in doggie, the camera angles make this segment suffer. The angle at the end is good, but not for long, they switch to spoon. Spoon is a better position and they go for a while until he pulls out and sticks his rod in her mouth PTM. Angelica jacks him to completion on her face



SCENE 4: Nikki Blond & Aijja

Two rich girls and a pool boy. Aijja goes down on him first, then Nikki takes a turn. Both girls touch themselves when the other takes over the cock. Nikki gives better head. Aijja's pussy is unshaven. Nikki gets fucked first in spoon while eating Aijja out. The segment focuses on the cunnilingus as much as the sex, if not more. Aijja rides him in cowgirl next, there are too many closeups. Nikki tries to lick his balls while he fucks Aijja, licking her ass also. Things get changed up as Aijja straddles Nikki's face while sucking cock. Dude gets to fuck her hand and mouth while standing up. Then he fucks Aijja's ass in doggie while Nikki keeps licking her snatch. Nikki fingers her for a technical DP. Then the scene cuts to Nikki getting pussy fucked in doggie, Nikki also gets it in her ass. They kind of fall sideways into spoon anal, Nikki is spread wide, rubbing her clit while her ass is filled. The scene ends with the guy jacking a smallish load onto their faces and getting some head.




SCENE 5: Suzan Strong & Asian Shan

The mother faints upon hearing her son's girlfriends name, this is big time drama. Later that night the mom tells the dad that she doesn't like the girlfriend. So they bone down. The guy licks her shaven vagina to begin the scene. There is a good full shot that shows everything. Asian Shan, the maid, listens at their door and masterbates. Suzan sucks his cock next while he fingers her. The BJ isn't the best and is followed by cowgirl. Asian gets caught by the butler and they make out. I have a feeling this is a two for one scene, which usually suck. Asian gets to work on the butler's cock, sucking it slowly. Then she stands and he licks her crack from the back, nothing is shown. Back to Suzan, she is getting fucked missionary and fingering her ass. Asian is getting pounded in standing doggie outside but the full shot sucks. Then she gets down and sucks cock PTM for five seconds at most. This is followed by cowgirl. Suzan is still taking it missionary, but now his dick is in her ass. She fingers and rubs her snatch, spreading her pussy lips. Asia Shan gets her ass plugged as well, taking it in reverse cowgirl, then in doggie. Suzan sucks cock again now, he doesn't even look hard though. Then she gets ass fucked doggie style. Asian's ass is still being decimated in doggie but the guy is totally turns around, he jacks a decent load onto her ass and gets his dick sucked a little. Suzan is also sucking cock, and her guy is barely stiff, but he manages a healthy load antways, which she cleans up. She never gets totally naked.




SCENE 6: Nicolette & Sunny Blue

This scene begins right off, Nicolette and Sunny are sucking on a guys big toe, then it cuts to more plot. The guy is the dad, this is the second time he has cheated in this series. Both girls blow his soft wiener in the spa until it is hard. Then Nicolette stands and gets fingered while Sunny sucks. Nicolette plays with herself a little too, rubbing both of her holes. Then she rides him cowgirl while Sunny touches herself under the water. Then Sunny stands for Nicolette to suck her twat whilt she fucks the guy quickly. Now Sunny straddles him in RC, then goes cowgirl, the sex is still quick. Both girls have great asses. Nicolette is boned in doggie and the waves get pretty big. Then he penetrates her ass while the water laps against her pussy. She rides him RC anal next, there are some misshaps at the begining and the sex is almost underwater. Sunny's ass is fucked in spoon, she is getting fucked into the side of the spa. Nicolette eats her pussy and fingers her a bit too, then Nicolette sucks cock ATM, followed by Sunny. They suck and stroke him till he cumsin and on their mouths. They keep blowing him voraciously.





The Trailer: The same trailer as the last DVD, for Riviera 1.

The Cast: Cast list of the women.

Photo Book: Full screen stills from the film.

Production Notes: Very long description.

Previews: Matador 3 is up first but is too hardcore. Eternal Ecstacy is second, this looks wierd but sexy. Third is The Final Truth and it is on the first DVD under a different name Virtualia. XXX 14 looks average. Sex Opera is fourth and it's a keeper.

Riviera 3

Starring: Andy, Angelica Sweet, Anne Joy, Carla, Katy, Monica, Nikki Blond, Sharon Bright, Suzan Strong, David Perry, Mephisto, Alex Mantegna, JPX/Harvey Young, James Brossman, Renato, Joachim, Viktor, Pascal St. James, Adrienne, Ann Kiray, Reda, Zoltan, Andor, Daniel, and Alfred.

Directed By:Pierre Woodman

Running Time:Feature: 180 minutes, Total: 200 minutes







This starts with another summary of the things that happened in the first two movies. This lasts a little over four minutes. The actual movie begins with the last scene from Riviera 2. The audio is still horribly overdubbed, all of the other technical aspects are the same as Riviera 2.

SCENE 1: Anne Joy

This is Angelica Sweet's mom back in the day when she hooked. She is played by Anne Joy. She does a little tease for her John, playing with her pussy. He is jacking off. Anne turns around and spreads her cheeks to show her pucker. He orders her to suck him off and she obeys. This is the standard Euro head only blowjob. The sex begins in missionary, and they fuck for real, not slow. This quickly becomes Cowgirl but she is leaned back and the camera is behind them, it is a nice change. Then she leans forward and it becomes a standard cowgirl. She has some booty. They stay with a closeup too long. She leans back again and he rubs her clit. So far the audio during sex is about the same volume as the rest of the film, a definite plus. RC is next, she leans back and her pussy is punished. They show the change of positions as the move to doggie. They fuck again and her badonkadonk is nice and round. He bones her fast and hard towards the end, then dismounts and she jacks him off into her mouth. You can't tell whether the giz went in but she gives some nice head to make up for it.



SCENE 2: Suzan Strong

Tired of being called frigid Suzan decides to get laid. She is young here and way hotter without the makeup. She gets wasted and takes on four off-duty soldiers. The sex starts out of nowhere, she blows one guy while getting it in doggie. The guy she is sucking isn't hard so she takes most off his dick. You can see one of the soldiers jacking off before his turn to hit it doggie, the guy getting head switches too. Dude boning her has a smallish penis. They switch off a few times but the position is the same for a while, the camera angles aren't great. There are too many jack off shots and limp or scrimp wieners. RC anal comes next, it starts with a closeup. She grinds the cock with her ass very nicely. Things switch to spoon anal quickly. If only the RC anal had been a bit longer. Spoon is good too, but two of the guys jack off the whole time. They go to doggie anal quickly, the black guy looks like he has a skin problem on his ass. Then she is surrounded by standing guys, all jacking off, she blows them one at a time. Then they nut all over her face. It is a chorus of man moans. She sucks each dick a tiny bit before the scene ends.



SCENE 3: Anne Joy

Now Anne is sucking dick by the pool. After a minute it cuts to missionary where she is humped nicely. Then it quickly cuts to her getting eaten out. She is standing with feet in the pool leaning forward over him while he sits in the water below her. Then she drops down and fucks him in cowgirl. This is a longer segment which is nice. Anne gets fucked in standing doggie next, the angle is hot. After a few seconds he sticks it in her ass. She has an unshaven but lightly haired muff. The scene cuts to reverse cowgirl shortly before switching to mish anal. He pulls out while cumming and lets go on her ass and snatch. She goes for his cock as soon as he is finished for some ATM.



SCENE 4: Nikki Blond

Nikki takes on three guys here. One eats her bald pussy while she is kissed and caressed by the others. This quickly becomes spoon fucking and dick sucking. One of the guys is spanking it in the background. Next is reverse cowgirl as she jacks two guys off. Then they stand on the bed and she takes turns sucking them. She gets fucked in cowgirl next, taking a DP. This is followed by RC anal while the other two guys gets sucked. One of them is soft. The scene ends with the guys jacking of on her face, this is a lame scene.



SCENE 5: Sharon Bright & Carla

There is an extended bit of plot before this scene, Suzan and Anne have huge speaking parts. This scene deals with Pascal's drinking and sex binge. The sex starts with him, Carla and Sharon Bright. Sharon blows him while he sucks on Carla's big ass titties. He is half hard at the start of the action but Sharon sucks him to stiffness. The girls switch places, Sharon gives better head. She rides his tongue while he gets blown. The sex starts with Carla riding him cowgirl while Sharon rides his face and gets her nipples licked. The sex is pretty slow, then he taxes Sharon in spoon while she and Carla make out. Then Carla takes his cock out of Sharon's hole and sucks it PTM. Sharon sucks it next. He fucks Sharons ass in doggie while Carla eats her pussy. Sharon is bent over Carla's body, licking her vagina. Then Sharon rides his cock in cowgirl anal. Carla fingers herself while her ass is fucked RC. Her ass is also boned mish while she rubs her clit. Carla has huge, perky, natural tits. Pascal stands and lets them jack him off, his cum sails over their heads and they suck him off.




SCENE 6:Katy & Monica

The two girls dance naked for a while before the sex starts up. Monica gets her pussy licked at the edge of the stage then sucks cock. She has huge natural tits. She moves on to suck another guys cock. Katy joins the group and blows a guy as well. Now Monica is getting fucked doggie while sucking cock, as is Katy. Katy's ass is fucked in a doggie/spoon position while she sucks dick. Monica's ass is fucked spoon too. Sharon is dancing on stage and they keep cutting the sex to watch her, lame. Katy's ass is fucked RC next, he is wearing a condom. Monica takes it RC anal as well while stroking a dude, the guy fucking her is sheathed too. Katy sucks both of her dicks, then jacks them until they cum, she swallows everything that gets in her mouth. Monica takes a mini nut, followed by a good load in her mouth.




SCENE 7: Andy

This chick is so damn hot. The main character guy is with her, because he thinks Angelica Sweet doesn't want him. I would take this girl over Angelica any day. He licks her nipples and then eats her pussy. This is a fairly long cunnilingus session. She strokes his cock slowly next, then sucks it. This is fucking sexy, she rubs his cock on her tits and sucks as much as she can. After finishing the BJ she lowers herself sexily onto his cock cowgirl. This is so bomb. They turn around, still cowgirl but now her ass is to the camera. This is followed by some more head, she does a very good job of sucking cock. Her ass is penetrated in doggie, they go slow and shallow. There are even some slow penetration shots. Andy is ass fucked in spoon next. She rubs her clit slowly while he gently fucks her behind. He pulls out and cums very hard from her ass all the way to her tongue. She even sucks it a little.



SCENE 8: Angelica Sweet

We finally find out that Angelica hasn't been doing her own brother. So they can be together happily ever after. Angelica takes his penis out of his pants and sucks it. He gets naked while she blows his cock. The scene cuts abruptly to RC and she gets loud immediately. She leans all the way forward until her head is near his feet. He stands up and taps her ass in doggie. The insertion is very slow, as is the following sex. She sucks his cock after a cut and then jacks his fat load onto her face and into her mouth, sucking his penis clean. This was a short scene. He kisses her cum soaked mouth and the movie ends.


Scene: 5.25


The Trailer: This is the preview for Riviera 2 & 3.

The Report: Riviera Backstage, it is called a "Triology". Suzan Strong crosses her eyes. Andy is fucking hot. Private has very good behind the scenes featurettes.

The Cast: The women.

Photo Book: Full screen stills from the movie.

Production Notes: A very long box cover description.

Previews: There are five previews, starting with Matador 4, there are a few DP's but it looks decent. Women on Top is second, this looks a little better even though it also has two DP's. Third up is Private Dancer, the video is crappy but this is a great preview. XXX 15 Total Desire is next and Michelle Wild is in it so it's worth a look. The last trailer is for Shaved Pussies, if you like your vagina bald check it out.

DVD Sampler 7


Running Time:Feature: 39 minutes, Total: 77 minutes



+Extras: 4.43


TOTAL: 5.66


This is the fourth DVD in the package, it has a simple menu. Their are thre scenes and about 40 minutes of other material.


SCENE 1: Waterfall - Dora Venter

Dora and a guy do it on a rock by a waterfall. She gives good head. Next he goes down on her, thaen she rides him in reverse cowgirl. She is fucking him pretty well. Then it is his turn to fuck her, so he hits it spoon anal. There are a few insertions before he fucks her ass with vigor. After the anal it cuts to Dora sucking his cock again. Then he jacks off onto her tongue, it is a large nut and some dangles from her chin. He also got a decent amount into her mouth, and it stays in her mouth the whole time she sucks his cock afterward.



SCENE 2: Hot Shopping - Sandra Shine, Lora & May

This opens like a feature, it is directed by A. Youngman & J. Walton. Sandra Shine is wicked hot. Her and an equally hot blonde make out on a park bench. Then they go to another brunette's house where the real fun begins. Sandra sits in a chair and the blonde eats her out. The brunette comes over to lick Sandra's titties, Then Sandra uses a dildo on the brunette while she is standing, licking her pussy as well. Next we see Sandra's ride the blonde's strap-on in RC while the brunette uses a vibe on Sandra's clit. She gets a technical DP with the strap-on and vibe. This is the longest segment. Sandra has an orgasm to end the scene.





SCENE 3: Fetish Rock

This starts with a band playing on a stage all clad in black leather. One woman shows her pierced pussy and it is eaten. Both girls get their feet played with. Then one of them, Michelle Wild, sucks cock. The camera jumps around too much. The sex starts with the blonde taking it in doggie while Michelle gives a foot job. Michelle is then boned in spoon. The other chick is almost as hot as Michelle! This makes the bad camera work and editing seem worse. Michell fucks her guy hard in RC and when it cuts back to her it is anal. The blonde recieves more cunnilingus, she has a large clit. Then Michelle is DPed. The audio isn't dubbed. The blonde masterbates to orgasm into the mic. Then holds the mic for Michelle's moans. Michelle sucks and jacks the guys off while the blonde masterbates below them. Each guy jacks off into Michelle's mouth, then she spits the giz onto the blonde's pussy and licks it.




PRIVATE DVD: This is in High Def. Widescreen. It is a comprehensive Private add. There are general descriptions of their best selling products.

CATALOGUE: This is a list of Private movies with their boxcover description and the info table, but they don't really show anything. Skip this.

TRAILERS: There are a ton of trailers on this disc. I will only list the good ones. Amanda's Diary Chapter 5, The Scottish Love Knot, Special Compilation 3X1 three girls on one guy, Fetish Machine, Private Gladiator part 1, Lust Treasures, Private Interactive, Perfect, Pleasure Island, Hell Whores and High Heels, Without Limits 2, The Private Sex Survivors, and Dark Side all look sweet.

I would appreciate any questions, comments, or critiques of my reviews.I can be reached at, thanks for taking the time to read this far.

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