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Private DVD Pack 12: Riviera Trilogy

Private DVD Pack 12: Riviera Trilogy

Studio: Private
Category:  Box Sets , Feature film , Foreign
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Gabriel Nine's ratings for Private DVD Pack 12: Riviera Trilogy:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Private DVD Pack 12: Riviera Trilogy overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Private DVD Pack 12: Riviera Trilogy Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Private DVD Pack 12: Riviera Trilogy Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Private DVD Pack 12: Riviera Trilogy Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Private DVD Pack 12: Riviera Trilogy Plot/Acting rating 1 star
Extras Private DVD Pack 12: Riviera Trilogy DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Private DVD Pack 12: Riviera Trilogy A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Gabriel Nine  on  11/4/2003
Riviera Trilogy Limited Edition DVD Pack
Pierre Woodman
Part 1 Asian Shan, Adrienne Klass, Alexa, Angelica Sweet masturbation only, Christiane de Nerville, Judit Nemyo, Gaby Black, Pascal St. James, Ian Scott, James Brossman, Bob Terminator, Chris Lover
non sex
Niki Blond, Suzan Strong, Reda, Sebastian Barrio

Part 2 Aijja, Angelica Bright, Angelica Sweet, Asian Shan, Nicolette, Niki Blond, Patricia Major, Sunny Blue, Suzan Strong, Ian Scott, James Brossman, Pascal St. James, Reda, Sebastian Barrio
non sex
Christiane de Nerville

Part 3 Angelica Sweet, Suzan Strong, Ann Kiray, James Brossman, Pascal St. James, David Perry, Mephisto, Alex Mantegna, JPX, Niki Blond, Renato, Joachim, Viktor, Katy, Sharon Bright, Reda, Carla, Zoltan, Andor, Daniel, Monica, Andy, Alfred
non sex
Running time:
Part 1 2hrs 25mins   Part 2 2hrs 46mins   Part 3 3hrs
Video Format:
NTSC / All regions
Audio Format:
Dolby 2.0
Disc Features:
Audio languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian), subtitle languages (Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese), photo galleries, cast profiles, production notes, trailers, behind the scenes (part 3 only) - set also includes Private sampler disc 7

The unfeasibly cute Angelica Sweet plays a girl who arrives on the Côte D'Azur to visit her aunt and uncle, beginning a sprawling soap opera from the dying embers of Pierre Woodman's relationship with Private. Thoughtfully packaged in one handy volume, the Riviera Trilogy spans three discs and 8 hours of sun-drenched sex action among the jet setters and Euro trash on the French Riviera.

Be aware the following contains details that could spoil the story. Due to various inconsistencies in credits and character names and for ease of identification, I've referred to the actors' names only.

Jump to parts: Part 2 | Part 3Overall

Part 1
Angelica Sweet takes a cab ride through the sights of Cannes, while we witness Pascal, as the patriarch of the idle rich Dumas family, arriving for lunch with his wife (Suzan Strong), daughter (Niki Blond) and son (Yann Scott). The latter goes to the cellar to find out why the maid is taking so long to find the 1979 St Emillion (wasted on their light pasta lunch). Implausibly enough, the maid (Asian Shan) is supposedly an aspiring actress from Peru, of all places. Yann's offer of career assistance seduces her into giving him a blowjob so slow and deliberate it seems that time is standing still. This sensation continues as they fuck in somewhat robotic fashion though her petite, shapely frame is maybe just enticement enough to keep watching till she sucks him off. It's debatable.

Over at their impressively located seaside pad, Angelina's aunt, Christiane De Nerville (AKA Julia Swen and Nannes Beaumont), is treating her man, Bob Terminator, to a blowjob out in the sunshine. Angelina conveniently arrives just after, and is welcomed into the house. Christiane's greeting kiss could be a little sticky…

Meanwhile, Pascal's other son, James Brossman, shoots off in his Porsche to hook up with friends for an afternoon's boating. The friends in question are Alexa (AKA Krisztina Bella) and Alain Deloin, and soon they're enjoying a threesome on the deck as their speedboat cuts through a sea as sparkling as the cute brunette's eyes. The sex is actually a little lethargic and drawn out, even allowing for the tricky location, but the wonderful setting and dazzling sunshine mean it all looks fantastic. Anal, double penetration and more anal are on the cards, while the sea breeze affects the come fired on Alexa's face.

Bob and Christiane take Angelina clubbing. The dancing is unconvincing and the music is shit but it's a mere pretext to another sex scene. A raven-haired beauty (Judith Nemyo) goes to the toilet, where a guy (Chris Lover) walks in on her. She invites him to join her, sucking his cock and launching into a lusty fuck session. Angelina happens upon them and masturbates as she listens to the surprisingly lively coupling. Judit's vampish reactions to the sex are appealing, her boobs are amazing and all in all, taking in anal sex and a facial come shot, it's a pretty enjoyable affair.

Next day, Yann brings Adrienne Klass, another wannabe starlet, to meet James for a casting. Their idea of a casting involves a cock in each hand for the pretty brunette, looking as good as I've seen her, and duly encompasses anal sex and plenty of double penetration before she tosses the guys off into her mouth. This all takes place on a beautiful terrace with a sensational view of the town and hills and sea beyond, though unfortunately the slightly stilted sex doesn't match the splendour of the setting.

Meanwhile, Angelica's aunt and uncle awaken, and the sight of Christiane wiggling into tight trousers understandably rouses the uncle Bob. Their coupling awakens their young guest, and she has a peep on them, getting a great view of Bob's sweaty backside. Joking aside, I must say that Christiane also looks as good as I've seen her, and while I'm not convinced the sex is anything special, it is a great scene for just admiring her slim yet curvaceous form, as well as a few startling shots of her unconventional but delicate beauty. Oh, and you can see her take it up the ass and get come all over her face too, what did you expect?

While Angelica heads to the beach, Pascal heads to the golf course. Yes, I can sympathise with the trials and tribulations of these people. It's a hard life. Pascal picks up a lady golfer (Gaby Black) who puts paid to the rumours as they go for their own private game. Pascal wouldn't get away with such scandalous conduct at a decent club - yes, he's wearing shorts! Outrageous. Unfortunately, while the petite and pretty Gaby looks fine, swishing her jet black hair as she rides, her trim, tan form glowing in the sun, the sex is athletically performed but feels particularly perfunctory. As if in recognition, after anal sex and a facial, the action jumps to the next scene where we see Angelica being picked up by James at the beachfront. To be continued. I can hardly contain my anticipation…

Part 2  Part 1  | Part 3 Overall | Top
After a synopsis of the first instalment, which fills in a lot of details that episode 1 failed to make clear, we see Angelica return home to a warning from Auntie about these Riviera lotharios, but instead of pressing on with the story, the action takes a detour to see Yann's character bringing a new girl home to meet his mum. Busty blonde Heny (AKA Angelica Bright) accompanies Yann for a stroll and some sex in the sunny, leafy garden. Heny is gorgeous, pouting etc, but the sex is no better than average and the only serious frisson is provided by the fact the mother uses a telescope to spy on them as they fuck! Oddly, the anal sex appears to have been done at night under spotlights. Heny strokes her man off over her face.

While we see Angelica Sweet strolling the promenade, James has a sauna and a massage. Things progress in a highly predictable but no less enjoyable manner, with the vivacious brunette masseuse (Patricia Major) bringing a flirty sense of fun to the scene, not to mention a sexy body dressed in lingerie and white lace-top stockings. She readily offers oral sex when her massage induces stiffness instead of relieving it, and duly gives him the works. The incongruous dubbing doesn't disguise the wicked smile with which she invites James to enter her anus. Only a couple of positions are used but it's quite lively and sexy Patricia is a delight.

Flowers and the offer of dinner are really all it takes for James to sweep the chaste Angelica off her feet. He has a room already booked - what a smooth operator! At least the ensuing sex scene musters a semblance of passion, with the lovely Angelica kissing James like they really mean it. Quite sweetly, she has her eyes closed through most of the sex - only opening them to look at the camera when he's come on her face. There's no anal - I guess that's Pierre's idea of romance for you - but the sex is livelier than expected, more from James' side than Angelica's, though she feels right in the part. Just admiring her makes good viewing in itself.

As they are now firmly in love, James plans to take Angelica to meet the folks, but first it's time for another padding scene, though pleasant enough. That lovely little suntanned waif, Niki Blond, and her tennis-playing pal Aijja, waylay the gardener (Sebastian Barrio). The girls play with each other as well as the green-fingered stud. Both girls participate in anal sex and look good as well, though red-haired Aijja's plump bum comes with rather chunky thighs. Niki worries me, being so fragile, but she does have lovely boobs and both girls make a good fist of it, sharing come on their faces.

While Pascal takes to Angelica immediately, the mother greets the announcement of Angelica's character's full name by fainting melodramatically. Over the course of a couple of dramatic scenes which do little to elucidate, the mother can't bring herself to disclose the real reasons for her sour mood, so in bed that night, Pascal hopes a little loving will cheer his wife up. According to her profile, Suzan Strong, playing the mother, is supposedly 27 (depending where you read it, and please note she is not, repeat not, Suzan AKA Gabriella Kerez) but with the assistance of make-up and hair dye, which is also used to help Pascal age, she convinces in the role of an elegant French maman.

So, the middle-aged couple perform like the much younger people they really are - Suzan's oral technique is especially succulent - and such is the noise created, the maid passing their door is stimulated into spontaneous masturbation. Woodman unfortunately chooses to flit back and forth between the bedroom scene and sex between the maid (Asian Shan) and the butler (Reda) that feels as cool as the blue "moonlight" that illuminates the action. Both scenes feature anal sex, but there's such a myopic fixation on close-ups, only the different lighting helps distinguish between dick A going into anus B, or dick C going into anus D. Reda comes on Asian Shan's open bottom, while Suzan strokes her man off and gives him one last, messy suck to wrap up the far sprightlier scene.

Pascal is at it again, in a hot tub with cute blonde Sunny Blue and red head Nicolette sucking his toes, when he takes a call from James, who's just had another harassing call from his mother, warning him off this Angelica girl. Promising to sort it out, Pascal turns to the matter at hand, i.e. having these two sweethearts suck his dick. Even allowing for dubbed sound, the girls give an impression of being quite excited. For Sunny Blue this is a typically enthusiastic performance - I love the way she almost forces the other girl to kiss her properly - while Nicolette also delights with an especially shapely bottom and glinting eyes. Both girls take Pascal anally, splashing in the tub, and play with each other a little before rather sweetly competing for Pascal's cock and its come.

Mother drops in at James's pad, and though her son is not at home, Angelica lets her in and she proceeds to drop the bombshell that spells out exactly why James and Angelica cannot be together…they are brother and sister! Hey, it took a while, but we got there. But wait, they've already, like, done it! What can happen next? Stay tuned…

Part 3  Part 1  | Part 2 | Overall | Top
The first five minutes or so are taken up with another plot summary before the mother's explanation of the past resumes. Suzan tells Angelica of how she shared a flat in Paris with a girl played by Ann Joy (or Kiray), who happened to be whoring herself while her war correspondent husband was away. A flashback sex scene illustrates her exploits, where she accepts payment for sex with a man played by David Perry. The sex is straight, without anal, but performed at a brisk pace, and Ann's slim body and full bum look lovely; her long legs in sheer nylons and strappy heels aren't bad either. She rides David impressively before stroking him off.

The mother then recalls that when challenged over her whoring, Louise accused the mother of being frigid. Flashback again to Suzan, as a young woman, putting on her glad rags and going out to pick up men in order to prove her flatmate wrong. She gets tipsy on champagne bought by soldiers at a bar, and takes on all four, whipping off her fur coat and inviting them to take her. While Suzan looks hot in lingerie and stockings, the sex actually fails to rise to the occasion with a less than frantic gangbang. The lecherous barman peeps on as the guys (JPX, Alex Mantegna, Joachim and another youth) give her a relatively mild seeing to, including anal, and modest facials. A couple of incidentals: this scene is remarkably similar to one with Eniko et al gangbanged by similarly attired squaddies in Euro Hardball 11, in the same location. Even the lingerie looks familiar. Also, spot a cameo by Gabriella Tchekan and another blonde as customers.

Angelica is then told how Suzan first met Pascal, introduced by Ann who rather conveniently happens to be having an affair with him at that time. Cue another flashback sex scene, with the younger Pascal taking on Ann in sweltering sunshine by the pool, in the pool, up against a pillar, over a table. Shapely Ann again looks good, but although the implication is that this is really hot sex, I actually found it exceptionally routine. Ann performs anal sex in this scene, and sucks Pascal's cock after he comes on her ass.

Unfortunately, as Madame is still explaining that she fell in love with Pascal and all the attendant difficulties that caused, James arrives and Suzan has to go, leaving me still unsure quite where Angelica comes into all of this confused mess, and I must admit, unsure why I should really care either.

Dinner at Pascal and Suzan's house that evening is a barrel of laughs, a truly excruciating scene in terms of both direction and performance, with the pair stonewalling each other, and then arguing. Yann flees to watch TV, daughter Niki Blonde escapes to the butler's room, where she offers herself to hired help and his card-playing buddies. The sleazy geezers enjoy the body of the painfully thin blonde. As if making up for the lack of typical Woodman fare in Part 2, Pierre dishes up another crude but one-dimensional group romp with Niki double penetrated by the guys, who go on to use her mouth and ass, and come over her face.

Angelica meets up with the mother once more, for further sordid revelations. I must admit the storyline grows increasingly wearisome and less convincing by the minute, over the course of further dramatic flashbacks into which Pierre manages to incorporate a couple of barely justifiable sex scenes, at least by the needs of storytelling. Call it character development...

First, Pascal enjoys a romp with two comely hookers, blonde Sharon Bright and dark-haired Carla. This isn't too bad, I suppose, with both girls allowing Pascal into their anuses and some mildly diverting girl-girl play too. The girls share his come and there's one of those incongruous shots where the girls look at the camera - Sharon's sparkling eyes justify the intrusion.

Then there's a scene set in a strip club, where Pascal leaves his mates to it with busty brunette Monica and curvy, shorthaired blonde Katy, while slinky blonde Adrienne dances on but doesn't join in. Monica, as seen as Monic in Big Natural Tits, is slightly plain but has amazingly full, heavy natural boobs but the latter is a touch livelier in performance but truth to tell this is a rather tedious scene, especially in the ridiculously drawn-out wait for action, with only the girls' efforts and physiques to enliven the sex. The guys wear condoms for vaginal and anal sex but come freely on the girls' faces. The whole thing plays like the afterthought it is.

The reason for the above bad behaviour by Pascal is, to cut a long story short, due to Suzan's scheming. In a scarcely believable twist, she dupes the lovers Pascal and Ann into believing neither wants to see the other any more, and hey presto, she's bagged Pascal for herself. The snapping sound you can now hear is credulity stretched beyond breaking point as months later, both Louise and Suzan are pregnant - Ann with Angelica, by ex-lover Pascal, and Suzan with James, by her new husband Pascal. Hence, Angelica must end the relationship with her half-brother.

Angelica has barely done packing when the brooding James is on the blower to an ex-flame, an extremely sweet young blonde called Andy. She makes him beg her to take him back, but she's a pushover really, and is over at his place, cradling his cock in her dainty fingers in the blink of an eye. Actually, the sex between this pair makes a welcome change of pace after all that whoring and so forth; even the plentiful anal sex is sensuous rather than strong, and by the time James ejaculates over Andy's lovely body, she has a nice flush about her neck and chest. She's very appealing.

Returning to her mother, Angelica finds it's all been a ghastly misunderstanding, so without my revealing why (like you care anyway!), she's able to return to James, who accepts her back with only a little fuss. He's not worth it, my dear! Again, the drama feels utterly perfunctory as Woodman's focus is clearly on the main event. Not just showing Angelica blowing James so sweetly once more, not just showing her riding him with her beautiful boobs bouncing. No, all that I suspect will sustain many viewers through many hours is the will she/won't she question. Well, she does. Take it in the ass, in case you hadn't guessed. She doesn't look chuffed, but it's all dubbed, so who knows. For the culmination of the whole shooting match, this scene feels anticlimactic and couple barely react to each other, too obviously performing under orders. The saving grace is to see her beautiful eyes as she strokes James off over her face, shot as from his point of view. And that, dear reader, is just about that.

Overall  Part 1  | Part 2 | Part 3 | Top
If you've sampled even just a few paragraphs of my ramblings above, then you'll have assimilated a flavour of what I feel is a sporadically entertaining but generally very bloated piece of work. Much like this review, then. Just like my overblown verbiage, Riviera would surely have benefited from judicious editing as it suffers from a number of drawn-out sex scenes that are included with minimal relevance to the plot.

That's another problem. The story is far too flimsy to sustain a three-part epic, especially as so many crucial revelations are retained for the final edition, making it quite uncertain as to why one should care about the characters, and then when said revelations occur, they are so unconvincing as to be laughable. Strung out like this between overlong sex scenes, the drama, such as it is, simply falls flat.

Then there's the dialogue and acting, the latter being made slightly harder to comment on due to the former being dubbed. I usually think it a case of "damned by faint praise" to describe any adult movie acting is "good by porn standards", and in this case it's doubtful if it's true in any case. For me, though James Brossman and Angelica Sweet are suitably photogenic and quite, quite vacuous in their roles, only Suzan Strong really sells herself in the part.

Having said all that, I'm not sure I should even be taking this soap opera seriously, as I'm sure 99% of viewers don't give a stuff about analysing the dénouement. It might therefore seem baffling for Pierre to bother creating all these scenes, with all the wonderful sunshine and luxury houses and boats and pools and cars, when, ultimately, these movies live or die by the endless procession of beautiful women taking part in sex scenes that are very typically Pierre Woodman. There's maybe less in the way of double penetration and girls with several guys, but anal is pretty much de rigeur while passion is in much shorter supply. It's all very much a matter of taste.

For me, the Riviera trilogy isn't as good as Tatiana as a box-set buy, and as an overall piece of work, I think The Gigolo would be a better investment for someone seeking Woodman coming closer to getting it right all round. Riviera is a good value package, there's no doubt about it, but these are definitely flawed movies.

DVD Comments
With bright, bold and sharp, though not totally perfect, picture quality, Riviera certainly projects an appropriately dazzling image. The sound is all dubbed, though while it may puzzle to hear how much more guttural the grunting on the German soundtrack may be, it's slightly annoying to find the English soundtrack has a poorer mix than the French. The extras are okay, not great, and the report is a glorified advert, as usual. My big complaint is actually with the box - it's not good enough to protect the discs, but threatens to break them when you try to prise the buggers from its limpet grasp!

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