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LaNIKITA2000 Private Black Label 4: Indecency 2 4 starsPrivate Black Label 4: Indecency 2 4 starsPrivate Black Label 4: Indecency 2 4 stars
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Private Black Label 4: Indecency 2

Private Black Label 4: Indecency 2

Studio: Private
Category:  Anal , Foreign
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Nutty Buddy's ratings for Private Black Label 4: Indecency 2:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Private Black Label 4: Indecency 2 overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Private Black Label 4: Indecency 2 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Private Black Label 4: Indecency 2 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Private Black Label 4: Indecency 2 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Private Black Label 4: Indecency 2 Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Private Black Label 4: Indecency 2 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Private Black Label 4: Indecency 2 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Nutty Buddy  on  5/13/2002
Two Much

Scene 3 Michelle st Clair, Goynguy & A Guy: The Scene Opens Up in a Office with both Gyonguy & Michelle sitting at Desks. Michelle is a Beautiful Brunette with Blue Eyes & a Great ass. She’s Wearing a Button Up Shirt, Black Mini Skirt, Stockings & High Heels she keeps on thoughtout the Scene. Gyonguy is a Stunning as well Wearing a Shirt & Pants outfit with High Heels. Michelle starts to Stare at the Guy Sitting at Gyonguy’s Desk & Moves back in her Chair. She’s wearing No Panties & starts Masturbating. The Guy goes Over to her & Gyonguy joins in. Michelle gets fucked Missionary on the Desk while Gyonguy sits on her Face. Gyonguy is stripped down to Red & Black undergarmets & Looks 10 times Hotter. After Michelle, Gyonguy gets Fucked Doggystyle over the Desk while Eating out Michelle. Then Michelle gets on him & Fucks him Cowgirl, Very Hot. Gyonguy lays on the Desk & Fucks Mish style while eating Out Michelle. It switches to Michelle leaning over a Chair & giving a Great Blowjob while Gyonguy Fingers herself on the Desk. Michelle takes it up the ass Doggystyle & Gyonguy Fucks Reverse Cowgirl(Vaginal). This Segment was very Good because Gyonguy went Wild. He slips it in her ass & She Never drew up Once, Very Hot. Both girls Suck His cock while he’s Layed out on the Desk & share a “Facial” which wasn’t Much of One. Top Notch sex regardless. 1-5= 4 ½

Scene 2 Eva Roberts, Bagheera & A Guy: Back at the Hotel, Mr Youngman has the Pleasure of taking on Beautiful Bagheera & The Room stopping Eva Roberts. I’ve seen Eva in other Films but still haven’t seen her as a Sexual Force yet. Somebody suggest something Please! Anyway, On the Bed, Eva’s wearing a Light Blue Sun Dress & High Heels. On the other side of Him, Bagheera’s wearing a Pink & White Sun Dress & a Pair of High Heels. Both girls give him a Okay Blowjob before Eva fucks him Cowgirl & Bagheera Masturbates, Very Hot sequence. Pierre’s Brief, But Effective camera angles Show how Great Eva’s Body is. Bagheera then gets Spooned, Still wearing her Dress while Eva watches. Eva then Hops on for some pretty Uninspired Reverse Cowgirl & Bagheera sits on the Guy’s Face. Eva sucks his Cock a little bit & He fucks Bagheera up the ass Doggystyle & Reverse Cowgirl. Then Gorgeous Eva takes it up the ass Cowgirl, Very Hot. He Pulls Out & Both girl’s Share a very Good Facial. Most of it goes on Eva’s face & tounge & they Suck his Cock afterwords. Good Scene. 1-5= 3 1/2

Scene 3 Suzan Neilsen, Natacha & Two Guys: In a Huge Office, With 2 Guys left & a little Time on their Hands, There’s Gorgeous Natacha & Suzan Hungry for Sex. Suzan is in the 1st part of Indecency & she stole my Heart with her DP. She’s a Blonde with some of the Best Eyes I’ve ever seen, Wearing a light Blue Dress jacket, White Pants & High Heels. Natacha is so Beautiful as well, With a White Dress jacket over a Leopard Silk Dress, Stockings & High Heels, Both as Hot as Fuck. Natacha sucks her Guy off while he’s Sitting in a Chair & Suzan sucks her Guy’s cock while he’s Layed out over the Huge Table in the Middle of the Room.Very Very nice Blowjobs. It switches to Natacha being slammed Missionary over the Desk & Suzan being Fucked Doggystyle, Wearing her Brau & High Heels, Very Hot. Suzan stops Fucking & sits on Natacha’s face. Natacha then gets bent over a little Table & Fucked Doggystyle while Suzan gets Spooned so Nicely on the Table. Both Girls then bend over the Table & give More Head while being Analyzed for some Anal Fucking. Suzan gets Fucked up the ass 1st, Doggystyle. Then he takes it to Natacha Doggystyle & The Other Guy Fucks Suzan up the ass, Very Hot. Suzan then gives one of the Guys a great Blowjob while he’s Standing Up & Natacha gets Slammed reverse Cowgirl up the ass. She Receives a very nice Dp but it was fairly short in my Opinion. Both Girls then give more Excellent Head. Natacha slips a Cock in Suzan, Reverse Cowgirl since She was already on top of Him sucking the Other Guy Off. Suzan finishes Blowing the other Guy & receives a Nicely shot DP. Surely not better than her Dp in the 1st Indecency. This Dp was fairly Short to me too but Suzan gets fucked more on the Table, Missionary. Natacha gives her Guy Head until he Bursts a Load on her Tounge, Lips & face. She sucks his Cock Afterwords. Suzan’s Guy pulls Out & you get a Nice “point of View” Facial here, With the camera directly Over Suzan’s Gorgeous Face. He drops a hefty Load directly into her Mouth & On her Tounge as she keeps giving him Nice Head. Excellent Scene. 1-5= 5

Scene 4 Inga, Caroline Cage(Kata Lynn) & a Guy: The Scene Opens up with The Gorgeous Caroline Cage in a Hot Tub. Inga, Who I think is a Splitting Image of Tania Russof, Is Tub Side talking to Caroline. Caroline is the Star of the Movie; Blonde Goddess with No Flaws. Of course she’s completely Nude & Inga’s wearing a Red & White Maid’s Outfit with High Heels. Whatever they were talking about led to Caroline’s face in Inga’s Crouch. After all that exciting Lesbianism a Guy comes & Interupts. Caroline leaves & Inga Follows him into a Room with a Bed. Still fully clothed, Inga gives him a Nice Slow Blowjob. The Camera Angles from in Back of her Compliment the Blowjob a lot. None of the Sex was Slow at all though. Inga gets Spooned hard on the Bed & then ends up completely Naked fucking Cowgirl Style, Very Hot. She Fucks his Brains out Reverse Cowgirl & gets Fucked Missionary before taking it Up the ass. I Wished they did more than Doggystyle but that’s Okay, It was Hot anyway. After being Analyzed, Inga Jerks Him off Directly into her Mouth, Sucking his Cock a lot afterwords. Great Scene. 1-5= 5

Scene 5 Caroline Cage(Kata Lynn), Gabriella & A Guy: Both Women’s Screen Presence make this Scene Incredible to Begin with. Caroline is dressed in a Blue & Black Lingere & Looks the best I’ve ever seen Her. Gorgeous Gabriella was in the 1st Indecency as well & had irresistible Anal Sex. She’s a Dark haired, Sharp Featured Hungarian woman, Wearing Blue & Black Lingere as well. In a Nicely put together Room, Gorgeous Caroline has Gabriella layed out on the Bed & Eats her Pussy. They get Interupted by a Guy & he eats out Caroline from the Back. She Obliges him & gives him a Decent Blowjob while he Fingers Gabriella’s Pussy. Then Caroline Fucks his Brains Out Reverse Cowgirl, Already Driving this Scene over the Edge, So Fucking Hot. She has too much Energy & Looks her Best. After, Beautiful Gabriella takes it from Behind so Nicely, Eating Caroline at the same Time. Caroline then goes on another Rampage, Cowgirl. Gabriella does some Pussy to Mouth before slipping it in Caroline’s ass(Cowgirl). I was pretty much Ready to jump out the Window by this Point. Caroline gets Fucked Reverse Cowgirl & gets Spooned up the ass as well, Very Hot. Gabriella then jerks the Guy Off right into Caroline’s Mouth, Splashing her Tounge, Lips & Face. Both Suck his Cock afterwords. Very Hot Scene. 1-5= 5

Scene 6 Lydia & Two Guys: Mr youngman finds Himself Hitchhiking, Trying to Find a Way to get to his “Wife”. Ultimately a red Sports Car pulls up with Lydia & a Guy in it. They Pick him up & End up at a Shoreline of Rocks overlooking the Sea. Lydia is a Pretty, Dirty Blonde wearing a Green Mini Skirt. Both Guys end up Tag Teaming her, One eating her & her Blowing the Other. She gets Fucked Doggystyle, Cowgirl, Spoon & Reverse Cowgirl while giving Head at all Times. One of the Guy’s slips it in her ass Reverse Cowgirl & Pierre’s Angle complimented it Nicely. Complimented the Great Dp Lydia receives after as well. She Crouches between both guys & Takes Cumshots from both. The 1st Guy completely Misses but the 2nd Drops a Decent Load in her Mouth. She sucks their cocks afterwords. DP was Lovely. 1-5= 4

Scene 7 Caroline Cage(Kata Lynn), Gabriella, Inga, Lydia & Four Guys: Mr Youngman makes it to where his “Wife” is & Finds her in the backyard by the Pool, Sunbathing. They Blahzay Blah a little bit before Kissing & Making Up. They just Happen to Fall into Orgies in both Films & their Still together. Anyway, At a Dinner Table, All Six Performers Laugh & Toast to the “Party” they’re about to throw. Before you know it, An All out Orgy commences. This is sooo Visually Fulfilling & Pure Pierre Woodman Footage. Caroline Cage, In a red Top & Black High Heels, Is being Banged Cowgirl on a Chair. She is So Hot. Gabriella, In a Blue & Grey Skirt & High Heels, Is being Banged reverse Cowgirl. Lydia, Still in her green Dress & High Heels, Is being Spooned on the Couch. Inga, Still in her Maid’s Outfit with High Heels, Gets Fucked so Nicely on the Staircase Doggystyle, Super Hot. Inga & Her Guy get closer to the Orgy & everybody switches Up. Gorgeous Caroline fucks Reverse Cowgirl, Up the ass, While Giving Head. Gabriella gets Fucked Doggystyle while eating Lydia & Inga gets Fucked reverse Cowgirl, Very Very Hot. Caroline’s Energy never fails Once in this Movie. Gabriella receives a Beautifully Shot DP, Inga gets Fucked Cowgirl while Lydia masturbates & Gorgeous Caroline gets Fucked Doggystyle, Super Hot. Lydia does a little bit More Fucking, Cowgirl in a Chair, Gabriella gets Spooned on a Couch while sucking a Cock & Inga Fucks Mish, While Eating Out Caroline. After some Scorching hot Footage, Gabriella’s man Pulls out & Bursts a Load on her Pussy & Stomach as she Rubs it in. The other Guys cums directly in her Mouth as she sucks his Cock. She gives him Great Post Cum Head as well. Inga’s Guy Pulls out & Her & Gorgeous Caroline share a Decent Cumshot & suck his Cock afterwords. Lydia stops with her High Energy Fucking & Crouches down for a Cumshot as well, Jerking & Sucking his Cock during & After. Extremely Good Porn. 1-5= 5

Sum it Up: There’s really Nothing to Fess about with This One. The Dubbing was Horrific if you care about That. Visually, This is Near Perfect but Anytime somebody’s talking, The Dubbing is just Bad. For whatever reason, I gave the 1st Indecency 5 stars in Audio/Video Value. That was Dead Wrong because that was just as bad as This One. Women Wise & Sex Wise, Pierre did just as Good, If not Better, Directing this Film. I don’t know a Better Director than Pierre Woodman. All the Women were Gorgeous & Had High Energy Sex. My Favs are Caroline Cage, Suzan & Gabriella but all the Women perform Nicely. If you like a little Story with your Sex, Indecency 1&2 are Keepers, Classic Pierre Woodman.

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