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Private Black Label 4: Indecency 2

Private Black Label 4: Indecency 2

Studio: Private
Category:  Anal , Foreign
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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LaNIKITA2000's ratings for Private Black Label 4: Indecency 2:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Private Black Label 4: Indecency 2 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Private Black Label 4: Indecency 2 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Private Black Label 4: Indecency 2 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Private Black Label 4: Indecency 2 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Private Black Label 4: Indecency 2 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Private Black Label 4: Indecency 2 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Private Black Label 4: Indecency 2 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by LaNIKITA2000  on  10/6/2000

Title: Indecency 2

Studio: Private DVD       

DVD Production Date: 01/2000

Director: Pierre Woodman

Talent: Kata Lynn (aka Caroline and Caroline Cage), Gabriella, Suzan Nielsen, Gyonguy, Michelle St. Clair, Bagheera, Eva Roberts, Natacha, Inga, and Lydia, 

Length: 2 hours 27 minutes

DVD Format: Dual Layer Single Sided

In the previous installment [READ MY REVIEW OF INDECENCY 1], Isabelle found her husband cheating on him. While walking on the beach at night, she contemplates the millionaire's proposal. She walks to the Copacabana hotel and encounters the millionaire, Howard Nelson. She agrees to the proposal of 1 million dollars in cash for 48 hours of her time if and only if her friend-lawyer, Julie Kudit, goes over the formal contract in order to close the deal. 

Bruno looks pissed off at himself since he cheated on his wife. He goes to a cafe where he encounters two young ladies. One is black and the other is tanned. They chat him up and are obviously into him. He tells them about his present situation. The two ladies offer to take him back to their hotel for some happiness.

Scene One: Michelle St. Clair, Gyonguy, and a guy

Meanwhile, Isabelle calls Julie in Los Angeles. Isabelle finds out that Julie can be reached on her mobile phone. The secretaries question why Isabelle needs to talk to Julie. A dude enters the office and asks the secretaries where Julie is since she told him to come there. The lady on the left, who dresses more conservatively, tells him to sit down next to the other lady so she can make a new appointment for him. 

Oh. . .maybe I was mistaken. Michelle stares at Jean Paul and spreads her legs revealing her pussy to him. She plays with herself a little and puts her pen in her mouth gesturing that she needs some manmeat. So, Jean Paul says, "Why wait for tomorrow." Gyonguy says, "I'm here as well." Get ready for a threesome folks. 

Michelle, the more conservative one, gets fucked on the desk, while she eats the other lady's pussy out. The two ladies are both attractive looking as most Private ladies are. Michelle wears sexy stockings, black demi bra, and black high heels. The other lady wears a red and black top. The two ladies switch positions. Now, Michelle's pussy is being pleasure by her while she is getting fucked doggy style up vagina. Excellent camerawork from Pierre Woodman. Next, her fucks Michelle in the cowgirl position. Her friend massages Jean Paul's balls while he fucks Gabriella. Gabriella has a nice big, but not saggy ass, which is made for some push and pull action. Again, the two women switch position. 

Michelle moistens his cock with her wet and succulent lips in order to provide lubrication for anal entry. The beautiful camera work captures the actual anal penetration. Jean Paul gets right to it and provides some ass jammin' doggy style. Also, the camera captures a good shot of her tight vagina. 

Next, Jean Paul fucks Gyonguy reverse cowgirl style while Michelle licks his balls. The camera wanders over to Michelle's nice squatting ass. The camera returns to the main event with Gyonguy getting it up the ass. Michelle plays with the other lady's clit to enhance her sensations. Great camerawork! 

The two ladies take turn sucking his cock so he can climax. After a few minutes of tag team cocksucking, the guy cums very little. They provide some excellent post-cum sucking. Other than the disappointing cumshot, the scene scorches. The scene ends with the ladies kissing each other. 

Scene Two: Eva Roberts, Bagheera, and Bruno (Andrew Youngman)

The movie returns to Isabelle. She stands atop of the Rio Atlantica Hotel worrying about her Bruno and her recent decision. She has plenty to worry about since Bruno is enjoying some 2 on 1 action with two ladies. 

Eva Roberts is the tanned lady with a unique hairdo. She has a nice and tight body. Everything about her is real and this is true with her black counterpart. The two take turns sucking his cock until the vaginal penetration. Bruno fucks Eva in the vagina cowgirl position. Then, he fucks her reverse cowgirl position. The black lady passively joins into the erotic atmosphere by playing with herself. Eva moistens Bruno's cock so he can slip into the Bagheera's ass doggy style. She enjoys more assfucking until it is Eva's turn up the bung hole. Now, Eva has a really nice ass. Her tight hole makes him climax on both on the ladies' faces. Eva gets some cum on her right cheek and Bagheera on her left cheek. Both ladies provide the viewer with very fake smiles. 

Isabelle meets Julie at the Rio airport. Meanwhile, Howard Nelson talks to his lawyers about the contract. Finally, Isabelle and her lawyer enter the room. After some small minor contract details, the parties agree and sign the contract for the million dollar weekend. 

Scene Three: Christelle (Suzan Nielsen), Julie (Natacha Storm), and two guys

Mr. Nelson sweeps Isabelle away to his private helicopter. Howard Nelson's lawyer suggests that all of them [(Christelle, Julie, and Armando (Nelson's personal financial officer)] enjoy in some festivities. So, the two lawyers pair up with each other. Christelle pairs up with Armando. The ladies start sucking their partners to a full erection. Christelle is a ice-blonde hottie with lustful eyes. After the cocksucking, the men begin to fuck the ladies in the vagina. While Julie gets fucked by the lawyer, she licks Christelle's pussy. The men swap women so now Christelle gets fucked by Mr. Nelson's lawyer. Armando enjoys fucking Gabriella's pussy from behind. The camera pans from the adjacent sex action. Christelle's the first lady to take the anal plunge and gets ass fucked by the Mr. Nelson's lawyer briefly. Both ladies asses are sticking up in the air waiting to be fucked. Now, it is Julie turn to be fucked by the lawyer. Meanwhile, Armando receives oral pleasure from the ladies separately. They are moistening his cock so he can prepare to assfuck the ladies. Armando takes up the opportunity to invade Christelle up the wazoo. Pierre Woodman captures both women in the same frame being fucked in the ass on the table. More assfucking continues in several positions. Both women get double penetrated but Christelle's DP is hotter. 

After the DPs, Gabriella sucks Armando off until he climaxes on her hair and face. Christelle enjoys the sausage injection in her pussy until she readies herself for his cum load. He pulls out of her box and paints her mouth with an ample amount of semen. Good scene.

Scene Four:  Mercedes (Inga) and Isabelle (Kata Lynn), Mercedes (Inga) and a guy

Mr. Nelson, his wife, and Isabelle arrive at the heliport and board a helicopter.

Meanwhile, Bruno wakes up in a bed with two women. He realizes that he has done something wrong and leaves the two sleeping women. Bruno returns to his hotel and finds a note from Isabelle saying that he should forget about her and return to Paris. Bruno storms out of his room and searches for information on the whereabouts of her lady and knocks on Mr. Nelson's suite. Christelle, Mr. Nelson's personal assistant, tells him that he is not here. She informs him that Isabelle signed a formal contract and that they are going to a nearby island. His goal is to find his Love again.

After arriving on the island, Isabelle makes herself comfortable by taking a relaxing bath. For the next 48 hours, she can forget about her troubles and enjoy the pampering. Along with shrugging off her worries, she shakes off her sexual mores. Isabelle urges Mercedes, the maid, to join her in the tub. Mercedes is a cute lady but not as attractive as Christelle or Isabelle. She chats the maid up and finally convinces her to participate in some fun. She goes down on Isabelle until the pool cleaner interrupts the lesbian action. Before he interrupts them, Pierre Woodman gives us a nice landscape view of Caroline's body. The pool cleaner begins to jerk off until Mercedes spots him. 

The pool cleaner lectures Mercedes on her recent lewd behavior. After yelling at her, he leads her to the bedroom for some sex. She sucks his cock with a smooth rhythmic motion while he sticks his finger in her pussy. This is followed by vaginal fucking in the cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and missionary positions. Next, he penetrates her ass doggy style. For some reason, Mercedes looks incredibly hot while in this position. Mercedes, like the good lady she is, enjoys an ample cum facial from the pool cleaner. Great post-cum sucking.  

Scene Five: Isabelle (Kata Lynn), Amanda Nelson (Gabriella), and Mr. Nelson (Philippe Soine)

Isabelle wears some hot lingerie revealing her nice body. She is ready to give herself to Mr. Nelson. However, Mr. Nelson tells her to go to his room. She enters the room and she sees Gabriella waiting for her. We see a nice picture of Isabelle's dental floss before Gabriella commands her to take them off. Isabelle watches Gabriella play with herself. She tells Isabelle to eat her out but she refuses initially since it was not part of the deal. But, she does it anyway. After a few minutes of the lesbian sex, Mr. Nelson enters the room to participate in the action. He orders Isabelle to suck him and so he does. Both ladies take turn riding the pony. After Mr. Nelson pull out of Isabelle's cock, Gabriella moistens it so it will make anal penetration easier. Isabelle seems to enjoy Mr. Nelson's cock up her ass cowgirl style. Isabelle spreads her butt cheeks apart so her ass can accommodate his dick. He continues to fuck her ass reverse cowgirl and spoon position. He uses aggressive fuck thrusts while in the spoon position until he cums. Gabriella jerks him off so Isabelle will take the facial. The semen lands on her left eye and rolls down on her nose. Both ladies give him excellent post cum head. Great scene!

Scene Six: Lydia and two guys 

Bruno hitchhikes to his place of destination. He asks a couple in a dune buggy if they would take him to Mr. Nelson's villa. They agree but they have an excursion in between. They stop at a picturesque sight beside the ocean and start to have sex on the rocks. The lady sucks her partner off while Bruno eats her out. After this, she fucks one guy and sucks on the other. The two men switch positions so the other guy that fucked her pussy now will fuck her mouth. Then, Bruno fucks her ass in the reverse cowgirl position while she continues blow her partner. This is followed by a brief double penetration until the men cum on her face. Bruno unloads on her and paints her face (specifically her left eye). Her partner's cum gets on her hair, both cheeks, and chin. Great post cum sucking ends the scene. She smiles with lust in her mind. Great scene.

After the excursion, they continue to drive to their final destination. The camera then focuses on a lady sunbathing near a pool. The dune buggy approaches the villa and is encountered by bodyguards who notify Mr. Nelson of their visit. The pool cleaner leads them inside. Bruno demands to see Isabelle. Apparently, she was the lady sunbathing at the beginning of the scene. Isabelle does not want to talk to Bruno anymore but Bruno pulls her aside to kiss her. It seems they have learned their lesson. Mr. Nelson says that Bruno will have to look after and pamper Isabelle. Furthermore, he says that he will cancel the contract and Bruno and Isabelle can keep the million dollars. Mr. Nelson proposes a toast to initiate party time!

Scene Seven: Isabelle (Kata Lynn), Amanda Nelson (Gabriella), Mercedes (Inga), Lydia, and four guys

Soon afterwards, the orgy starts. Isabelle pairs up with the dune buggy driver. Mr. Nelson pairs with the driver's female passenger and Bruno pairs with Gabriella. Then, Mercedes and the pool cleaner enter the scene. Isabelle gets double penetrated by Mr. Nelson and Bruno. The driver fucks Mercedes and the pool cleaner has his turn with Gabriella and the passenger. Gabriella also gets double penetrated. Every lady in the scene gets fucked by the other men at least twice. Gabriella continues to enjoy the 2 on 1 action until they cum on her. One guy cums on her pussy making a cream pie while the other unloads on her face. Great facial. She gives post cum head. Mr. Nelson cums on the Mercedes and Isabelle. They work on his cock after he cums. Finally, the passenger jerks the pool cleaner off. All the ladies give post cum head while smiling into the camera to end the scene. This was a well captured group sex scene from Pierre Woodman.

The movie ends with the Lovebirds and the dune buggy couple driving back to Rio. Bruno says "Free at last. Free. . .Free. . .Free. . .and Rich!"

Overall: The sex scenes were exceptional especially scenes one, three, six, and seven. Gabriella, Suzan Nielsen, and Eva Roberts are HOT! Both Indecency 1 and 2 have hot and nasty scenes. However, the orgy scene (scene seven) tips the scale in favor of Indecency 2. A good porn plot and hot sex. . .what else can you ask for?

DVD Quality: Audio (if you can ignore the bad voice acting!) and video quality is superb.

Extras: The extras include a trailer, a report, cast biography, photobook, production notes, and trailers for other Private DVDs. What I liked especially about the extras were the cast biography showing what other Private DVDs or Videos the stars are in.

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