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Private Black Label 35: Anal Mermaids

Private Black Label 35: Anal Mermaids

Studio: Private
Category:  Anal , Foreign
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Linus's ratings for Private Black Label 35: Anal Mermaids:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Private Black Label 35: Anal Mermaids overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Private Black Label 35: Anal Mermaids Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Private Black Label 35: Anal Mermaids Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Private Black Label 35: Anal Mermaids Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Private Black Label 35: Anal Mermaids Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Private Black Label 35: Anal Mermaids DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Private Black Label 35: Anal Mermaids A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Linus  on  11/29/2004
Private Black Label: Anal Mermaids

Preview Expectations: Well I have to admitt, I don't have a friggin clue what this one is gonna be about or what to expect, with a title like Anal Mermaids, one would possibly expect fine women of the sea to come to surface to be screwed in the butt, but then I remember that most incantations that are presented to us, present mermaids that don't have asses, but then again, this is porn. Private always has hot girls and usually a pretty well done feature for adult fans to enjoy, so what the hell it's woth a shot.

Initial Thoughts: If you changed the title and got rid of the menus and filler sections with the swimming naked ladies, you could pretty much eliminate the mermaid ploy all together. Despite that, there is some pretty hot sex here, but no real story, it's halfway between all sex and vingette, as there is some location setup, sortof. The costumes are well done and the settings are good fantasy kit. The real bright spot though is some stunning looking Private girls. Overall a pretty good release and lengthy for most features. A reasonable compliment of extras give some added depth.

Technical Considerations: No real complaints on the technical side, Private used the fuzzy lense approach for parts of this film, and it adds a certain ambience, but the longer shots of the sexual action are not as clear as they could have been because of it. The music is a little loud and occasionally affects the clarity of the acting, which makes a thin plot even harder to get into. Nothing major though.

Condom Usage: None

Scene Breakdown

Scene 1: Victoria Swinger, Lauro De Giotto, Csoky

A gorgeous Victoria enters the room with a decked out attire like a 1930's gangster queen, The crown, a sequenced dress, heels, and black garters. Two guys sitting and smoking in an office call her towards them, and start to get her undressed and look over her with a magnifying glass, literally, the camera has one strapped to it to try and make it POV style, the reasoning is pretty lame, but it makes for some good tease. They find a stamp on her naked ass, and I guess that was her cue to give them a cute look and drop to her knees to suck cock. Victoria is really a sexy girl, and she gives a good performance in the scene, the chemistry is excellent, and she really gets into it during the DP. The guy in her butt pulls out and gives her a facial, while the guy she is riding in her pussy pulls out and sprays her ass with cum. A solid opening scene. Duration: 14:12 mins

Scene 2: Mercedes, Lauro De Giotto

Mercedes is lying naked on a bed and elegantly made up, she has some black lingerie stalkings on, panties and a diamond appearing necklace. For no aparent reason, Lauro enters and they start to fondle before she starts blowing him. Mercedes is just gorgeous here, and the scene has a real energetic charge to it, it borders on having some real passion in it, and the chemistry is decent, Mercedes gets a thorough pussy and anal pounding and she carries her elegant charm through it all, kind of like fucking a princess is her appearance. Lauro titfucks her and cums on her tits to end a nice scene, pretty copious cumshot and mercedes cleans him up afterwards. Duration: 13:58 mins

Scene 3: Dorina, Judy

We see real fishies this time but the naked swimming girl bit is subdued here. It isn't long before these two hotties are all over one another, and they have thier romp in a bathtub. The eroticism is good in this scene, both girls are very beautiful and and smooth with thier movements, both use thier feet on the other's pussy, and we get some sucking and fucking with a pink jelly dildo, but for the most part this is a real showy kind of sensual tease. Neither girl really seems labia hungry, and the mouth to muff contact is minimal at best, it is mostly a scene of groping and touching, with some kissing and the previously mentioned dildo action. Not the best veggie scene in my book. Scene Duration: 13:47 mins

Scene 4: Sintia Stone, Barbara Voice and James Brossman

This one is setup to be in a roller disco kind of atmosphere, and the performers have those stupid 1970's wigs on, that people had thier real hair like in the US especially back in that time period, thank god I didn't live there then. Anyway old James smooth, gets his dick sucked while getting a footjob, and these two cuties seem to dig what he's offering. The chemistry is good here for the most part but I think the girls over act the time period a bit too much. The purple wig is really over the top, but both girls look oddly hot in the getup, and they perform well, they both get a dick in the ass for thier efforts, and they share the slow mo cumshot that gets them both pretty messy. They clean him up well and thier cum covered faces fade to black. Duration: 13:12 mins

Scene 5: Monika Unco and Csoky<

Monika is a cute little ballerina, and she is training when we start out this scene, soon her partner also dressed in tights comes out to aparently just fuck. He gets her top off in no time and she forgets the training and sucks his cock. Out of the scenes so far, this one seems to have the most passion in it, the performers really seem to get on with one another, and that makes the sex more enjoyable to watch. Monika has a beautiful body and she slams back on Csoky throughout the scene, nice energy and at the same time they maintain a level of slow passion. Monika does get it up the butt nicely against the mirror, and gets a meager facial to finish the scene. She gives some hot post cum head to finish the scene. Duration: 17:08

Scene 6: Maya Gold and Zensa Raggi

I've had about all the fish I can stand as the final scene starts with Maya coming down the steps in a long red robe, and going to Zensa who is waiting below. Maya is a great looking woman, and she is another one in this movie who carries kind of an elegant aura around her as she gets fucked, she sucks dick with passion, and just tries to ride Zenza's dick right off as she takes it on the stairs. Maya also is indeed an anal mermaid, and gets drilled in the butt as she gives the camera her regal glance. She gives a handjob bj finish and takes a facial to end. Nice eroticism display from Maya there, hot stuff. Duration: 12:54 mins.

Extra Stuff

Trailers: There is the trailer for this production "Anal Mermaids" as well as trailers for the following 6 Private releases. "Private Reality 28", "Lingerie A GO Go", "Private Life of Jessica May", "Delilah", "Castings X 32", "The Millionare".

Behind the Scenes: 9:30 mins "Making of" reel that includes extra sex.

Photo Gallery: There are 2 photo gallerys, one of production and one more focused on the action in the scenes, both have hardcore and other pictures in them. Around 60 or so pictures combined.

Cast Biography and Liner Notes: There is a biography with info and private film and mag info for each girl in the film, and a few pages of liner notes which is basically a background on the film and what it is about.

In The End

Private went for more of a sensual and erotic all sex disc here with themes and locations, and for the most part it worked, I think the sex was pretty well done with nice chemistry and passion. I do think there was far too much time wasted with the swimming girls and effects, either add length to the sex scenes, or better yet do what Private does best, and make a decent storty to fill those gaps. I don't care for ambient filler in porn, and there was a lot of that here, no story and it did nothing to help the scene, so I could do with out it, but some may like the dead space for whatever reason. Overall, I think this film makes a decent rental, it has some nice sex and 104 minute length, add the decent extras in and its worth a look, but as for purchase, I don't know. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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