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Private Black Label 21: Lust Tango In Paris

Private Black Label 21: Lust Tango In Paris

Studio: Private
Category:  Feature film , Foreign
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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oreb's ratings for Private Black Label 21: Lust Tango In Paris:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Private Black Label 21: Lust Tango In Paris overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Private Black Label 21: Lust Tango In Paris Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Private Black Label 21: Lust Tango In Paris Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Private Black Label 21: Lust Tango In Paris Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Private Black Label 21: Lust Tango In Paris Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Private Black Label 21: Lust Tango In Paris DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Private Black Label 21: Lust Tango In Paris A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by oreb  on  10/3/2003

Lust Tango In Paris



Starring: Michelle Wild, Christine Scott, Mandy, Caty, Mercedes, Dora Venter, Mia Stone, Ian Scott, Pascal St. James, Philippe Dean, Sebastian Barrio, and Steve Holmes.

Directed By:Kovi

Running Time:Feature: 132 minutes, Total: 155 minutes






Compliance Statement: "In compliance with U.S.C. 18, Section 2257. All models 18 years of age or older. Record Keeper Victoria Montbriand. Private North America 10947 Pendleton Street, Sun Valley, CA. 91352. Production: 09/2001."


This DVD starts with a lengthy website add as well as disclaimers in many languages. The menus are excellent. The movie's video is a bit grainy but not annoying and some of the non-sex segments look like they were shot at a slower film speed. The audio is decent but there are a few quiet spots. The plot is based on Michelle Wild and a painter, she wants to buy a painting but he won't sell. The plot is so nonexistent that it doesn't get in the way of the sex, which in this case is perfectly fine with me. Despite being a little on the nasty side the sex is generally very good. More importantly the camera work and editing don't make it bad, as is commonly the case. All of the scenes and the segments within them are long enough to enjoy and nothing is over edited. Plus there are seven scenes with some decent extras. This is the best DVD I own.

SCENE 1: Christine Scott

The painter gets into a limo and gets blown as soon as he sits down. Christine has straight black hair and gigantic natural tits. She is fairly pretty but stays almost fully clothed.

BJ: He sits down in the back of the limo and she proceeds to give him head. There is some monster breast massaging before she licks his balls and goes down on him some more. The BJ is about average but the segment length and camera work are good. The scene ends with him jacking off onto himself and rubbing his small load onto her mouth.



SCENE 2: Michelle Wild

Michelle is having a bubble bath in her hotel room, and caressing her tits, when the bell boy arives with room service. He just walks in and watches her. Michelle is the hottest chick ever, I am giving her my first ever 10 rating! She has perfect everything!

Cunnilingus: She gets out of the tub and he licks her honey pot while kneeling below her. He admires her perfect tits next before eating her out in standing doggie. He fingers both of her holes at the same time and licks her asshole.

BJ & Titfuck: She can only give his wide cock head but does it very enthusiastically, also squeezing her boobs together for him to fuck.

Standing Doggie: She stands and he power fucks her pussy, breaking up the action with several insertions. He lifts one of her legs up and looks like he might cum, but manages to hold on.

Standing Spoon: He picks her up completely and fucks the hell out of her, short but sweet.

Missionary: He spits on her pussy, giving it a lick before taxing her some more, he does this a few times, licking her ass as well. There are too many insertions. This is the longest segment and the insertions make it a little tedious.

Reverse Cowgirl & Reverse Cowgirl Anal: She holds herself above his thrusting cock, taking him in the muff before switching to her back door. Her tits are amazing, bouncing up and down. He spreads her lips and fucks her fast. She puts her legs up on his knees and takes a deep dicking. At the end of the segment they act like he came inside of her.

BJ:She gives him head, then sucks his nuts while he masterbates at mach 3. His hand is just a blur and from this effort he releases a decent load onto her face and mouth.



SCENE 3: Mercedes & Dora Venter

This is a two on two scene. Dora is an attractive girl with very sharp features, curly blonde hair, small breasts and a thin physique. Mercedes is the least attractive woman in this film, which says a lot for this movie. She has an awesome body, and average face, small breasts and brown hair. Dora puts in a very good performance but Mercedes looks like she needs a nap or she has somewhere better to be.

BJ: Dora can't even fit her hand around her guys cock, let alone much of her mouth!

Doggie & Spoon: Dora is getting ridden in doggie while Mercedes takes her cock in spoon. Dora's pussy is really getting stretched and there are several insertions that leave her wide open. They are both being pounded.

Reverse Cowgirl & Reverse Cowgirl Anal: Mercedes gets her pussy fucked with her legs in the air, then pressed together. Dora is fucked similarly, just in her ass. This is a very hot, long segment.

Cowgirl DP & Dildo: Dora uses a dildo while watching Mercedes get DPed. Dora is enjoying her dildo very much, but Mercedes looks like she might fall asleep at any moment. What a feat that would be, to fall asleep with both of her holes being decimated.

BJ: Now both girls are on their knees stroking and sucking. Dora gives herself a dickslap before her dude nuts in her mouth. She really tries to catch it all. Then Mercedes' guy lets loose with a fountain of giz, mostly missing her, but followed by some sucking. The girls go chin to chin, then tongue to tongue before the scene ends.




SCENE 4: Christine Scott & Caty

Christine appears again in this lesbian scene. Caty is the limo driver and this scene takes place on or around the limo in the mansion's driveway. Caty is an attractive black haired woman with small breasts. Both women wear lingerie and this is a very nice lesbian scene.

Cunnilingus & Dildo: Caty is sitting on the limo's hood getting licked. They kiss and fondle each other. Christine getting a hand down her panties before going down on Caty some more. They switch and Caty uses two fingers along with her tongue. Then Caty stands up with one foot on the hood and Christine plunges a stainless steal dildo into her slit. Christine puts the dildo in her mouth and uses her head to thrust the dildo in and out of Caty. Next the dildo is used on Christine's ass as she sits on the hood. She spreads her labia wide and has an orgasm to end the scene.




SCENE 5: Mia Stone & Mandy

Both women are wearing extremely sexy lingerie and immediately start kissing the guy. Mia has short, light red hair, a very pretty, young looking face and an awesome body with small boobs. Mandy has bleached hair and a nice looking face, she has an odd looking nose and chin though. She has a great body and natural breasts.

BJ: Mandy sucks cock while Mia kisses him. Then they both go down, sticking to the top half of his wang. He has them kiss then Mandy sucks him some more while he pushes aside Mia's panties to finger her.

Doggie: He fucks Mandy hard, taking breaks to lick and spit on her ass. Mia plays with herself the whole time.

Reverse Cowgirl: Now Mandy plays with herself while Mia gets cock. There are a lot of unintentional insertions, they are boning so fast that it slips out and goes back in. They fuck fast but the momentum is taken down by more insertions.

Spoon Anal: He humps Mandy's ass like a piston, then gives her a few hard and fast insertions. He fingers both her holes as well.

BJ: Mandy gives him head and Mia licks his balls. Mandy is blowing him nice and fast, then he squeezes a single shot onto her face.




SCENE 6: Dora Venter

Dora does the bell boy and the cook in Michelle's room.

BJ & Cunnilingus: The bell boy eats her out and pusshes three fingers into her hole while she sucks the cook's cock. Her ass gets licked a little as well.

Doggie & BJ: Now the cook takes her from behind while the other guy gets head. She gives herself some nice dick slaps between spurts of fast sucking.

Cowgirl & BJ: The men switch off again, the cook standing above them both getting head.The bell boy spreads her cheeks for the camera.

Standing Missionary DP: They hold her up, with her legs around the bell boy's waist, and DP her. She actually looks like she is enjoying herself and the position is original. The two guys are pretty much nose to nose though. She has an orgasm to end the segment.

BJ: She strokes and sucks them, their penises rub together a bit. She gets a miniscule shot of man batter from the cook followed by a real load from the bell boy.



SCENE 7:Michelle Wild

Michelle will do anything to get that painting and the painter puts this to good use.

Cunnilingus: He pushes up her skirt and licks her through her unlined black mesh panties. This is mostly foreplay. Then she bends over and he licks her ass, actually spreading her cheeks, while intermittently rubbing her clit.

BJ: She kneels on the couch and undulates while sucking his cock. She only makes it halfway down his cock but the way her body moves is enchanting. He humps her lips a little, then moves her mouth up and down his shaft by the back of her neck.

Cowgirl: She rides him extremely quickly as soon as his meat is inside her. He grabs her ass hard and stabs her vagina with his cock, slapping her ass until it is red. This is a very energetic segment and Michelle is very much into the sex. They fuck fast and hard.

Spoon: The position change is shown and he rubs her snatch before fucking her hard again. He does a lot of insertions and even has her stroke him during a few of them.

Reverse Cowgirl: They show the position change again. She holds her pussy above him so he can fuck it. Then he lifts up her legs, spreading them wide. There are too many insertions breaking up the momentum but he fingers her pussy during one. Then she turns sideways and rides him, this is the best part.He eats her out a little before more RC.

Reverse Cowgirl Anal: Things slow down a little when he slides into her ass. He grips her butt and spreads it for a few more insertions. The fucking gets faster but again there are too many insertions.

Titfuck: He does her spoon a touch before she titfucks him. The scene ends with him jacking off on her tits, she licks some of the cum from them.




The Trailer: Lust Tango's trailer, very loud sex, low dialogue.

The Report: This is a behind the scene featurette. So far Private's behind the scenes have been the best I have seen and this one is no different. They have a narrator and are put together very well. The girls are all having fun in this one.

Cast: This has a picture of each of the women along with some info and a list of all their videos and DVD's.

Gallery: Full screen stills from the movie, all fairly well done.

Production Notes: A three page description of the film followed by some information, including a full cast list.

Trailers: There are five trailers. Matador 8 is first, it has hot women and only shows one DP so I might watch it. Next is Exotic Illusions 2, this is a treasure hunt movie! How can I resist? The private Life of Silvia Saint is third and looks good even though many of the scenes are grainy. After that comes Sex Club. This is supposed to be more of a fetish film, but looks like it is just sexy women in leather or latex, still hot. Last is Superfuckers 3 which I'll pass on due to the abundance of DP's, if you like DP's I would check it out though.

I would appreciate any questions, comments, or critiques of my reviews.I can be reached at, thanks for taking the time to read this far.

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