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Goldmember Private Best of Year 2004: 24 Karat 4.5 starsPrivate Best of Year 2004: 24 Karat 4.5 starsPrivate Best of Year 2004: 24 Karat 4.5 stars
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Private Best of Year 2004: 24 Karat

Private Best of Year 2004: 24 Karat

Studio: Private
Category:  Compilation , Foreign
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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edsa's ratings for Private Best of Year 2004: 24 Karat:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Private Best of Year 2004: 24 Karat overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Private Best of Year 2004: 24 Karat Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Private Best of Year 2004: 24 Karat Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Private Best of Year 2004: 24 Karat Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Private Best of Year 2004: 24 Karat Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Private Best of Year 2004: 24 Karat DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Private Best of Year 2004: 24 Karat A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by edsa  on  3/26/2003
24 Karat (2002) 160 min



The Women
Jodie Moore, Michelle Wild, Barby, Sindy, Tiffany, Tina, Luisa de Marco, Sandra Iron, Elza Brown, Natalia, Jane Darling, Patricia Pallona, Sandra Shine, Lynn Stone, Dora Venter, Petra Short, Cindy Cox

DVD Format
Dual Layer

Special Features
Interactive menus, chapter selection, trailers, photobook, production notes, cast profiles

Michelle Wild, Jane Darling, Lynn Stone, Petra Short, Sandra Shine

Cindy Cox, Luisa de Marco

Raincoat Factor

"Enjoy the horniest  jewels of the year: The Best Scenes, The Best Sexy Women, The Best Hardcore Action. . .The Best of PRIVATE 2002."

The Reality is that: seven of the the twelve scenes are worthy of the description. It shouldn't be a surprise that four of those seven scenes star MICHELLE WILD! This is probably the best sample of Michelle's work until "The Private Life of Michelle Wild" is released!

Organization: Compilation

In this Michael Ninn directed scene from "Perfect," Jodie Moore plunges deep into her sexual desires conjuring a threesome involving demons. The scene reeks of Ninn's work with VCA. Jodie Moore's performance here is a vast  improvement from her debut in the PRIVATE Tropical line. Whether it is because of finding the perfect angle or timing the scene, Ninn captures Jodie giving excellent fellatio while being fucked. The heat lessens when Ninn overdoes the eye-candy effects in wide-angle mode. Fortunately, in between the wide-angle shots are close-ups of the penetration. He effectively uses the close-up and slow-motion so we see how hard Jodie takes the double penetration. In the end, she receives two sticky facials.

Now, the next scene is something very unique that you don't see very often in porn. In Kovi's "DNA," Michelle Wild plays dual parts "simultaneously" as twin secret agents. Hell! Watching two Michelle Wilds getting it on seems much more appealing than watching two Dolly the sheep living the normal life expectancy of a non-cloned one. The scene moves seamlessly from one Michelle Wild to the next! The scene makes you wonder if there were really two Michelle Wilds in life because she proves "double the number, double the fun!" As you would expect, Michelle Wild takes the double penetration and it does not disappoint. To come to think of it, none of her double penetration scenes disappoint! Both Michelle Wilds patiently wait on their knees for thick protein shakes, which puts the topping on this volcanic scene!

This would not be a 2002 compilation without a scene from the Gladiator Trilogy, which one men's magazine praised as being one of the best porns of all time! But, this scene isn't reflective of such praise. Maximus's fellow officers celebrate their victory with an orgy! Barby, Tiffany, Cindy, and Tina Samperi are the men's objects of lust. Correction! Only Barby and Tiffany play the game hide the salami while the Cindy and Tina go rug hunting. Barby the brunette looks very hot and looks even better taking dicks up her ass and pussy simultaneously. Although Tiffany also did a double penetration, Barby by far was just on a higher level. In the end, Barby takes two well-placed facials while Tiffany receives one!

Luisa de Marco's scene is the weakest scene not because of its Fetish theme, but because Luisa's appearance is subpar for PRIVATE standards. Luisa is like a rougher-looking version of Daniella Rush. She may be passable in Anabolic movies, but not here. Minutes before the fucking begins, she uses a large dildo on herself. Practically, the only thing appealing is the black fishnet stalking covering her body. She manages to dodge the majority of the load in the end after being fucked in the ass. 

In Kovi's "Funky Fetish Horror Show," Michelle Wild is the STAR. She has the opportunity to shine and she uses every minute to her advantage. Kovi knows that the viewers want to see Michelle being sandwiched in between two dicks and he doesn't disappoint. Savor every scene that Michelle Wild does because she's not exclusive to Luxxx/Kovi/PRIVATE anymore and you may never see her in a high-quality production as this. As always, Michelle brings the best out of men because she receives a great facial! In addition, Sandra Iron does a good job even letting them fuck her ass.

In "Sunrise," Jodie Moore has invited her close friends that are just as horny as she for a pleasure cruise! Elza and Natalie (Lenka) go along for the ride, but Natalie partakes in some pleasure of her own. While Elza, Natalie, and their male friend get it on, Natalie sucks and fucks one-on-one! You would think the Elza-Natalie threesome would be more exciting based on the numbers and ratio, but Lenka's spirited sex is tops. For fans of natural breasts Natalie will definitely be on your radar! She is not as timid as she was in "18 Birthday Presents" and she seems to enjoy the anal albeit with a bit of uneasiness. Furthermore, she receives the better of the facials to her credit!

It is sad to see that J.Y. Lecastel has left PRIVATE because his video lines contained very good anal sex footage. Jane Darling's scene in "Bacchanal" is an example of how he combined sex with humor. After a hard day's work of picking grapevines, Jane Darling (Miss Nude Czech Republic) takes a break before she stomps on the grapes. It doesn't seem that David has done any real work and it shows since he returns having only carried one vine of grapes back. After dumping it into the grape vat, he joins in the stomping. The seconds that follow are very funny as he pushes her ass into the vat and uses as a stomper. He has his methods to his madness because now he can enjoy the taste of woman with the taste of grapes. He squeezes a bunch of grapes into her open mouth before she gives him great head. Jane has everything you would want from her pretty face to her tremendous breasts. I am not sure how they were able to have sex in the small vat, but they were able to. The volcanic scene with a very good facial.

The lesbian brunette trio consisting of Patricia Pallona, Michelle Wild, and Sandra Shine is one of the best out there! Sandra Shine catches her two bakery workers at the start of a very messy cake fight. She is caught in the crossfire of cream. Rather than continuing the fight, Patricia and Michelle lick the cream off of Sandra's face. Her thought about product margins or cost overhead soon disappear when the two workers strip her. The Sapphic scene hits fifth gear when the double-edged dildo makes its appearance! Michelle Wild makes her presence known and it doesn't hurt having her tits stick out like torpedoes. Finally, the scene revisits the cake cream theme where Sandra pours the sweet cream onto their tongues.

Antonio Adamo's venture into computer graphics started with the "Virtualia" series. In this rather recent edition, Virtualia played by Lynn Stone prepares to be gangbanged by three men. The atmosphere seems strange, but it works. Lynn Stone can suck and fuck with the best of them. . .joining the likes of Sophie Evans. Fortunately for us, Adamo doesn't spoil this scene with the black/white cut-scenes that he is notorious for. This is a hot scene that would rival the quality smut that all the top tier companies deliver. By scene's end, she sucks all three dicks dry!

Dora Venter and Petra Short headline this scene from the "Reality" series. The group of four spend their Friday night playing an erotic board game that will never be completed! I am not a fan of Dora Venter, but I would have to agree that she turns out a steamier performance than Petra and maybe it's because of the very vocal double penetration! But, Petra is not to be undone because she finishes her partner off with great head! Both women end with a mouthful of cum!

If you haven't been counting, this is Michelle Wild's fourth scene in this compilation! That's how important she is in PRIVATE'S product line for the last year! In this Kovi-directed vignette, Michelle Wild and Cindy Cox offer the men a relaxing diversion from fishing. It is very difficult to steal the show from Michelle and Cindy just doesn't! Ms. Wild cannot wait for dick and she warms up the scene by rubbing herself! The scene intensifies with Michelle Wild's double penetration where the men stick almost every inch into her sexy holes! She's about to suck both cocks dry, but she soon realizes that she has to share the spunk-fest with Cindy! It ends with cum tongue twisting between the women.

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