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Pretty Sloppy 2
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Pretty Sloppy 2

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Jake Blade's ratings for Pretty Sloppy 2:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Pretty Sloppy 2 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Pretty Sloppy 2 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Pretty Sloppy 2 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Pretty Sloppy 2 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Pretty Sloppy 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Pretty Sloppy 2 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Pretty Sloppy 2 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Jake Blade  on  1/12/2010
Spit freaks and drool cravers should have more than a passing interest in Pretty Sloppy 2. Jay Sin’s fetish work caters for a broad audience, with this nugget of wetness aimed at those that prefer sloppiness and lustful lesbian encounters using an anally biased cast. But in keeping with the tradition of producing some of the best backdoor material on the market, there is also some real live man meat in operation here. As the best anal footage often comes when there is stud thrusting powerfully at the pretty pink sphincter of a young thing, while she is on her knees in a very vulnerable position.

Bobbi Starr, Tori Black & Ariel X – The Dirty Martini
This scene starts out pretty tamely. Adorned in tutus and elaborate stocking-underwear combos, Bobbi and Tori have a giant martini glass that needs filling. But instead of reaching for the gin, two of the prettiest girls in porn shake their salivary glands to start the party. It’s a messy pastime they partake in, as they like to play in drool like a couple of sparrows on a birdbath. Ariel arrives with the olives, green ones of course, and after 15 minutes of spitting theatrics we finally get a look at what most of us have come to see….ass! Up until this point you may have thought olives being shot out of pretty buttholes would have been the cornerstone to the scene, but unfortunately you would be wrong. Aline plays hide and seek with a couple, but the martini ideals are soon pushed to the side and the toys are introduced. Tori Black has three of the prettiest brown eyes in the universe, but ass licking isn’t her specialty. She pecks at it like a bird instead of attacking it like a hungry truck driver inhaling a cheeseburger at Hooters. Watching her gape up though is a different story, as it is eye candy of the highest order. Her deep throating of dildos in this scene would suggest she could make any blowjob movie worth watching. Bobbi as everyone knows has been a prize analist for many years, so her ring will often be found gaping in anticipation of the cock substitute. Aline doesn’t make a lot of noise, instead allowing the actions of her butthole in entrapping large pink items promote her talents. While the girls are pretty and there is gaping and spit play everywhere, this scene could nearly be considered boring, and the 50 minute runtime seems to be overkill. There isn’t a lot of impulsiveness in the sex acts and the ass play isn’t overly original. But if you think that watching an olive get passed from Bobbi‘s ass to Aline’s mouth amidst a drawling romantic love puff, then strap yourself in as the best work is yet to come.

Amber Rayne & Harmony Rose – Even Cowgirls Get Anally Abused
A cowgirl theme is more than ideal in this situation as it equates to two hot girls in boots, hay bails, a saddle and a dildo the size of a stallion’s cock that could be used to service a heard of wild mares. Amber is a skinny nympho with a touch of craziness in her eye, while Harmony Rose has a touch more natural thickness, and with her hair now in the brunette variety she is looking damn fine. Harmony is an ass queen so when she bends over, oils up and spreads the cheeks the happy times are soon to arrive. Her gaping is quality and as soon as the horsed sized rubber cock has poked in her pucker she is as open as a barn door. The tiny butthole of Amber is more of a challenge, and while she can wink it on demand it takes a lot of probing by the plastic python and the ass music to play before it opens up. The girls are committed to the lesbian action, but their best efforts are brought out when they lasso Mick Blue. These two don’t have any bullshit airs and graces of the porno wannabes, they suck and ass fuck like champions in an uncompromising manner. And the sloppiness and ass to mouth is all part of the theatrics. This scene is quality, and if you like the cock assault there is more footage of it on the extras menu.

Adrianna Nicole & Tara Lynn Foxx – Two Backdoor Blondes In The Bedroom
Into the bedroom for this one, and there is no doubt that Adrianna is the boss here. The blondes make a pretty pairing as they have both been endowed with looks as well as a nice level of thickness in flank and cheek. When Adrianna pulls out the baby bottle full of milk you get the feeling its more for artistic purposes than to just feed Tara Lynn, but unfortunately after a few minor antics there is a cut back to drier times. No need to pull up the trousers just yet though dairy lovers, as thankfully the backdoor milk cannon is fired up on Disc 2. So pressing forward there is an array of toy and finger pops carried out on Tara Lynn by Adrianna. The ass gaping is fine, and the pretty pink pussy and ring get their fair share of attention. And for those paying attention the sweet sounds filling the speakers are not the result of someone standing on a duck or squashing a cane toad in the background, it’s the sweet sound of pussy queefs and ass music as Tara Lynn has her body manoeuvred by Adrianna. The roles are soon reversed, and it doesn’t take much for an experienced ring artist like Adrianna to have a cavernous gape when the cheeks are parted. The spit covered ass probing is again quality with the camera operating at an intimate proximity, so close in fact that every word spoken by Adrianna’s ass can be clearly understood. So while this scene may not be overwhelmed with sloppiness, the anal intrusions are intimate, spontaneous, and awfully romantic. Mercifully there is more milk play to come.

Phoenix Marie, Abbey Brooks & Diamond Kitty – Jailhouse Rubber Cock
While the old prison cell scenario is far from original Diamond Kitty and Phoenix make one hell of a duo for inmates. While spit swapping has more of a focus for them than the lesbian tendencies, it is hard as a viewer to avoid eye contact with the huge juicy tits. When Abbey walks in playing the warden her role as the third sloppy musketeer is not only to bring another fine rack to the party, but to present the first open ass of this gape crusade. Phoenix has magnificent control of her winking ring and the size of the black rubber cock she can tuck away down the dirt track is ultra impressive, she is real marriage material. But the highlight for mine is Diamond Kitty. While the perky Latina is more diminutive in stature she takes a double ended dong and tucks it away completely, pushing it out her ass with surgeon like precision as Phoenix tongues away at her sphincter. And there is nothing better than watching two hot blondes catch a dildo as it flies out Diamond’s butthole, only to lube it up again with their mouths and re-insert. It’s hard to find ass play better than this as Diamond Kitty is just a freak in the most fabulous way, and the ass to mouth work of Abbey and Phoenix deserves a medal.

Kristina Rose & Ashley Blue – The Lemonade Stand
While these two little minis don’t have much in the boob department, sweet juicy cheeks are their weapon of choice. Working a lemonade stand has never been so entertaining, and once the juice is loose and the sloppy kisses have been shared it doesn’t take long for Ashley Blue to part the cheeks and tuck a small lemon in the most intimate of hiding places. The fun then begins with fruit firing out Ashley’s ring and Kristina paying special attention to the protruding anus with her tongue. In a flashback to more innocent times Ashley has some growth in the bush and ass beard department, and with Sin working in tightly hair freaks could just about lose the plot. It’s a natural look one can appreciate, especially if you went to college before the Brazillian waxing craze kicked in. Kristina Rose eats girl ass like a man, rimming and penetrating the dirty hole with her tongue like she is in love with the taste. But the ass play is short lived as the scene transgresses to a lesbian spit swapping session. Mark Ashley however marches in and saves the day, providing a sizeable cock for this pretty duo to showcase their skills in the anal and sloppy head department. The spit drenched ass probing is fine pornography, and these two whores have no problem gulping on a cock that has been anally basted. Kristina’s bubble butt is sensational to watch when it seizes a cock, and while Ashley Blue’s starfish might not be as accomplished she has the intricate habit of driving a few fingers down the throat like a crazed bulimic whenever her mouth is drying up from all the spit play. Running around 70 minutes this scene is an epic, but if you are in to quality anal, drool dramatics, and crazed ass to mouth it is one hell of a ride.

Adrianna Nicole & Tara Lynn Foxx – The Milk Chronicles
It’s as if the first little lesbian themed dalliance didn’t have enough entertainment factor, so the two blondes are back in the bedroom and armed with dairy. Milk play is great and when you have a couple of hotties with bubblegum pink asses like these two, and impulsive and playful attitudes, the result is both comedic and sexy. Baby bottle milk enemas, dummy butt plugs and a full orchestra of ass music to go with the milk squirts ensure this twenty minute nugget of good time is action packed. The suction cup teats Adrianna wears as nipple covers come in for quite a bit of attention, and thankfully the girls don’t confine the milk mess to each others asses. Whoever had the cleanup job after this earned every penny, especially as Adrianna can squirt dairy out her ass like its being fired out of a pressure gun. Aim with the backdoor milk cannon however is not her strongpoint, so not only does Tara Lynn’s face and mouth get covered but so does just about everything else. But it may be the love puffs that give this title a happy ending as far as fetish lovers are concerned, as Adrianna’s ass blowing kisses on the pretty face of Tara Lynn is some of the finest work on the disc.

In Closing
Footage wise this is another double disc extravaganza from Jay Sin. The main feature runs well over four hours with an assortment of interviews, bloopers, extras, and outtakes that arguably could have made the final cut the way Harmony and Amber work a cock. As usual the sets are well themed and the accompanying outfits are playfully elaborate. While this might not be the most adventurous of Sin releases, and therefore not include as much milk, toy or dick play as his other lines, there is a heavy investment in spit, drool and gag times. As usual the scenes are lengthy, and if the girls aren’t delivering the type of material you need to get off, or their attitude and personality don’t suit this type of fetish art, it can be a little tedious. There are however some major highlights in Pretty Sloppy 2, and when it comes to sloppy spit play and drool covered moments there are more than you would find on any other new release. Jay Sin fans will be all over this like a cheap suit, for those that are new to his work it may pay to rent this before purchasing as there are no golf balls, baseball bats, ass pumps or whipped cream facial sprays. But if you love sloppy girl on girl toy work with nice gaping, and a sprinkling of man and milk play, you will really enjoy.

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