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Pretty Peaches 3: The Quest

Pretty Peaches 3: The Quest

Studio: VCA
Category:  Straight
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Saki's ratings for Pretty Peaches 3: The Quest:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Pretty Peaches 3: The Quest overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Pretty Peaches 3: The Quest Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks Pretty Peaches 3: The Quest Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Pretty Peaches 3: The Quest Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Pretty Peaches 3: The Quest Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Pretty Peaches 3: The Quest DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Pretty Peaches 3: The Quest A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by Saki  on  1/22/2000
Pretty Peaches 3 (1989)
Studio: VCA
Directed by: Alex deRenzy
Starring: Keisha, Lynn LeMay, Tracey Adams, Rachel Ryan, Victoria Paris, Priscilla Love, Tami Monroe, Vicki Blair, Tianna, Jamie Gillis, Marc Wallice, Eric Price, Gene Carrera, Jon Martin, Jack Baker (non-sex), and Richard Pacheco (non-sex)
Running Time: 1:30
Format: Single Sided, Single Layer
DVD Features: Full motion video chapter selection menu and 21-picture photo gallery

The First Word: Pretty Peaches 3 is a good plot-driven, couples-oriented film from an era that didn't have very many good stories you could watch with your partner, especially ones with high production values and that were shot on film instead of video.

Plot Synopsis: This movie is the story of Peaches, a young and naive virgin, trying to find answers to her confusing emotions. The film begins with Peaches (Keisha) and her friend, Sandy (Lynn LeMay), talking about Sandy's experience of letting a guy look at her "under the sheets." After Peaches' mom (Tracey Adams) runs them off to bed, Peaches has a dream of Sandy's experience. In a surreal sequence, you see two guys under a gigantic, room-sized skirt trying to rip through Sandy's many layers of pantyhose to get at her. Peaches looks on, asking innocently, "What's under there?" The next morning, Peaches tells her mom about the dream. Concerned, Mom sends her to see the nationally renowned Dr. Thunderpussy (Rachel Ryan) to discover why she's having these sexual dreams.

Peaches gets a quick rubber glove physical examination from Dr. Thunderpussy, but we find out that Thunderpussy would rather get her satisfaction from an anatomically correct blowup doll that she has stashed in her office. Dr. Thunderpussy later encourages Peaches to go on a "spiritual enlightenment" quest to understand her sexual desires. The first stop on her quest is a visit to the repentant televangelist (Jamie Gillis) on the "Bible Village Prayer Hour." She arrives as he is making a hasty escape by helicopter to escape government prosecutors. But instead of finding enlightenment, she finds only a horny charlatan and his willing assistant (Victoria Paris).

Next, Peaches stumbles across the "Holy Repose Spiritual Retreat," inhabited by a cult of three chanting milkmaids with blonde hair and pale skin. But Peaches' stay in the commune ends after she finds the lasses rewarding themselves after a hard day's work with a lesbian threesome. "I can't sleep with all this noise!" she says as she packs up her things and leaves to continue her quest. The next day, she's picked up by passing motorist (Fifi Bardot) who brings Peaches to a "realization seminar" led by Professor Otto (veteran actor Jon Martin). But Peaches leaves when she realizes that the seminar is really a sex workshop in disguise.

Meanwhile, Peaches' mom and Peaches' boyfriend, Bobby, go in search of the missing Peaches. In an obvious attempt to seduce Bobby, mom begins to exercise in her underwear in front of Bobby. Later, in this continuing side story, after mom and Bobby share a few drinks, she makes her move on Peaches' boyfriend, saying, "This will be our little secret." Of course, Bobby's willpower goes out the window...

Continuing on her quest, Peaches is picked up by Jack "New Wave Hookers" Baker who brings her to his friend, Maximilian (Eric Price), who finally takes Peaches' virginity. Jack continues his pimping ways by taking Peaches to another friend, Maury (Mike Horner), who's actually the owner of a strip club. In order to seduce her, Maury dresses up as a "spirtual guru" to fool Peaches. After the two have sex, Peaches finally realizes that Jack has been fooling her. Disillusioned, she runs into a drunk (played by another classic star, Richard Pacheco), who introduces her to his down-and-out friends. Peaches finally realizes that the answers to her problems are not found in others but found within.

Notable Performances: Keisha is amazing in this movie! Not only does she play the innocent, naive role very well, but she's a naturally-endowed adult star who really seems to enjoy being in front of the camera. The two MF sex scenes she's in are top notch. I loved the ending of her first scene with Eric Price since the climax is similar to the ones in Golden Age films: the guy pumps to the point of no return, cums on the girls torso, then reinserts for a few more thrusts. It's something that you never see anymore and is very erotic. Keisha gives a fantastic hands-free blowjob to Mike Horner in the last sex scene of the movie.

The other notable scene is the two-couple "sex workshop" scene. It's a very convincing performance and so different from the mechanical sex scenes you see in modern movies. It's hard to explain, but you can take the exact same sex acts and have them performed by an 80s cast and cast today and you'll get completely different scenes out of them. All of the people in this particular scene just seemed really into each other--the chemistry was right and the results are outstanding. I wish the editing had been better though...they spliced a non-sex plot segment into the middle of this otherwise great scene.

Dislikes: Well, to be honest, this is a great couples movie, but it is a little slow for me. Probably two-thirds of this film is devoted to plot development, not sex. Don't get me wrong, I like a good plot, but we are talking about pornography here--sex is the biggest reason why we watch these movies. Fortunately, there are a few really hot scenes in Pretty Peaches 3, but no one is ever going to mistake this film for an ultra-explicit, wall-to-wall sex video. But that was always Alex deRenzy's mission: to make X-rated films with stories to carry them along. Another dislike I have is the casting--I'm not a fan of a lot of the stars of this movie, including Rachel Ryan, Tracey Adams, Victoria Paris, Jamie Gillis, and others. It's a personal thing--I've developed a distaste for them because I've seen too many bad late-80s/early-90s videos that they made. Thankfully, I think that most people, especially those new to watching porn, don't have the same hang-ups that I do.

DVD Notes: Aside from the no-frills presentation (almost no extras), the biggest flaw of this disc is the excessively pink fleshtones of the video transfer. At times, it gets downright distracting watching pink people having sex. I think VCA could have easily done some color correction on the transfer to dial down the amount of red. It's too bad since the transfer from film is otherwise very good for a classic release--decent sound, minimal film flaws, and a softer "shot of film" look.

The Last Word: Pretty Peaches 3 is one of only a few good couples films coming out of the late 80s. It may bore some with its considerable plot development and lengthy buildup to the sex, but it is a good pick for those who are looking for a softer form of X.

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