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GS500 Pretty In Pink (Jules Jordan Video) 3 starsPretty In Pink (Jules Jordan Video) 3 starsPretty In Pink (Jules Jordan Video) 3 stars
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Pretty In Pink (Jules Jordan Video)

Pretty In Pink (Jules Jordan Video)

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  All Girl , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Pretty In Pink (Jules Jordan Video):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Pretty In Pink (Jules Jordan Video) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Pretty In Pink (Jules Jordan Video) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Pretty In Pink (Jules Jordan Video) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Pretty In Pink (Jules Jordan Video) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Pretty In Pink (Jules Jordan Video) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Pretty In Pink (Jules Jordan Video) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Pretty In Pink (Jules Jordan Video) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  8/20/2011
Welcome fans to a new title from director Chris Streams and this one is all about ladies luving ladies!! So if you're looking for cock then this is the wrong dvd for you as the only ones present will be the plastic/ rubber kind. I'll be curious to see how much kissing/ oral there is as there is toy play in this as well so let us see if there is a balance to this or if one side tends to dominate.

Adrianna Sephora & Jana Jordan:

So our first scene opens with the two girls outside and near a pool, so far so good. There is a waterfall type device at one end of the pool and the girls do some posing near that, it made for a great visual intro for the scene. Both girls are blondes with Adrianna wearing the gold cheetah style bikini and Jana's is the same type style but black/ white. The girls ease into playing with one another, soft caressing as the tops come off. The two head inside where in the large living room they find a long couch and get busy!! Jana is quick to get a toy so I wasn't feeling to confident at a long oral session here. The open shot was very good as Jana starts easing in the glass toy after a few licks at the pussy. The ladies switch with Jana going to a mish pose as Adrianna also licks her pussy a few times leading to the glass toy taking over. This wasn't a long scene and I was surprised to see Jana not do any more oral after her first few licks. We got a few more from Adrianna as the scene wound down and they each do some nice fingering to the other.

Chanel Preston & Skin Diamond:

The next scene begins and all you see at first is white and turns out these are long curtains/ sheets and we have Chanel and Skin moving them so we can see. Each is wearing a skin tight dress, Chanel in black and Skin in silver. As the view gets closer you see these dresses are see thru and again very short, the pussy/ ass area is pretty much uncovered when we get up in there!! What makes it even better is neither woman was wearing a thong so full open shots on their pussy and ass. They were each doing a great job working the eyes too, reeling us in and the close camera shots from Chris Streams went a long way to helping them succeed, plus a couple good ground shots didn't hurt. The dance music was a plus too and helped in contrast with the excellent looks from the girls to set the stage for their hook up. The music stops and the girls get to take over with Skin Diamond doing a nice job working Chanel's rocking tits out and kissing her way down to the promised land. I have to say already this is a much better scene than the first, longer pussy licking for starters. After some great work from Skin they each sit up or squat to be more accurate and offer some finger love to the other. The excellent oral continues then with Skin Diamond getting in a doggie pose with Chanel going down/ behind her and hello we get ass licking, fuck yeah!! Chanel also does some very good anal finger banging here too in addition to licking ass. A toy then does come in but for me I've already seen enough to work one out so now the toy fans can have their fun while I just enjoy the view. Chanel then gets some anal finger action to her ass along with a toy being used by Skin. The toy action does come to dominate the last portion of the scene with some great visual work from Chris capturing the action and the different views were great and the switching by the girls so each gets a little bit of the plastic action. A strong g/g scene.

Sophia Santi & Angelina Valentine:

On to the next scene which begins with Sophia Santi in a cage. We are in some sort of dungeon and you see her wrists are bound as well but at least she's topless and you see her pussy too, looks like black mesh stockings are the only things on her besides heels. Angelina then comes strolling over, she's topless too and carrying a paddle with silver studs on one side. She taunts Sophia a bit and the girls do share a twirl tongue kiss through the bars. Angelina then joins Sophia inside and there is some boob kissing though the tone is definitely been set, aggressive and not a hint of the sensual style g/g I would like to see but I wasn't expecting that as soon as I saw the scene start, lol. We do get some nice pussy eating from Sophia who has to get on her knees to lick her master's cookie. Sophia also does some boob tasting before the girls switch it up. Good to see also they opened the cage doors giving themselves more room. Angelina also does the squat down to eat her sex slaves coochie. The lighting was darker for this scene obviously it's a dungeon but there is enough strategically placed to light up the girls enough that we see what is going on. The ladies switch it up again with Sophia now going behind to lick some ass too and I do love watching g/g ass licking. Good finger action too from Miss Santi who then brings in a toy to help her out. The women are now fully out of the cage so no restrictions to their movements nor to the angles Chris can get and the closer shots were pretty good here. Good shot with Angelina seated and she is using the toy on herself with Sophia there to lick at the pussy as the glass devices is going in and out. These ladies are doing a fine job pleasuring the other in this scene. Sophia also does a doggie pose with Angelina going behind to eat her out before bringing in the toy. Wasn't to crazy with the start but the scene gets better as it goes along and also when they get outside of the cage and have more room to move about.

Gracie Glam & Lexi Belle:

Up next is a pair of girls I'm excited to see work together. The two walk towards each other with some sexy lace lingerie on. I might be a little more partial to Gracie here since she was in white but they both look spectacular and do a fine job teasing us with the touching and Chris is there with the visuals to back them up. They start to make their way down some stairs but don't quite make it before pausing to lose the tops and kiss the boobies. Chris is able to get directly underneath them and since there was glass for the flooring we had a direct shot up to the two girls, ass right in our sites!! Another good face dive into an ass with Lexi being the lucky girl to take the plunge. The girls make it downstairs finally and make good use of the couch. Lexi is right on it with some good finger banging and licking to Gracie's honey pot and then the ladies switch it up allowing Gracie to show some oral love, she was good. There was a little more ass licking from Lexi and this time the shot was right on her tongue tasting her friends backdoor. Like a good team they change it up and Gracie gets to return the ass tasting favor along with using fingers on Lexi's pussy. They eventually bring in some toys as the scene passes the half way point but like the Skin/ Chanel pairing I'd seen what I needed to see here. Probably the second best scene so far.

Kristina Rose & Asa Akira:

We close this show with two girls who know each other very well so this should be fun. As the scene begins you see the two come bounding into the room, hopping on the bed and you sense this is going to be a fun scene by the free flowing spirit the two girls are showing us. The two have some fun trying on outfits and striking poses for the other to take some cell phone pics. The poses and outfits get more suggestive until finally we get the two fucking. They use toys early on too -- mostly to put in the others ass so some good ass spreading here as they ease into pussy licking. Good close shots as both get chances early on to taste the other, front ways and in the doggie pose I love to watch, each is warmed up!! What I liked with the toy play was the attempt by each to keep some licking going either to the ass or pussy whichever wasn't being nailed with the toy, a good job by both here. This was a fun scene to watch because both were there to just have fun fucking each other. Not so keen on the toys being used throughout but the girls had fun with it and they do give us some good pussy and ass licking as well. A solid scene to close this title out.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well as a g/g fan this dvd was a mixed bag for me and not that any of the action was bad, it wasn't. I am just not a big fan of toy play in girl on girl scenes preferring to see kissing and oral dominate. There was some pretty good oral in this-- Chanel and Skin lead the way for me there but also some good work too from Gracie and Lexi in their scene-- these had the toys held out the longest before appearing while the others had them early on. Kissing was good but not quite the sensual lip locking I like to see but overall Chris and the girls at least attempt to strike some sort of balance with the toy play and non toy action. The extras are highlighted by the behind the scenes and you also get some pics to look at snapped for each scene. An easy rental recommendation for the cast alone and there is some fine action contained within each scene and it all depends on how much you like toys in your g/g loving. A couple of the scenes do hold them off longer and in a couple of the scenes you had the girls do a better job of licking at the pussy or ass when they are using a toy.

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