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Pretty As They Cum 2

Pretty As They Cum 2

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Pretty As They Cum 2:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Pretty As They Cum 2 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Pretty As They Cum 2 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Pretty As They Cum 2 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Pretty As They Cum 2 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Pretty As They Cum 2 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Pretty As They Cum 2 DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Pretty As They Cum 2 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  1/25/2010
Good afternoon porn fans, time for a new flick courtesy of Chris Streams. The girls are sexy you already know that but Chris dresses them up a little more here, hence the title Pretty as they Cum. Some top notch girls too with Kristina Rose, Micah Moore and Julia Ann-- those are just the girls on the first disc, so stay tuned. I would imagine the teases will be a bit more involved here, stressing the outfits and accessories but let's hit a few highlights and see just what Chris chose to emphasize.

Juelz Ventura & Micah Moore:

So we begin with Juelz and she's not dressed up per se but it's a good look and the visual seems like it's being filtered somehow. I'm not a technical expert by any stretch but the visual was slightly different than your normal gonzo, not that it was a bad pic or anything but you can tell a variation. Chris keeps a good steady shot here as we take in Miss Ventura who does a nice job caressing over her clothed body. A bit of the pretty flesh is slowly revealed just as Micah joins in so a little two girl tease action. The ladies don't linger long before heading out in search of cock, they find a suitable one in Erik Everhard. The hate plow loves the ladies and does well in ripping open the stockings to get a faceful of Micah's ass but he doesn't neglect Juelz as he dives in her cookie too before the ladies get to attack his cock. Both girls are fairly aggressive in their head, gagging and the sounds definitely pick that up. The girls then take turns having Erik's dick pound their pussy, there's P2M too. Try Micah riding in cowgirl while Juelz is above riding Erik's face-- I'd say he was rather enjoying himself here. Erik's good with more pussy eating too in between drilling the pussy. After a good long and I do mean long session of pounding the girls Erik unloads to both faces, cleanup too from the girls. A solid opener for sure.

Julia Ann:

The next scene begins with Julia walking around to a chair and I noticed her look right away and this was more what I expected for this title. A fedora hat and a business suit-- opened up showing great cleavage which of course is a must for porno. A cool snapping sound occurs too, like snapping your thumbs and there's a cool soundtracked laid down too as the visual focuses in on Julia. The horns come in just as Julia loses the jacket and no bra so those big tits are saying hello for the first time as are a pair of great fuck me eyes from Miss Ann. Lots of good slow movements from Julia and with the no bra those big boobs will certainly command your attention here for the most part. Off comes the hat then and her long mane of blond locks can cascade down-- just for a sec as the hat goes back on, floor level and the lights surround her skin, those tits! Julia then adds in a ciggarette but it's in one of those devices that the cig goes in and then you suck on that to get the nicotine out, the smoke's still the same. All she needs now is a cock and nicely one is provided, walking right up to a seated Julia who puffs out before engulfing the rod before her. She keeps on puffing so there is some cool smoke blown out in between cock attacks, even a flick of the ashes from Julia here. Ok the music stops, the hat comes back off and she gets serious with Toni Ribas's cock. The two bodies stand out too as there isn't much besides the one light and all around that is pitch black so you won't miss them. After some good pussy drilling we do see Toni ease in to her ass so yay anal for Julia. Awesome pop finish as Julia furiously sucks Toni until he explodes, cock still in her mouth so the rare internal mouth pop which Julia lets some jizz seep out down the shaft so you know it's genuine, love this style of finish and it's a shame it is not captured more often.

Kristina Rose:

One more scene to go and it just so happens to feature one of hotter gonzo girls from this past year. Kristina Rose did no wrong last year and lit up the screen everytime she appeared and I suspect similar results as 2010 dawns. So finale for the first side and we open at night and you see the pool glimmering in the lights and Kristina comes striding into view wearing a small white fur coat and underneath black lace lingerie complete with garter belt and matching heels. So this means her world class ass is pretty much laid out and she too is smoking and that stands out nicely against the nighttime. Cool too that two jets of water were shooting up out of the pool and the waters were choppy too. Chris starts to focus in on that ass and Kristina helps get his focus there by doing some gyrations, the slow side to side glide! Note too on the small table just to her side a bottle of bubbly and two glasses so she's expecting company. Who is the lucky gentleman going to be? Kristina makes good use of the champagne pouring some down over her pussy-- now who wants to lick that off!! Mark Ashley is the lucky fella and he enjoys a bit of the bubbly as Kristina puts that down and gets busy with a mouthful of cock instead. Both do some great head on the other, Mark going down on Kristina as we see a roaring fire raging behind her, indeed she's smoking hot and he even pours some champagne inside her pussy so those juices have a different taste I'd say. The reactions are priceless from Kristina, the head tilting back as she's vocalizing too. The two then engage in some 69 action with Kristina on top, a good segue to anal! Try cowgirl anal, floor shot, Kristina's ass filling the screen. A move up to his face to smother him, show him who's boss and then they resume the anal pounding in doggie, reverse with A2M and they end with Mark shooting his load into Kristina's waiting mouth. Another great outting from this growing superstar.

Extras: Chris likes to do the BTS for each side on that disc so you have a good shot behind the scenes with the girls shot on the first disc. You also get pics and the cumshots repeated too. As for that BTS it goes over an hour so lots to see here, enjoy. Time for disc two.

Nikki Benz:

Ok so we slide in the second disc and see three more lovelies waiting to tempt us. First up is Nikki who works that tongue out quickly for a seductive lick. She's surrounded by little lights gong up small poles surrounding a floor, not quite a disco floor but you get the idea. The leopard style outfit suited her and the hair is teased up a bit too. As he's done so far Chris is good mixing the shots up close and pulled back. Nikki's a pro so she's quite adept at showing off the goodies from her ass to her pussy to her big boobies!Her fingers do a little walking on the wild side as she opens the legs nice and wide to stroke those lips. Erik is back for more and there is kissing between the two and some good face time devoted to those pussy lips. Nikki shows a ravenous appetite when Erik's cock comes out to play-- head from Nikki is followed up by some strong pussy pounding and yes there is a dabbling in the anal arts from Nikki in this scene. Erik's good with more pussy/ ass licking too in between drilling Nikki's bottom and we have a nice load dropped into Nikki's mouth, cleanup right after.

Bobbi Starr:

The next girl up is no stranger to any frequent viewer of gonzo porn over the last few years. Bobbi begins in the tub, suds coating her legs as she washes away her sins-- only to get a fresh batch in a few minutes! Bobbi's got shorter hair here but I knew that having seen her in Vegas this month. Love water play so seeing her in the tub, the soapy water coating her body was a great visual. Bobbi does a nice lean up letting her ass peek out and it's a nice booty, and the cheeks are squeeze together showing the pussy lips tightly touching each other. Bobbi has some fun too lathering up her pussy hair as she takes a seat just on top of the tub-- she's shaving!! It takes a bit and you get a great view but soon that pussy is a bald newbie! Bobbi eases back into the water for a little more quality time soaking before she gets out. A roaring fire is seen nearby so all she needs know is a big strapping man to fuck her. One just so happens to appear but first we see Bobbi has gotten herself all dolled up and it turns out to be two men, John Strong and Papa Steve Holmes. Their cocks are out and with a firm grip Bobbi starts stroking. Good strong head here from Miss Starr and we aren't done as extra dicks come into the fray, Mark Wood & Mr. Pete. No challenge for Bobbi but a great visual for us as she devours this manmeat buffet. Plenty of fucking then ensues, anal and dp's for sure. The guys do a number before unloading to Bobbi's waiting mouth. This woman is pure gold in a scene, those cocks didn't stand a chance!

Andy San Dimas:

One more scene and it's Andy who I've seen a couple now but definitely want to see more. Her scene opens at night and Andy's out alone walking the streets as the traffic passes by. A sexy outfit too, black stockings/ heels and black/white lingerie up top. Andy does a nice job caressing over her body as Chris's camera drinks in her young frame. The hair is teased up a bit and you see a little blowing action. Ahh no panties here as we get a nice ass shot with the pussy lips showing. Going inside away from prying motorists eyes, lol, we find Andy joined by Manuel who does some pussy fingering. After some spirited finger action Manuel moves down to let his tongue get in on the fun, Andy very much appreciated this. So much she delivers a good strong bj here, taking quite a bit of Manuel's long schlong in. I'm the prettiest fucking slut becomes her mantra! Manuel then sets about pounding that pretty pussy and Andy keeps up with a few more bits of dirty talk. Those who enjoy the gack,gack,gack sound get that as Andy gives Manuel's cock more lovin, even his balls get some, dirty and nasty girl! This is definitely a Manuel specialty scene a the two are sweaty messes by scenes end-- Manuel fires off several good ropes to Andy's waiting mouth, great cleanup too by our girl, cum bubbles even! A fine scene to close this title out with.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

So three more scenes with Andy leading the way, Manuel seems to bring out the best in the ladies he's paired with. As was the case on the first disc Chris puts pics, trailers, the pops repeated and finally more BTS for the scenes we just witnessed. Once again we clock in at over an hour with the three girls shot and Chris plus the BTS dude. I'd say Julia Ann, Kristina Rose and Andy San Dimas lead the way overall but then you add in Micah/ Juelz pairing up and Nikki Benz doing anal. Bobbi Starr is always a big time scene and this was no different so plenty to enjoy once again courtesy of Chris Streams. An easy pick up for fans of his work. You'll get a lot here for your hard earned porn dollars.

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