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Predator, The

Predator, The

Studio: Wicked
Category:  All Girl , Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Predator, The:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Predator, The overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Predator, The Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Predator, The Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Predator, The Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Predator, The Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Predator, The DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Predator, The A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  5/26/2007
Welcome fans to a new one from director and performer extraordinaire Stormy Daniels. This time out she's doing something a lot of fans have been asking for and that's an all girl movie. I can say as a fan I'm all for this endeavor and the lovely Miss Daniels is being assisted by some equally stunning costars-- Sammie Rhodes, Tory Lane, Jenna Haze, Dee, and Justine Joli just to name some of the talent assembled here. This is unlike most g/g flicks which are pretty much sex only and this one has a bit of story to it with Stormy naturally driving it playing a character you might not have seen her be before. I know I've not but I confess to not having seen as much Stormy product as I might have liked to. She's a Predator here meaning she's out cruising the streets at night, the darkest hours of the eve looking for wayward chicks who need something and they mistakingly think Stormy can help them and she does help but just not in the way originally intended!! The only real problem I had with this one was the lighting was a bit to dark-- picture one of those seedy motel rooms where the lights just not quite as bright as you'd would like, that's the feeling I kinda got here. I see also a lot of toy usage in the scenes here but the women also kept up a good bit of oral while slamming the dildo's in and out. Let's hit some highlights.

Stormy with Trina Michaels & Dee:

Well before Stormy goes out for her nightly cruising for pussy she has a couple leftovers to take care of in the forms of Dee and Trina. Stormy's got this serious look about her as we also follow the shot over to Dee and Trina who are both caged. Trina's let out and for the first half of the scene she's pleasuring her mistress eating lots of pussy and when she stops Stormy's like I didn't say you could so she gets back to it! Like I mentioned the lighting here is a bit darker tinged than I normally like but for the effect I think she was going for it seemed appropriate. There isn't a lot of if any real kissing or what I'd call kissing beyond maybe some quick tongue action but that also wouldn't have been on par with the vibe of the scene I supposed but I love seeing women kiss so I missed it. You eventually get Dee out of her cage and the three ladies have some good solid lesbo sex featuring a healthy amount of toy play. Stormy for the most part is the one receiving/ directing the action but she does give some brief relief to Trina but that's quickly met also with some strong mettalic toy play. I take back my kissing comment slightly as you do get a little bit of lip locking with Trina and Dee but that makes sense due to their slave status for Stormy. I also enjoyed the ass licking whenever that happened, nothing gets much sexier in a g/g scene for me than having a girl standing over another spreading those ass cheeks wide! A good scene to get this one rolling.

Stormy with Tory Lane & Sammie Rhodes:

Well time for this predator to go on the hunt and she strides confidently out wearing some knee high heels that would make even Gene Simmons jealous! Up she goes and you see it's a delivery van she's driving-- well this can't be good. She doesn't have to drive to long for her first catch of the night as she spots Sammie and Tory stranded on the roadside. Stormy's conventiently put one of those service truck type stickers on the side of the van to make it more legit and she stops to offer assistance, yeah right! She finds the cause or at least she makes something up and tells the girls the parts back at the shop and she could give them a ride to go pick it up. The girls have no idea so they get in. After a short drive Stormy stops but they aren't at the shop and the girls do have a slightly scared look about them but in the next shot we have them in full blown lesbian mode, eating pussy and taking some big ass toys in their holes. Stormy is again participating in the fun receiving a lot of oral, then delivering the toy action herself with a little fingerbanging too. The lighting here in the van was much better and I liked this scene the best as you really can't go wrong with any of the girls here and putting them together meshed beautifully so enjoy. I could watch any of these girls for any length of time so long as they each have those tremendous tits out, wow these ladies have some gorgeous breasts on display and I should mention there's some good face sitting too during parts of the oral, easily one of my fave ways to see a pussy licked. Both Sammie and Tory take toys up the pooper and you get good views for this.

Melissa Lauren & Alektra Blue:

This next scene has Stormy going to the office for a quick stop but she's told there's a couple applicants waiting for a job interview and one look outside to see what they look like and Stormy's got some ideas on just how the interview should go!! She really puts the ole casting couch idea on it's head here making the two girls fuck for her rather than for some man. The two don't need to much proding but they are taken aback at first when the giant dildo is placed on the desk. Melissa wants to bold when she sees it but Alektra points out about the rent so Miss Lauren stays and in the very next shot we watch as she rides the dildo in reverse. Melissa's sporting her new boobs here too and they look great bouncing nicely. Stormy's just a spectator this scene as we watch the two sexy brunettes pleasure one another. We learn in the making of for this dvd that Melissa and Alektra have worked together several times before this and the chemistry shows. The shot every so often drifts over to Stormy who really does have a predatorial look about her, she owns the two girls already. The lighting for this scene was very similar if not the same used for the first scene so kinda murky is what I'd describe it as. You still see everything but I found myself wishing it was much clearer especially when both asses were riding the dildo facing us, these women have good looking butts which I wanted to see better. The give and take is good and we close with the girls sharing one of those double ended dildos so they are each fucking while being fucked! The kissing here was probably the best so far. The last shot though is quite ominous as they each have a wide eyed look on their faces you have the whole body of Stormy stepping in front of the camera swallowing it up so stay tuned to see these girls fates.

Jenna Haze, Leah Luv, & Justine Joli:

On we go and the next stop on Stormy's nightly treck is a club where three hot chicks try to get in to see the band but alas the big bad bouncer catches them and throws them out. Well as luck would have it Stormy's just happen to possess three tickets along with backstage access to this show but there's a big catch! The girls need to make a video for the band which stands out from the hundreds they receive so like Jenna points out this isn't like they've not done it before so there is some kissing amongst the trio. Jenna kinda takes over among the girls and you see Stormy's shooting this with a little hand held camera-- you have the box outlined on the screen with the red REC in the top right corner. The passion is pretty good here with some nice lip locking along with the kittie stroking, breast teasing and finally oral. There is more toy play and the lighting too was a bit better for this scene or at least more like how I prefer a scene to look. Watching Jenna and Justine kiss while drilling Leah's pussy doggiestyle was a really nice shot. The solid views keep coming when you watch Leah eating out Justine from behind while sitting right there you watch Jenna analize her ass and lick the toy clean. Miss Luv then does what I suspect most of us want to do and that's slip behind that sexy amazing ass of Miss Haze's and lick, lick, lick!! Leah puts a capper on the scene shooting out a torrent of her love juice and that is about when the picture fades out so we don't know what happened but I don't think the girls ever made it to the concert.

Stormy & Jeneveve Jolie:

You watch as Stormy enjoys a few swigs from her small whiskey container, the night's hunt as she mentions in the creepy Kill Bill style voice over had made her pretty tired so she wanted a night cap before turning in, hmmmm wonder what might happen! She no more than sits down for a drink than Jeneveve comes in on the cell phone finishing up the break up conversation and you see Stormy stand up and if she had animal ears they would be prickling with eager anticipation of this unexpected prey appearing. She walks over and of course offers her sympathetic ear!! The eye contact from Stormy is so telling here and the music too helped set the stage for the inevitable next step which had Stormy's hand caressing on Jeneveve's thigh. Well she leaves to powder her nose and like a good predator Stormy follows behind. The music then goes all classical as the final hunt is nearly over. Stormy opens the stall door and a surprised Miss Jolie looks up and then it's balls to the wall almost literally with Stormy pressing Jeneveve up against it going down for some serious butt licking. Yeah not sure if Stormy's eaten much girl ass before but she sure does it well here with Jeneveve doing a fine job with her vocals. Stormy brings in the toy soon after, maybe a bit to soon as I was enjoying her licking ass. You see some good shots though of the toy play and eventually the ladies move out to a mattress which is conveniently located in the bathroom. Miss Jolie for her part also gets to eat plenty of pussy using the toy also. I'm thinking Jeneveve forgot all about the boyfriend but she'll be wishing he was back when you see the last shot which is of Stormy in the van driving along and we get a shot in the back and you have all the girls bound with their arms in the air. Stormy lets us in on the knowledge that her collection was filled-- for this night!! And we fade out with a shot of Stormy's face and she's got this contented grin showing but having watched this one we know it's not a romantic grin but one of satisfaction of coming from a good kill but in this case it's killing pussy!!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this wasn't a bad story driven g/g flick. Stormy came up with some interesting scenarios using some male fantasy such as helping the roadside babes in distress, the casting couch interview, hitting on a girl in a bar after she's broken up with her man but this time it's a woman pouncing on the distressed. Stormy does a fine job casting this one too with the best results I think coming in the scene with Tory and Sammie, lots of good anal play and some good oral too. Extra wise you get a very good making of where Stormy points out how she came up with the idea for this one and you get little bits and pieces with some of the girls-- nicely they are mostly naked as the BTS guy shoots. As for extras you have a full bonus scene with Stormy and Kimberly Kane taken from the movie Wicked Divas: Stormy. You also get the All Acces making of featurette as well as a stills photo gallery and individual photo sets with all the girls. If you're a Stormy fan I'm sure you'll be picking this one up as she's in every scene fucking in 3 of them. The story is well paced and my only real problem was the lighting but I also see that this was almost certainly intentional to set the mood for this dark story. Fans of the Viv Thomas style g/g sex probably wouldn't want to pick this one up as you don't have the more sensual style he's know for but you do get some strong g/g sex if you're into liberal use of toys and I liked it too that they kept up with some pussy play licking wise while drilling the kittie/ ass.

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