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astroknight Predator 2: The Return 3.5 starsPredator 2: The Return 3.5 starsPredator 2: The Return 3.5 stars
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Predator 2: The Return

Predator 2: The Return

Studio: Wicked
Category:  All Girl , Feature film
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Predator 2: The Return:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Predator 2: The Return overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Predator 2: The Return Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Predator 2: The Return Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Predator 2: The Return Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Predator 2: The Return Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Predator 2: The Return DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Predator 2: The Return A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  7/22/2008
Alright fans time to check out the anticipated sequel to Stormy Daniel's first all girl dvd and it has more hot and sexy girls in it for you to oogle while they do all sorts of nasty and depraved things to one another. Stormy is the leader no doubt and my memory's a bit fuzzy on the first one but I remember her abducting on pair of girls, luring another to an 'interview' at a house all designed to get her girls to play with and watch play. So let's get to the story!

The first scene features Brooke Haven as a sorority chick sitting at a diner with four girls who want to be in it but she's got a task for them to perform which involves a little Breaking and entering to the same house where in the first volume Melissa Lauren and Alektra Blue had sex and were never seen again. Kelly 'fuckin' Wells points this out as Adrianna Nicole, Memphis Monroe and Gianna Lynn also sit with her. She doesn't want to go, Urban Legend and all. Brooke seems to think it's nothing, guess she never saw that movie or it's sequel-- they do exist! Kelly fills in even more details but this doesn't dissuade everyone from going.

Stormy & Roxy De Ville with Nikita Denise:

We cut to a different location where we find Stormy out laying out a pumpkin on top of what appears to be a glass casket with a clown lying in state. She finds Roxy out wander from her cage-- she's not supposed to be doing that so they head back in and soon we have Stormy combing her hair while Roxy dutifully licks her pussy-- good pussy!! In the haze we see someone else watching so maybe a third girl will enter at some point but for now just enjoy Roxy's oral skills and she looks real good licking that succulent coochie. Oh yeah, Stormy does it right too standing up, turning around so it's her ass facing Roxy's tongue and she dives back in, love seeing pussy/ ass licked in this way so thanks a lot. Some real good views here as Roxy does her thing, Stormy dirty talks a bit but it's all visual here and a great one. Well we get to see who the third girl is here, Nikita Denise so wowza!! She's let in on the fun and Roxy moves from eating ass to sucking on Nikita's fine set of tits. Stormy sits back while her two playthings have their fun, pretty good shots still. I know going in this dvd will have a healthy amount of toy play so I wasn't to surprised when they showed up, at least Nikita still did a little oral licking while using it, Roxy sure loved it. Stormy stays peripherally involved as you also get anal work to Nikita's ass. Not a bad opener with some great oral from Roxy including licking Stormy's ass so yeah thanks for that!

Gianna Lynn & Memphis Monroe with Stormy:

We get the two girls arriving who decided to leave the diner and not heed Kelly's warning. Memphis and Gianna enter the house which definitely is clown favored, right out of a Funhouse ride!! The girls wander and you hear it in the music something's about to happen, of course they are holding a flashlight and walking slowly, they're hot girls, yeah you know they're fucked!! We see Stormy cleaning up after her bit of fun with her toys and now she's going to get two more laid right in her lap and she didn't even have to go anywhere. The girls find Roxy in her cage laughing like a madwoman and the girls should have run right out but of course they stay. Stormy flashes by like a bolt of lightning and suddenly we have Memphis tied to a pole shaped like an X while Gianna's in a glass box. Stormy circles Memphis like any cat would having just caught an unexpected meal, she savors her, smelling the hair then with a pair of scissors she cuts open the shirt revealing those marvelous melons. Stormy has a lick or two before hiking up the skirt to check out her prized kittie. Using a big hitachi wand she makes that pussy purr, also using it on her tits. Gianna sits, watches but doesn't seemed to put off by what she's witnessing, in fact I think she's turned on and doesn't know what she's feeling! Memphis is let loose and laid out so Stormy can eat her pussy, fucking A this was hot!! Miss Daniels lets her own fantastic rack out too, then it's time to let out Gianna who comes screaming but she doesn't resist to long!! The wand gets used on Miss Lynn's snatch which is already wet, how can it not be after watching Stormy eat out Memphis. The two pledges soon kiss and we get Gianna eating out Memphis and the girls have some fun with Stormy too. So yeah another fine scene and hmm watching Stormy and Memphis was a dream cum true and you add in Gianna who is ultra sexy too, great scene.

Lexi Lamour & Sammie Rhodes:

Ok we open here with a bit of unfinished business from the previous scene, Stormy's wrapping up her latest collection piece, Memphis, when Lexi enters so one more catch for the day! Lexi needs some pics of the funhouse's interesting interior for an article so of course she waits until it's pitch dark out, late at night to fit this in. She starts snappin away but when she snaps a shot of Sammie her eyes pop open like they do in a horror movie so this causes Lexi to faint. She awakens to Sammie hovering over and she's caressing all over Lexi's bod, tits and in between her thighs. Lexi has a main squeeze somewhere, she was talking on the phone to them but I guess when you're confronted by a spirit or whatever Sammie is it's ok to fuck, it's not really cheating, haha. Of course there are lots of other dolls lying about near where Sammie had been sitting and this adds to the creepy aspect of the scene, not bad creepy but still a form of creepy, lol. Back to the scene, she's opened up Lexi's thighs and is diving right in for a taste of pussy, even dolls want coochie now and then!! OMG!! Samme takes the head off a doll and uses the neck to fuck Lexi from behind, you still see the body but now minus a head, hehe. Great use of a prop!! Well Sammie deserves some loving too and she can talk too as you hear, Lexi now fully in the spell just goes for it, kissing tits and eating cookie. Ok not a bad scene at all with no involvment from Stormy, instead Lexi's now become Sammie's new favorite doll!!

Adrianna Nicole & Kelly Wells:

The scene now shifts back to the diner where Brooke has waited with no results from the two perspective pledges, Kelly and Adrianna who I guess were already sisters are naturally worried but Brooke shows no concern and leaves. Kelly and Adrianna decide to head over and see what has befallen the two young girls, oh no more lesbian sex!! After arriving at the place we get one last cell phone call to see if they can be found, cut to Stormy looking down at a bucket which just so happens to hold the ringing cell so no one will be answering girls. Showing courage they walk in and though walking gingerly around they call out for their friends with still no answer. The music too added a sense of dread without being to overly dramatic. The two do discover one person, it's Lexi and they try to free her from the cage she's in. They run off, I think to get something to open the cage with but as they round the corner they're confronted by whom we don't know. The next shot has the two being wheeled in by Stormy who's decked out in her finest Undertaker coat!! Stormy lays it out too for them in some fine dialogue. She's fond of her collection and wonders why she should let them or the two girls they wish to rescue be set free. Of course Kelly puts it together, that Stormy is the Predator of the news who snaps up girls. Kelly is willing to try and put on a show to get them out of this. Stormy inspects and decides to let them impress her. The ladies do a nice job kissing each other and working in the breasts too, the eye contact was there too so I'd say so far so good-- of course they're not getting out of this, lol, but the action's good. Kelly is a good dirty talker as anyone who's watched her knows and Adrianna, well she's as good as it gets when it comes to strong aggressive fun. These two are definitely more aggressive with one another than any pair so far. There are toys used on both pussy and ass during the course of the scene along with the good oral.

Penny Flame & Stormy:

We cut to the cops finally deciding to check this place out and while a male officer goes around to check the back we get Officer Flame knocking on the clowns face front door and Stormy lets her in and gives her the tour, sweet, one more for the collection! They walk right by Memphis who is all wrapped up and under a blanket, ahh Daddy had died and left this all to Stormy. Officer Moz then goes inside, bad mistake and while looking at posters of the recent missing girls Roxy sneaks up behind and knocks him out. Back to Penny who had made her own huge mistake taking a drink of what Stormy gave her and this of course fucks her up, puts her in a most suggestive state where soon we have Stormy opening up those pretty legs and diving in for a sweet lick of a fresh juicy pussy! I think Stormy's doing something very right here as you hear Penny's moans of sheer pleasure ring out. Love it when you have Penny yelling at Stormy under her breath to Take it, Take it, Take it!! Part of her duty is to protect and serve, well she's serving up her pussy at the moment! Well a good officer always makes sure things are ok and she's got to closely inspect Stormy so breast kissing and a little cookie eating follow. Gee we have Penny's nightstick, what should they do with it, lol. It fits rather snuggly up Stormy's pussy, Penny keeps on licking around that club and you get Stormy doing a little Nightstick2Mouth action, Penny does too!! Stormy decides to keep the nightstick and ends up bounding Penny as they both watch one final show on the small stage set up.

Alektra, Holly West & Aline:

So the curtain draws back revealing this lovely trio, all three have nice racks and are kissing all over each other as they are in close proximity. The ladies nicely shift focus from one girl to another all the while the camera keeps a good study shot on them. Some good oral is done here along with spotty kissing, nothing lasting to long except for the oral at this point. Nice shot too of Aline sitting on Holly's face while Alektra was busy down below. Like I said nothing stays the same for to long and you soon have Aline behind licking Alektra so we're seeing some good action just not for long periods on one shot. There is toy usage here too, first to Holly, then Alektra and finally a toy dp for Aline who has been a busy bee moving around. The girls reach a climax for the scene and it wasn't a moment to soon as Officer Moz has woken up. He rushes in and thinks he has Stormy cornered, whips her around and Penny says it but we see the clear evidence that nope he's got the wrong girl. It is Adrianna sitting in the chair wearing the long black coat, Stormy's gone and I don't think we've seen the last of her!! I can almost guarantee we'll see Chapter III here, it's just a question of when.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well I must say this was a very impressive effort from Stormy and co. I think this surpasses the first one and it all starts with the cast who was picked I'm sure by Miss Daniels so kudos there. The dialogue wasn't to hard and the ladies handled it pretty well. The lighting seemed to be darker on purpose and it doesn't hold back the action at all really. Lots of good pussy eating here, not as much kissing, though if you're being abducted I'm not sure if sensual french kissing is high on the list, lol, still there was some good making out at points. The toy play wasn't my favorite part but it did it's job of not getting in the way for me enjoying the overall scene. The nightstick in the Penny/ Stormy scene was a great call. Now for extras this one offers up a plethra. You get a boatload of pics, stills from this movie, star galleries for some of the girls, a bonus scene from the first Predator with Stormy and Jeneveve Jolie and finally the one I'd go for first, the BTS which goes for over 22 minutes. An easy purchase for fans of Stormy's work both directing and performing as she does both here. All the girls were flat out sexy, Penny in her cops uniform might be the best but then you have Sammie dressed up as a doll, Memphis in a blue jean skirt and skimpy pink shirt, lots to like!! A definite purchase here.

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