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Praise the Load 7

Praise the Load 7

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Cumshots , Gangbang , Gonzo , Oral
Directed by: ,
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Praise the Load 7:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Praise the Load 7 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Praise the Load 7 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Praise the Load 7 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Praise the Load 7 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Praise the Load 7 Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Praise the Load 7 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Praise the Load 7 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  3/25/2012
Welcome porn fans to the latest offering by director Mike John with the very capable assistance of his good friend Tim Von Swine who also get a little something something in the bonus scene for this if you get my meaning!! This series is pretty popular along with the last of his I checked out No Cum Dodging Allowed. The thrust here also deals with girls taking on multiple cocks but rather than the girls swallowing the man pudding the girls let the men glaze their faces much like Krispy Kreme would glaze a plain donut-- pretty much the end result that's desired is a face full of jizz and maybe a few strands in the eye too if the guys can't aim so good, lol. Nothing much in the way of sex here either save for the guys included in the mope squad who might get eager and drop to taste the girls pussy for a time- lets hope this happens in every scene. The main goal for each scene is cock sucking, pure and simple. Lets hit some highlights from an impressive cast that Mike & Tim have assembled.

Adrianna Luna:

Alright we open with the sexy young girl seated on a couch located in the now well known Chateu de Swine/ John! We have a little pre- scene interview time with Adrianna with Timmy Von Swine doing the duties chatting and filming. You hear also that the mopes are there as well but they manage to hold back for a few allowing Tim the time to check this young lady out up close and personal. He's not getting any now but giving you a little bit of foreshadowing Tim will tap that hottie in the bonus scene. The visuals here are very good showing off the booty, the titties and a pretty face too that gives us a rocking smile. The bj action soon begins with D Snoop who is one the mopes and Adrianna shows his dick some nice love here as Tim goes ground level for the up close shots. The style is strong but not to the point that she's trying to choke herself on the cock. Strong head and the guys start coming in too creating the popular cock circle which Adrianna navigates nicely. You also have some limited oral for her from another of the mopes who joins in. The sound is also very good too and Adrianna is judicious with the spit usage too. There is some dirty talk from the mopes here as they enjoy the young womans talents which include very good deep throat action. They work in a few positions here too for the oral, only so many right but they do well in showing off her boobs and ass which are both tempting targets for the camera. After a good 27 minute plus blowbang the guys unload and decorate Adrianna's face. We're off to a fine start with her scene and don't forget she's returning in the bonus scene taking on the Swine man himself, sex included we shall see.

Penny Pax:

Up next is a new girl to the biz and so far as I know this is her first released scene for the porn consuming public to see save for a Kink gang bang scene so yeah this girl is up for just about anything sex wise so she'll go far in this biz I think. We can sit back and enjoy the ride or more accurately watch her enjoy the ride! Penny has a rocking bod highlighted by a pair of natural titties that I don't think will see much action beyond the guys grabbing in this scene. Her rack isn't the real focus here so I'll have to wait for the next scene to hopefully see her tits properly played with-- meaning lots of good sucking and maybe some self licking from Penny herself. The mopes are already surrounding Penny as the scene opens. She seems very comfortable with all the man meat around her and she's wearing glasses and I know there is a segment out there which loves scenes that feature the girl wearing spectacles. As I mentioned the guys are already around Penny and we move from the short interview clip to the dicks coming out and Penny engulfing them one after the other. There is a good edit shot where she is clothed one second and the next we finally see those glorious boobs out and bouncing as she's taking on cock after cock. You see too that she keeps the glasses on and the energy is right on for someone doing their first blow bang, no sense of caution either, Penny is going for it! The guys and Swine offer some commentary also as Penny is doing her thing so you have to take that as she's blowing them. You also see a little oral for Miss Penny and she keeps the shoes on which in this case are sneakers rather than the normal porno heels. They do a good job moving from position to position allowing Penny to shine showing the oral skillz and she gives us a good open butt shot too-- I'm a boob man and she's got a great rack but I also love very much the teasing asshole shot and wished that one of the guys would have licked that ass for a time with Swine capturing the footage. Among the positions captured here we have Penny tilting her head back off allowing the man to skull fuck her plus they drop the balls in there with Penny showing them a little love. Great to see the guys titty fuck her too before they start blowing their loads to that pretty face. A successful debut from what I've seen and now I'm ready to see Penny do much more! I should add she keeps the glasses on the entire scene and naturally they prove a tempting target for the guys when the loads start flying.

Leilani Leeanne:

Our next scene features another girl I've seen only a few times so far but definitely a girl you take notice off when she comes on screen. This scene has just Tim and Leilani to start as the mopes are not around or at least silent as Tim shoots the tease. A sexy black girl who appears to be tall but I suspect it's the heels! Nice black lace lingerie with a trace of lavender in the top and bottom. Ok Tim does bring in Mark Zane who is called the chateau mascot who is often brought in to warm up the girls pussy. I appreciated that he took the bottoms all the way off rather than pull them to one side and the open shot for the oral was very good with a nice close up too worked in. Leilani is purring in no time and shortly thereafter the dicks begin to come in with the young lady expertly taking them in. She is good with the deep throat shot as well as jerking the others off that she isn't sucking. The girl isn't adverse to using spit too as you'll see with the blow bang moving along. Nice to see a little more oral for Leilani too as the scene wore on including the guy going behind to lick her pussy plus they spank that nice ass a few times. Another round too with the girl tilting her head back to play with their dicks and their balls. This oral was also a bit more aggressive too as you will see and hear. Almost an hour and a half in and we get another solid blow bang with the desired finish, a face glazed with cum.

Jessica Moore:

This next girl is one that should be well known to viewers of porn over the last half decade or so. Jessica is hot and possesses one fantastic rack, boobs that are so suckable it's not even funny. This scene begins differently as we have Jessica outside and we also have Mike John assuming camera duties for the first time in this one. It's a nice day out and Mike lets Miss Moore know he's very glad she's back in the US. Obviously with those glorious tits we get some fine boobage to begin the tease. Jessica eventually works those jiggly juggs out and yes she does lick the nipples!! Mike is a great shooter and does the right thing here letting Jessica and those boobs take center stage and he stays silent for a nice time. You also see the mopes out there checking her out from afar until Jessica does the walk over to them allowing them to get their hands on her. Heading inside the shot dissolves to Jessica lying on her back and Zane is in his customary position between her thighs. Jessica begins to suck some cock here too with more good boob footage too. Fantastic cock circle footage with Jessica showing a good ability to deep throat. As with Penny who has a fine set of tata's the guys move in to titty fuck her too during the scene. Another successful blow bang ends with the men glazing her face and avoiding the eyes!

Lexi Swallow:

The next lady up for our viewing pleasure was in the last Mike John release where her name was perfect, Swallow! Well this time out she's still very hot but we won't be utilizing that skill set as the finish is a facial glazing rather than allowing Lexi to gulp down the loads. This scene also opens outside with Lexi seated and we have Tim back behind camera here. We just watched Lexi but she is so hot and having her back for another go round is more than ok. Lexi looks good in the porn outfit which does a fine job of showcasing her big tits. This is only her second blow bang with the first also being for the same company. The tease here featured a good ground shot with Lexi pulling her bottoms down showing off the ass hole which certainly is worth a few licks I think. Lexi is also comfortable in the exchanges with Tim, very much at ease. Tim lets Lexi put her outfit back on and head inside where she sits back and Zane moves in to do his thing, pussy fluffer!!Lexi then sits up to work on Mark's cock with a second soon joining. Good to see her lose the bra too allowing the boobies to get some air. More cocks are added in with Lexi moving from each to the next with good energy and a little stroking to go along with the deep throat footage. There is a little titty fucking too though not as much as in the other scenes in this volume. Lexi ends up receiving a nice facial glazing to wrap this scene.

Jada Stevens:

One more scene to go and it's with one of the hotter gonzo performers right now that I've been seeing. Jada comes to the scene with an obvious joy for her craft and also possessing a rocking bod with one of the best asses porn has seen in some time. The outfit lets her ass be shown but the mesh material is also left on and if I'm going to lodge a complaint here is that it wasn't fully removed allowing us to get the ultimate ass shot with Jada. The mopes are already surrounding her before Tim has even had a chance to talk to her. Tim manages to get the mopes away so he can enjoy a few words with Miss Stevens and we do see her ass with a great ground shot. Jada knows she's got a great ass and doesn't mind that all of us obsess over it, lol. Jada is quite at ease too talking to Tim and the guys are then allowed back in with more cocks joining the show. You want a little deep throat Jada is your girl as she shows that skill here in abundance. Jada is also good using the spit while working the dicks and even a little dirty talk from her to the guys! Close to three hours in and we end with one last multi- facial ending for one Miss Jada Stevens, one to look out for in 2012 I'd say.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well boys and girls this was a solid entry in the series with each girl doing a bang up job with the blow bangs. You have some oral for them as well but no sex beyond that save for them working those dicks so if you're a bj fan this series is made for you as that's the main focus and Tim and Mike do a very good job keeping that theme very much in mind. The extras here include some good BTS with the girls as well as the cum shots being repeated which for a blow bang is well worth seeing again. You also have a bonus scene which I alluded to featuring Adrianna who has stayed behind to do a little 1 on 1 with Mr. Tim Von Swine. They get right to the action too with Adrianna dropping down to take in his cock and the POV footage is good. There is some titty fucking and also our first bit of fucking too as she hops on for the ride in reverse, boobies in our face! Tim also rocks it behind the girl for a great POV shot in doggie. You have more good POV head with Tim looking down on her, more fucking and a little more POV head too from Adrianna before we end this good addition with Mr. Swine exploding to her open mouth and chin. Adrianna is good with the cum play as she offers clean up head. Well that puts a bow on this one and if you're a fan of the series this should find its way into your collection real soon.

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