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Praise the Load 5

Praise the Load 5

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Cumshots , Gangbang , Gonzo , Oral
Directed by: ,
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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gonzoguy's ratings for Praise the Load 5:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Praise the Load 5 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Praise the Load 5 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Praise the Load 5 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Praise the Load 5 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Praise the Load 5 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Praise the Load 5 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Praise the Load 5 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by gonzoguy  on  5/29/2010
Given the limitations of the blow bang genre -- it's about dicks and faces and little else -- my rating for Praise the Load 5 nudges plus-wise because of the greasy facial finales, but pulls against my sense that the ladies are still way new to this sort of thing, and were here more for the paycheck than any genuine love of taking ball batter. Claire Robbins exhibits stellar throating gusto, and Hailey Cummings is wonderful to look at if, like me, you care deeply about blondes with big tits. She's a gem and could grow into stardom if she only relaxed her throat a bit, and learned to keeps eyes and mouth open during the cascade of cum, rather than closing the storm shutters. Here's the blow by blow.

Disc 1

Katie St. Ives - Starts talking about nap time. She has nice, firm but small tits, lush aureoles, and a lush bush. Lots of ball sucking, dick stroking, gets on her knees on ottoman, takes some dick from behind while sucking other dick in front. Gets on floor, takes a big gusher from her left that leaves her face nicely messy -- forehead and left cheek. She says she wants next one right on her eyes, and he delivers gobs. Third is a bit more watery, splasher. Fourth comes from right and behind, nice and creamy gusher. "Who gets four layers of spuzz all over their face every day?" she says. Indeed.

Hailey Cummings -- Long blonde hair, huge tits, shows up in the back yard. Bounces boobies around. Great dialogue: "They're so big (giggle)." "I want you in all my movies," the shooter says. "They're so warm," she says. Did someone write that? Or was she genuinely surprised to find them both big AND warm? Or is this just a sign of someone talking without thinking much? From this side of the DVD, I will say those tits ARE so floppy, freed of the bra. She takes them over to the fence, where we get the old dick-thru-the-fence-mope-line-dick-suck (use this term sparingly; it's technical). She takes the boys inside, bares her shaved snatch. Gets a little pussy lickin. Gets off her back and down on the floor, where she eagerly works a circumference of dicks. Lies back again, for some oily titty fucking. She shares head with the other mopes, then gets on the floor again for the cascade of cum ... good one from left, another gusher, a big blast from her left side, and a splashy one from her right. Despite a little aim deficiency from the guys, she wears a nice mess. Doesn't open her mouth, keeps eyes closed. She wipes her mouth off. "I love being covered in cum." Hmm, visible evidence would suggest otherwise.

Amber Swift -- "Been around much?" she is asked. "June -- brand spanking new," she replies. She's quick to show her titties and slip off the cut-off jeans. Brings Mark Zane in to nibble her pussy (he's the house muff diver). He works her wet, then pulls out his dick and she goes to work. Another mope arrives. She's got a limber throat, but limited depth. She climbs on sofa, works on alternating dicks while getting finger-fucked and ass-slapped from behind. Eventually she finds herself lying back over the edge of the sofa, sucking hovering dicks. Then to the floor, surrounded by schlong. The boys are ready. One blast straight on, a rope from forehead to chin. Another to the forehead. A third with a geyser over the forehead -- got the sofa good, anyway. A fourth from her right side, lots of spuzz on the forehead and eyes. She's nicely pasted by the time they finish. "You guys getting any?" she asks, in appreciation of the face pasting. But she keeps her eyes closed and seems a bit eager to find a towel. Understood, but at least maintain the illusion of enjoying the goop.

Zoe Voss - Like a female pipe cleaner, she's long and leggy with little girl tits. Johnny Fender is invited in, lies back, and she is advised to put his dick in her mouth. They say "Hi" to each other, before she begins. Ahh, romance. Another dick swaps in. She goes from working recliner dick, to her knees, and two new dark dicks. She can only get the tips in, After a bit, two more join the fray so she's got quad-surround. She's got great, huge eyes, but seems so innocent and deliberate. Not a lot of energy or heat here. She works with the boys to take dick deeper, quacking a bit, before they back off. She gives a good shot at the "deep throat merry go round," but it isn't really all that deep. Still, it's fun watching the talent develop. The loads start to flow -- a drooler from the front, a white-boy blast from her right that coats her cheek, a bruthuh bomb for her left cheek and forehead, another white boy blast from the front -- she keeps her head nicely tilted back so none of it dribbles off, which is a sign that she might have a future beyond modeling.

Disc 2

Kelly Surfer -- Aussie, "came to suck dick." Wise guys ask if she is planning implants, and she says yes, and gets a chorus of boos. Nice. The boys come in, remove her bikini,and she gets to work. She has a flexible throat and goes deep. She works around, then lies back on the sofa and lets the guys do some Kelly Surfer sofa surfin'. Why no head dangle throat action, instead of tendency to stuff dick from above? The angle isn't right, guys. After working around, she sits back for the goo -- a thick load from her right side, another from the same side, and at the same time, a blast from her left and another from above and behind her head. Nice glue on her eyes. Best total facial of the disc so far. "It feels great but I cahn't see shit."

Claire Robbins -- Not the best looking thing, but she makes up for it in real gusto for sex. Zane munches her pussy. She rewards him by working his knob, then joined by Arnie Schwarzenpecker. She does a good job of going deep and quacking up some drool. Best deep throater on this release, and she really seems to be into it. Then the head dangle from the sofa, and again with the dicks from above. She goes back to the floor for more bones around. Lots of ball licking in this scene. Sufficiently worked, she takes a full-on blast from her right side that coats her forehead and cheek, a second from the left that gets her eye and cheek, another from her right that generously amends the first shot, a fourth from the right side and the fifth at the same time from the left -- goo just dripping from her chin to her tits. She is gloriously greased at the end, the best baster yet.

Round 2 of Claire Robbins -- Before she can leave, Von Swine takes her through his obligatory solo workout and pork fat face-job.

Closing credits include Von Swine fucking Kelly Surfer from behind, asking her where she likes the cum. "On the face, always on the face."

Some nice looking ladies, four first-timers -- and that's the plus and the minus. Good lubrication as usual, but demerits for lack of heat.

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