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gonzoguy Praise the Load 4 3.5 starsPraise the Load 4 3.5 starsPraise the Load 4 3.5 stars
Captain Jack Praise the Load 4 4 starsPraise the Load 4 4 starsPraise the Load 4 4 stars
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Praise the Load 4

Praise the Load 4

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Cumshots , Gangbang , Gonzo , Oral
Directed by: ,
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Praise the Load 4:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Praise the Load 4 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Praise the Load 4 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Praise the Load 4 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Praise the Load 4 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Praise the Load 4 Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Praise the Load 4 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Praise the Load 4 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  10/16/2009
Ok fans time for a little blowbang action and who better to take us on this journey than the man himself Mike John with the capable assistance of his bud Tim Von Swine. Pretty simple premise really, the girl gets a nice cock circle to work on and we might see some pussy licking early on just to prime the hot babe. Fine list of ladies too with a bunch of first timers doing a blowbang including ADT's own Sierra Skye. I also see Kristina Rose in this one and well there just isn't a hotter gonzo girl this year I think than Miss Rose so seeing her shake that ass and work some dicks should be a great time indeed, highlight time.

Kristina Rose:

Up first is the girl I just mentioned, Kristina Rose. Ahh it's Swineman helming the camera here as we catch up with Kristina poolside. Nicely she's in a bikini already so that ass is spilling out when she turns around. Kristina's worked for these guys a few times now so there's a good relationship already in place, a comfort level. Kristina is a smooth talker and does a nice job holding her own with the word meister Tim Von Swine. So we get some prime ass shots outside before Miss Rose heads in for her waiting cocks. More ass luving and finally Kristina drops down for that first dick. Some breathy dirty talk too as she works those meatsticks, plenty of gagging too, she doesn't half ass it at all. Fans who love a hardcore blowjob will totally get their rocks off here. Gotta love the head going back off the couch while guys straddle her, face fucking that cute 'innocent' face!There is some coochie licking too while she's got the head bent back off, not sure if she feels it or not since she's getting skull fucked pretty good here. Even some foot jerking from Kristina so she does a little of everything here. There was a nice bit of pussy play actually before the scene cumcludes with the guys blasting their nutjuice all over Kristina's mug.

Gracie Glam:

Alright, new girl and it's Mike shooting her and we once more begin outside by a shimmering blue pool. Gracie has the cute teen vibe working and Mike does a nice walk around her, checking out this newbie who has a good laugh. They don't wait much longer before heading inside where Gracie hits the couch and assumes a doggie pose. Mike reminds her to breath, don't forget to breath, lol. Ahh the bottoms come off and Zane's in there munching on her cookie from behind, it's a short lick before she's flipped over for more oral in the more traditional mish pose. The titties come out too, nice sized aerolas, very lickable. Moving on from that we get two cocks so they are't starting off to strong, just getting her feet wet taking on two dicks. Good shot of Gracie kneeling between the guys and working them over. She wasn't as aggressive as Kristina was but I liked her approach just the same, I actually prefer the girls giving head in a more slower, sensual style. As the minutes progress we see more dicks added and this doesn't seem a strain at all for Gracie and we continue with the fine views of her body, nice open pussy shot as she's working the meat puppets. The guys do some more pussy work too using a few fingers to feel what they won't be nailing today. Gracie also does the lean her head off the couch shot for some face fucking and even some ball sucking. Several good blasts later and she's a doughnut!

Lily Lovely:

Another first timer as Gracie was in the scene before. Tim's back shooting here and we have Lily sitting inside on a couch. Looks like they might've been taking some stills or just shooting the breeze which they continue too here with Tim asking a few questions, establishing early on this is her first blowbang. Timmy gets her to work those tits out and they do jiggle nicely. The cocks then start arriving and like Gracie before we get two for Lily though she only goes for one to suck on at first. As she's getting into it the other guys start filling in behind, playing with her pussy. Tim gives us a good floor shot as she's doing this single blowjob. After all the guys have sat down for some one on one time with her giving head they all surround Lily for the good ole fashioned cock circle. There is some titty fucking too before the guys take their aims and blast off, at one point we have twin pops firing off at the same time ending up with one more coated face!

Sierra Skye:

Finale time on disc one and it's Sierra Skye in the house! More accurately she's outside next to a pool as Tim starts showing her off, our final girl is also doing her initital blowbang. A pan up from the ground arrives at Sierra's top and hello big boobs!! Tim asks if she's called Sierra because of those big mountains on her chest but alas not the case. Sierra is very much at ease as she visits with Tim and he doesn't forget to get those titties out and hello they are huge!! This would have been a great time for Sierra to do some solo boob sucking-- maybe next time Tim! He does get her to work around and show off that ass. We head inside then so she can get relaxed and Zane gets her even more in the mood by burying his face in her lovebox! Sierra does kiss her tits briefly here and I'm not sure if she even knew because she was moaning, really into her pussy being eaten. She also starts off the dick sucking with just one schlong but the rest of the boys filter through with Sierra working them each over, some titty fucking as well. Then it's cock circle time and I sense Sierra's very much into all these cocks, a healthy lust for pleasing all her men. They do some titty slaps and pussy fingering before it's all said and done. Sierra does a little gagging too, while we get more pussy eating too. A solid finish yields a face glazed with cum, a most successful blowbang debut, I think she needs to do some more! Now on to disc two.

Andy San Dimas:

So onto the second disc we go and it opens with another first timer doing a blowbang. Andy hails from Baltimore so she's an east coast gal and we have Tim Von Swine shooting this one which has the action opening inside. Andy's a little nervous but she's also excited, sounds pretty typical. Tim gets her standing to get out some of those jitters and also to let us check her out from head to toe. We get her topless and then Andy's on her knees working over a couple dicks. It's good to start these newbies off with a small dose and let them work their way up to the extra dicks. Andy seems eager enough with two so I'm sure she'll do fine with a couple extra. Tim's there with the close shots and we get good shots too of her breasts. Zane gets in some pussy eating so it's not all work for Andy here, ahh the gack gack gack sound is heard so she's slowly getting more aggressive. Just your basic blowbang here, no frills but some good action for blowjob fans. Once more onto the couch we go, tilting her head off for a little schlong sucking and ball licking. At scenes end after the last load is launched we're left with one glazed young lady, success!

Bonus footage! Timmmy's getting some, lol. Andy cleans up from her blowbang only to stay on for some POV loving with Mr. Tim Von Swine. Our guy gets to take a little bit of time now savoring this young lady, some pussy stroking followed soon by Andy going rogue, lol, and POV'ing Tim's dick. No mistaking it's Tim either, that beer belly is known anywhere!! Well as often happens when Tim is lucky there's fucking so he nails Andy from behind, she rides him facing tits out to us and finally with her ass facing us-- Tim got in a few sharp spanks to that ass as well. Tim saved up a monster and he wanted to go down the middle but his aim was a tad off but still a good pop to close this extra bit of time with Andy San Dimas.

Vanessa Leon:

Our last young lady is one of the main reasons I was stoked for this title. I've been a big fan of Vanessa's from the first scene I watched in. She has this nervous cute vibe working and I think it's totally real as she gives it off in the BTS bigtime from what I've watched. In addition Vanessa's blessed with big natural mouth water titties which could be worshipped for hours, lol. And she's got a nice ass and looks quite nice with a big dick in her mouth. Tim is back for the finale, he can walk after that time with Andy. Vanessa is looking very cute as she chats with Tim, the nervous energy thing is already apparant but we also get our first glimpse at Vanessa's tits and damn they are smoking. Miss Leon keeps showing off, standing up and down go the bottoms and it's ass lovin with Tim going floor level. For those that are curious Vanessa is working with a small bush too so no bald pussy. It says she's a first timer but when Tim asks how many guys she's blown at once before in her personal life she says five so that's the exact number she'll be doing today. Small quibble but does it really matter. Vanessa heads in where the dicks are waiting. Some more fun nervous stuff with Vanessa hamming it up for the guys, then she assumes the pose and the guys descend! Close ups were strong here as she goes from cock to cock, I should also mention she's got a killer smile. The boys work in some good titty fucking before we hit the couch for the backwards head off shot and Vanessa looks as good as the others did doing this. Balls were never so lucky as they are here, lol. Vanessa is smart keeping her eyes closed as the guys glaze her. Pretty good finale to this title.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans Mike's done it again and with a big assist from Tim Von Swine who did most of the shooting and even got lucky with Andy after her blowbang. You can't go wrong with a title that opens with Kristina Rose and ends with Vanessa Leon with hearty helpings from the likes of Sierra Skye, Gracie Glam, Lily Lovely and Andy San Dimas in between. Solid visuals from tease to the girls dropping down for that first cock. You had them start off with all the guys like with Vanessa and you also had more gradual starts which pervaded most of the scenes. Extras here included just under 53 minutes of BTS and a huge bonus is another scene featuring Sierra Skye. We go to the aftermath of her scene, she's cleaned up and up on her knees fingering her pussy as Tim shoots her some more as he slips in for a ride in doggie, damn he's getting lucky again! Some real good POV doggie footage here and judging from Sierra's moans she loved it! Tim teases her slapping his dick at her puckered asshole, bit you wish you were going in there she says, ahh yeah! So after pounding her for a couple minutes she peels off, twists around and cleans those juices off. Fans of Sierra should love this extra bit of footage, clear picture, great views of Sierra-- her tits'n'ass as well. Tim also lubes up the boobies for a titty fucking ride. They pound it out some more, there's more P2M and finally she hops on tits facing us so hello bouncing boobies! Tim has saved up another strong Pig blast and shoots it up her face and over it to the wood floor behind! Well done sir and well done to Sierra, keep it up. An easy purchase recommendation for blowbang fans.

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