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P.O.V. Squirt Alert 6

P.O.V. Squirt Alert 6

Studio: Mayhem
Category:  POV , Squirting
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Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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Anime Nut's ratings for P.O.V. Squirt Alert 6:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
P.O.V. Squirt Alert 6 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks P.O.V. Squirt Alert 6 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks P.O.V. Squirt Alert 6 Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex P.O.V. Squirt Alert 6 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting P.O.V. Squirt Alert 6 Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras P.O.V. Squirt Alert 6 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality P.O.V. Squirt Alert 6 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Anime Nut  on  10/23/2009
It doesn't happen very often, but every once in a while, an adult movie can actually surprise me. I've been watching porn long enough to have my own list of pet peeves, comprised of clich├ęs and trends that ought to be made illegal. As a huge fan of the POV genre, it shouldn't shock you to know that I hate "Pseudo POV".

You know what I'm talking about. It's a camera angle that cannot possibly come from the eyes of the male talent, or "stunt cock" as he is usually referred to in this particular genre. Proper POV must be perfectly aligned with the center of the guy's chest, as if his head was replaced by a camera, mounted on the stump of his neck. For the best examples of how POV should be done, check out the following series: Mike South's POV Pervert, Brother Love's POV Fantasy, and early installments of Jack's POV (later titles in that series have grown more inconsistent).

Now, knowing that, you can begin to understand the reaction I had to Jim Powers' P.O.V. squirt Alert 6. Despite its title, less than half of the sex action in this movie is actually shot in any kind of POV. I'm talking about camera angles from the guy's feet, the coffee table that's three feet away from the performers, and close-ups of his hairy balls and ass as he pounds away. Of the footage that is supposed to be POV, about 95% of it is over the guy's shoulder, providing a skewed angle and the occasional glimpse of his chin at the top corner of the frame.

I've seen bad POV before, so this probably shouldn't have bothered me as much as it did. But when the title of your movie has the actual word "P.O.V." in it, and this is the product you deliver - well, "bamboozled" is one of many words that immediately came to mind.

But here's where the above-mentioned surprise comes in. When the basic POV content of this movie failed miserably to meet my expectations, I was upset. However, P.O.V. Squirt Alert 6 manages to go ahead and deceive my expecations again. Only this time, it's in a very good way. After the initial shock of the pseudo- and non-POV camera angles wears off, the movie suddenly becomes very, very funny. In some cases, it's laugh-til-your-sides-hurt funny. Not only that, but the sex (regardless of how it's shot) is pretty damn good, especially if you're a fan of squirters.

See, in all of my rage over the "P.O.V." part of the title, I forgot all about the "Squirt" aspect. This movie is jam-packed with fountains, jets, and showers of squirt - and it's wonderful. Hell, it has to be, especially when Sindee Jennings is your cover model.

Each scene is nicely set up with amusing scenarios. As in previous installments of the series, a different stunt cock is used for each scene (except for Rick Masters, who pulls double duty here). Jim Powers works the camera and provides the voice of our anonymous hero. It's the same technique used in the Jack's POV series, except Jim is much, much funnier than "Jack" ever was. The scenes avoid the common trap of repeating the same patterns over and over, so the movie can be watched in one sitting without it getting redundant or predictable. Presented in 16x9 anamorphic widescreen, the picture quality is very good.

After I got over the initial disappointment of missing the POV action I wanted, P.O.V. Squirt Alert 6 became an entertaining and satisfying ride in the end.


SCENE 1 - Vivian West & Trevor Thompson
Approx. 24 min

Let's back things up a bit, to when I was still firmly entrenched in the camp of hate. As if my dismay over the POV issue wasn't bad enough, this scene adds horrific dialogue to the mix. The action starts in the kitchen, then moves over to the living room for some fun on the couch. This is the only scene in the entire movie that features anal sex, so enjoy it while you can. Unfortunately, that's easier said than done, since Jim Powers says some dumbass shit that comes off as misogynistic and tasteless. If you think lines like "Hold that shit locker open" are sexy, this scene is for you.

Vivian and Trevor do a good job here. Vivian clearly digs the anal, and she knows when to make eye contact with either the camera (for POV shots), or with Trent (for everything else). There's a couple big squirts from Vivian, though the second one is ruined by an annoying slow-motion effect.

Although I generally disliked this scene, I will admit it made me laugh big at one point. During doggystyle anal, the camera moves in alongside Trevor's cock, just above Vivian's ass. In a moment of pure, stupid genius, our hero yells out, "You think this is hard? Somehow my head is right down by my lower rib!" That went a long way towards helping me get over the POV deficiencies.

SCENE 2 - Sindee Jennings & Rick Masters
Approx. 29 min

Outside in the driveway, our hero meets neighbor Sindee. She's searching for her missing poodle, Fluffy, and she needs some help with the flyer. Sindee's acting performance here is impossibly adorable, as she goes from tearful and despondent to kinky and horny. I also found Jim to be much more tolerable and even likeable in this scene. Stunt cock Rick Masters is almost on auto-pilot here, just laying back and letting Sindee do all the dirty work. When he does get on top, Rick performs admirably.

If you've never seen a squirting scene with Sindee Jennings before, this one will break you in fast. I quickly lost count of the number of times she squirts here, each one as big (if not more so) as the last. Favorite moment occurs during a mid-point blowjob. Sindee looks up at the camera (which is shooting from Rick's POV) and purrs, "You know, I like dicks with a little bit of seasoning on 'em." With that, she springs up on her knees, rubs her clit once or twice, and fires a perfectly-aimed stream of squirt directly onto Rick's cock. Then it's back to sucking and licking. I had to catch my breath after that.

Some of the best POV shots in the movie can be found here. I particularly enjoyed how Sindee leans forward and up close to the camera during cowgirl, tugging at Rick's shirt and moaning. Some people prefer the girl to sit back and provide the camera with an unfettered POV of her pussy during this position, but I loved the close-up of Sindee's fuck face. That's exactly how I'd want it if I were in the stunt cock's place, and isn't that the whole point of POV?

It all builds up to a genuinely hilarious ending that I wouldn't dare spoil in this review.

SCENE 3 - Kylie Wylde & Dirty Harry
Approx. 27 min

It's a scenario that's been done a million times before: Dude opens newspaper, calls a personals ad, and orders a call girl to his home. And yet, for some reason, that didn't matter one bit to me while watching this scene. Credit the amazingly sexy Kylie Wylde as the prostitute in question. If all call girls looked like this, I'd never have the time to watch this movie, let alone write a review about it.

Although the POV joke of kissing the girl and eating her out has gotten old and pointless (since no sexual contact is actually taking place), it does provide some awesome close-ups of Kylie's ass. So maybe not so pointless after all. The blowjob is excellent, with a nice, slow place plus lots of tongue play. Whereas Sindee Jennings' squirts are usually of the fountain stream variety, Kylie produces more of an out-of-control shower that falls all over the place. During missionary, the squirts come so fast and frequently that our hero starts demanding "More juice!"

After the wild action in the previous scene, I didn't think this or any other one would compare. But Kylie and Dirty Harry more than hold their own. Terrific stuff.

SCENE 4 - Lola Banks & Steven French
Approx. 22 min

Steven/Jim play a psychiatrist helping Lola with her sexual impulse issues. Seems she sees cocks everywhere she looks, which leads to some cute playing with the phallic decorations on the table next to her. As Lola gets more comfortable with the session, she slowly disrobes and pulls a pink vibrator out of her shorts pocket. This provides her first of many, many squirts. It trickles out slowly at first, then turns into a fountain stream that loudly splashes on the hard floor of the doctor's office.

Compared to Sindee and Kylie, the sex between Lola Banks and Steven French is considerably more subdued. While nice, the blowjob is over before you know it. Once they start fucking, however, it becomes obvious that squirting may very well be Lola's baseline behavior, and everything else is just a pause until the next eruption. In missionary, she cannot take more than 10-15 seconds of straight fucking before she has to release another pint. After each squirt, Lola's shuddering recovery is a joy to watch.

SCENE 5 - Morgan Reigns & Rick Masters
Approx. 31 min

The final scene is a bit of a departure from the previous scenes, at least initially. Instead of acting solely as the stunt cock's voice, Jim Powers basically gets to play himself as he takes a drive with friend Rick. They pick up hitchhiker Morgan Reigns, who needs a ride to L.A. for a photoshoot. While Jim sits in the backseat, Morgan treats driver Rick to some tasty road head. I did get a little nervous watching Rick maneuver the winding road with his pants bunched at his ankles. While this is going on, Jim (seemingly) gets an off-screen handjob from Morgan while she continues to suck off Rick. Since you never see Jim's cock, it's safe to assume this is simulated.

Once they arrive at the house for the shoot, Morgan and Rick continue their playtime on the couch. It isn't until Morgan gives a second blowjob that the camera angle finally switches to Rick's POV. This is the shortest sex scene of the movie, and nothing particularly amazing happens here. Nearly each position is cut short by an obnoxious fade transition. It's almost as if the editor was trying to trim the final running time, and the majority of the cuts affected this one scene.

It's a bit of an anti-climax after the preceding action, but at least the scenario is fun. And Morgan looks phenomenal as she struts away with cum on her face.


P.O.V. Squirt Alert 6 has a decent "Behind the Scenes" featurette that consists mostly of interviews with each girl. While they talk, you get to see some random snippets of the sex scenes being shot from afar, so you can see Jim Powers holding his camera over the guys' shoulders as they do their business. Sindee Jennings has the longest interview, and she teasingly plays with her pussy for the camera.

There's also the obligatory cumshot montage, photo gallery slideshow, and trailers for other releases from Mayhem and Sin City (Dick Hunters, Tory Lane's Bitches, Who's Your Mama 2, Big Natural Tits 2, and New Whores 7). The rest of the special features section is filled with commercials for the website, phone sex lines, and even some "male enhancement" cream.


Buy it. After the first scene ended, I was more than ready to give up on this title and tell y'all to "Skip it". But the movie takes a sudden and dramatic turn for the much, much better. You'll definitely want to watch Sindee Jennings' and Kylie Wylde's scenes more than once. Packaging is attractive, with a bonus poster of Sindee in mid-squirt on the inside of the slipcover.

I gotta hand it to Jim Powers and the folks at Mayhem. P.O.V. Squirt Alert 6 defied and exceeded my expectations, and I actually look forward to catching up on earlier series installments that I missed.

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