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POV: Point Of View

POV: Point Of View

Studio: Dane
Category:  POV
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Snowman872's ratings for POV: Point Of View:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
POV: Point Of View overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks POV: Point Of View Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks POV: Point Of View Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex POV: Point Of View Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting POV: Point Of View Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras POV: Point Of View DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality POV: Point Of View A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Snowman872  on  9/18/2002


* Introduction *

I rented this feature primarily because I enjoy Anabolic's "Perverted Point of View" series and wanted to see how another director would handle the concept. In case you don't know what is mean by "Point of View" in the porn context, it basically describes a scene which is shot from the vantage point of the male as he is having sex. As a result, usually the director is the same guy holding the camera. That means nearly all the sex is going to be filmed in a style that tightly focuses on the action. None of those frustrating panoramic shots from afar where you need a telescope to see anything. I've come to believe that a point of view feature, if well done, is the next best thing to being there with the starlet.

Also, I have never seen a Dane Production before, so I thought it would give it a whirl. Even if the movie turned out to be bad, I didn't figure it would be a total loss because raincoat MVP Miko Lee was in it.

* Synopsis *

This feature is broken up into four unrelated scenes. Each scene has a unique scenario to set up the action. The names of each segment give you a good idea what the chapter is going to be about, "The Director", "Restroom", "The Bar", and "Hooker".

* What's Hot *

Miko Lee is scarily convincing as a hooker in the last vignette on this dvd. Makes me wonder if she has any real life experience to draw upon! Miko's scene is also the best of the lot by far, but it's relatively tame by her standards.

Several of the scenes were shot at night (indoors & outdoors), but well lit. Pleasing studio lighting on this disc.

A fifteen minute "Behind the Scenes" segment is included on the DVD version. The featurette mainly focuses on the girls hanging around the set getting ready for their scene. Lots of shots of the stars eating. Dave Hardman seems especially hungry. Barbie Bell is interviewed for a few minutes at the end. Miko is MIA in the Behind the Scenes segment goes.

* What's Not *

The movie does not stick to POV footage exclusively. There is at least one other camera filming the action. I'd estimate only about half of the material is shot from the male's point of view and often this footage is limited to blowjobs. Some might not consider this a problem, but I would prefer strict POV camera coverage in a feature called "POV".

Why is there a girl/girl scene on this disc? I think the audience for this disc is probably greater than 90% male. I'm not sure if guys want to see a girl/girl POV scene involving a strap on.

Raincoaters will not be pleased about the total lack of anal sex and other kinky acts.

* Play by Play *

Scene One - "The Director" - Barbie Bell & one guy (Johnny Thrust)
[BJ, EatY, SS]

Barbie expresses interest in being a porno movie. The director is happy to show her around the set. Barbie is wearing a white t-shirt and tight blue skirt. After a short tour, the director takes her back to his office to talk about a possible contract. He promises her the typical fame and fortune but wants to see (and sample) the goods. Barbie strips and shows off her body. She has a very nice body, but the large tattoo on her arm is yucky. The director sits in a chair and Barbie begins to give him a blowjob. She's nude at this point except for her white cotton panties. Nice eye contact with the camera. Next, at the director's invitation, Barbie climbs up on his desk and he proceeds to eat her out briefly. Then they move on to straight sex. Barbie bends over the desk and wiggles her ass. Mr. Thust's cock is rock hard and he penetrates her doggy style. This is followed by screwing on her back. He pulls out and cums on her stomach.

Scene Two - "Restroom" - Brandi Lyons & Shanna McCullough
[G/G, BJ w/ strap on, SS w/ strap on]

Brandi enters a set made up to look like a public restroom. She's wearing a plaid skirt, white blouse and knee socks. She enters a stall, pulls down her panties and sits down to pee (?). A few seconds later a tough looking girl in a leather jacket (Shanna) invades her stall so that she can rob her. Shanna is wearing jeans and a grey t-shirt. She has no money, so the disappointed would be robber tells her she is going to have to earn her freedom another way. The robber unzips her jeans and surprise, surprise, she's wearing a strap on. She commands Brandi to suck it. Brandi doesn't seem too scared, she just seem confused. The POV footage is from Brandi's point of view, but it's sort of sloppy. Shanna is telling her suck the cock, and moving around like she is, but viewers can see the head of the dildo moving around, so it can't be in Brandi's mouth. After a few minutes, Shanna has Brandi stand over the toilet and then put her leg up on the stall. Shanna licks her pussy and fingers her. Now Shanna has Brandi lick her pussy while she's standing. Then Shanna fucks Brandi with the strap on. Brandi is standing up and leaning against the stall. A couple of minutes later, she turns her around and does Brandi doggy style. Brandi sucks the toy again, for a mock pop shot (thankfully without fake cum) and Shanna waits for her next victim.

I want to mention that Shanna did absolutely nothing for me here. She looked entirely unattractive and even out of shape.

Scene Three - "The Bar" - Jamie Lynn & one guy (Dave Hardman).
[EatY, m2f rim, SS, BJ with brief ball licking]

Dave Hardman is a thirsty guy who wants a drink. The problem is, the bar just announced last call. Jamie Lynn relents and gives Mr. Hardman one cold beer. Dave admires Jamie's necklace and she bends over the bar to show him. At this point, it's a little unclear, but I believe he begins to fantasize that Jamie has a sudden urge to ravish him sexually. She jumps on the counter and the couple begins to get it on. Jamie is wearing a grey tank top and black skirt. She removes her shoes as soon as she hops on the counter. Dave lifts up her skirt and buries his head in her snatch. He rims her bunghole and licks her shaved pussy. Next Dave begins to screw her on a barstool mish style. He pounds her pretty hard and the stool makes a lot of racket. Then Dave fucks her cowgirl style as he sits on the stool. This is followed by doggy as Jamie is bent over the stool. Jamie briefly sucks his cock and licks his balls and then Hardman cums in the starlet's open mouth. Decent pop shot, but it fades back to the story too quick. Not a whole heck of a lot POV in this scene.

Scene Four - "Hooker" - Miko Lee & one guy (Johnny Thrust)
[ BJ, SS, ] (Snowman's Pick for Best Scene!)

Mr. Thrust is cruising the boulevard looking for streetwalkers at night. On a side street he finds Miko Lee, who is dressed convincingly in a red tank top, black short skirt (without panties) and slutty thigh high black leather boots. Miko says, "Hey baby, do you want a date?" and of course, Johnny Thrust does. Miko suggests they go to a park around the corner. They start to engage in small talk, but Mr. Thrust is pretty excitable and the topic drifts quickly to what Miko can do for him. Miko and Thrust negotiate price -- the dude "wants it all" and Miko says it's gonna cost him $800. That sounds high to me, but what do I know? Thrust barely flinches at the price. Miko leads him over to a park bench and she begins to suck his cock. Very nice (night time) illumination here. Good POV BJ angles here and Miko at times talks dirty to him. Next Miko bends over the bench and Johnny fucks her doggy style. Mixture of (rather poor) POV shots and regular camera angles are used. Miko keeps on all of her hooker clothes, which I liked. Next Miko takes off everything but her boots and then squats on Thrust's cock cowgirl style. Thrust is sitting on the bench and bangs her energetically at times. Miko spins around and rides his tool reverse cowgirl also. She bounces until he is ready to cum and the squats down so that Johnny can blow his nuts on her face and open mouth. Miko cleans him off.

This was the best scene on the disc. As usual Miko throws herself into the scene and performs with a lot of energy. Plus, Miko seems born to play the role of a hooker. The curious part is that she was underutilized, which is surprising since this disc is a desert for anal fans.

* Last Word *

Frankly, I was disappointed in this disc. Although I appreciated the story set ups and good overall production values, the POV concept is handled more skillfully (and faithfully) in Anabolic's Perverted Point of View series, which may well be the benchmark in this genre. Furthermore, the sex in the competition's offering is much nastier and intense. For now, these series is best thought of as POV "Lite" or even POV "Lite for Couples." POV fanatics may want to check it out as well as Miko Lee fans who want to see her in a streetwalker scenario.

Overall Grade: C

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